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  1. Getting Frustrated

    I follow a "two loss" rule. If I get stomped badly twice in a row or take two losses of any kind in a row in a single ship I take a 10 minute break, and usually get myself a snack and a nice whiskey to drink. It also allows me to give the wife some attention which helps with the international relations and treaty issues surrounding playing wows a lot. :-) I've found two things: 1) It allows me to clear my head and forces reflection on what I (or my team) did wrong. 2) If there are players I am seeing over and over again it gets me out of "sync" with them and makes me less likely to see them again, matching me against a new group of players. @ReddNekk I think you have a good observation. I believe if you are going after some type of achievement (e.g. you must get x citadels or start x fires) it can impact your play style (sometimes without you realizing it) by causing you to focus on whatever that goal is instead of what is most effective.
  2. Quick Question -- Selling the NO

    One thing to consider is the recent rewards for 5* completion of a scenario, and that most scenarios thus far have been for VI and VII ships. With them now having meaningful rewards, 25 Papa-Papa flags for a 5* of Killer Whale starting today, you should have a careful look at your ships. Make sure you have the ones you personally feel are "best" for the various scenarios. You said you have lots of VII's but in the case of NO though if those VII's do not include British cruisers or French cruisers/BBs or Indy/Atlanta you arguably might consider keeping NO for Hermes. If you despise the scenarios and won't do them no matter what then yeah dump it if you are sure you'll never play it in randoms. BTW if you are short on slots Mission 3 Task 6 of the Honorable Service Campaign grants three slots, worth doing if you haven't already picked it up.
  3. I don't think a full British CA line is warranted over say the British CV and DD lines so it'd be a long long time until we would see it and it would be filled with paper ships which I really don't like... In reality I'd just add 2, both premiums or maybe FreeXP ships and leave it at that. Specifically it'd be York (Exeter as suggested for obvious reasons) and a County-class (I'd actually do HMAS Australia or Canberra) likely at Tier V or maybe VI and VII respectively. Having Canberra in the game would be a nice complement to Perth and eventually hopefully the Tribal class which would come from the British DD line and would give you the major classes that Australia and New Zealand operated during the war.
  4. I fully agree. The major issue with the current system is that it is essentially punishing part of the player base by throwing the trash in their yard and that is unfair (I usually play PvP other than scenarios and a few PvE games whenever I buy a new boat). I hope this decision was due to ease of implementation from a development perspective and not a conscious choice. Rather than blocking them out of games modes I would start by temporarily confiscating ships, focusing on their most played ships. When their last ship is revoked they get an account lock for x days. Another smaller hammer could be forcibly placing all captains into retraining mode for a certain number of games and/or blocking access to camo and flags. You'd need to be careful though to ensure that they don't pollute the initial experience for players who are just joining the game. Having ran the computers for a school once I'm also generally a fan of time based penalties (e.g. 1 day) as opposed to # of somethings, it's harder for people to game the system in those cases. In gaming I also feel this way because the impact can be variable based on how serious the player is. In that same vein I think "time outs" are a good idea, such as adding a wait to MM (e.g. a random 1 to 5 minute wait after requesting a match) could be a potent deterrent, especially when stacked with the AFK penalties forcing them to sit there and wait or get even further penalized. At least one game I did penalized TK'ers by forcing them to wait for matches longer and deprioritizing them for other items (such as blocking access to certain quests).
  5. Cleveland at T8

    It appears Cleveland gets the same 25MM (I believe) plating as Mogami, so I will be more than satisfied as she'll be able to bounce shells similar to the behavior Mogami, of which I am satisfied with the performance of when angled. Sure I'd love 27mm plating but after all for good reasons I am not gonna get everything I want. ;-) Besides I always feel that other cruisers (especially high DPS ones) are a long term bigger threat when I am angling anyways, especially if I am angling in a situation where I can't really maneuver at all. If I am bow on in my Cleveland uncovered against a BB that is actually shooting at me I've done something seriously wrong....
  6. Zao Numbers Terrible--Advice Needed

    **edit** - After initially pulling up my #'s my Zao #'s have plummeted in the last month to 47%, so take what I say below with a grain of salt. :-) One thing about Zao that was a game changer for me a few weeks ago and saw me pull my numbers way up (though they are still subpar in my view also) was better using her concealment. There should be significant periods of time, even at long range, when you are not shooting in her cause you are repositioning or what not. However whenever that happens *something* (hopefully two somethings) should be on fire. :-) I've found the Zao has made me start to pay really close attention to which BBs have popped repairs or not. Re: Skills I am not going to state much other than to say that Expert Loader is a skill I have found very handy, but mostly in the early game when supporting DDs. The Zao's stealth allows her to eat Neptunes and Minotaurs for lunch and I love nothing more than seeing a Minotaur pushing near a cap supporting a DD. ;-) I usually push a cap with a DD early game, support and then fall back, always being sure I am angling away before firing. I do run Vigilance because with her small HP pool a single torp can really really hurt. Recently I do feel I have been underestimating the power of the Zao's AP, which I have seen a few other folks say is common. Someone noted broadside cruisers and that's for sure, but I think the same may apply if you are (un)fortunate enough to find yourself against a BB showing his broadside 12KM or less, especially non Tier X ones. I still try to light them on fire, but once I've got a fire or two going I've lately been switching to AP. You are not going to penetrate the belt (most likely) but aim up and you will decimate the super structure and likely penetrate any casemate armor. I was doing 7 - 10K damage per salvo against an Amagi that I ran into coming around an island and sank it with AP a few days ago, far more than I was doing with HE prior to switching. Similar experience with a Missouri a few days prior also. I haven't fully explored this yet though and need to spend time in a test room and watchin' videos this weekend with her to feel it out a bit more.
  7. Cleveland at T8

    I play a lot of Mogami and Cleveland and I've found no difference between the floaty and non shells in my ability to hit (non maneuverable) cruisers and bbs at range, but I do think DDs are significantly harder and highly maneuverable cruisers somewhat so. But then I rarely am focused on a DD that is still 12+ miles away, with her soon having radar I am likely to bait him closer like I do in my NO. :-) I think Cleveland will be able to much more reliably turn, unmask her forward turrets fully, shoot (possibly several times) and turn back and be heavily angled in between a BB's salvoes. I think she may even be able to do it to some cruisers with minimal risk, especially if the cruiser is a bad shot. She'll be a pain with her high rate of fire and IFHE but with her turning ability she has the potential to be a kiting nightmare in the open water, much like Mogami can be with a skilled driver. While YMMV, I find myself using Mogami's torps much less often when up tiered. While these torps are strong they still are basically "don't chase me bro" torps. The opposing ships tend to be largely nose on, unless someone does something silly. At IX/X uptiers I see a very high dodge rate which I think happens when you combine high tier captains w/vigilance and a higher prevalence of long duration sonar, spotting planes and so forth resulting in long warnings. Plus opponents,who are often simply more experienced. Heck even the range of some radar come into play such as Moskva's. I've been wondering if I might once again find them more handy with the new MM and the torp spotting changes.
  8. how is it possible

    Another thing to consider was who else was around you? You indicated you were in the process of moving or had moved behind an island, were you in line with or close to another ship on your team? Was there another reason for folks to be shooting in your area? I have in several games been screening a damaged BB with AA in my Cleveland as it moved behind an island, he then got spotted from elsewhere. I was aligned with that ship and he was shot at over the island by an enemy BB but that player overshot and hit me instead. In one case I can recall it very nearly sank me in several other cases I was citadelled by one or two shells. As others noted you don't have to be seen to be killed.
  9. Helena questions

    It's hard to say on the AA... If it is done historically (lol! WG historical?) Helena should have slightly better AA. She mounted the DP 5"/38, whereas NO had the less effective 5"/25. Late war the light AA on St. Louis (Helena's sister ship) and the NO class were similar. But every ship was slightly different in that regard depending on when she was last in the yard. If Helena's top AA is what she really had around the time she was sunk in '43 and does not reflect the St. Louis at the end of the war the light AA battery would be significantly worse than the NO's in game which reflects her 1945 config. However I think it's hard (impossible?) to know until it's published as WG is not consistent with the light AA gun DPS output. Both Pensacola and NOs B hull 40mm guns are nerfed significantly compared to Cleveland and Baltimore and thier 20mm slightly. With a lower DPS than Cleveland or Baltimore. Final opinion, my gut says they will tune them to be *very* close on purpose. Helena (1943) 4x2 5"38 in turrets (8) 8x2 40mm (16) 12x1 20mm (12) New Orleans (1945 (B Hull)) 8x1 5"/25 (8) 6x4 40mm (24) *nerfed 28x1 20mm (28) *nerfed St. Louis (Helena Sister) (1945) 4x2 5"38 in turrets (8) 4x4 + 6x2 40mm (28) 18x1 20mm (18) Cleveland (B Hull) 6x2 5"/38 in turrets (12) 6x2 40mm (12) 13x1 20mm (13) * Updated with the stats when I got to a real computer.
  10. My NM has also performed better than I would expect against VIII BBs. The turret angles are great and she can somewhat angle, but will get penned but less than I would expect. Frankly though the cockiness of VIII players against plodding VI BBs goes a long way for at least my success in her though IMO. They often times ignore her until it's to late. NM is all about good situational awareness, detailed planning and map positioning which is *not* fun for many people, but I enjoy it. I kept the NM primarily for ops, but was surprised at the amount of times I take her into randoms. For ops with her 3x4 turrets and quick turning I have generally found the most "profitable" of my VI BBs (I lack Bayern) in the ops, her ability to eat lower level torps means I can brawl with little risk of stupidly dying. I tend to run them as essentially dailies at work on a crappy laptop while eating lunch. :-) She's definitely not the boat for some people though, and don't get me wrong, I prefer my NC over her. :-)
  11. WoWS 0.7.3 USN Cruiser Changes - Video

    I've been pulling my DFAA off my Cleveland more often. I am speced for AFT so I have lots of time to click and shoot at them and prepare to maneuver anyways before they get to me. If I am seeing a lot of CVs on a particular day I may put it back on, as I did a few weekends ago. And yeah few CVs these days seem willing to "test" to see what my build is when squishier targets often abound early game, her reputation precedes her for sure @crzyhawk. BTW I know that when a new boat is introduced it's win rate and damage always spike because experienced high level players get into them first (see Musashi and French BBs right now), but generally it then falls back after a while (see British BBs) before WG starts making adjustments. I had sometimes wondered if stats on some US ships get pulled down because very casual American players or new players on the NA server (at least) maybe drawn to them first. However I found when comparing the stats across the servers that the data doesn't really support this. Regardless I'd love to see a stat that showed me the average # of games the accounts playing each ship have played.
  12. Buff Zao?

    Indeed, I always back a DD early game before falling back and healing if necessary after that. I like her largely as is, however one thing I might consider is that Zao as a hypothetical ship finishing construction in the mid to late 1940's would have had radar like most large late war capital Japanese warships did. WoW is hardly ever bound to "realism" (afterall she is a paper boat) but I'd equip her with a "primitive" radar (maybe something similar to the New Orleans or possibly PanAsian DDs) so really only useful for hunting smoked up DDs, definitely not very long range. The challenge would be giving up DFAA which may make her to vulnerable to CVs, but I'd love to see if that would make her a bit more effective DD escort throughout the entire game and encourage her use in mid to late game cap contesting more and a few more diverse roles than firestarter/sniper. After watching how that impacts game play then next up yeah I'd look at a possible torp option similar to the GK's guns. That said my Zao is eating the new high tier French BBs for lunch right now so I'm at least liking that. :-)
  13. I think it really depends on the captain points and best build you can run at the time. I ran the spotter until I got my captain enough points to fully spec into concealment as well as having the other skills I felt were necessary to run as a low concealment radar hunter. I waited until a free respec period (like last week) and changed my setup towards concealment then. It's anecdotal, but I'm a markedly mediocre NOLA player, being best in BBs, but when I switched to concealment based close in play using a lot of radar I did much better after that, and also felt like I contributed to my team better. I was *bad* before I switched and still haven't caught up fully. However despite what many say I do feel you can play the NOLA as a longer range boat, I've seen many hanging out a few KM in front of my NC doing yeoman's work. In the end I was just more successful playing her as something that waits until just after someone shoots, pops out of concealment at close'ish range (e.g. 10-12KM) inflicts a bunch of damage in 1-3 salvoes (preferably using AP on another cruiser or broadside BB) and depending on the response fades away either using concealment or an island or pops a radar and helps kill the hiding DD. FWIW, I switch between DFAA and Hydro depending on the # of CVs and DDs I am seeing on any given day.
  14. Skiping Ibuki yes or no?

    I just finished working through the Ibuki last week. First off I'd urge you to at least get the Ibuki fully upgraded and spend some time in her as she's good prep for the Zao as she's a long range fire starter, much more so than Mogami which is more mid-long. Though the Ibuki has those floaty shells and the Zao has downright rail guns the cover strategies and positioning remain largely the same between the two. I found the increased range of the Ibuki meant I spent a lot less time fighting from cover than in my Mogami and far more time in the open kiting. The Ibuki can use islands a bit more than the Zao due to her higher shell arcs, but in the open water you play them pretty similarly (at least I do). The Zao will just hit a lot lot harder and more often given her guns and tank a ton more damage as a lot of the BBs can't overmatch her armor like the Ibuki (see spot on comment on 25mm and her cit above by @hanz_gooblemienhoffen_42). Play until you can't stand it (if that happens) and then use FXP on it, but use flags/camo and if you get a day of premium account time use it. Combine it with a good weekend of benefits (3XP, camos and maybe a few challenges that also boost XP) and you can chew through her fast. Someone had mentioned possibly keeping the Ibuki, but IMO once you have the Zao I'd be surprised if you wanna keep your Ibuki unless you have a lot of cash, so I suggest planning for the captain in her to move into the Zao. With the way MM works you'll basically end up with the same opponents in the Ibuki and a Zao whereas Mogami often times ends up in more mixed match making. The Zao is way tankier and though she lacks the 10KM kiting torps and stealth capability of the Ibuki if you hit anything with her insane F3 torps you are gonna take a big hunk of HP, if not outright sink it. I dropped my Ibuki after my first 10 matches or so in my Zao confirmed what I'd seen in game, I kept my Mogami outfitted with 155's as she's a fun upper-mid tier boat.
  15. How will the T8 Cleveland be equipped ?

    Yep it had more. Late war most had a mixture of quad and dual 40s depending on how top heavy the boat was and when it was last in the yard. So there were a few "flavors" depending on that. The Cleveland's were chronically top heavy and all sorts of measures were being taken by the end. The Vicksberg which is the example on Wikipedia is pretty standard for late war tho.... 28 × 40 mm (1.6 in) Bofors guns (4 × 4, 6 × 2) 10 × 20 mm (0.79 in) Oerlikon cannons That said, I'd love to see a "VT Fuzer" module for US cruisers instead of defensive AA that gives the ships a longer overall boost but at an appropriately lower gain.