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  1. VVoony


    You need at least 5 tier 10 ships to reset a line
  2. VVoony

    At long last, I have her in my port.

    Now you will be asked to reset the whole thing to get the legendary module for it.
  3. I was waiting until the promised techtree ship discount go live to buy back Izumo and I see captain retraining cost is on discount today as promised but the discount for techtree ships is not there? Izumo cost the same credit as yesterday. Am I missing something? Okay I just figured this out.. So the clan discount and this bonus discount doesn't stack up.. wow that is bad..
  4. I know sometime in the previous patch, WG had placed "cool-down" for HSF captain voice lines when you were rapidly firing your main guns. For example, if you put HSF commander in a ship like Harugumo, your rate of fire is so high that the HSF captain would keep saying some Japanese line saying something like "guns fire!" every 2seconds so they had put a "cooldown" so that it won't bombard your ear with those girls yelling at you every second. After the recent patch, (I don't know which update) the cooldown is gone again and when I am sailing Akizuki, Kitakaze, etc it drives me crazy. was it an intended change to remove cooldown for the HSF voice lines again?
  5. VVoony

    PSA: End Date For Legendary Module Missions

    Does this mean that we will have legacy modules that cannot be obtained after 9.2.2? Or are they just tweaking the current modules?
  6. are you sure? because I know for a fact that events like "Hunt for Bismarck" had time frame and if you didn't collect all the collection by the end of the event, you wouldn't be able to finish it.
  7. My wife needs 3 more but shes getting a lot of duplicates from the daily container and she can only open 3 a day.. so I am wondering when will be the last date for the HSF collection drops?
  8. If it's so, do you guys take TA on CVs? which CVs would you take TA?
  9. Past Tier 6, Italian cruisers all have the same caliber of 203mm with penetration value of 55mm(special penetration value for SAP) so using the value, I made a diagram to show you which section of the ships it can penetrate and do damage. Kremlin has CLEAR advantage here. Blacked out area would be where it's vulnerable to Italian SAP
  10. Do you honestly think that's going to work? You know it's ALREADY very tough to take out an angled Kremlin, it takes so much effort for the other team, it takes almost entire team's effort to finish it off. 2 less cruisers who can actually do something to it means that it can tank even longer before going down.
  11. hah, and there goes the problem. Soviet battleships are not only tankers but they are good at dealing damages too. Ignore it and the carry potential of that Russian BB just got doubled.
  12. Meh, I don't know. Torpedoes are torpedoes, they are threats to ALL bow tanking battleships and who doesn't bow tank in bb in this current meta? Plus, Kremlin's torpedo protection is only second to Yamato at 49% reduction.