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  1. Asym_KS

    Odin & the Dockyard Grind - Worth it?

    This is around a normal match in COOP with a ten point CPT and two flags. I seen to hover around 120,000 to 150,000. (plus the 200% that started today....)
  2. Asym_KS

    Odin & the Dockyard Grind - Worth it?

    Isn't that the truth. Odin isn't a BB at tier 8 as she fits between Scharnhorst and Tirpitz... I've had some good COOP matches in her but, if I had a choice at tier 8, I'd take the Tirpitz. But, splitting a BB line would be really interesting ! Was she worth the doubloons: in this case yes; because, the doubloons were a gift to me.....! The event was doable but I wasn't sure I had the time to finish it.... I do have the time now and do not regret the purchase. Definitely, not a Random ship I'd ever use.....!
  3. I did not have the chance to read the post. I just worry that trigger words can seriously harm your content that helps many. I'm old enough to see the distinctions of intent and knew you were using them to paint........ Others though.......
  4. As with any new toy: does it work for you ! It will grab those in our community that enjoy the other game. A sales gimmick and of "some value" and that, is another subjective choice..... Some call these type of collaborations: "I like" sales events.... We must have a good percentage of our game population that play that game.........so, the collaboration works for that percentage because it's what the recognize as value.....
  5. It's a "marketing distinction" gimmick as part of the collaboration @Hapa_Fodder mentioned above.... A way to distinguish product content with a hook that catches your eye. No more and no less....... Well done in my opinion; even though, I do not plan to participate with those products. If you want a "safe" discussion by limiting "trigger words", then I would not suggest that anyone whom has a harsh reply is "ignorant or entitled...." Especially, right now. Whether that person whom set you off is wrong does not constitute the need for using the same tactics.......... Criticism is in and of itself is supposed to be what "you individually believe is wrong"...... Constructive is "subjective" and is based on your expectations that might be the polar opposite of those whom "criticize".... Free speech is a valued right and "it's an advanced citizenship" component: neither easy, nor safe, nor something with simple rules.... So, am I entitled because we often disagree??? Gosh, that's a dark path my friend......
  6. Asym_KS

    WHy WG, why make these BB's

    Actually, simple arcade games add content as a way to sell more ! With more ship platforms, there can be more subtle changes to everything else to change the meta and flow of the battlespace mechanics. Imagine that one ship "was the one" to have and two updates later, POOF, it's no better than these two ships...... It's a simple way to make money and degrade "other content" to simplify the game. Really helps the marketing team because they can say they added "x" ships and we are proactively making the game better with this exciting content.....! Woo-hoo. And, nerfing everything else to make the game simpler for the younger generation they really want as customers whom know nothing of these great ships...... @Ensign_Cthulhu has it right. The real question is: what are the design standards new ships are created for?
  7. Asym_KS

    Dear new players.....

    He did ! Sort of..... To what end though? Do you really think a new player wants to "learn" how to play a 1D arcade shooter? Based on what? To what end>? Ship roles from history? That don't exist anymore? Made up physics that are so wonky that even my 8 year old grandson knows aren't real nor even close to being real? Some learn by doing>>>??? He's allowed to do whatever the heck he wants..... It's his time and it might help someone. I've only been in game two and a half years and realized that the only thing there is is, are you having fun.......... And, for many, that isn't a logical and is sometime less than rational concept.
  8. Asym_KS

    Dear new players.....

    Ah, this is an arcade shooter without any skill progression process...............so, what in the heck are you expecting???? Teamwork, in a game not designed for teams or team work>? It's a cooperative shooter without "any" skill progression or skill requirements..... My 8 year old grandson was playing tier 8 premium ships until I found out..... An 8 year old. What you "expect" isn't this game at all anymore.... The new norm is strictly a simple, 1D arcade shooter; where, anyone at any skill level using any ship they can buy without requirement can play no matter what others think is important. Why expect a higher standard when there are no standards to buy ships???? They don't want to use their guns..........oh kay ! Play COOP and stop getting gray hair.
  9. Yes. A lot of "hovering" random players because of constant events.... They seem to get extremely frustrated when a COOP main DD driver is "killing everything before we ever get to shoot"..........toxic rant, negative Karma. A lot of that lately. Even, blue-on-blue crap because they "never got the chance to fire...." I try to encourage them to participate; and, get the "idiot COOP players are ruining the game" nonsense or, let's see how good you are in Randoms crap.... Events cause this. Stomps are messing with the limited time some Random players have and they read the forum articles from several COOP mains of how fast they accomplish everything;..............and, then come down with all of the wrong skill sets and are on the bottom of the post-battle results page. They have action anxiety and are stuck in one mode of play with less than reasonable expectations....
  10. Asym_KS

    is Hapa_Fodder over worked ?

    Anyone whom works in customer support in a F2P is crazy. I often disagree with his comments and ideas but, like Fem he's trying to make the game a better place with no control at all in its changes......
  11. Asym_KS

    Measuring Success in WoWS

    Bingo ! We have a winner..........!! All of the above to some extent with Fun as the driving metric.....
  12. Asym_KS

    2 times in a ROW? Not an accident.

    Was in a COOP match today where two players from the same Clan started shooting at each other for the first three minutes of the game........and, were having a blast damaging each other !!! So??? I'll shoot you flags off ! No, I'll shoot your spotter plane...........watch this !!!! Tracers going back and forth as we advanced..... Come to think of it, I didn't see any going at the bad guys???? Oh well...........they had fun ! Point is: everyone is free to explore whatever "fun" is to us.......... Who cares if a player's front door bell rang unexpectedly and his ship was AFK.....so? It's a silly game.........geeze. BOTs...........our host is their control measure. Again, some players like to "frustrate" other players and that is fun to them ! No rules that says you can't do stuff to antagonize others ! Kill stealing is a favorite: you know, the Yammy way in the back that isn't firing until your target is 95% dead and BLAM, he gets the kill..............from across the map.........all of the time...........every game that day........ There are players in this game with dozens of accounts..........so they can..................uh huh, create mischief....... And, that is fun to them. We had a clan ritual in another game that when we deployed as a clan, each player would shoot at the feet of the Commander's mech when passing him after deploying from a drop ship. An invited guest one night went off the deep end because we all shot the Commander, damaging his right foot.....! We all got reported and the CC/CM knew of our antics and usually wrote us a PM that said: "you guys are so odd........behave........"
  13. Asym_KS

    Why is Ranked Sprint 12 so bad?

    Played one Stomp and it was the same issues as described above ^^^^..... There is no value even trying beyond one game because stomps are all there are anymore..... Who in the heck needs that with the crumbs offered as rewards. Not worth the effort.
  14. Good ! Learning is a good thing...! Unfortunately, I'm not here to learn a new sales gimmick or suffer through stomps....... I'm here to have some fun. That's all. I'll stay in COOP because it has a far better ROI of my time ! Figuring out the current exploits are a "thing, I guess"..............an obtuse way to have some "fun" I guess. Drive on. But, it was more fun when this game was just a LOS SAG shooter.... The game is deeply divided. A lot of people are gone because of what you are enjoying.......think on that. Stomps exist because many of us left the game and randoms to: "just say no" to these silly changes.... When you get the urge, drop into COOP and visit with those of us who just don't find Randoms as they are "fun"...... Be well.
  15. Think Fish Bone diagram. A strategy canvas is another good tool when researching what the Radar market can or can not do..... But, I can only say that there is no real value playing a DD in the current meta.......none. Because, in most cases, you can't fight back directly and win.........more than you lose.... So, why even try>? Have you ever seen a division of radar ships work together??? It's not a long time because the DD they are using is usually a DD with 5.4 or 5.5 detect as a screen..... Then the second ship illuminates on contact with the screen and the process repeats itself till the enemy DD flees or dies.... It really works quite well..... Be sure make a note about Radar ships and DD's from the same clan.....