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  1. thanks. I am not sure if what you have found is the opposite of what others have said is not the case. That you can simply not participate if you choose? I wonder how many players will lose saved value not knowing this............if, it makes it into the real world>>???
  2. I don't mean to be thick headed on this topic; but, I need a specific answer: is the default value when this process changes: ON or OFF? I do not want to make "assumptions" and lose dozens of "real assets" because the game itself is "enabled" to distribute value at a basic level at start..... Thanks
  3. Hold on, I'm not asking what the PTS server does because I will never play on the PTS server.... But, what is tested there applies in many cases to to how we play normally. Is the system designed to apply, from what you have saved, bonuses you have to manually turn off - if you don't want to participate? Please advise and thank you.........
  4. @Ahskance is this statement true? For the past several days, players and you have been saying if a player want not to participate in this exercise, we can simply go camo-less and not install anything. And, lose nothing. Please clarify: it is our choice or does the "system" install what it wants and you have to deselect it?
  5. So am I. And, I don't trust what I am reading......
  6. Asym_KS

    Humans Win vs Skynet

    This was in the top 22 last I looked.
  7. I'm back to being F2P. So, when my PT runs out, I've got to think of the "costs I don't experience now..." I "assumed" that the daily's might help; but, I still am not sure I really understand the mechanics of this change and how, low skill players like me, will benefit over time...... All I can see is the constant use of Stuff to get back to where and to what I was earning two years ago ! And, to be honest, I simply don't trust anymore. Thanks for the reply and information.
  8. Thanks. Now, I hope this all goes the way you've said..... There's gonna be a lot of plain steel ships out there !!!
  9. Thanks. I assume the strategic goal is to run as many players out of "value assets" as possible. So that they'll have to purchase replacements. That's not what I'd ever do.......
  10. What is the same as it is now? The entire process hasn't been released and we are counting on "faith" that nothing will change..... If it were the same, why the new tool? And, the real question I asked is "if I do nothing, when will I run out of "the same things I have now?"" Each match will eat away at "something".....can I choose "expend nothing?" Sailing without camo and nothing but what is built into the ship itself??? BTW, PT will run out and can't be replaced till the divestiture clarifies where the money goes..... So, since that won't happen, I'm back to F2P and I have to make sure that in 416 days, that I can actually play as a F2P....... Does that help?
  11. Thanks for the data. I appreciate the effort....... A Question raised last night among the F2P's I hang with: If I (we) choose not to even open this part of the game, when does all of whatever I have run out? I'm gonna Pass on this and won't use it at all..... This is the reason I won't ever use: I don't want to be involved with per mission real money costs: .....even, if optional...........
  12. Asym_KS

    PSA: Ruckus in the Depot

    IME, Refunds = Bad......... I wonder what triggered this?
  13. Asym_KS

    The Weimar

    I've seen Weimar reviews somewhere? I don't remember where. And, to be honest, I like to take "interesting" ships and play then over 200 or so matches.... The Munchen was 420 matches when I picked her up with the 200% matches.... Again, I've really had a desire to take the Myoko and seriously use her in Narai. I had a Weimar decide to Exploit the Carrier route (and was doing so rudely I might add) and I decided in my Myoko to circumvent that effort. It seems that I actually did better than he did as his un-official and un-wanted wingman. After that, it was an itch to scratch to see how far the Myoko could go in Narai. I'm not done yet; but, even as I am a potato, I can achieve the same if not just a little more than an average Weimar. Same with the Munchen if you are lucky....... I hope my input helped ! A good idea is to Division with players whom have tinkered with the exploits.....
  14. Asym_KS

    which T7 cruisers do you NOT use in Narai

    Gosh, the crew I play this game with and I play just about everything we own.... We rotate the cruisers a lot. The BB's are a lot harder some days to use.... I seem to stick to the ones I mentioned earlier: only because I'm only playing PT now. I used to play a lot and would go through all of the T7 Cruisers I own over two days or so. Which one is better is all about which one you are the most accurate using and where and how you position yourself to use all of the advantages of that ship....
  15. Asym_KS

    The Weimar

    Gosh, there are two exploit routes. But, the Weimar isn't the only ship that can accomplish them: Fiji, Atlanta-Flint, Munchen, Myoko, etc..... Heck, I even took a Scharnhorst and had "one of those games"......??? And, I am not a good player ! Yes, it is a straight forward operating ship. Yes, an average player can have huge games in that ship if............they practice and think. It helps if you are in a division. Some clans simply play the entire match as a clan and practice both routes to get the timing down. SO YES, an average player can make any one of the OP ships in Narai excel. The operative question is why do that? To be honest, it ruins the game experience for everyone else.....>? I've stopped. Others have stopped. It's supposed to be "fun" and all of the ill will the Narai exploits cause simply isn't worth the "negative waves" earning a few more credits accomplishes.