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  1. Till our next Post ! If not there, I'll be at Fiddler's Green...... Asym to all, I am clear this net and wish you all fair winds and following seas......
  2. Asym_KS

    Withdrawal Symtoms (serious)

    I am with you there..... I have no idea what the other half is either. Stubbornness or because my close personal friends still want to play?
  3. the game yes, the paying demographics and the sales methods are different.... Old WoWs were Boomers and they required quality and a lot of work to retain. The new WOWS are pre-teens with parents with credit cards... eSales to young adults is the market vision many ascribe to. It takes less work, less quality and zero customer support..... And, many are wondering why the forum is going away....... No, the game will be here with a stalled population for a long time or till video game legislation locks them out of the NA market.
  4. Asym_KS

    The death of a community...

    It happens in emerging markets. eSale among young adolescents is "geometric in ROR"........ so they lose 45% of their old market that was leaving anyway and replace it with kids......with Mom's credit card
  5. Asym_KS

    The death of a community...

    Paradigm shift.... To a younger market. Have to get rid of the Boomers and the power they hold (financial and time). So, you divide the house and lose a percentage of the boomers. More will follow because they assume we are technologically inept........ Mission accomplished
  6. Asym_KS

    Forum Farewell

    Till our next Post mate.....
  7. Asym_KS

    I guess this is goodbye

    It's kind of ironic that sometime Movies "speak to the unconscious thoughts societies actually have...." Maybe, Mr. Universe had it right: "Can't stop the signal Mal. Everything goes somewhere and I go everywhere....." And, we are chasing that signal somewhere and we all end up everywhere looking. Till we meet again.........somewhere. And for me, the lads and I will be at Fiddler's Green telling tall tales and laughing at all of the absolutely insane stuff we did...... Sounds like a "Forum" to me.....
  8. Asym_KS

    Goodbye, Farewell and Good Luck.

    Well now, we are at that point where all that went before pales with the dawn of a new and sad day....... I really wanted the HMAS Hobart added to the game. I have close friends that served with that crew in Viet Nam and to be honest, if 1/2 of the stories I have heard these past 20 years are true......... And, I never did block you.... Till our next Post mate....
  9. Asym_KS

    My Final Forum Message to the Players

    Till our next Post...... It's been a pleasure.
  10. Asym_KS

    ArIskandir's last thread and Farewell

    Till our next post......
  11. Well, all good things come to an end. As I have said, the "exodus period" in mature games can be painful. Thanks for the conversations and comments over the years. As you........this is Black-5, Asym, and I am clear this net, out...... Hooah
  12. Asym_KS

    End of the Forum

    I've still have my account in Mechwarrior Online and have all sorts of mechs. Heck, I've played all of the Mechwarrior games from inception. Maybe, we should all gather in MWO and have some fun !!!
  13. Asym_KS

    End of the Forum

    Ha ! Same game name (or, variation of) !!! How many Asym's have you seen? Other than an Ammunition company !!! And, for gaming reviews written under another name as well..... Like I said, gaming is a small world sometimes.....
  14. Asym_KS

    End of the Forum

    Gaming is a small world..... To this day, I run into players I have know for decades from other games. "Hey, aren't you that LRM wizard in those Mad Dog's???" Yep, that's me alright what the heck are you driving a ship for ! In the cavalry, we have a tradition that goes way back, even before John Wayne used it in a movie.... We never say goodbye when we change postings. We say "till our next Post" because we are a small community and we will see each other again at a Post or at Fiddler's Green..... So, "till our next Post" all.......
  15. Asym_KS

    End of the Forum

    Just read it and checked my Discord and now, Wows is there. And, I can't see how that is going to work for "forum" use. Oh, well.......the end of an era is upon us. Be well and it's been a pleasure discussing common issues....