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  1. Oh-Kay, a stat shamer.. Poor form, very poor form. The topic isn't "how good I am"! The topic is: is our host pushing events too far and does that affect sales? And, I am an average (47%) player with thousands of games..... I have 3,954 COOP games, 4,812 Random games at 47% and 112 Ranked games at 53%. And, untold thousands of non counted games (we play a lot of scenarios - 5 last night......) Does that make a difference??? IMO, it negatively affects sales and reduces my willingness to play the game itself. A majority of the players in this game aren't top 10 performers..........we're just "average folk" whom have an hour or two a night to "have some fun...." This isn't a part time event....for, average players and that, is a huge mistake......IMO. I took on the challenge of seriously trying to "grind the entire event"..... To include playing a game mode I out right hate: Savage Battle..... Just to see what it "feels like;" and, if it is even possible to do as an average player....
  2. I turned on the trusty computer and opened WoWs and looked at where I am in this event: 6 Daily Missions to go and 6 Million SB Credits to earn...... And that, will be the end of this evolution of training......Oh God, please let this be over..... It's just too much.......... Good grief. I seriously wanted to see just how long it would take to grind this event ! And, it's hundreds and hundreds of mind numbing Savage Battles I could care less about.... It's so bad, yesterday, players were loading SB and simply driving in a straight line, ignoring everything and dying as fast as they could to "get this over with....." It that what this is supposed to a definition of "quality?" What I do know is that I am NOT interested in buying anything after this. In fact, it's time to take a break and walk away for a few days. If the goal is to encourage sales, well, I can say I'm not at all interested....... What are your thoughts? Too long a path to take for the Hill and Benham?
  3. Asym_KS

    Oh come on WG!

    Ah, the Sino-Japanese war hasn't been forgotten by our host's country..... Nor the fact that after WW2, they didn't get a "warm water port" nor access to the IR tracking tech; nor, the advanced aircraft; nor, the I-400 series subs........ Then, we used tactical nuclear weapons and they stayed in Kamchatka. And, we wonder why the IJN is somewhat under represented....
  4. Asym_KS

    Bored with game

    As we degenerate into a pure young adult FFA arcade shooter, what ever was left will be unsupported. We are making plans for retiring and finding a plan A game..... If our host "gets with the program" and improves quality deliverables, we'd stay !!! Why they are doing what they are doing is baffling to me......
  5. Asym_KS

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    That's why I suggest ideas to @Kami, @Femennenly and many of the other full time staff..... Of course, I rarely hear back from them...... Maybe, @LittleWhiteMouse could champion this concept???? The 34 Clan FFA would generate a lot interest and could actually be a great test mode. Smaller clans would love to participate and maybe, earn a little steel and other commodities we don't normally see..... It's a win-win BUT, as with everything else, unless it comes from "an approved" source, it's not even considered..... A heck, what do we pretty darn worldly and extremely well educated Boomers know........???
  6. Asym_KS


    Hold on now..... I understand that it is absolutely frustrating getting detonated by a ship using a spotter aircraft 30 K away..... That ship is on the opposite side of the entire freaking map, yes?! I drive a Yammy a lot and I take great pride in hitting what I aim at, at extreme ranges. Luck? Oh RNG GoD yes........the dispersion is terrible and many of us have "washed" ships like that many, many times..... BUT, we take pride in knowing how these made up ships work and make some great shots from time to time. IF you were sailing in a straight line at a constant speed, you have just made this easier............ We all "get lucky" in this game. Good hunting.
  7. Asym_KS

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    No hit, not harm and no foul ! It wasn't harsh ! Heck, I'm a retired Armor Officer for God's sake.... No bad at all ! I teach/lecture on innovation and asymmetrical business systems design. Maddening is when you see opportunities to expand the player base and "status quo" business logic "locks" this game into a false premise: that console, e-Sales capable, designed for a younger audience simple arcade game formats are the ONLY way to be profitable..... Now THAT, is maddening to me. Why won't our host look the "other way" is because most of them are young men and women..... They reflect the cultural values they grew up in....!!! That cultural "status quo" keeps "Toffler's Wave Theories" in check and makes it safe to do "what they know best"......... I would venture to say that "Boomers' might see some "Blue Ocean" opportunities in investments in real Quality in: improvements to the game maps, modes and ship mechanics.... Banking that a super quality game draws people into it by reputation and content vis-a-vis never ending gimmicks. We are a niche market and, for some reason, assume we have to be like the other mega games to make "serious money...?" Bad assumption. Thanks for a good discussion. !
  8. Asym_KS

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    OK, I'm curious: who are those clans? can you recommend any?
  9. Asym_KS

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    Ah, if this were that easy...... We may be "old" but we value loyalty foremost and because of that, change is sometimes difficult.... A prison of my own mind: how quaint. This is only one of several games.... I only wish there were in game "innovation" going on in regards to small clan involvement. Thanks for the reply and no, we are not senile or learning impaired..........stubborn, maybe. And, we're heading on a long "walk-about" shortly..... Good hunting.
  10. Asym_KS

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    I've answered this just above. Merging isn't gonna work. The current crew are part of a much larger team, that many were in game and have left. What remains are the few that "love ships" and the rest went back to the FPS's they were competitive in or retired. So, we are kind of stuck as a division for now. I don't see any in game mechanics that makes combining smaller, non participating clans economical or easily. If our host was really smart, they'd create a process that does just that: incentivizes smaller clans to combine into larger, participating clans.... Alas, that will never happen.
  11. Asym_KS

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    Actually not... All of the earning you'd lose. And, more specifically, we enjoy each others "play styles" and many have been competitive players in other games ! Once a team, always a team. I was "invited" to play with them. My "other" team, although, not in this game, is my Regimental Affiliation ! We all belonged to the same Regiment and have been playing "as a Team" since the early 80's when we took SIMNET and made it our first videogame !! That's a LONG time playing together in military-esk games..... Loyalty is a metric we live by, not just talk about, so.......... Anyway, as professional soldiers, many now whom are retired, we don't mix well either and we have our own language, customs and Rank never goes away..... I couldn't get them into this game though;......and, I've always been fascinated with ships.... WoTs when it first came out but, it was too un-realistic for a bunch of retired and active DAT's to play..... We all uninstalled and I came here ! The rest went back to the plan A game and I'm there as well...... WoWs has an opportunity since they've experimented in Savage Battle with a 3x3x3x3 FFA format. Make a Clan version of the same concept, without the Gimmicks, to "pick up" the smaller clans..... Who knows, if they did that, maybe, the fragmented smaller clans would combine??? The way it is, we have no incentives to do so; and, we're losing one and two's of older players because of the gimmicks and silliness.....lose enough and there is no clan anymore. It was just a thought.
  12. Asym_KS

    Tier 6 Trouble - 15th - 22nd

    Nothing fantastic; but, a great ship at this tier for me:
  13. Asym_KS


    At this point M = P (Marginal equals Pass).... That's about it. Yes, it's our "teams" get together for some fun game at the moment. But, that is about to change because we have lost all faith in our host's ability to create meaningful and quality content..... That is the hard reality of gaming: be or not be a quality game. We'll not uninstall; rather, we'll play full time elsewhere and visit when we feel nostalgic.... Hopefully, the game will be around for a little while because we really enjoy the pace and content as it was......
  14. Asym_KS

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    There isn't a level in this game that there aren't ways to exploit the process..... We can't even field a clan team anymore. If they were smart, they'd figure a way to create "composite" teams for these battles and call the composite teams "the privateer league"....
  15. Asym_KS


    How have the earned any credit? Ooooh, that's pretty but, there's no serious content........just gimmick game mechanics to make money. Now, if they start to create quality, detailed and well rendered material, then, there is quality.....