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  1. Wow, I did not intend to hit a hornets nest with a stick...Sorry guys. I realize that the players who have this ship already have pretty good stats and I also realize that those who have it are very sensitive to it being called OP since they don't want it nerfed (or they don't want appear to only win because they have an OP ship). I was just surprised at the glaring difference between the Stalingrad's stats and those of the other T-10 cruisers, globally...It always seemed that T-10 was the one tier where everything was pretty balanced (Khab being the possible exception). I just hope they did not upset that balance with this ship. I, personally, only have a little experience playing with Stalingrads on my team and against them and, to be honest, they never seemed TOO strong. Please don't let this get too out of hand...I agree we need to wait for more "average" players to get the ship before we can determine its true strength. (If it stays available that long)
  2. 66% win rate, 111k dmg, 1.5 kills per match... I know this thing is only supposed to be owned by very good players but..WOW!!!! This thing is a little crazy. 2nd highest win rate (0.8% below Flint), highest damage of ALL SHIPS, highest average kills per match.
  3. Unfortunately, I think the OP has been given some very poor advice in this thread. VGLance and Taichunger seem to be on the right track. With the OP's current play, throwing cash at premium ships, premium time, premium camo, etc. is not going to help. He is going to struggle just as bad (or worse) in a scharn as he does in the Gnies. Heaven forbid he actually makes it to T-8 where thing get really hard (and expensive). I think the best advice is for the OP to forget about progressing up the tech tree and focus on getting his skills in line with the ships he has. In addition, I don't thing the Gneisenau is great ship to be using at this stage. With only 6 guns, horrible dispersion, and the torp trap, the skill wall is just too high for where the OP's current level of play is. My suggestion would be to spend a lot of time in T-6. If you want to play BBs, use either the Bayern or, better yet, the New Mexico. They are much more forgiving. Then, just focus on playing better. Don't play another t-7+ battle, or spend any money on ships/camo until you can get a T-6 ship at least to the server average for damage. As was said earlier, don't charge to the front, stay with your team, make sure you are near another BB (don't go alone until you are good enough to carry), WASD all the time to avoid torps, focus on broadside ships, don't forget to shoot DDs (2k HP off a DDs is equivalent to ~10k off a BB and it helps your team alot more). FYI, without a significant improvement in play you are never going to make money at t-8+. The repair cost will eat everything you make. If you run premium consumables you will loose money even in a premium ship.
  4. Let all just step back and view this situation from a far.... - OP shoots his guns while a teammate is in front of him and hits teammate...Turns pink (Wait what??? I have unintentionally hit teammates more than I am proud of but have never turned pink if it did not kill them) - Teammate then turns around and rams OP killing both (How low was your health for a friendly ram to kill both of you???) - OP now is pink for 6 games - OP then goes into low tier battle (can't tell if it was random or coop) and suicides 6 times to burn off pink status...(I am sure his teammates in those battles were very supportive of him.) I think I know where the problem lies....
  5. Pensacola

    I have not played T-6 Pensi a lot but I really do think it is pretty strong. Last week I dev striked an Omaha at 13km....Through the bow. Three citadels (and multiple full pens) and he was completely bow on. I don't think another T-6 cruiser would be able to do that. I tend to agree with Dolphin. I think new pensi's statistics are skewed by her playerbase. On NA server players are more likely to start up a US line so US lines end up with less experienced players. I would contend that all US ships, especially T-6 because that is where the skill wall hits, have playerbase-skewed statistics. For example, New Mexico is an extremely strong ship but her stats are Meh...Farragut is arguably the strongest T-6 DD but, again, average stats. My own stats are much higher in ship lines that I started later in my game "Career". By stats alone La Glassy is my best T-6 cruiser...But it is definitely not, it is just that I started the french cruiser line latest. Food for thought.
  6. MM isn't broken!

    Turbo07...Might be time to take some Public Relations classes...Right now, all you are doing is making it worse. My suggestion, Acknowledge that this one battle in 10's of thousands was not ideal and that, while very good in most cases, match making can not account perfectly for all possible scenarios. Very low overall population with even lower CV population being one of those scenarios. In addition, WG is actively pursuing a CV rework that, hopefully, will help alleviate matches where one CV can have an overly significant impact (good or bad) on the outcome of a battle.
  7. I think her biggest issue is the the New Orleans. With the US Cruiser split NO is now at the same tier. Unfortunately for Indy, NO is better in almost every way. Indy is balanced by having long range radar which is powerful (especially at T-7) but situational and generally requires a very good captain to use effectively. Overall, I think the the NO would be a better choice for your average cruiser player. NO has 1.3 sec reload advantage NO has 2500 more HP NO has better AA (although only short range AA is better) NO has a much better rudder shift In my opinion, NO has better Armor (harder to hit citadel) The only thing (other than radar) that the Indy has over NO is 0.7km firing range. Which is nice but not enough of a reason to play it over NO.
  8. Concealment expert

    I am surprised so many people feel CE is "mandatory". Yes, it is pretty much required on all DDs but, in my opinion, the rest of the classes don't (should not) benefit from CE much. After all, once you fire your guns, CE is a wasted 4 pts for 20 seconds. Every cruiser in the game has a shorter reload than that so, if you are actually firing your guys, CE is worthless for most of the match. BBs have slightly longer reloads but, honestly, they need to be getting shot at or else the more fragile targets will be getting punished (which, I believe, is why the Conqueror does not have a better win rate). CVs...Just no, there are far better skills. In my opinion, especially in the current meta, Fire Prevention is better for BBs and CAs, IFHE is better for CLs (non British).
  9. Light Cruisers. IFHE or CE first?

    I struggled with this topic for awhile and finally decided IFHE and have not regretted it. Simple reason, the only time you can use CE is if you are not firing your guns. If you are not firing your guns, generally, you are not contributing to a win (with a few exceptions). The only time I wish I had CE is the few times I need to disengage but half the time this is when the side I am fighting on has collapsed and the match is probably going to be a loss if I have CE or not. On the other hand, IFHE brings so much more damage with it. My first 10 pts on every CL (non RN) are PT, EM/AR (depending on turret speed), DE, IFHE. This, in my opinion, is the most offensive related captain build. Next 4 pts are generally CE, but I am think of changing this depending on how the CV rework goes. In my opinion, the only class that really benefits from CE are DDs.
  10. Wait...What??? 8 guns with 3 sec reload that can pen every part of every DD in the game (exect Khab which is not really a DD) and the same fire chance as the Benson. It will not matter what its concealment or rudder shift is. Everything within spotting range will be dead before it can be shot at. IFHE brings it above the mystical 32mm meaning it can troll t-10 battleships. If this change sticks, these things are going to be very strong.
  11. In all fairness to CVs...If you are in t-10 battle with 1 DD per side (like CVs are in t-10) and your dd has 27% win rate and theirs has a 73% win rate...You are probably going to loose. Especially if your DD yolos and dies in the first 3 mins.
  12. Strongest T6 Cruiser

    Am I the only person who think the Pensacola is actually very strong at T-6??? The Yamato is so special because of overmatch...Well, the Pensacola can overmatch every t-5 cruiser as well as the Leander and, I believe, the Budyonny. You can can reliably citadel an Omaha from any angle regardless of range. Plus, it has the best AA of all T-6 (non-premium) cruisers (can probably throw T-7 in there as well). I have not played Aoba or Nurnberg but I think T-6 Pensacola is pretty good. I only have 11 battles in her so far but two of those (20%) where wins which I would lost if I were in any other T-6 cruiser. One of them, I was the last friendly ship against a lone Kaga...I shot down 32 of his planes and he never even scratched me. My opinion for best T-6 cruiser... Match with CV - Pensacola Match without CV - Budyonny