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  1. VVoony

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    I think anyone who prefers 2/-2 MM opposed to +1/-1 MM is a pervert with narcissism. "A large part of the fun also comes from being challenged and doing well in the face of a disadvantage. Getting better at the game is fun, improving yourself is fun, facing challenges is also fun." you can get better at the game even in +1/-1 MM. Actually, being in more competitive environment, you have to get better because you have more opponents whos equally strong as you. I can see how it could be a excuse tho, when you barely lose against a ship that's 2 tiers high, you could actually feel confident how you ALMOST beat em with much inferior ship, but truth is you still lost, not because the opponent was better than you but because he had a stronger ship.
  2. VVoony

    Discussion of +1/-1MM

    WG is simply being stubborn about it. I'm not convinced by the idea that +1/-1 MM will drastically increase the queue time. same numbers of players are getting pulled from same size of pool. ie. less T8 being dragged to t10 game means faster queue between T8 and T9. Same for T10, less T10 being involved in T8 games meaning more T10s to participate in T9,10 games. Yes, IMO, least populated tier will have slightly longer queue time, but why is the tier unpopular in the first place? That's right, it's just not fun playing against ships of 2 tier up. You can still have a great game in the bottom tier, but it is undoubtful that you are in a disadvantage. Disadvantage does not equal to a loss but disadvantage is a disadvantage, and if you are keep being put into disadvantage game after game, it really starts to be annoying.
  3. I rarely see them being played in T10 matches now. Have they became obsolete after series of direct and in-direct nerfs? Does last AP shell damage cap on DDs affect effectiveness of RN cruisers against dds too? Is this branch abandoned from WG?
  4. VVoony

    ST Heavy Cruiser Changes

    I was hoping to see Indianapolis, Pensacola, New Orleans buffs when I saw the title.. Well..back to the topic, they are not going to mess with armor profile because it's going to upset a lot of people who already got them.
  5. VVoony

    That’s it, no more!

    Have I been baited one more time reading this thread?
  6. VVoony

    are DDs OP?

    Against other ships? NO DDs are not OP. Winning the game? Yes DDs are OP, they are the ones that usually dictates how the game goes or ends. Naturally, DDs had most effect in the outcome of the game but, DD players also wanted to be equally powerful as other ship classes, and now it's little too much. Only thing that is standing between DDs and border OPness is the radar. People are yelling to fix the radar but with end of the radar era, there will be an era of DDs.
  7. VVoony

    WG - Please look at the uncounterable DD rush

    Ummmm.. but this is a game, so making one class perform better than another class would be considered..."not balanced"? Big ship should have different style of play to that of little ships. from balance aspect, I think DD is little bit too strong. DDs had their roles and were affecting the game as much as battleships but dd players also wanted to be as strong as battleships for fighting other ships too and now DDs have too much impact on games now.
  8. VVoony

    Doubt anyone will care...

    Battleships if you want to just have fun playing legendary ships and "feel" powerful. Destroyers if you want ships that's actually powerful and can carry the games.
  9. Indianapolis is not a terrible ship, she is a definition of "meh" ship. She could definitely use some buff to reload speed and maneuverability and still not be OP. Anyone opposing buff to her are kind of people who plays Pensacola in the Sprint ranked. They can work, but it rarely ever does. Any ship could be good in the hands of Unicums but that doesn't mean the ship is good.
  10. VVoony

    Code for dragon flags

    isn't working for me
  11. VVoony

    AP shell in a nutshell right now.

    Having zero damage because it failed to penetrate main belt behind the torpedo bulge is understandable. I think it make sense, and it's not a big deal.(Maybe fix the ribbon though?) It's just that the PEF had too weak penetration. but AP shells being absorbed by Modules and AAs with 0 damage should receive detailed look by WG. There were also times when I had gotten over-pen ribbon with penetration damage and vice versa.
  12. I wonder if this is the case.. By eyeballing the 3D model, I don't see anywhere that it is flat enough for the shell to stick..
  13. I like my West Virginia much more than my PEF