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  1. Asym_KS

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    Radar isn't a bad thing nor is it eveil.........radar was part of WW2 for most nations. What makes radar a mess is that WG intentionally created the meta and they've done this before in WoTs..... i.e. the Golden bullet......... Another revenue generator that was designed to bring that game closer to "arcade standards"..... A lot of the "old School" players left..........the team I am on in another game all uninstalled. "Those whom fail to study history are doomed to repeat it...." So, what WG is doing is reproducing the revenue stream enhancer and migrating the game more towards "Arcade standards..." To sell more, faster. Notice 8.0 has been delayed and the xmass stuff gets another week.......deja vu. WG can't make radar "sensible" at this point because if they went to One Radar, One Ship, there would be an exodus as well........ too many players now rely on radar to farm points. I'm just frustrated that friends left the game.....
  2. Asym_KS

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    Perspective?? Let's see, I have 1,892 COOP battles in all ship types.....most specifically, IJN DD's, CA's and BB's.... Perspective? 4,466 random battles of which an awful lot of are in DD's and CA's.... Perspective? Pre Cruiser Line Split my avg damage in an IJN DD was 35% higher than now..... Perspective? We tested radar to see just how we could get "inside of it" and you know what, we could but, we ceased to be performing effectively or efficiently..... Perspective? We've lost now over 20+ players who's sole compliant was "un Controlled Radar".......(notice, not that there is radar in the game but rather that the radar is too modern and powerful).........where WG released a marketing and revenue gimmick, as they have done before, and never provided a way to mitigate the effects....... i.e. Smoke has Radar and radar is unlimited and does not have a direct counter......and, we won't even get into the perspective of 1960's electronic data sharing in WW2 ships...... (I know, it's a game and all but geeze...) That would be like giving DD's a SLARM and a tracking/guidance radar to attack radar cruisers at distance ( 1960's version as used in Viet Nam...)..... An inconvenience to you is a disaster to others.....that is the perspective. People left the freaking game ! The heck with gimmick consumables and what they do or do not, we can't replace the people..... Perspective.......we lost too many friends to stay silent. Sorry, I don't mean to be crass or condescending.........but, when personal friends of mine walk away........it's time to speak up.......
  3. Asym_KS

    The Best Advice I Can Give

    OP well said ! Sounds great and it is good advice for new players.... My take on this is: just buy a few of the premium ships and grind 19 point CPT's...... Or, if someone buys you a xmas box set and you get what 8 premium ships, you are jalf way there ! You don't need 159 ships to play this game. You only need one ship.......one ship at a time. If I had to do this over again, I'd own less than 15 ships ! I'd take the time and only experiment with them, use them, test them, learn from them and win with them........... the other 144 are superfluous. (unless you are into collecting !) Again, sage advice OP.........
  4. Asym_KS

    The Grind, the Interminable Grind!

    It's how WG makes money..........
  5. Asym_KS

    Why do you play Ranked?

    I tried it and it just isn't any fun......... Little or no control and since everyone is in it for themselves, losing or winning just seems to be a crap shoot that you can't control. I just don't see the "fun" in that. Now, id we had a Combat Efficiency (CE) system in this game and you had CE's that were determined by an ELO platform...........well, we'd had a completely different experience where we'd all be playing with our skill level peers...........not the randomness of throwing people together and not expecting luck or fate to make a match "fun..."
  6. Asym_KS


    Sigh......... I've removed my comments.... have fun guys.......I'm done here.
  7. I find that playing DD's have less "value" of late.... I was a DD main and after the CLS, I just wan't able to produce the same "value operating them".... There was a significant difference between pre and post CLS in what I received in value because the DD's roles, lethallity and abilities changed. It just isn't worth playing DD's at higher levels anymore.... Is that a lack of skill or a reduction in combat power based on new consumables????
  8. Asym_KS


    Hate? No, simply regret the loss of value and quality in the game we signed up for...... If you don't stand up for what you believe is important, you must not care enough for what you are doing, eh?! Who knows, the entire game could "become something else" in the next few months.....we are already having a WOTs deja vu anyway......since, history repeats itself and we did, en masse un install WoTs.....
  9. Asym_KS


    Why is it everyone assumes we are stupid people? I am glad you are happy with the current meta.... I am not. We are not. And, dozens have left the game.... This isn't about adjusting to the meta; because, the meta is a sales gimmick and even WG knows that........just like they knew the Golden Bullet in WoTs would drive people away..........and, part of that thought process is that they want players "who just don't care about history...or, reality"......they want kids whom simply don't care..... that way, they don't seriously have to think at all and they can drop childish gimmicks and make money all day long. The serious or older players are expendable.... And, they are leaving and no one cares..... Good luck !!! Since we are asking questions: What is the value proposition of WOWs? What does your Strategy Canvas say about WoWs considering we are in a mature, small niche market? Answer that without looking the words up, eh?! I printed out the charts for radar last year so I don't have to try and remember....
  10. Asym_KS

    Why YOU don’t Suck at World of Warships

    I have no reason to miss-report...... We play about 4 games a night and win one most nights.... On rare occasions, we win 2. We are a division of 46+ percent players whom have been in-game for > one year. And yes, we are in the top 5 players most nights and sometimes I and my mates end up riding drag (last place) because of a fuax paux on one or all of our parts..... We lose most of the time. I suspect, we are average and that is wearing thin....... And yes, the other 21 players skill is or is not what contributes to losing or winning !!! We recently have been on the constantly losing end since the Cruiser Line Split it seems....
  11. Asym_KS

    Possible incoming major radar changes...

    We've been having this discussion for weeks now..... And, without a direct 100% counter, we are still counting Radar ship and timing radar usage.... All this will do is change how radar is used......it really doesn't change the effectiveness of the radar itself......which, completely negates all the benefits of DD usage... Distance is the only counter since radar is effective beyond the weapons of DD's...... Smoke is countered by radar. Only missiles (HARM's) can counter a radar ship hiding behind an island where guns and torps can't get to.... Sorry, the DD's role is mostly dead. Good video and thanks for your thoughts........we've already lost players who are not coming back until radar is "one radar, one ship" or there is a direct and effective counter.....
  12. Asym_KS

    Why YOU don’t Suck at World of Warships

    The down side to "Take it or leave it" is that that never ends well....... We all play "other games" and hope, WG would at least listen.... They aren't and they only have the WoTs concepts in their minds..... A Golden Bullet is radar. And, if that becomes something else and they make money, good for them. We have other games to play and will retire actively from WoWs.........the sad part of small niche mature markets is that they can make money: "despite themselves..."
  13. Asym_KS

    Why YOU don’t Suck at World of Warships

    Good video. Well done. I like your videos.... But, "to enjoy the game", you have to have somewhat of a chance to enjoy the game.... Losing every match, everyday, no matter how good you score isn't always a testament to your skill; but rather, a statement of the skills and efforts of the other 23 players around you. At some point, the teeter-totter loses to gravity and the Serious/Vets/Competence side loses to the let's have fun masses..... Seems the "balance is gone at the moment..." Sadly, of late, we lose far more games than we even come close to winning every night. Our clan had a falling out the other night because we can't find any game play balance anymore at any level..... We only have time for 3 or 4 games and they usually they are losses no matter the skill we bring. We're (WoWs) losing the 66% in the middle of this game. The Average players are leaving because there is no hope.......... The meta revenue gimmicks have chased so many off.......there are no "roles" for DD's anymore at any level. Even tier 5 has become a radar farming zone and new players are leaving en masse.... Want a valid example: Smoke was defeated by radar beyond the effective ranges of the weapons systems, yes? What is radar's hard counter??? Distance? Which is beyond the effective ranges of the DD's weapons........ And, we wonder why we are having issues...... Create a video where you show the player base where radar is defeated, when on, where range away from the radar isn't the solution....... Smoke is defeated by radar, which, might be defeated by missiles (HARM's)....... A meta alone is a very bad thing..... Keep up the good work........sadly, we're down to a division of players now and the time is coming to "cut bait or fish..." We can't be half in or half out of the games intent: LOS ww2 naval warfare.......