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  1. What is WG thinking?

    awww, you are the cutie here. Did you think all this is about testing new mechanics? (I do see how they are playing with possible submarines though. nothing more than that)can you bend over more.. seriously. You know why people are getting sensitive about this stuff? because WG is basically neglecting a lot of feedback from players. Recent patch for offering two color scheme for IJN ships were indeed a very nice addition, and feedbacks were all positive and people asked it to be offered for all nations, and WG basically goes .."yea..it's nice I know we are good like that but..we don't know for sure if this is the right direction..."IT IS the frigging right direction, everyone wants it. What feedback are you waiting for???Instead, they are pouring out silly as* camos.. like Kobayashi stuff and space battle stuff.. Don't get me wrong, I love em. I bought all of em. However.. the point I guess is that WG doesn't listen to the playerbase!They do whatever the heck they want to and the community is being neglected.I mean, Kobayashi camo for the Roma was despised by so many people and WG's response was, "we enjoyed making it and we look forward to create more like this!"..Soo... I guess I am just tired of seeing a blind mod come here and write a typical comment saying.. we are monitoring this.. and.. we will forward this to this department and that department... I love april fools stuff, I love the bathtub fight, I love the spaceship fight, let em all come. but where the heck is "priority." I mean.. just adding a second color scheme for existing textures and camos.. how can it be harder than adding some UFO sh**? last patch was good, they updated some existing maps and offered good new contents.. I just like to see them do it more often. I mean .... listen to the community base.. listen to the CCs!! I have spent thousands to this company, I like this game, I just want to see WG become more open to these feedbacks
  2. What is WG thinking?

    If they had been putting out more maps and regular stuffs, people would have felt better about these April fools stuff though. It's fun and all but right now, WG is too much about fun and jokes.
  3. Izumo Chronicles: Day ???

    Izumo.. is miles better than the Friedrich Der Grosser at current situation. Izumo at least has very good guns. I know turret #3 has weird setup but it's still way better than Friedrich Der Grosser's terrible aft turret arcs. Izumo can at least punish enemies when they make mistakes. FDG on the other hand? the ship punishes YOU(mentally) everytime you fire your guns. you are afraid of Midways? pffff try surviving one strike run in the FDG.
  4. wow when I was in my first tier 5 I didnt even know how much advantage those tier 7 guys had over me. I was reckless and aggressive. I was having lots of fun. well.. I did blow up many times though
  5. Does anyone know how much is the rooster camo in doubloons in-game?
  6. Is the Roma's Kobayashi Camo still purchasable in-game with doubloons if you have the Roma?
  7. What did this guy do...

    He posted one of those "WG screwed up" threads.
  8. But you still get to keep the upgrade modules. They just put into your inventory.. so ..you spent nothing
  9. AFAIK the sale is only for USN destroyers.
  10. Renaming John Doe

    then why are you guys are even monitoring it? I mean.. it's not too hard to have some other placeholder for the name or is it? If the person whos monitoring the forum has so little influence to what exactly gets changed in the game.. I'd say you guys need better way to implement feedback from US players to the game. It's like, oh US players aren't happy.. we have to send a messenger(on a horse or something) to Russia to have them look at it and let them have long long discussion on it and have them approve of the change.
  11. Oh really? I gotta check the specs again.. May be I was giving too much credit on Molotov's fire power haha thanks..
  12. I was shooting a Chapayev in my Molotov at about 12km distance. I fire my first salvo which hit his citadel for... 4k damage. I was confused. I fired my 2nd salvo and hit his citadel again for... 4k damage again... what's going on? Chapayev's citadel plating is 100mm thick.. so my 180mm gun would not overpen his citadel.. Is this like russian bias too? They don't want to see a russian boat shooting against another russian boat or something?
  13. had he played the game or the people on his team in this case? LOL anyways.. it's a serious troll, a gross one.. but WG can't ban them for 6 days without proof that it was intentional. May be if the player repeats such action frequently, then WG can do smething about it.