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  1. The rework is so disastrous that I think the game would be better served if there were no commander skills at all. It is crystal clear that the balancing team at WG has no capability of what so ever doing reworks without messing up the game. Thank you
  2. I am a type of person who enjoys playing different types of ships throughout various tiers. So I have more than 200 commanders because I have dedicated commanders for most of my ships. I enjoy playing tier 10 ships but I enjoy playing lower tier ships as well, so my idea was simple, raise dedicated captains for all of my ships so that I don't have to move my commanders and retrain them just to play lower-tier games. it was not an easy process.. even after more than 6000 games under my belt, I only have 2~3 19pt captain because I don't focus on playing specific ships or commanders. I had to give up XPs that could have used to build several 19 pointers and also I had to give up on opportunities on saving up Elite commander xp, just because I wanted to play lower tier ships(even techline ships) without having to reset, retrain. And now.. since you guys are changing things so that one captain can be trained for every each ship from 4 different classes at the same time, it will effectively reduce the number of commanders needed in total into a quarter..In other words, about 150 commanders I have in my pool are now jobless and unneeded.. I know that with the new change, we will now be able to salvage some of the XPs that went into the commander using credits or doubloons but the price is absurd.. it would cost me literally thousands of dollar in real money to salvage XPs from commanders that I would no longer need. I know I don't represent the majority of the playerbase here because I know that not a lot of people make dedicated commanders for each ships like I do, but still... can you at least consider giving us some grace period for us to salvage XP for free or, even at least, at a lower price rate? the converting ratio is absurd and it's too expensive at the rate that is proposed at this time. Please, consider those players who like to play different ships at different tiers and spent a lot of time and resources to build dedicated commanders for each of the ships. I am sorry for my bad English, but I hope I was able to deliver my perspective on the upcoming commander changes
  3. VVoony

    3rd time team killer

    That person might have been pink from mistake, you don't know if they are intentional team killers
  4. That accuracy difference on Slava really makes the difference, especially with that crazy shell velocity. And actually Slava has way more useful AA. more bubbles with stronger long range AA aura. I understand Thunderer is more agile and has slightly better heal pack, but it doesn't matter when Slava can devastate opposing ships from >15kms away.
  5. VVoony

    Will Subs Move to Randoms?

    God forbid no ....
  6. VVoony

    9.5 UI changes not an improvement

    The only thing I like about the UI change is that everything loads little bit faster when I go into the combat mission tab and that the first log-in time has improved. Other than that, UI itself is more confusing and not easy to read in a single sight
  7. I think what he is asking is, because you only need to complete 20 building phases to get the Odin, what happens if you buy the starter pack and start with 8 directives ahead? then you will be able to obtain Odin after completing only 12 building phases you earn form directives but, since completing all directives must give you 18 building phases, what would be the rewards for those extra 6 building phases you might get from completing all directives? are we still going to get steels even if we did not outright bought the Odin on the first day?
  8. so then, the video is indeed misleading? because in the video, the person was getting steels even before completing all the directives.
  9. Official Youtube video for Hamburg Dockyard might has some misleading information? If my understanding of this event is correct, you accumulate steels only after obtaining the Odin, but their official Youtube video shows you the chronograph of how the mission is progressed with corresponding rewards and it's contradicting to the information they previously have provided starting from 1:52, they show you how purchased directives get you 250 steels but then following directives that you complete through playing missions gets you regular rewards. As far as my understanding goes, this is NOT how it should be? you will be getting steels only AFTER completing 20th building phase and obtaining Odins. What am I missing? is there actual misleading info in that video?
  10. Do we still get free captain respec after clan battle ends?
  11. what's your thought on skipping IFHE on soviet cruisers with 180mm guns such as Dimitri Donskoi? I think the cost of the penalty you have to pay is too great to justify the extra penetration that will only help against battleships. I think having more fire chance is as much as valid against battleships anyway
  12. VVoony

    IFHE All Night Long

    I don't think IFHE is a must take on Soviet cruisers with 180mm such as Dimitri Donskoi or upcoming Alexander Nevsky.. The penalty is too great. Playing without IFHE might be a valid fire starting build
  13. If the Moskva is becoming premium ship in upcoming patch, whats gonna happen to the unique upgrade?
  14. VVoony


    You need at least 5 tier 10 ships to reset a line
  15. Now you will be asked to reset the whole thing to get the legendary module for it.