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  1. SaltyMoonshine

    I didn't deserve this

    You did a great job OP. But that Massachusettes on the enemy team...almost twice the base exp of his next team-mate and with a Kraken. No one is talking about that guy. Amiajoketoyou.jpeg
  2. BB's can weather being spotted much better because they have the most armor, hit points, heals and guns to deal with it, and they usually don't become "everyone shoot here!" priority targets when they're revealed (usually because they're 15km away). DD's and "stealth" cruisers that rely on not being detected? They don't. They get spotted and the enemy team re-enacts that scene from Predator in their direction.
  3. Good. Delete them entirely from the game. I was a unicum Taiho player, and I hate the current CVs. The RTS CV's were pretty powerful in the right hands, but they weren't very common. Now CV's are 4 per match and perma-spotting "stealth" cruisers like my Zao/Atago or my fat, clumsy dd's (Akizuki). Being perma-spotted every game is no fun for any ship, least of all those that rely on it for their playstyle. Delete them from the game and reimburse us all with exp/silver/dubloons.
  4. SaltyMoonshine

    Miserable MM

    Miserable matchmaking happens. I've had nothing but in my Atago for the past two weeks. There are also times when you play like absolute garbage even though you're a good player. I'm pretty good in the Phoenix and I just had a game where I completely potatoed and died with 10k damage. It happens.
  5. SaltyMoonshine

    Yamato Citadel is Dumb

    That Musashi got waaaay too close and gave far too much broadside. I'm guilty of sometimes moving in to <10km range, so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he just experienced a potato moment, but Yamato is most comfortable at approx 15km bow on where its monstrously hard-hitting and accurate guns are its bread and butter. Showing that much broadside as a Musashi/Yamato is just asking for trouble and should only be done in a moment of desparation to get away from an enemy (assuming reversing isn't an option). There are moments when RNG just gives you the middle finger. But that's my general rule of thumb.
  6. SaltyMoonshine

    Help with Amagi.

    This is a bit of thread necro'ing, but I wanted to thank everyoen for giving a helping hand. THe Amagi ended up being ookayish. Won most games, did alright damage, but wasn't an experience I particularly enjoyed. I moved on to the Izumo and did better in her, and now I'm in the Yamato and doing decently there too. I guess I'll have to rack the Amagi up as that one BB in the line that didn't work for me, whereas it does well for others. Thanks again guys.
  7. SaltyMoonshine

    How do you go on with a cursed ship?

    I wish the only ship that mattered in the match was mine as that way I'd be able to do decently. But alas, you see, I'm teamed with 11 other people, and most of us aren't Flamu or Flambass-levels of carriers.
  8. I bought the Atago about 2 months ago, and at first I loved her. I did well in her, had 65% win rate and did purple/teal damage in her and got kills and helped win games. But the past two weeks of gaming in my Atago have been the most miserable, most depressing and demotivating I have ever had in this game. Loss after loss after loss after loss after loss after loss. I've gone from 65% win rate to 46%. I play a bunch of games of in her in a row? 90% will be losses. I play just one every now and then to try and slowly repair the WR? Loss, every time. THis ship used to rake in the c redits and wins and damage for me. Now it's bloody cursed to get meta teamed with 80% potatos. The Atago was once my prized ship for making credits and having a good time, but now it's "that ship I sometimes play" if I feel like gambling. So I ask others, what do you do when you've got such a ship ony our hands? The Atago is a fantastic ship and I've had some great games in her, but now I'm always on the losing team and it's completely sucked any sense of fun out of playing her. How do you overcome such a demoralisation that's stretched out over weeks rather than just one afternoon of gaming?
  9. SaltyMoonshine

    Help with Amagi.

    As title says: help with Amagi. I recently got this ship and was excited because I've heard what a great ship she is at T8. I did well with the Nagato, winning 66% of games, doing purple damage, averaging near 2 kills a match, got the krakken unleashed in her etc But I completely suck with the Amagi. I've killed 2 ships out of 6 games. Just 2. I'm averaging 50k damage with her which is pathetic and 8k below the server average. Even when I'm a top tier bb in her I absolutely suck and do screw all damage and get no frags. The ONLY thing I've got going for me in this ship is a 60% win rate (as of writing this). The most damage I've ever done in her is 80k in one match, which is just shameful. This has been the most miserable BB experience I have ever had and I'm on the verge of selling her and grinding up the german BB line instead. But people keep telling me what an awesome ship she is, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Any advice to turn this crap-show around would be greatly appreciated.