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  1. Had the same issue until I reinstalled Aslains with the newest one. That seemed to fix the issue for me.
  2. Musouka

    Z-39 Smoke & Hydro

    Sure have since she carries that 5km hydro but Haida is just generally more suited for it.
  3. Musouka


    Feels like people are more accurate at shooting Haida creeping along in her smoke than a ship in a static smoke cloud.
  4. Musouka

    Magic has no place in this game

    I suppose this man wants to repurchase a ship everytime it sinks rather than having it magically pulled out of the sea and repaired for a paltry sum. Flags have to go as well as they are outright Cthulhu magic.
  5. Musouka

    SuperContainer Drop Rate

    My supercontainer experience can be summed up as this, none will show up for a third of a year from a 2 crates per day rate and then suddenly 2-3 supercontainers will drop within 1-2 days.
  6. So when someone spends their 30 seconds to reload salvo on something a tick or two away from dying to flooding/burning/torp damage instead of blAPping the broadside cruiser right next to the target it's a kill secure not a steal, duly noted. /S
  7. Musouka

    Best Tier VII Gold Destroyer?

    Only got experience in Z-39 and the Haida. Z-39 is sweet in that it has high survivability, 5km Hydro, good torps for the tier, guns that can pen almost anything with IFHE, and competitive concealment as long as it isn't uptiered. Haida has great firepower under 6km, smoke you can carry around(wish you could turn it off pre-emptively though), long duration Hydro, good survivability, as well as amazing concealment that allows her to remain competitive even when pulled up to IX. Honestly my personal pick is fairly obvious because if wows numbers has totalled it right, I've played the most Haida in NA.
  8. Musouka

    WG Finally Ruined Tier 7

    I Kidd, I Kidd. >< -gets shot-
  9. Musouka

    WG Finally Ruined Tier 7

    What they should do is give Tier VII the 5th equipment slot as well. Then Haida can be even stealthier. XD
  10. Musouka

    I'll say it, I'm gonna miss subs.

    Don't know about the rest of ya but I loved them lol secondaries.
  11. Musouka

    Japanese Premiums

    Hatsushimo in her Kancolle configuration would be sweet. Giving her the Dual purpose 12.7 cm/40 (5") Type 89s B1s in a 2X2 + 1X1 confirguariton at a 11 ROF (splitting the difference between the 14 initial ROF and the 8 sustained ROF, as well as Yammy's own 10 and 12 ROF), 16 degree per second turn, 2100 HE dmg, 8% fire chance, and the extremely floaty lol shells of 725m/s would be hilarious. Slap on the 8km torps and then you can call her the Shinonome version of Hatsuharu.
  12. Musouka

    Torps on mini map

    Obligatory -whoosh-
  13. Only had 3 matches in her but Cossack feels great even without the incoming buff.
  14. She was great but prefer my dds with a bit more concealment.