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  1. Higher fire chance alone is not a problem. I don't mind it being RN national flavor. Problem is the total package. They simply have too much utility. And their 1/4 calculation for their HE shell is unnecessary and is a problem at lower tiers. (Especially the Orion)
  2. But OP, you just listed some "mere symptoms" too? The root cause of the most of the problems is that some people want one thing and others want the other and WG doesn't have idea which part of the community that they should listen to.(We know that they don't have ability to balance things on their own too) So, WG's current solution is to ignore minority for the sake of majority. (Eg. CVs) There is simply not a solution for everyone but WG's take on their solution simply makes minority group go mad.
  3. Does Equal Speed Charlie London flag(50% bonus xp) affect free xp and captain experience gained? I thought it did not and I removed them from all elite ships I have since I am not going to be spending doubloons to convert ship xp to free xp? Am I correct?
  4. Okay, this is really weird, I just played Bismarck and won the game and this time, I DID NOT get the bonus.. what's going on
  5. Update: I can confirm that I do get boost under Combat Mission tab in the detailed reports. However, I still haven't received %15 discount coupon code for the next T8 ship purchase.
  6. Me too, I didn't get anything like coupon code to my email
  7. No, I am not getting any xp boost.
  8. Didn't get the coupon, Didn't get the missions
  9. CV was suppose to be the solution for WG in that case but only problem is that they don't know how to fix the CV play
  10. OP doesn't have a clue about this game LOL
  11. interesting idea, hard to execute. Introducing new mechanics to the game always causes problems. We already have the game mechanic to punish people who is sitting still, a torpedo. Problem is that the torpedo boats are a dying breed. Reward for torpedo boats are too inconsistent.
  12. Yes indeed the 1/4 calculation for RNBB HE is the problem here. Specifically at low tiers. They are more effectively deleting cruisers and other utilty are just welcomed bonus, like higher chance of setting fires. Welcome to the latr party. Should of read previous posts though
  13. Ummm but bb HE shells didnt one shot cruisers and pen their citadels before?? So if bb HE was that good before, what should we call this one? Godzilla HE?
  14. Happens, but not always the case. And if you believe AP is that superior, actually RNBBs got really good AP for deleting cruisers again. So what's the deal here? RNBBs got good AP and fre**ing good HE that we've never seen before. Even then, if you still believe that you need to stick with AP for RNBB, just go ahead, but it doesnt change the fact that RNBBs got everything. Just try out. becuz RNBBs are just that all around good. I don't know what is OP if this isnt.
  15. No point is, if you shoot AP shells towards citadel belt of most of cruisers at an angle, some of them will bounce off of them. But with HE cit, they will all go through and do cit damage. While HE shells have lower Cit damage, more shells will penetrate and that is still enough to delete light cruisers. And even if you don't delete them, RNBB HE shells will do more consistent damage AND PLUS it has chance of setting fires.