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  1. What you say isn't wrong and in some respects, is construed to be the "consensus" among many whom agree that COOP mains should be required to play PVP to some extent..... And, I am at Rank 5 in ranked.....so, where does that leave your argument??? I do play some PVP and, not very well to a great many PVP mains that get absolutely besides themselves that a PVE main is amongst them...........we sometimes get the "I (we) recognized that foul stench...." comments some days.... And yet, I manage to usually be in the upper half in scoring..... The real "rub" is "access" when you have a disability.... Do I have equal access? And, that is a resounding..............."sort of....." Kind of. Because, I can click the button to my heart's desire; at, the risk of causing someone else's match to be less enjoyable if my lack of skill causes a loss..... That's why COOP and Scenarios are so important: the skill thresholds for me are absolutely doable ! And, I hate causing anyone else a loss because I'm............whatever slower. Not less accurate and not less armed (NPI), just a lot slower because I am playing with less than two hands..... Equal access to me would be: all can be accomplished in COOP or Scenarios BUT, there'd be a requirement to invest more time to accomplish that task !!! I don't want a hand out nor a free pass - all I want is to be able to "not negatively affect someone else's precious time......" And, that's not too much to ask, considering the number of older or handicapped players whom are paying customers the same as the rest of the game. Our cash is the same color as everyone else's and we'd like to see it have "equal value and equal access"............even, if we have to work twice as hard to accomplish it !
  2. Eyore is my favorite character !!! Sacrilege ! Yes, they have thrown scraps at PVE..... As I said, slow and steady decline is the preferred method..... "death by a thousands cuts..." is the approved solution. If they shut COOP down, the financial blow back would be significant. So, it a slow go terrain paradigm for them..... Make is as miserable as possible and watch them slowly give up and leave..... "anyone see my tail?" And, they are driving new players away; in my experiences of late, talking to players with a year or so in-game.... Yes, it's not scientific but, I almost always "hit what I aim at" so I am confident that if I am "focused" on this topic, unless the Schwartz isn't against me, I'm pretty sure I am on the correct azimuth to where this story goes..... Maybe wrong but, this isn't the first game to go down this "old age game path...." And, really, you'd be amazed how very similar other game are to this one in what they did at this point........ The game will be here no matter what happens because of our host's "other titles"........how populated it will be.......somewhere near 10,000 players or so........which is, at best, Status Quo..... See, the sky isn't falling.........it just "looks like its gonna rain.......sigh"........ and, "Days. Weeks. Months. Who knows...." Thanks for the reply.........!!!!
  3. The price we pay for not...... Seriously? It's true, but........is, one of the dumbest business decision in a game I have experienced. People are very frustrated. And yes, our host has to "get rid of PVE as soon as they can" because the COOP maintenance costs are eating into profit I would guess.... If they were smart, they'd come out and explain why..........and, add some incentive to the COOP mains to "give it up..." Some would quit. Many might stay...>! Heck, the 2x7 mess is another tool they are using; because, if it was a bug, it would have been fixed already..... Or, it will be fixed at the next update if enough players have quit or changed game play numbers. They really want PVE gone. The problem is that a good many of us aren't even interested in anything PVP...... Some right now are only playing Scenarios because of the 2x7. And, they (out host) really can't afford to lose "all of the PVE players in one fell swoop..." That would be financially damaging to them and would, well make a serious mess in other ways. This entire situation is a Lose-Lose for our host; and, if they were honest about it, a good many would gladly leave or stay and it wouldn't be so messy........ Please, we don't need to reminded that "dis#(%%*&#ation and X" are real........ We play games to avoid stress.
  4. Asym_KS

    Who have you seen in game

    Did we win>? I closed the game before I read the forum...?
  5. All subs measure Roll if they turn to dive......to avoid incoming weapons. Weight and balance dictates that if you push downward, in a sharp, decending, high speed turn, the lateral stress must be measured to insure that the ballast tanks don't compress as the ship rolls inward and the aft segment whips outboard. High speed, diving turns are the worst there can be... Ah, having friends that are sub doofusses tinker in aviation is a fun thing to watch !
  6. Asym_KS

    So, why Coop needs mirrored MM?

    As I have said before, this 2x7 anomaly isn't about winning or losing......it's about not being able to play a large number of the ships you own because they simply aren't capable of surviving a 2x7 match unless you are a Purple rated player (a Barney....) I win a lot more than I lose but, there again, that isn't the point: this is a bug or an intentional, un announced COOP change to Piss us off.... Coop is supposed to be the place "average players" can have fun with this game..... While the competitive types and you, can go conqueror the world if you want. It's causing new and older players stress they don't need...........and, the remediation for many is to quit or move full time to scenarios. Again, if this is a BUG, it should have fixed yesterday. Playing nothing but BB's in COOP is getting old. Mirroring ensures a steady state game mode. You know what to expect. And that, makes it a good game mode for new and average players.... If the game throws them into Randoms directly, we'll lose a lot more than we keep..........this game has a terrible learning and grind curve.... I won't play Randoms and Ive been here for years !!!
  7. Planes are roll, pitch and yaw (Per unit testing: Production and Flight certification required and tested; configuration and conformity required throughout the manufacturing and supply chain; and, extensive federal/international inspection, testing and demonstration). Subs are roll, pitch, yaw and pressure (Per unit ^^^ and more: Production and performance certification required and tested; extensive configuration and conformity requirements; and, extensive federal testing)..... Space is 5D: roll, pitch, yaw, gravity and radiation (and, stupidly complicated.......because, everything will kill you eventually......) Time travel, No.........subs just operate where death is a single mistake away...... Space is even worse.
  8. Yep, that's ^^^^^ what the Los Angeles class guys have said over and over again.... Even know two Skippers from that class (both ring knockers too) and they refuse to play this game (both ended up O-7's and I have tried to recruit them...) Planes you can get away with a lot of voodoo physics............subs........well, it's just problematic because a lot of what they do to operate simply is done via instruments and teams of people..... Planes are 3D and operate simply........and, you can see everything. Subs, at 4D, just are too problematic.......to even be close to some form of realism. But, we are going to take a whack at this version of Chaos Theory (and, I lecture on that topic) and see what we can or can not do.........I suspect the latter more than the former.
  9. Asym_KS

    In Co-Op, am I wrong?

    The later is probably closer to reality I suspect. Your premise is "spot on" but, our host is desperate to drive PVE into PVP.... They want the entire COOP removed to save millions in maintenance costs and to standardize their games maintenance cost projections. If I remember correctly, WoTs doesn't have a COOP mode. They did but........... Conspiracy? No, a business requirement to standardize projected maintenance costs and to pave the way for a single PVP eSales payment structure they can then implement micro transactions of low cost, per mission, real money eSales on a match basis..... That would be a huge mess with more than one eSales platform...... You are correct I suspect: it isn't cost efficient. But, this way, an error drives off say, 10% of the PVE population for little or no expense..... They even have plausible deniability (oh look, we are working on fixing this.......2 years later) when many start complaining about population issues that will crop up..... Imagine is they "pulled the plug on PVE" and simply turned that mode off, say next Update..... Imagine the loss of thousands of PVE players at one time..........versus, bleeding them off one mess after another....... Conspiracy? Maybe yes and maybe no........ We'll see.
  10. Asym_KS

    In Co-Op, am I wrong?

    For you. There are a lot of new and average players whom are considering leaving the game if this isn't fixed, yesterday.... It works for you;...........it doesn't work for a great many other new or average players. If this is an intentional, un announced change, that does not bode well for a lot of players that are "on the fence and one straw pending" right now. Several I know, now completely play Scenarios. Some have retired and play only scenarios at night. All have stopped spending or supporting anything our host sells or does..... Some are complaining outside of the game. Wow, talk about ruining a market segment !!! I am very glad you are happy.....really.....but, I can't play 80% of my ships because I see 40-45% of all games I play 2x7 and, I will not lose anymore games (9 total since the Yamato Combat Mission) to this..........error/bug/intentional stunt.....
  11. I do agree with this ^^^^ and seriously can't see how our small, time compressed maps can accommodate another "Dissimilar" weapons system..... But, they need the money and I get the impression, they simply could care less about first world quality..... To them, if they thought they could get away with it, they'd use the Halloween Subs" and call it good...... I have very little faith in our host. I simply can't imagine 30 ships and Carriers on our current maps......let alone 24 with subs taking slots from the MM order of battle code.... And, what we are going to do will not work.........but, we are going to try and if that trying messes up PVP, oh well............can't and won't be any worse than the Update 8.o debacle.... I agree with your response !
  12. It is the intent of many to use Subs in Divisions in PVP.... As said above, they will only complicate a seriously messed up MM and small map battle space mechanics; BUT, they are coming...... So, in that light, some of us are going to use them, in conjunction with Carriers, AA CL's and Radar equipped DD's to form Divisions. A Sub, a Carrier, a AA CL and a Radar equipped DD to "just have a small team action" every game for as many weeks till our host keeps them or they aren't worth playing. One or the other. We will give this a try and we have several Submarine Vets whom are going to assist in Sub Tactics and emplacement theory...... I have been thinking about this for ever a year and, depending on Sub quality, I think Subs will completely hose small maps even worse than Update 8.0..... So, let's take advantage of that reality and "do our worst...." till the concept fails or there isn't any value in a seriously messed up PVP mode..... We will seriously test this though..........
  13. Asym_KS

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Our host said there wouldn't be subs......and, here they are. They need to sell "subs".........carriers are dying off sales wise. The need "dissimilar" because that means OP..... And, OP = Sell...... We'll see what they really do. And if, they are allowed in PVP as part of a Division, we are coming. A carrier, a sub, a fast firing AA CL, and a Radar equipped DD. Or, two subs and a Carrier.
  14. Many of us can't wait till subs get in the game !!! The real problems are two fold: 1) the maps are too small for so many "dissimilar weapon systems"; and, 2) the battle space will become so confused that the game could end up in three sections: a hiding section at the spawn points; a radar and Screening section; and, a FLOT section where no one will go and subs can park in..... I am concerned that another "dissimilar weapon" will "fragment the meta" to the point that there really aren't any "team activities" going on and the game simply becomes nothing more than an Arcade shooter..... Dissimilar weapons "fragment" the game.........and, I like subs but...........they might just be too much when combined with Carriers.... We will see. I suspect this will be Update 8.0 part deux......
  15. Asym_KS

    Waterline: What's Happening Next?

    Complaints are what the market needs to reinvest and to grow.....! A "perfect game" has never been created. I plan on playing nothing but subs if I can. I plan on divisioning in subs in PVP as much as the game allows. And, if we can division with a carrier driver to conduct "joint Air-Sea" operations, I plan on seeing just how well it can be done. Something to look forward to.............because, the rest of the game is meh........ And, not all that much fun outside of a week of NARAI ! Alas, now we have to wait a few weeks to gather the retired souls back into the game for another week of Narai. Otherwise, they'd uninstall the game........ Now subs and two of them are, in fact, Fast Attack crew and we are looking forward to seeing just how well we can run Joint Operations in PVP. It may not work at all..........if, our host poorly develops sub play mechanics.... If the division is on Discord, arranging an attack plan is easy !!! Three or Four ship divisions sounds like it could be a hoot or.........a bust. At least, it's something to look forward to. If you want to participate in the sub tactics committee, when we get subs, let me know. It will give you something new to write about !!!