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  1. Ranked Battles

    VIIII because IX isn't cool enough
  2. Permanent Camouflage

    I am confused. Am I getting this question right? after 6k games and 400 posts, he finally learned that perma camos are purchased separately for each ship?
  3. Umm people bought these ships with real money. I know fair competition is a thing but.. honoring product that they sold is a huge thing too.
  4. 32 battles.. I think you are not quite ready for tier 10 games yet. That is such perfect situation for Yamato to over pen cruisers. This should not be a surprise..
  5. Forgotten Ship

    Have you played La Gal after she received Main Battery Reload Booster consumable?
  6. Forgotten Ship

    Yes I see your point :) If we give MRB to DG, it would be straight up superior to LG. But as of now, DG is useless. I will take MRB over 10.5% DPM ANYDAY especially when the DPM is already kinda crap to begin with. I will take situational usefulness than overall meh. As for torpedo..Yes DG gets alpha but LG gets faster reload..
  7. Forgotten Ship

    I always thought De Grasse wasn't that special from La Gal though. I know De Grasse gets something like 0.8 second faster reload and few more HP but in return, De Grasse has MUCH worse Maneuverability than La Gal with worse rudder speed and worse turning circle. This is a huge drawback as these cruisers depend on avoiding shells to survive. Few un-lucky AP shells can wreck these ships. IMHO, De Grasse doesn't come out winning agianst La Gal just because of the survivability. Sometimes, when the game goes just right for me, I do more damage in De Grasse because..of those small advantage in fire power but now La Gal is much better in that regards too so why the De Grasse? I am pretty sure we can ignore AA(so much for being AA ship IRL).
  8. Forgotten Ship

    After 0.7.8 dropped, French cruisers received a new gim...eh hem, consumable and it rejuvenated the line. It really changed how theses cruisers are played and they are very fun to play now. However, one ship is being neglected and it seems like nobody, even WG, remembers this ship anymore. Even before the patch, this particular ship was very rare breed on the sea and now it's like the ship has been extinct and I hoped WG would do the same treat to the ship and would make it viable again. Nope.. Hopes are shattered and I just don't see why? The ship I am referring is the De Grasse. This is a French tier 6 cruiser. If La Gal gets the new consumable why not De Grasse? Please give some love to the De Grasse too..
  9. Basically, high tier USN AP shells are less likely to be deflected. There is mechanic called auto-ricochet. all AP shells are automatically bounced if the entrance angle is greater than 60 degree. However, high tier USN cruisers have 67.5 degree auto-ricochet value, meaning they can pen enemy armor at a greater angle.
  10. No.. I want more players to play this game. There are so many different people in the world and toxic people will be toxic. Just get along! Unless it's racial and extreme stuff, most of the times, you can just ignore them. This game is already maniac and playerbase is small, let's not hate each other, let's embrace.
  11. Thank you for correction, yes you are right, Alaska has 0.78km more range than Kronshtadt. I gotta admit, I may have not given enoguh credit to Alaska's strengths. I agree that Alaska will definitely be at least good or a very good boat. I guess my point was that, although Alaska's AP is going to be very powerful, it's no longer special trait for the USN. USSR Stalingrad at Tier 10 also gets "almost" USN-like normalization. As per burning duration, I did not notice this. It's a very nice touch. Overall, I agree Alaska is going to be amazing ship with different play style.
  12. Visited Blyskawica

    wow they are doing very good job on keeping her in good condition. Camo looks amazing in picture
  13. From the stats, it looks like advantages that the the Alaska will have against the Kronshtadt are AP normalization (which is slightly worse than regular USN heavy cruiser tech tree), slightly better accuracy on main guns, AA, and better armor scheme(which is kinda double-sworded as her rear turret has poor firing arc at 35 degree) Kronshdadt will have better shell speed, better reload, better range, better torpedo protection, better radar range with shorter duration, better HP, slightly better turning circle, and she will also have better firing arc with her rear turret at 25 degree. USN AP shell normalization is a scary thing, so I think Alaska will have her own play style but it is little bit disappointing. She will look much better in port than Kronshdadt for sure though.
  14. Um...I am sure the function is not meant for what you have described...
  15. But do we at least have time until next patch drops to decide what to do with our token?