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  1. That is what I did...Akizuki, suicide rush the first BB I see...I think it too 6 coop matches and it was actually pretty fun.
  2. fishin79

    Working as Intended?

    Welcome to the club that includes every other non-CV ship in the game when facing a CV...
  3. fishin79

    Working as Intended?

    But your post was focused on how he was able kill you, not him being immune to you. So, I will rephrase my question. Why should a Shokaku be immune to enemy CVs if most other t-8 and lower ships are not?
  4. fishin79

    Working as Intended?

    I am pretty sure he would have sunk any T-8 or lower ship he focused that much (with the exception of maybe an AA speced Atlanta/flint with their unlimited DFAA)...Why should a CV be immune to other CVs??? Not trying to be a jerk, just trying to understand your rational.
  5. fishin79

    Yuro having way too much fun

    Doesn't AA guns Mod 1 already give +2 for med and long range?
  6. I could be wrong...But I don't think the OP is a Unicum...As a matter of fact, I get the impression that when the CV rework hit he finally found something that he could do well in because WGing made it mindless. Then they add some challenge by making AA actually do something. Since then, he has been on a personal mission to revert the AA changes so he can have his easy button again.
  7. fishin79

    Trying to get Exeter but no CVs around

    T-5 nicholas worked for me. Try early afternoon if you can...For some reason, there seems to be more CVs then. However, I would suggest you look at the rest of the missions before you put too much effort into the first one. They actually get pretty specific (and possibly challenging) at stage 3 with stage 4 looking very difficult if you don't play a lot and are not unicum (you might be, I didn't check stats). Stage 4 requires something like 7 achievements in British DD/CL/BB. That is doable but at the pace you are going (still on 1-1) you might run out of time before you can get these done.
  8. fishin79

    DD AA OP ?? HeHe

    Funny you should post this...I was unable to get any CVs in T-6+ matches so could not get the "kill 30 planes" mission done. So I took the Nicholas out of mothballs and three matches later, mission complete. That is with only a 10pt captain. It really is pretty strong against t-4 CVs and it can even hold its own against T-6.
  9. fishin79

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    (sorry for the thread resurrection). Ok, since 8.0 I have anecdotally "felt" the idea of being deplaned was a myth because I never noticed a CV not being able to put attack planes in the air. Then LWM put this out and I felt a little better knowing CVs really do have to be careful or they would be unable to attack at the end of match. However, last night I was in match in the Flint with a single Lexington on the opposing team. My team shot down 109 planes total. I realize that includes spotters/fighters so it does not technically break LWM's 101 A/C theoretical limit. But, the CV died long before the match ended (probably at the 15 minute point) and, given what the above article says, it seems unlikely, with the published plane generation rules, that there would be 109 planes in the air, let alone shot down, in that match. Can anyone tell me what I am missing here? It is possible (maybe likely) that I am underestimating the number of spotters/fighters but I know I didn't shoot any down and I accounted for 32 of the 109 plane kills (red CV was not great and keep overflying my DFAA). I am trying to get a handle on the new CV mechanic but my experience in the game does not seem to always match what it published. Before you ask, I don't have replays turned on. I really wish I did for this match since it would help me understand what is going on. P.S. This is not an "I hate CV's thread". The battle was actually a pretty good one coming down to just a couple ships on each side and we ended up winning.
  10. fishin79

    Game quality

    Ok...Admit it. How many people looked up this dude's stats???
  11. fishin79

    Game quality

  12. I will reserve judgment on 8.0.3. (It does seem a little harsh on CVs). However...If the problem was spotting, which was a problem, why did they not just limit it to one CV per side? Fewer planes in the air...Less spotting. Its not like CVs support each other significantly (except maybe a flood/fire stack). I don't understand why they keep insisting on having multiple CVs per match. It does not appear that CV population is so high that wait times would be excessive. Anyone have any ideas????
  13. fishin79

    Overall Activity Dropping

    In my opinion, this guy's "analysis" is complete trash. He claims to be an expert in statistics yet all he looks at is the peak numbers. He completely ignores the width of the peaks which has a much larger impact on the total server population calculation (area under the curve). In addition, the numbers clearly show (even though he glosses over the point) that the numbers absolutely have dropped since the rework. On top of all that, the CV rework was a significant introduction by WGing. One would expect such an introduction would cause a temporary increase in server population due to people wanting to try out the new "thing". As far as I know, this increase was seen in every significant introduction in the past. Finally, the data he used is only server population. It does not tell anything about how many of those players are just logging on and not playing or just playing one or two games to get one crate and then going on to something else. I don't claim to be a stats expert but I do have several degrees in physics and mathematics and have worked in analytical fields for over 20 years so I do know something about statistics. I am not claiming that the sky is falling and the game is dead. What I am saying is that WGing has an issue which is why they appear to be listening to their players and releasing hot fixes addressing the most common complaints. Will they be able to weather the storm until things stabilize??? Probably...only time will tell the long term impact on the game.
  14. fishin79

    A Plea to the Developers from a CV Enthusiast

    Did you mean to say "Vocal MAJORITY"??? It seems to me, if the the majority (as you said) of the player base is unhappy with a current system then WGing should change the system. It is possible you intended to say "minority" in which case your argument would make more sense. I honestly don't know if the majority of players dislike the CV rework, dislike CVs in general (rework or not), or if those who dislike the current meta are just the loudest and are actually the minority. What I do know is that the majority of people who are speaking are not happy with current state of the CV vs DD interaction nor do they like the entire fleet being spotted 30 seconds after the count down hits zero. Those are the issues that the 8.0.3 are addressing. WGing needs to keep their player base playing...If they are losing more players due to the rework than they are getting to play new CVs then they are going to change something to keep their numbers up. Independent from what some CC (who claims to be an expert on statistics but whose analysis was pretty loose) says, the player population has declined since the CV rework. This is a huge problem for WG. This was a major introduction for them. They should have seen at least a near term jump in numbers from people wanting to try the new shinny toys (like what happened with brit DDs, US CLs, etc.) but they saw the exact opposite. My guess, they are in minor damage control and are walking a fine line between keeping players interested in the new carriers and keeping the larger player base from exiting the game in frustration. while I am playing considerably less than I did prerework because I really don't like the current meta, I do feel that WGing has handled this fairly well.
  15. fishin79

    Why Fletcher and Yugumo are junk in ranked

    Just imagine if Alaska had been released...It would have been Alaska against a Buffalo or Seattle. I really thought this is the direction they were heading (and probably would have except for the CV rework apocalypse).