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  1. rlb171

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    is there a list of known bugs, for instance the lack of the playable carrier in the second Halloween mission perhaps?
  2. rlb171

    Update 0.7.10 Bug Report

    they will not discuss ban issues in the forums. if your husband feels he received an unfair ban, then he should send in a support ticket and request that it be reviewed. posting question about it here is not the correct way to go about it, as i am sure a moderator or community manager will also tell you. as for the other, I also suggest submitting a ticket.
  3. also premium account not working. basically public test server is broken and needs fixed please. I am running an integrity check on my client to make sure it isn't on my end. update: after integrity check I can now access clan though I had to re-create clan as original clan was dis-banned with the update of the test server. also premium account and rest of stuff now works.
  4. When i try to check my clan I get this.
  5. rlb171

    Server Issues

    clan battle divisions still unavailable. .
  6. rlb171

    Server Issues

    got booted form server at end of a clan battle, cannot log back in, ran integrety check and am still unable to log in. some of my clan that did not get booted cannot exit division. and their ships are stuck.
  7. rlb171

    Nuclear Power: An Incomplete Guide

    If I remember my training in Groton CT from sub school in 1988, And I have not Officially been notified otherwise, That drawing was part of a classified instruction manual that isn't supposed to be disclosed. Have the rules been changed?
  8. having an issue with the port screen trying to switch ports, running integrity check now, will update you when i have completed that. UPDATE: after running integrity check it seems to be running fine.