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  1. Jagdson8

    Update 0.9.6: German Carriers

    Sooo, more German carriers. How excellent. The Sekrit Dokumint pile must have rewarded us once mor- *attack planes do less damage to DDs *torp planes have shorter range and do less damage *planes which HAVE to get closer have a "smaller HP pool" All correct and approved by the God of History, tovarich. Move on.
  2. Jagdson8

    patch 8.0.3 tomorrow notes inside

    WG implemented a strafing function to use against aircraft when strafing is something done to surface targets... especially lightly/unarmored targets such as torpedo boat destroyers. WG reworks CVs, still does not have a real strafing option, and removes effectiveness of rockets against destroyers. Destroyers already cannot take significant damage from the largest rifles ever used because... no reason given. Burning away-boats and thin wooden planks fastened over an armor-steel deck can potentially completely destroy a huge vessel in seconds because... no reason given. Some CVs are functionally immune to 460mm plunging fire because... no reason given. Critical hits against ships with magazines full of these supereffective high explosive rounds do not instantly reduce the target to ash because... no reason given. I tire of picking examples. At this point WG just needs to change the game title and make every players' collected units transform into various pastel-toned mystery-sexual chimerae, because it is obvious they are just trolling us with the "warships" part. Perhaps Big DD Wasp Wang Yo-world would be a hit with the fraction of the subscriber market they heed.
  3. Jagdson8

    What "Unlimited Aircraft" Actually Means...

    I have got to learn how to make MM give me cooperative random teammates like that. As I've posted before, I sometimes have to herd teams in the right direction by chasing them and watching them flee in panic at the idea of functioning as a unit. Randoms are personally very much a case of 12 versus one with 11 neutrals mucking about nearby. I am ambivalent about the carriers at present. On the one head, my T6 Japanese CV starts losing planes about six km from any ship and usually only rocket-Zeroes can reach a target before being wiped out. On the other head, LWM skunked my Kronshtadt continuously for the minute it took to sink him a few nights ago. ('Might have been 90 or 30 seconds; I do not record games, and time perception is variable.) If I shot down even one of her planes it was probably because they flew in front of my mains. On the other other head, there is still a bit of tweaking to go until CVs are "finished," and I play randoms so rarely it is not currently worth my time to grant them either annoyance or enthusiasm. Patience.
  4. I highly recommend Spurr's A Glorious Way to Die. Though its focus is Yamato's last mission, it does give brief nod to her escorts. That writ, I cannot recall the name of the destroyer which suffered her third lost bow in that hopeless battle. If I recall correctly, she did in fact survive and once again make it back to Japan. Backwards. There ought to be a legendary module for IJN destroyers in honor of that ship. "Extraneous Bow:" Damage at or before the first gun turret cannot cause the ship's HP to drop below one, but upon reaching that threshold the ship can only travel in reverse. The module would be unlocked after surviving three should-be-fatal hits to the specified area while playing IJN destroyers.
  5. Jagdson8

    What the f... with overpens?

    Yamato has been an under-performer for me since I got it about mid-year. I commented on the wonky guns and was pretty much told that I had brain damage because someone was impressed by her performance in beta years ago. If I aim poorly, that is on me. If I aim well and consistently get one overpen and several bounces from all nine guns, at any range, any angle, and against any target... That is not on me, that is on the game itself. My lower tier BBs are not faring as badly so far, but their performance has been dropping a noticeable degree, and it started before the "AP vs. DD" patch. The poison is spreading like The Filth; perhaps WG actually believes that all other warships types were truly more powerful than battleships, or perhaps they are just going along with all the whiners who want battleships Nerfed just on general principles. Whatever the reason, I have stopped recommending this game to friends and will not do so until WG stops actively hampering a specific play line for reasons which are, at best, non-existent.
  6. Jagdson8

    18 inch guns on the Conqueror

    So you disagree. I care not a bit.
  7. Jagdson8

    Why BBs Camp & Snipe

    Besides having the largest target profiles, the worst HP/fire damage ratio, slowest rudder shifts, and in some cases slowest speeds of any ships in the fight, battleships also have one glaring weakness: they are a ship class which is "balanced" for use in a team environment. That environment does not exist for a great many players. "Teams" constantly reverse course to strand battleships in a cross-fire. DDs refuse to use smoke except for themselves. Many times I have read the chat as armchair admirals proudly proclaim that no real navy ever used self-supporting formations. Some players will actively steal kills from BBs, using their higher RoF; conversely, some BB players hold back from firing until they can land a killing smack, as it may the only way they can reliably get kills unless RNG smiles upon them most heavily. The team environment is so bad that I have sometimes been able to force team members to go in the right direction by setting course somewhere else, and watching them scramble to abandon me. Usually, though, I try to contribute to the fight directly, hoping in vain that the cruiser and destroyer players will support me as I try to support them. Instead I get my nose burned off and my armor repeatedly punctured by shells that simply should not be doing so much damage. (When I play my cruisers or destroyers, I do the same things to BBs, while I last.) The opposing team always - without any exception - seems to be picked from more cohesive, cooperative players. There are a lot of nice players out there, but they are stretched reeeeaaaallllyyy thinly in Randoms. It saddens me that WG will buff bots out the ears, give them auto-homing, then cripple earnings and experience for Co-op battles in a seeming effort to force frustrated players into the rancid, HE spam sheol that is Random play. tl;dr Nerf the HE spam, make experience and earnings directly reflect individual effort and skill without win/loss alteration, and add a bonus calculation for use of properly-supporting formations. Better players will still be rewarded, indifferent players and/or habitual campers will be encouraged to get with the program, and the truly spiteful players will see their earnings and stats drop... thus spurring positive change in them as well. That should be of benefit to the game's entire community.
  8. Jagdson8

    18 inch guns on the Conqueror

    Frankly, I suspect a lot of people who type in that sentiment are remembering a different ship than the Yamato I wound up with. 460mm inch shells that bounce off flight decks, bounce off destroyers, and shatter more than half the time if they do not bounce. The dispersion is German and the damage if one does get inside hovers at around 1,100. Citadels against broadside cruisers are rare, and against battleships almost non-existent, with one exception. The only ship it reliably cits is itself, thanks to the Nerf foam armor. 'Strange how that works. The British big guns have pretty much got to be better by default.
  9. Jagdson8

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    This griping over and over about French lack of firepower is ridiculous. Lower-tier French BBs already do huge damage even to my Yamato (and even when I'm angled); if you cannot smash a mere cruiser with those same guns, you need to worry about aim more than the shells. LWM, your work is ever appreciated, but for this one review I am depressed rather than impressed. 'Not for the quality of the review, but for what it bodes for my already-taxing repair costs. On the flip side, though, perhaps a flood of new Jeans Bart will cull some of the HE spammers. That would be amusing.