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  1. fishin79

    Is it time to buff the Gearing?

    I think the problem with the "current" Gearing is that the "Original" Gearing was competitively balanced around a very strong smoke screen. Unfortunately, in the current meta with high proliferation of Radar and long range/persistent hydro (not to mention everyone seeming to become unbelievably good at shooting blind into smoke), the one trait that was designed to make Gearing competitive has been significantly weakened. Gearing is still useable but high tier DD play has become much more difficult and it seems that other ships that have more relevant competitive traits (like hydro, radar, Harugumo DPM, survivability) offer more utility to the team. How does WG fix this... I think a small buff to the 16km torp reload and possibly a little more HP would go a long way. Or just wait until we see what they are going to do with radar to see if smoke becomes more viable.
  2. fishin79

    Musashi or Jean Bart with coal?

    I don't know much about the French BB line as I am not really interested but, in my opinion, the current meta favors the Musashi. Its huge health pool and excellent deck plating make it MUCH less vulnerable to HE spam. Jean Bart, with its 32mm plating, is going to melt under HE and Brit semi AP fire (not to mention Harugamo/Kitakazi). Yes its AA is just NO but through almost 130 battles I think I have seen less than 10 CVs and I have not been sunk by a CV yet. If there is a CV, I just find the closest US cruiser and stay within 4Km of him. Musahi is not a easy ship to play. It is very vulnerable to Citadels. My highest single salvo is actually on another Musashi for ~65k through his cheek. That show just how powerful and vulnerable this ship is. However, the first time you hit a Montana for 30K straight through the bow you will be addicted. It is one of the few battleships that I truly enjoy playing.
  3. I am surprised...Everyone is all up in arms about the very minor CE changed (which is not final and still in testing). Yet no one seem to be mentioning the pretty significant change to Hydro...That is the part that is going to hurt DDs. There is a small change at T-10 but the change at T-8 and T-9 are very significant. It is already very difficult to torp a german BB now the Bismark gets tier 10 Hydro!!! I agree they need to standardize the numbers but it would have been nice if they would have picked a number that was somewhere in the middle. German Hydro is essentially Radar that lasts for two minutes (if you don't have the upgrade module) and sees torps and still sees through land masses. Sure lets make that even stronger. FYI, detection range for Torps at T-8 goes up almost a Kilometer. Asashio may have just become even more irrelevant.
  4. fishin79

    Icarus/mid tier UK DDs are AWFUL

    I don't know if it is just me but these things (Acasta and Icarus) seem to take a lot more damage than other DDs. I don't know if they have a larger profile and take more hits or if the hits do more damage or if I am just playing worse but I seem to lose half my health as soon as someone breaths in my direction.
  5. Yeah, my mistake...It is actually 7.10...I can't read. (or type)
  6. Does anyone know who is getting Enhanced vs standard???
  7. I originally thought this as well but, in the patch notes, (by the way, my title is incorrect. it is actually 7.10...Live now) they specifically call out German ships separatly with different values. I think "enhanced" might be something different.
  8. Nope...Loyang is one of the exceptions. It is actually getting a very slight buff (like it needed it). It ship detection is going from 5.43 to 5.5km. It does seem like all the ranges are going to more round numbers (well, increments of 0.5km) which has the result of slightly buffing or nurfing most ships since they used to be very odd numbers (Loyang being 5.43km).
  9. - All US ships smoke operation time now 30sec... - Decent buff to all US dds T-2 through T-9 (Buff is better as the Tier gets lower). Essentially, all US DDs have the same size smoke area just higher tiers last longer. - Pretty significant change to the entire Hydroacoustic consumable. - To be honest, I don't understand this one. What is a "Enhanced Hydroacoustic Search"? - It look like they are mostly standardizing the acquisition ranges but not doing a very good job because there are several Tier break point and MANY exceptions (German ships) to the rules. - If I am reading this right it seems to be a general buff to Hydro which is a little disappointing since it is already very difficult to land torp hits. - So now we have regular Hydro, advance Hydro (whatever that is), "unconventional" Hydro...All with the possibility of Hydro mod 1 and several exceptions to the rules. I hope someone else is better at reading/understanding than I am and can dumb the Hydro change down to something that makes sense. Game Balance Changes To make it easier to keep in mind the parameters of consumables, we've harmonized the operation time of the Smoke Generator for all U.S. ships as well as the reach of the Hydroacoustic Search consumable. Reworked parameters will be as follows: Standard Hydroacoustic Search consumable: at Tier IV to VII, the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes will be 4 km and 3 km, respectively; at Tier VIII to IX, it will be 5 and 3.5 km, respectively. Enhanced Hydroacoustic Search consumable: at Tier IV to VII, the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes will be 5.5 km and 3.75 km, respectively; at Tier VIII to IX, it will be 6 and 4 km, respectively. The Smoke Generator operation time for all U.S. ships is set at 30 seconds. The following ships will carry a Hydroacoustic Search consumable with "unconventional" characteristics: Karlsruhe, Königsberg, Nürnberg, Yorck, Graf Spee and Loyang (the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes will be 5.5 km and 3.75 km, respectively). Friedrich der Große, Großer Kurfürst, Hipper, Roon, Hindenburg, Prinz Eugen and Z-52 (the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes will be 6 km and 4 km, respectively). Apart from that, the characteristics for the Hydroacoustic Search consumable aboard carrier Graf Zeppelin and destroyers Ernst Gaede, Leberecht Maass and T-61 will be 4 km and 3 km for the acquisition range of ships and torpedoes, respectively. German ships Bismarck, Z-23, Z-46 and Z-39 will be equipped with the Hydroacoustic Search consumable with the following parameters typical of other Tier VIII-X ships: 5 km for the acquisition range of ships, and 3.5 km for the acquisition of torpedoes.
  10. It may have already been mentioned but the answer to this is actually pretty simple (in my opinion). It is the number of battles played by "Good" players. For every one 60% player with 10000 battle, you need 20 40% WR players with 500 battles to have an overall average of 50% wins. Given those numbers, any one battle will probably only have one player in the entire match with a 60%+ WR...Everyone else will be less than 45%. I would bet if you looked at the number of battles for those 40-45% WR players at T-10 you would see that they have relatively few. I have seen many players buy their way to T-10 (Less than 500 battles) just to fail miserably. In general, the more you play, the better you get. So, the players that have a large number of battles will, generally, have a higher WR which will result in proportionally larger number of players with a less than 50% WR (most with drastically few battles per player)...This still all equals to a mean WR of ~50% (given the few number of draws).
  11. fishin79

    Musashi worth it??

    Even in a CV match I am usually not concerned. With the high prevalence of US cruisers, right now, all you have to do is park a few kms from the nearest Wooster and you are perfectly safe. Plus, unless you have a complete potato as a CV driver on your team, most of your CV teammates know to look out for Musashi and Kron. I get a lot more fighter help in the Musashi than any other ship.
  12. fishin79

    Musashi worth it??

    It also depends if you have limited credits. Musashi is a slightly nurfed Yamato at T-9 but, unless you are very good, you probably can not play continuous Yamato matches without draining your credits (possibly even with a premium account). Musashi, on the other hand, has very good credit earning potential even on a standard account. I typically clear 200 to 300k credits per match and I do not have a premium account. I enjoy playing it and use it to fund tech tree ship purchases. Plus, get the added benefit of getting the occasional T-9 match where Musashi can be an absolute terror.
  13. Wow, I did not intend to hit a hornets nest with a stick...Sorry guys. I realize that the players who have this ship already have pretty good stats and I also realize that those who have it are very sensitive to it being called OP since they don't want it nerfed (or they don't want appear to only win because they have an OP ship). I was just surprised at the glaring difference between the Stalingrad's stats and those of the other T-10 cruisers, globally...It always seemed that T-10 was the one tier where everything was pretty balanced (Khab being the possible exception). I just hope they did not upset that balance with this ship. I, personally, only have a little experience playing with Stalingrads on my team and against them and, to be honest, they never seemed TOO strong. Please don't let this get too out of hand...I agree we need to wait for more "average" players to get the ship before we can determine its true strength. (If it stays available that long)
  14. 66% win rate, 111k dmg, 1.5 kills per match... I know this thing is only supposed to be owned by very good players but..WOW!!!! This thing is a little crazy. 2nd highest win rate (0.8% below Flint), highest damage of ALL SHIPS, highest average kills per match.
  15. fishin79

    Suggestions for Grinding Credits

    Unfortunately, I think the OP has been given some very poor advice in this thread. VGLance and Taichunger seem to be on the right track. With the OP's current play, throwing cash at premium ships, premium time, premium camo, etc. is not going to help. He is going to struggle just as bad (or worse) in a scharn as he does in the Gnies. Heaven forbid he actually makes it to T-8 where thing get really hard (and expensive). I think the best advice is for the OP to forget about progressing up the tech tree and focus on getting his skills in line with the ships he has. In addition, I don't thing the Gneisenau is great ship to be using at this stage. With only 6 guns, horrible dispersion, and the torp trap, the skill wall is just too high for where the OP's current level of play is. My suggestion would be to spend a lot of time in T-6. If you want to play BBs, use either the Bayern or, better yet, the New Mexico. They are much more forgiving. Then, just focus on playing better. Don't play another t-7+ battle, or spend any money on ships/camo until you can get a T-6 ship at least to the server average for damage. As was said earlier, don't charge to the front, stay with your team, make sure you are near another BB (don't go alone until you are good enough to carry), WASD all the time to avoid torps, focus on broadside ships, don't forget to shoot DDs (2k HP off a DDs is equivalent to ~10k off a BB and it helps your team alot more). FYI, without a significant improvement in play you are never going to make money at t-8+. The repair cost will eat everything you make. If you run premium consumables you will loose money even in a premium ship.