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    Update 0.8.10 - Bugs Report

    To all having issues with Webroot AV. I have had continuous issues (same as everyone else) running the game with Webroot. I submitted a ticket to Webroot, and after sending them a scan similar to the one used by WOWS (they send you a link), one of their engineers contacted me online yesterday. He confirmed that the issues are related to THEIR most recent update, and they are currently working on a patch. He again deleted Webroot from my system and restored PREVIOUS version In addition, he turned off auto-update, so the glitched newer version will not download. Both WR and WOWs are now running fine. The necessary patch will be included in Webroot's NEXT update, which is not yet scheduled. He did it so quickly, I was unable to see HOW he did it, so, I responded to WR this morning for instructions or a link to obtain previous version WITHOUT having to do a full back-restore. I will post if and when I get the info. UPDATE: Webroot says if experiencing this issue, you MUST contact their support group for the previous version download, as they are tracking the number of reports.