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  1. the SIZE of the beer can. at least make it smaller so it fits the ship.. GAHHHH
  2. A swing and a miss!

    It needs to be smaller and it needs to rotate. THEN, it's beerable
  3. I don't despise the idea of putting a beer can on top of the ship... It just needs to be SHRUNK little bit. I mean it's so HUGEEEEE it doesn't belong there. Make it smaller and now it's plain ugly and not FUGLY. at least, it would be fun to look at if it was smaller.
  4. I just find ironic because battleships cost money, tremendous of money to build. Roma must have been great dedication for Italy to build it but why? Who came up with the bigger is better idea? so Italy believed that building these giant ships truely win the wars for them? Probably it was just the idea that they should build such ship to compete with French ships...in SIZE....! All that resource for.. brag fight!! Roma is loved because it looked beautiful..? Aren't they a weapon system, a military asset after all? THAT much resource for a ship that would take 2 air drop bombs to be sunk... I just... think people were not that smart at the time.. I know I am being naughty.. People eventually learned battleships were obsolete. but couldn't they find that out little earlier?
  5. Littorio class have almost zero combat acheivements. And Roma was sunk after zero combat mission trying to flee all it took to sink it to the bottom of ocean was two german air-dropped bomb. Why people still give so much love for this ship? is it simply because it was thought to be the most beautiful battleship in WW II era? (which I agree)
  6. How about Ashitaka and Kii? I have Kii camo but I didn't buy the Ashitaka Do I have chance to buy the camo with dubs ingame later when I get my Ashitaka?
  7. Can you now purchase Kobayashi camos separately? for Roma too? can you purchase the camo with doubloons ingame now?
  8. oh...haha I am such an idiot. Please lock this thread moderator
  9. Musashi Y118 camo is supposed to give 50% bonus exp for commander xp but it's currently not working. Basically I spent 5000 doubloons for worthless ugly camo. Please fix this WG. I attached screenshot. Bonus rate is exactly same as the type 10 regular prem camo.
  10. I think Musashi is just a gudbote that is occasionally little overpowered. Especially like 1 out of 10 games that has Tier 7 in it.
  11. They have the same guns. Musashi needs Yamato gun sound!
  12. Everyone hates Izumo and today, I got mine. After few games, I am quite surprised that I felt pretty comfortable in it. I constantly do better than when I am in Friedrich Der Grosser. What's going on? My strategy with Izumo is actually quite like the other battleship. I don't stay bow-on. I am rather constantly on the move angling against most fearful threat and keep firing AP shells. My strategy with FDG is actually the same.. I don't go for secondaries build anymore I just stick with survivability build and also spam AP shells.
  13. yup. bow down. WG is so generous You may even kneel down now.