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  1. if they separated the perma camo from economic bonuses..why would one buy something like this for 5k doubloon?? So all they are getting is some cosmetic expendable camo and a perma camo for just an external aesthetic? (okay may be also the 7 more useless premium days too) Can anyone pls explain me why anyone with sane mind would buy this? is this a trap?
  2. VVoony

    Submarines Survey

    ummmm last time I checked, all my friends, clanmates, and even my wife who is my lifetime division mate hates subs, so..... if the game is filled with anti-sub folks, obviously it wouldn't be strange that we have more anti-sub folks posting on the forum. I do understand that by the human nature, people tends to come into forum to vent complaints and mostly post negative stuffs but it does not automatically disprove their points. I get it from your past forum posts that you like the addition of the subs. That's good for you but the truth is vast majority of people who is serious about this game dislike the addition of subs.. so while your positive opinion is very respected, you should respect the opinions of those who do not like the subs too.
  3. VVoony

    People quitting the game

    I'm curious, what can you do against a submarine shotgun plays where they just pop up from nowhere 2km away from you and just shotgun you to death? how do you counter play that? Even if the sub fails to kill the target, they can just submerge again and hide. Let's say you are in a cruiser being chased by a sub, constantly being pinged, what counter play can you do? you can't really just chase off the sub because the sub can just kite away and keep you spotted and while you try to catch him, you get shelled to death, and if you try to disengage, he can stalk you and just keep pinging you the whole game. what counter play can you do? Even if that sub misplays and gets himself spotted, most of the times, cruisers don't have luxury of being able to chase the sub freely to drop depth charges on top of them because there are so many other threats that cruiser players have to react to. Heck, some classes don't even have any measures to fight off a sub(CVs, and some cruisers don't have any ASW measures.) So, I can't agree with you that submarines have good counterplays that players can do to mitigate its threat. Also, you say destroyers are more dangerous but dangerous how? the reason why people hate subs are NOT because subs are OP but because it ruins the fun for the person whos being picked by the sub. I agree too that destroyers will have more impact on the outcome of the battle in many ways but subs are not about contributing to the outcome of the battle, it's about just picking on that one player you choose to pick and just having fun yourself stalking and pinging that poor person. Nobody that I know who's good at this game calls that a good game design. To see if sub can even be balanced, just try adding them to clan battles and see what will happen. If they can't add it to clan battles, they should not add it to the random battles either. There are many ways to mitigate threat from an enemy dd while still being able to play your game and play your objectives but there aren't many ways to mitigate constant stalking and pinging from the enemy sub and you have to dedicate all of your efforts trying to mitigate the threat from sub the whole game and that makes you unable to participate in the battle in any form other than dealing with that sub which you will never be able to kill off. This is not fun for the player. Maybe sub is good for some giggles and all that for the first time playing it but it doesn't really add anything to the game other than that. WG really should stop investing time in developing Halloween game modes until they are ready to leave the ideas made for the event game modes to the event game modes themselves, and stop thinking that they can salvage all of the funny ideas from the event game modes(eg. Halloween) and stick it into the random battle to feel like their hard work is not being wasted. WG puts way too much effort and time in developing the event modes like Halloween modes, they get caught by their own sunk cost fallacy and tries to salvage ideas that should stay in the event modes and shove into the random battles. I love their event modes but they need to stop doing that. Since they do not have real competitive game modes other than the clan battle, they should treat the "Random" battle as their serious competition game mode and stop adding stupid mechanics to the random mode. I frankly like the idea of having subs in a naval combat game like this but it is just not going to work for the World of Warships. Just look at how many times they had to make adjustments already and they still can't figure it out. CV is still unfinished product, why add another class that just ruins the fun factors of the game for the VAST majority of the playerbase? BAD BAD decisions.. I know WG won't stop but I am just upset that such a nice game with great potential is being ruined by the dev's greed. I really wish WG could look at the forest and not the trees but we all know that is never going to happen with their ego-centric mind.
  4. VVoony

    People quitting the game

    It's funny how the player count chart always shows the same but the players I see on my contact has decreased drastically over the last few weeks. I see them logging in but they don't stay long to play the game. and I find myself in the same situation, I don't enjoy playing the game anymore. I'm here to stay cuz I am a sucker for this game but a good game (fun game) is just so hard to come by now. I can deal with the superships but the subs have just killed the fun for me. I like how WG is always trying to change their game and add new stuffs to it. That could be a really good thing for the game but I hate their Egocentric stance with all the game designs and the way how they handle "communication" with their playerbase. I've given up on them long time ago because nothing is going to change their ego but, I guess.. I am just sad because I know this won't kill the game, as there will be always people playing the game enough so that WG can feed themselves off of them, but for me, the game is as good as dead.
  5. I think so far, it's been 50:50 and looks like it's a personal preference. I wish there is a setting to turn off Plane Camo matching the CV in the setting just like we can turn off the event camos
  6. Techtree line of Italian dds have less YOLO vibe than the Paolo Emilio. Honestly it's not too bad. I believe Napoli is not categorized as a "Premium ships" by WG's stands. Premium ships are sold in Cash and Doubloon. Napoli is obtained in Armory for Coal. I believe that are categorized as "Special Ships"
  7. is it possible to buy the Doolittle Raid Camo separately after getting the Hornet? or is it tied to the bundle?
  8. VVoony

    Quick submarine poll

    "Did they want them? Clearly the answer was yes, they did try and could not make it work at the time, hence the famous "no subs in WOWS" video" I keep hearing about these people who wanted subs in the game since a long time ago but If I have not developed an Alzheimer all of a sudden, majority of the playerbase always voted "no, I don't want subs in this game" "Could they implement subs? Early on the answer was clearly no. Then steel ocean came out and showed a way for them to work in a game like WOWS. WG then started slowly making comments like "if the tech improves we would look at them again" "Well we have no plans but never say never" etc.... Over time the answer switched from a no to a yes." I can't disagree more on this. I myself still strongly believe that subs are still impossible to be implemented in this game without ruining a lot of balansing and fun factors. What changes have been made that makes you think that subs can now be suddenly implemented? IMHO, it still belongs to only the special events like Halloween and stuff and NOT in the randoms or any of the competitive game modes
  9. VVoony

    Quick submarine poll

    That's not adapting to the new game play with submarine.. you have adapted yourself to losing and you don't actually really care if you lose the game or do you? So.. while I am happy that you enjoy your games your own way, there are other people who do care about winning the game and people who wants balanced game play so that they feel awarded for playing hard to win. Submarine is just the opposite of that. My last thought is... you've already pressed that easy button. Submarine is not about challenges it's about monetization so yea.. I am not falling for that
  10. latest patch changed the format how the game display HP numbers, now there is spacing between every 3 digit(e.g. 36 400). is it just me or is the new format even harder to read. I never felt the old format needed to be changed nor heard anyone complaining about it. why fix it if it's not broken? How does everyone feel about the new HP format?
  11. oh wow.. this worked, I need to keep an eye on it to see if this is the fix but I just tried loading the game minimized and it took less then 30 seconds
  12. I know there was an official announcement on the long loading time issue and they patched on 11.1.1, or whatever the current version we are on (I can't keep track). However, the patch did not fix my wife's client. We use to get similar loading time into the port but right now, my client takes anywhere between 20-30 seconds while my wife's client take about 2-4 minutes just to load into the port. Does anyone have solution? the official patch did not fix this for her client. and to be honest, my client didn't even had the long load time issue even before the latest hotfix. It was just her and the latest hotfix didn't fix it for her. Anyone has the same issue? does anyone know the solution?
  13. How is 413k worth of doubloon only $580? Last time I checked, 25000 doubloon was about $100.
  14. can WG comment on this? is this intentional or is it a bug that is going to be fixed soon??
  15. If you say so, but that's not how one should do their business. so why do you defend and promote their bad business model? LOL..