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  1. Server is perfectly fine. Problem is elsewhere.
  2. LOL I see too many cheap bastards crying out and making excuses like this is suppose to be "historical" naval combat game. (ummm how about no?) OP's point does make sense. this game is being ran by those who's willing to put down money for it. A SUBSTANTIAL amount of money. AND if they don't see the merit for spending the money for the camo(be it any reason including OP's) that is not a good sign. I don't care if it actually makes into game or not but I am numb founded by how many people are making fun out of the OP.
  3. oh don't be so quick to judge yet, 5 minutes will be sufficient.
  4. does Tirpitz make more credit than the Bismark without camo? If so, does that mean, premium ships have credit multiplier built into the ship and make more credit than counterpart in the tech tree?
  5. this is VERY impressive! well done sir! what's more amazing is that you only have 33 battles under your belt!(may be second acc?)
  6. ^ WG, this must be done.
  7. I hear people keep calling out Maryland hull for Colorado. What's the main difference? what makes Maryland that better compared to Colorado? Any experts?
  8. you can apply coupons on the page where you select your payment method
  9. What's in-game bonus? Are they same as the Stars and Stripes camo?
  10. that has been the case so I am pretty sure that you will get them.
  11. Does anyone know if the camo provides any additional bonus?
  12. If this is going to be a slow one, what's the fast one?
  13. fix the minds that passive play is always bad. Passive play is passive play. tactic is a tactic.but... game should not reward those people for every situation. Smoke was one thing that rewarded them heavily for playing passive every single time. Let the passive play be a thing but don't make it the ultimate tactic to win.
  14. I don't agree. NC's big advantage is she can stealth fire and then turn away quickly. Iowa is faster but being faster doesn't do justice when her turn radius is like diameter of the Moon compared to NC. I will take Maneuverability over speed any day.
  15. but you still have 10 crates left? I netted 2500 dubloons AFTER opening ALL 55 crates. So.. whos the loser here? I bought another 25 crates after than and that netted 15000 dubloons only again. (only 6 duplicates). I spent more than 2k on this game and I have never regretted more LOL