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  1. I suspect, and I haven't played at that level for a long time, that it is as exciting as watching a rock grow..... And that, is where the "rub" is when innovating new solutions....... How to make it fun>?
  2. No, and that is still the crux of the issue...... I'm what 10 crates in and nothing of any value nor an incentive (a UK cruiser !) to work towards. They odds (gambling) are so low that it really is a "disincentive"........ At best frustrating and at worst, using the PR and other event's tactics of "compelling the target audience to spend real money"..... Enough is enough already in my way of thinking. I'm with @ruar on this topic. This will not get any better @Ensign_Cthulhu, our host has cast themselves into a strong armed, game of chance approach; and, it is addictive to their sales planning it seems....
  3. And, if created well and with some quality and innovative thought by our host, it might bring players back whom want more than "just a kiddie arcade shooter...." Talk is cheap and what I have heard and read are excuses and excuses aren't a tool for innovation.... We can't is what their repetitive answer always is..... Do or do not, there is no try...... And, other games I have followed have and do "get out of the box" and at least try or, implode. You are correct and even planes, used historically aren't a bad thing....
  4. Asym_KS

    What Creates this Result?

    As I have said before: skill densities. There are skill holes in the population because of poorly developed events that chased people off OR caused players to "migrate" to lower levels..... This is now a mature game and they tend to fade out into new players versus veterans. Dollars to Donuts, that is really what we are seeing. Add what is called "cascading errors" to skill disparity and, you get stomps........ Stomps drive even more people away or down tier and the game starts to implode and degrade...........which, causes players like me to stop spending and retire away from the stress. I don't play Randoms at all if at all possible. And no, a skill based MM isn't the solution either and it wouldn't work anyway. What is the answer is changing the events into positive activities and to stop making excuses and add new content. Status quo only promotes status quo...... This is not the only game going through the mature game cycle...... And, those whom fail to study history are often compelled to repeat it....... After all, they are reaping what they themselves have sown.....
  5. Imagine a "dreadnought" event. Imagine a "Jutland styled" event. Imagine the focus brought down into the lower 5 tiers and used not incentivize play at those level beyond new player experiences..... The possibilities are endless and I am out right baffled they went to all of this "creation" to get stalled by not being "creative?"
  6. ANYTHING.........outside of status quo is a good thing.........anything. What drives me nuts is that I work (as in lecture and teach at times) in the Innovation field.... And, it is so sad that this game "just doesn't get it..." They've turned the game into a Brown Ocean, mature game with zero potential for new market expansion or growth by driving their own customers away....... This is as bad as MWO's demise. Unique IP's run by tone deaf doofuses..... It makes for some great graduate student reading though..........some really relevant current data on what not to do with strong IP identification and small niche markets.... Yes, 5-7 would be great ! Alas, our thoughts are lost to them......
  7. WHY? Because there is no money at the lower levels..... Tiers 8 through 10 are the money makers and who even plays tier 2 through 4??? Geeze, I haven't played below 5 in over a year..... Now, if our host was smart, they'd create events at the lower levels to "test that market;" and, this thought is and would be a miracle for our host to Grok, they might find a neat sales market because of the events lower.......! OH NO, that would mean they'd have to "talk to us about what we want......" Sigh, it was "just a thought..."
  8. Asym_KS

    Anyone else feeling burn out?

    I am bored senseless....... To what end am I playing this game? Whales collect. Some over achievers want to win, win and win.........for what? It's not like anyone knows or, even cares that you won??? Heck, we don't even have a leader board. All the campaigns have long since been done. There have been no new maps. We see the same regurgitation of "novelty modes" with space, or Halloween or.........blah, blah and more meh blah.... Where are the actual historical battles being recreated so we can explore what other ships would do to influence the historic outcomes.......? Where are new scenarios that use history to introduce Submarines in both the North Atlantic or the Pacific...... Serious scenarios with close to realistic sub capabilities.... Now, let's be honest: was the PR event and Update 8.0 even remotely fun? As the OP stated, I log on collect what ever "stuff" there is and then, try to figure out what has any real value.........Oh GoD, another painful decision..... Heck, raking leaves in the rain at 34 degrees is more exciting.... So, as @Crucis said: "time to take a break"........ GoD, this is painful.......kinda of like a Video game hospice....
  9. Asym_KS

    Weekend Spree.

    I could arrange that; international laws permitting. Although, we hunt a hundred + years behind technology..... The old fashion way;........which helps archeologists that write Books how to figure out what is true and what is outright fiction (weird hobbies help sometimes) from that era. A lot of data from that era are dine store facts. And, they talk about the endless sky on the Steppes to the Kingdom of the Summer Lands...... Buff ain't bad: just a tad and fair amount of actual hard work and, if you are stupid, a might Darwinian to take on. In the picture, we are danger close..... They can run 30+ mph and weigh well over 600 (female)/800 (male) pounds. Good hunting and have fun..........
  10. Asym_KS

    Weekend Spree.

    Ringo has written some very good series.... I've invited him to hunt Posleen but, he's too busy it seems over the years..... I have all sorts of pictures of Posleen and Posleen hunting but, they might offend some on this site..... Stephen and his wife Tabatha are serious donors to the University of Maine and, their house was a kid favorite for Halloween activities..... And yes, he is "a bit out there" but, is one of the best Fiction "openers" there is.... He can't finish a story worth a crap but, he sure can "get you immersed" pretty darn quick. Ringo is just about as good and, he seems to be able to finish a story pretty well..... And, if he doesn't finish the "Prince Roger" series, well, he'll get disowned.
  11. Asym_KS

    Weekend Spree.

    I thought you were talking about the four legged Buff that historian is writing about ! Heck, the 405 is our go to backup caliber since we guide hunts !!! It would put down Posleen as well........! Read "Flight of the Old Dog" if you like the flying Buff.....
  12. Asym_KS

    Weekend Spree.

    Played COOP. I have what 7 token bundles and no ships. I don't grind anymore because there is nothing to "grind for", kinda a meh weekend. Went to a shooting competition with a historian, who is almost done with a book and mentored him through the calibers of the Old West. He seriously didn't like to shoot that short Browning in 405 Winchester though ! Teddy was giggling from the great beyond......... (some of you may understand that.....) Anyway, Directive two today I guess. It's about as exciting as watching ice melt........ Keep the updates coming because there is always something in them someone will miss !
  13. Tried and not available as of this posting. Thanks though @Ensign_Cthulhu
  14. I'm of the opinion that the game itself should embed "help" icons that refer any player to a forum index on those topics. Take a scenario. If you select a scenario, the forum index would bring up a forum list of all threads that deal with that scenario. As another example, Captain skill: when a new play selects to see the captain skills, a help screen should pop up asking that player if they'd want to see what is recommended for that ship and a list of forum threads about those skills on that ship. At least until that player gets over 1,000 matches or they can turn those help suggestions off. Some games do that until the player turns off that option. Helpful hints are like gold if you are playing a game like this..... Another one was the "selling of ships" and how the game rewards ships......... etc..... And yes, many players get great help from some of this forums "expert" commentators....... I appreciated every word they provided.
  15. Asym_KS

    WG ignores botters and TKers

    It's quite simple: there is no other way to protest bad quality..... Some simply quit. Some use the forum. Some stop spending. Some write negative reviews. Some will go the DC with terabytes of data and testify against this game's loot box mechanics... Some endure endless crap because they have too much time money and time invested. Some don't care; it's just a silly game............ The events create I reject Random matches.... Simply don't play anymore. At some point, there will be more protesters that players and the game will have to listen and change.... Other games have had this happen. Some are skeletons on life support. What else can one do if this is a one way conversation? Leave? I'm sticking around and gathering data; biding my time; and, playing part time........ In another game, I haven't played in months. Time is all there is and until this game get it's at together, they get zero from me and all those I know. Terrible events make most of us BOTs whom, don't have the time to care and get terrible and unreasonable task finished. Good luck and we'll see you in COOP maybe !