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  1. WG wiki down

    Currently, the wiki is down. The only thing I'm getting back is a 503 error. Is this happening for anyone else?
  2. Ranked Battles Questions

    No one is ever on the "red" or "green" team. Whoever is on the other team sees you as the red team. The team just has two teams and displays ships as red or green based on which team you're on. So, in a way you are always on the red team.
  3. I tried to install WoWs on a Mac but there was not enough disk space. After clearing space for WoWs, I tried to install it again but the installer wouldn't run.
  4. CONTEST: Bringing on New Players

    I would have a new player encouraged to play the tutorial mode for all types of ships (Tier VI maybe), so they can get a feel of what each ships gameplay is like. There will also be stationary and mobile training ships to learn important skills (Leading shots, Proper torpedoing, manual drop, smoke mechanics, etc) I believe that this will lead to less friendly fire (especially with torpedoes). Also perhaps you would have to pass a scenario with other new players with five stars (It could be a nerfed version of Killer Whale). The objectives would be, 1. Escort Raptor to the exit (Primary) 2. Cause no damage to allies 3. Destroy 4 ships with torpedoes 4. Destroy 4 ships with artillery 5. Shoot down 5 aircraft 6. Lose no ships Change the number of games from 100 to at least 200
  5. The shells from a ship don't render, which makes it hard to hit anything. Also, incoming fire isn't rendered.
  6. I also have this problem. It's especially annoying when I'm trying to use the B menu.

    Ships are still stuck but new ships are fine

    mission progress is back but no british bb quest

    Ships aren't coming back still.
  10. SERVER NA OFF???

    I'm not happy with the mission progress being deleted.
  11. SERVER NA OFF???

    Not just reset, Battle of Vella Gulf missions came back after I completed them.
  12. SERVER NA OFF???

    Now modules aren't showing up correctly.
  13. No matter what ship I'm viewing, it shows the modules for the Phoenix, and ships aren't returning from battle.
  14. SERVER NA OFF???

    Yeah I'm still connected but all of the combat mission progress reset, and a battle ended ten minutes early.
  15. Game Crash

    If you restart your have fast enough, the server will put you back in the battle.