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    Getting Frustrated

    I follow a "two loss" rule. If I get stomped badly twice in a row or take two losses of any kind in a row in a single ship I take a 10 minute break, and usually get myself a snack and a nice whiskey to drink. It also allows me to give the wife some attention which helps with the international relations and treaty issues surrounding playing wows a lot. :-) I've found two things: 1) It allows me to clear my head and forces reflection on what I (or my team) did wrong. 2) If there are players I am seeing over and over again it gets me out of "sync" with them and makes me less likely to see them again, matching me against a new group of players. @ReddNekk I think you have a good observation. I believe if you are going after some type of achievement (e.g. you must get x citadels or start x fires) it can impact your play style (sometimes without you realizing it) by causing you to focus on whatever that goal is instead of what is most effective.