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  1. fishin79

    Seattle: Skip or play?

    It is a Cleveland that has access to a heal and upgrade slot 6 (more than likely longer range) but trades maneuverability, slightly worse matchmaking (you will see a few more t10 matches), and worse rear firing arcs (this is actually pretty painful). I did grind through Seattle but I never FXP ships. As for using it to get you ready for Wooster. I am not sure about that. Seattle and Wooster have enough differences where the play is fairly unique. I did not really enjoy Seattle but Wooster is lots of fun. Since you already have the B hull and, for me, the stock grind was the worst, I would suggest just plowing through it. It took me a total of 63 battles using flags but without premium time. If you have premium it should take you less than 50 battles.
  2. First, DD should not be rentals. Plain and simple. Not having camo on a DD is too much of a handicap. Second, it is not all about the inexperience at t-10. Even if you have experience at t10 but have never used that ship, you will not know how to play it well. I don't know how many matches it takes before you are almost as good as you are going to be in a particular ship but I know it is more than zero battles. Even a good player will not be as good in rental. A bad player will be even worse than they are in a ship they own. I understand what WGing is trying to do with rental but t10 ranked is a very bad place to try the idea out. In my opinion, ranked sprint (which is more relaxed) would have been a better choice...Hey, let everyone rent a Belfast for this upcoming season...That would be fun, right?
  3. I am not convinced. I really like the Alaska, it is a lot of fun. However, I am pretty sure in a 1v1 fight with equal, high skilled captains the Buffalo would win most of the time. Much of Alaska's power comes from it hard hitting AP but that is almost completely countered by simply going bow on in the Buffalo. Then you just come down do each firing HE at the other. Buffalo has a higher rate of fire, burns less, has better accuracy and can maneuver a lot better. At the same time, I would take a Cleveland over a buffalo in a 1v1 every time. Each subclass has its pros and cons and areas where it is going to truly excel and areas where it will be weak. It is very difficult to compare one another directly in a 1v1 scenario. You have to consider the entire contributions to the battle. In the end, I actually think Battle cruisers are balance fairly well. To illustrate this, I have easily taken down a Buffalo with the Cleveland 1v1. I have also fairly easily taken down a Stalingrad 1v1 in a DM. At the same time I have had 30k dmg salvos at 15km against a Stalingrad with the Alaska...No other standard cruiser would be able to do that.
  4. You should probably just take your own advice and stop playing Cleveland. The US CL line is clearly not for you. Seattle has a heal and I can pretty much guarantee you will still not like it. I bet I can count on one hand the number of matches I have been able use ALL of my repair party charges in both the Seattle and Wooster combined. The repair party is not what defines this line. All US CLs, starting with Dallas, are boarder line Overpowered (maybe over the boarder) in the right hands. A good player can have a lot more influence with a US CL compared to a US CA all the way up to the Wooster/DM at T-10. Players that do not use them correctly will get deleted early and be very frustrated.
  5. Honest question...Do you think that was the intention? I tired something like 3 battles of WOTs because I felt like I could never compete even at the lowest levels. I wonder if they are trying to level the playing field and discourage the skill gap. In fact, that was an actual stated objective of the CV rework concerning CV specifically. I have often wondered lately if that was not an even broader goal across all classes.
  6. I appreciate your comments and feedback however I feel that you are drastically mistaken concerning spotting. First, it is almost impossible to compare pre-rework and post-rework because CVs were so rare pre-rework. That being said, I will give it a shot to help add some data. - Pre-rework, CVs had to be ultra careful about losing fighters so the good ones rarely pushed their fighters much past the middle of the map until they knew where everyone was in fear of running into a long range AA cruiser. This gave enough time for the teams to get into some kind of strategic position prior to being spotted. - Yes, there were more squadrons in the air but the strike aircraft were usually grouped together for maximum alpha so were not really as "all seeing" as one might believe. - There was an fairly long time between CV strikes due to squadron flight time and regen times pre-rework. Post-rework, another squadron is in the air and on the way as soon as you hit the "F" key. In pre-rework days, this would allow a large unspotted window to re-position, group up, do something...That does not exist post-rework. - Pre-rework, your own CV could come to assist you if you were spotted. It was fairly easy to push fighters off a DD with friendly fighters because the added AA of the DD would almost guarantee a favorable trade in a click battle. Yes, post-rework has the fighter consumable but that disappears as soon as the enemy CV hits F or drops his own fighter. Then (see point 3), all they have to do is launch another squadron and they will have you spotted again in about 15 secs. Yes, something needed to be done about the RTS CV system. I am not entirely against the rework. If you would simply do something to limit shared spotting (timer, eliminate completely, anything) then I would be just fine with it. I still feel that CVs are way too powerful against DDs but, if shared spotting from aircraft is removed, at least I am only fighting the planes and not the ENTIRE enemy team. To summarize, this is a very simple fix...Remove shared spotting from aircraft and quality of life will be much higher for almost everyone. At least add a delay similar to radar so the CV has to spend some time getting his/her planes shot at to provide any spotting assistance to his/her team.
  7. fishin79


    Your right...For some reason I was thinking it went to 1/4 pen which would give it 102mm. So...Nothing can pen the bow belt of a soviet BB. I guess I was correct in my decision to bow tank when I was faced with three same tier BBs within 10km.
  8. fishin79


    2nd match in this thing....Squishy on the sides but that bow is almost impervious. I somehow bounced 4 HE shells from a Nagato...I guess he hit the 100mm belt and he only has 68mm of HE penetration. I kind of felt bad because he hit an island broadside and I did 40k to him in two salvos and he did zero damage to me. I also had a DOY and Colorado shooting AP at the bow (all three at the same time). I kill all three. Does this actually make a case for IFHE on 16 in BBs? That question is somewhat in jest but looking again that the armor profile of the soviet BBs you could make a case for it. Those IFHE secondary Mass builds are certainly looking promising.
  9. I must have been very lucky. I got the Tier 5, 6, and 7. All from regular containers; all received through the victory campaign (I don't know if there is another way to get them). I can't remember how many I opened but it was somewhere around 30. They did come sequentially for me but I not sure that is how they always drop.
  10. fishin79

    Just when I thought it wasn't going to happen...

    Ahh yesss. That makes sense now. Make sure you add in the 8600 xp for the two modules. That was the big benefit for me. The ships came fully upgraded so I did not have to grind through the stock hulls.
  11. fishin79

    Just when I thought it wasn't going to happen...

    FYI, it is actual "Base experience" so flags don't help any. Being somewhat fed up with the current meta, I did a lot of it in operations. Narai, which was the operation over the weekend, is very profitable with either the flint or the helena. I think I averaged 1800 base XP.
  12. fishin79

    Just about done playing DD...

    I completely agree that what we currently have is not working but... 1) Will not work for obvious reasons. 2) I agree with this and think it will help but but it will not stop the persistent harassment from CV planes and the need to form up into AA death balls. 3) Unfortunately that just would not work the way CV are currently configured. They just don't do enough alpha damage to only have one attack. Even in your scenario (which I completely agree is very frustrating) you probably only took 10-20k damage (maybe more if you were unsuccessful at dodging). A similar spread from a t8 DD would have killed you as would have a full salvo from any T8 BB if you were broadside. Again, other than completely removing CVs which is not going to happen, I just don't have a good answer (although your second suggestion would certainly improve quality of life).
  13. fishin79

    Just about done playing DD...

    Ok, I will bite. I have started playing CVs and I have learned one thing from that experience. DDs are easy targets. They can not hide; turning off AA only delays inevitable. Because most other ships are air spotted around the 8km concealment of my planes I usually can figure out where the DD is and then just fly around until he is spotted. He then has not chance. The only viable options for a DD are to hang out in the back with the AA cruisers where I can't get to him or try to sneak around the edge of the map and carrier snipe. Neither option is either fun or constructive. Oh by the way...I took a gander at your stats. You are very good at this game...With the glaring exception of recent DD play. Could it be that you have not figured out how to play DDs in the current CV meta???
  14. fishin79

    Just about done playing DD...

    This sounds good but, in practice, all it is going to do is allow the DDs to get further from their support before they are plane spotted. Remember, most DDs travel (both speed and acceleration) faster than AA cruisers. I fear that this change will actually make things worse for DDs that play too aggressive. For everyone else it will not change anything. I don't know what the answer is.
  15. So far I have opened ~20 of the standard crates and gotten the T5 and T6 missions. Anecdotally, it seems that is a better than average drop rate. I have not purchased any crates and am perfectly happy starting the line with a fully upgraded T-6 and two free port slots.