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  1. Dakdoune

    Need Citadels? (PVE Thread)

    Good boats from my experience are: CA Yoshio (B) X, HE on DD, AP on CA; Nation: Jap; CA Moskva X, CA Petropavlosk X, CA Stalingrad X, and DD Neustrashimy IX with 380mm, Nation: Rus; CA Agir, which unlike Mouse, which I usually agree, or take as guidance, or at the very least consideration, I like better so far than that to be included, Siegried IX, CA Graf Spree VI, and I heard word of CA Königsberg V, a ship I noted as impressive leveling up, not that my word means much; Nation: Germ; Lots of Germ ships I think can boot it, but not personally tested for the post, Maintz has protentional but not consistently with my style in Co-Op, so far. The Russian CA's I can do 5 in a shot, an that's not as nice as the various DDs I hear about online using AP on CAs. I hope I can edit the post and get it updated, I do it for myself, so a post is no work at all. I'm a potato, btw. I like to drink and attack, not going for Olympic marksmanship with an imaginary gun, but I will play at it, and might fall closer to it than I am now, but its not a goal, just trying to get fun boats for a pontoon captain. Hoped to start a in depth short cut to the Citadel Hit missions, for you and me and all. Good Luck, Hard Hitting!
  2. Dakdoune

    I'm having a issue

    If u think they don't have enough money to fix it, keep playing.
  3. Dakdoune

    Tier 10 tech tree vs. premium ship cost

    Just stop playing. Its to drain your bank account or crawl.
  4. Dakdoune

    Any point to Hydro Mod 1 on Hindenburg for co-op?

    Quit while you are ahead.
  5. Dakdoune

    PVE AI Changes

    Better off to stop playing.
  6. Dakdoune

    Premium Ship Revew #139 - Wukong

    This boat cant win a Co-Op. Should be a easy walk, but you will have to work. Don't try to play it out quick, so damn weak, go catch a tree with no upgrades.
  7. Dakdoune

    Premium Ship Review #119 - Charleston

    Think the Mouse has got it right again, but I find it more useful than just the blue saint lue because you can twink it by dropping a big captain down on it. Lewie can't. End of story. Unless you can commit a big cap to a small boat for nearly no reward. I think both ships are useful in naval battles to build up the points, but the premium cuts back on cap and ship slots and rolls a better boat via expert captain that can verse across many ships. That's how I find it to be, if that helps anyone's similar situation. Salutes to the Mouse, once again.
  8. Dakdoune

    Premium Ship Review - USS Arizona

    Love the reviews, but I find this ship useless. Too slow, shoots rainbows, and can't help itself. See a t8 and its too late.
  9. Dakdoune

    ZF-6 worth the grinding or to buy?

    I bought the 8 stage early, so could get the ship without a play time crunch. On stage 21, they had 3 pretty easy stage challenges, I went for the 400K damage on sighting and they reward out in credits. This is [edited] to the top. They manipulate for money, but straight cheat the F**k out ya, that's much. Late in the nite, think I was a little dazed and confused, couldn't confess either way from the stand and pass the poly. But pretty sure I was pissed, lol. Hats off!