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  1. I want some fries out of you
  2. VVoony

    Why almost all good players hate CVs

    Im not purple but I can't agree more with this.
  3. I don't know crap but I know CV must be excluded from ranked games for MANY MANY reasons.
  4. believe me it's not that hard. just be little bit more conservative and use slight shot. you will never be deplaned.
  5. One of the core problem for CV mechanic now is that shooting down planes doesn't really matter. Attack planes still makes a perfect attack run, when nearby pilots are being shot down. It doesn't matter how many planes are being shotdown unless they lose all the squadron. These Pilots are bloody cold machines performing a perfectly programmed attack runs every time. It's not only inhuman, it's not good for the gameplay. There is not much rewards for the victim whose being targeted by the CV even to consider shooting down the planes. Okay, may be giving xp rewards might be a good course to take but it does not solve anything in terms of gameplay. shooting down planes should matter for the surface ships. for example, aiming for the CV player should be harder when their planes are being shot down. Plus, the "almost" infinite number of planes should really go away. I know when you lose planes, it will take some time to recover them back into their hanger but it's currently almost meaningless as CV players don't really care if they lose planes. There are plenty of ways to always keep enough planes in the hanger. They don't mind sending bombers into group of surface ships with insane AAs. This is really bad for the gameplay. Further more, since planes don't have arming time anymore, anyone who gets remotely closer to the red CV means you will get bombed a TON. I mean you will see plane squadrons coming for you one after one. This is ridiculous and historically inaccurate. Carriers are meant to operate far away, they cannot send planes after planes without arming time and bomb the nearby enemy like this. All these problem can be somewhat remedied if we would nerf spawn time for the planes and make shooting down planes do matter reducing damage they take. Right now, CVs feel annoying and boring because it's not skill vs skill, you can not avoid taking damages. No matter how bad the cv player is, chance is that he will keep sending bombers to you until you are eventually burnt down slowly. Now, you could argue that CV mechanic were worse before the rework since they could easily nuke a battleship with timed cossdrop. But you should also remember, people had kind of given up hope for the CV back then, now people do play CVs a lot, so it needs to be balanced. Before the rework, you would just give up that one game when CV wants you and just get into next fight and hope for CV-less game. Now since almost everytime there is CV, CV balance matter more. with that being said, before the rework, if CV player would make mistake sending his planes to AA ships, he would run out of hanger and practically lose all of his planes. So it actually required some skills and thoughts before sending bombers. Well if the surface ship had good AA, he could have actually shoot down some bombers and make room for turn in to avoid said torpedoes but not anymore. CVs don't need to think, and surface ships aren't awarded for shooting down planes. Yes it's less damage now but you will keep taking it until you are dead.
  6. VVoony

    Best way to earn credits?

    Clan battles are good way of earning credits too
  7. VVoony

    Yuk - fun ship so far!

    I thought Yuki was just a Kagero with shorter but more powerful torps?
  8. I got an email from WG. It reads... Wait a second... Ummmmm......... *google*definition of...Wai..fu.... Waifu: A Waifu is the word for an anime character , which is your "Wife" ....holy.. WG...
  9. VVoony


    If you annihilated a Vlad , then that Vlad driver must have been pretty terrible player. Vlad, unless you show your broadside in it, is ridiculously tanky and can contest a defensive point really well.. TOO MUCH WELL! I mean.. it has all the traits you want in a battleship. It's not invincible but it's damn too strong. I mean.. look at the Pobeda. This is not just some powercreep.. this is a russian bias!
  10. VVoony


    The game screams unbalanced all over the place now. Team is unbalanced 9 out of 10 games, but that's not a news. However, I am sick at the new Soviet made up battleships ruining the balance of the game further more. I want to keep it positive and think it's little too early to judge, but I am afraid that this game is becoming more of a propaganda from them.
  11. VVoony

    Something about Lazo I like

    can you buy it with doubloon?
  12. If the container rolls for the premium CV that I already have, will it be exchanged to other CV that I don't have automatically before starting to compensate me with doubloons? Basically I have all premium CVs except the Graf Zepplin, if the container roll Enterprise, will I get doubloon or will get exchanged for GZ?
  13. VVoony

    Seattle is the worst T9 cruiser

    Number 1 and 2 isn't really needed I will take number 3 and most importantly, better firing arcs please.
  14. Sorry, I've been away for a week and I am confused about this new special currency Ironium. I see you can buy legendary modules with it. Does this mean that legendary modules are going to be sold in armory exclusively? or can we still get legendary modules by just playing the ship?