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  1. but isn't it quite possible thing to happen in coding's world? I am not software engineer, so I don't have much clue, but as much as this sound crazy, I say it is very possible to happen
  2. wow that is quite interesting, I hope someone will conduct some more test haha. I don't know how big the HE radius is on Atlanta.
  3. I always thought, that HE had explosion radius, so a HE shell that hits just below deck(upper belt) will have chance to start fire, if the explosion radius was big enough to include the deck. But if the radius does not cover deck and only the belt armor, it WILL NOT cause a fire. This is why bigger caliber has better chance on starting fires. not just because they have greater chance % but because they also have bigger impacting explosion radius
  4. but your team has the same advantage no? while tier create a lot of problem for the individual person, I don't think tier has anything to do with one team steamrolling the other.
  5. Personally, I do feel this too. I am seeing MUCH more steamroll now days. I don't know why because people keep telling everyone "Oh no,no, it's all RNG" I want to believe that and that is what the devs told us, but my guts tell me something different. No matter if I win or lose, game ends up being one side steamrolling the other.. It's little bit getting boring because of that. Winning game doesn't make me feel I have achieved anything and losing game just makes me mad. Sometimes, I feel it's specific to ships. When I get in Alabama for example, I almost always finish off being number 1 in my team but we lose. For last three days, out of about 10 Alabama games, I finished top more than half of the games, and how many games I have won? just 1 game. but when I get in other ships like Duca for example, my team wins no matter how much I suck. I know any team based game has RNG in it. Your team could win or lose no matter what you do. But I never felt this much uselessness. My performance doesn't matter one bit. Matter in fact, end results have been opposite of how well or bad I do. I am not claiming anything about MM, I don't know how it works nor do I wanna claim anything that's not proven. This is just based on my recent experience and I know it could be just luck. I want to believe devs and people who keep saying MM is all RNG except tier and class of ships. But sometimes, they lose my credibility to them because they don't offer any proof either.
  6. but can Zumwalt poi.
  7. Bring Zumwalt class DD.
  8. But Earth IS flat though? or else, waters in ocean won't stay there. all games modeled after our Earth were flat too. Explain please
  9. you guys don't get it. WOWS is arcade game but WG still wants to mimick the real naval warfare that happened during those times. AND Destroyers did NOT stayed in one place and fire torpedoes and guns. See, WG wants to get the "sit in the smoke" meta out the water. And I kinda agree. Yes DDs will have to adapt and these will feel like nerfs to dds in some extent, but Im pretty sure WG will compensate. PLUS, everyone should know, by now, that WOWS is not meant for competitive gaming. There are so many cases where one class or a ship has CLEAR advantages over others. But these individual advantages gets balanced out in a bigger picture in the whole match. And only way to have fun in it is to accept this and just enjoy what you play.
  10. When I get detected in a cruiser after firing main gun, how long until concealment drops back to normal detection range?
  11. If you want a challenge, just progress the game little further. Past tier 6, bots have perfect lead aiming. They are still dumb, but they become MUCH MUCH more challenging due to no human errors in aiming.
  12. Not a bad ship, but rather a boring ship. The biggest advantage Hood has is the ability to soak up damage.. and that is not fun.
  13. Significant confusion? Me not understanding? Brain nerf confirmed?
  14. now, adapt to that too :P
  15. Don't hug islands. I see so many mistakes who tries to shoot over island only to get deleted. It's highly specialized and skilled play for only certain players who can pull it off right. If you are not extremly good at it, you might as well just not do it. Generally, it's better to maneuver and avoid the shots fired at you. This way, not only you eliminate possible deletion that happens when you sit still behind island, you make enemies waste their shot. Staying behind and avoid getting fired at in the first place is one thing, but if you can make them fire at you and avoid it compeletely, it's a huge huge advantage for your team