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  1. Hey great! thanks! God Bless..
  2. Hi, Newbie Greg137 here! I have an Idea, a lot of people can agree that the Puerto Rico grind was insane, right? Why not put a book mark on the Puerto Rico, our progress with the ship itself, and leave it for a later event.. Wargaming put a lot of effort into the dockyard, and it would a a shame to see it go to waste, maybe they can make the dockyard permanent? Maybe they can bring it back next year, while preserving our progress with the ship? If you already completed the Puerto Rico you can get a different ship to grind on.. This is just an idea, folks.. God Bless..
  3. How true.. I am glad to know I am not alone on this issue...
  4. That was one of my original gripes, I seriously, think that is part of the reason I made this thread to begin with.. I have been noticing an increasing amount of toxicity, in the game, and I was able to trace back the source to it being the maintenance fees.. People want to win, because they lose less credits.. The players are given the run around by being forced to swap between ships, their tiers, and types, I rarely play this game.. So I end up forgetting what I learned, when I manage to do good with a cv.. I usually take breaks between game play sessions that can be a month or more.. But for people playing cvs. Many want to limit their return trips to the earlier tier ,which is why they tend to focus on DDs, which created its own firestorm.. I realize now that we need to grind lines and not tiers, but it bis still a hassle, so I recently decided that I shouldn't be, so serious about this game or the grind would get me down.. And I am afraid of turning toxic myself, because I know I can be a real [edited], so I have to take a break, but I also love this game too.. It is a struggle.. I know about the reason for why we have the pay to win system, but I Personally think it was implemented poorly... The pay To Rico event didn't help matters.. God Bless..
  5. Thank you! I now found it.. I actually I do want to apologize to you, you see, I wasn't intending to talk to you, originally, that is why I was, so taken aback by your comment.. It seemed like you showed up out of the blue calling me a jerk.. In fact, I liked your post even.. But In my haste, I inadvertently clicked on your comment by mistake under quote! I am STILL NEW AT THIS! There is no need for name calling. so why don't you calm down?
  6. I was playing my ranger, and my planes die like flies as if they were made of paper.. And they don't do any damage beyond scratching the enemy bots.. I am still new at this..
  7. I too, will stick with the game, only I am not going to be as serious about it as I was in the past.. God Bless.. I will remember to try to have fun.. Thanks!
  8. I made a post about credits and their link to the toxic behavior that seems to be taking over the playerbase, and I am getting railed for doing so.. I had some Ideas I thought might help to improve the game.. I posted my two cents, and everyone came out of the wood work to defend the maintenance fees and they also started trolling me.. Without giving any real understanding as to why beyond accusing me of being woke.. I am depressed.... sigh..
  9. Actually I found that there are various part of the game that are enjoyable, I just had a few problems is all, with regarding maintenance fees, and It got kind of boring the puerto Rico event hit, and noticed a lot of the toxic behavior in game, then it hit me with the Rangers maintennace fees, I was losing crap loads of credits.. So I made a post about it.. Lot of good that did me..
  10. and I am also on disability, but there is something curious about your post.. You said I started this thread, and you are right I did, what of it? How did you find it unless you were specifically looking for maintenance fees? When i search for my own thread i can't even find it..Besides Why do you care that I have an opinion about it? or that I am supposedly whining about it.. ? You came to this thread originally and you didn't have to engage if you didn't want to, that was your choice... Unless you have a job specifically looking for whining, why would you even bother? All I said was Grinding for maintenance fees was boring, and it is the source of a lot of the toxic behavior in these games.. You had to have come looking for this thread, and you sought out this thread and you started trolling me .. So don't [edited] me.. If anyone is being a jerk its the guy who came to someone else's post and started trolling the original poster about the existence of the post.. And So what If I am new to the game? or If I play poorly? I made a post so what? I don't know who any of you even are, yet some jerks show up and they start defending these fees by trolling the post creator.. Newbs are going to ask questions you know?
  11. Not woke, I just give up.. You want this stupidity? You can have it, and you can choke on it, too.. You reap what you sow, and besides, I don't even know who you people even are! You could be employees of wargaming defending your companies practices, for all I know.. That is the thing about the web, you just don't know who you are talking to.. If you are not wargaming employees, enjoy getting shafted, since you like taking it up the [edited], so much and you can keep it too... So, keep pretending like you are edgy or something.. . And if you are not wargaming, Employees. Send a letter to wargaming about how you like to give your money away to companies that have trust issues, and be sure to buy those ocean front properties in Nevada, Belarus, Colorado, and Arizona, and be sure to post a sign on your head about how utterly gulible you are.. too.. Besides what do you care about protecting the status quo at wargaming? Do you have security issues or something? a bunch of pay to win crapplayers who are trying to protect their status as unicums? I am trying to help other players avoid a stupid pointless grind, to make the game more enjoyable, and for all I know I got a bunch of shills or moderators trolling my post.. If you are employees, I will take your responses with the same salt I had for the Puerto Rico... Then again, maybe you also work for Gaijin, instead, and you are trying to make wargaming look bad. if you know what I mean.. . What do you care If someone has Ideas for improving the game? Wargaming still has to approve of those ideas. So, Again what does it matter to you? why do you feel the need to protect Wargaming's maintenance fees? People can innovate without abandoning capitalism, and companies need customers in order to function.. There are work arounds without going for the most boring and pointless path.. But what ever, be stupid if you like.. You are not proving anything..
  12. The brow beating the player base has suffered is insane, Brow beaten into complete submission, like real sheep, but whatever, embrace the corporate [edited] sucking if you wish..I am a firm believer in capitalism myself, but.Go ahead, and accept second best with your game... But know this the problems, that come from these games are not going away, the [edited], the trolls, the map pingers, the micro managing [edited], the pay to win snobbishness, it will never end.. I won't be spending one cent on any of these games.. The Toxicity of the fan base isn't going away either, Neither are the crapteams, but again, good luck with that just remember, you are forfeiting the right to complain... For the record, I AM NOT USING PREMIUM CONSUMABLES, AND I REFUSE TO!!! LOOK, I understand the need to keep the lights on, but Its kind of hard to trust a company like wargaming, when they pull off PR dumpster fires crap, like The Puerto Rico event.. But I still think, If wargaming wanted to have an economic model they could try selling copies of the game itself with some offline modes to help players get good at the game or at least get the basics, especially if you have a limited schedule to play... But Maybe wargaming doesn't want new fans, and they just want to piss off the old ones who by the end of the day, won't have the numbers to to keep the lights, on no matter how much they pay, who act like battered spouses.. Enjoy your acceptance, Obedience, and submissiveness, of this game... Enjoy the Nerfing, and the idiocy of this game, and all the changes to the rules and the endless reworks.. Embrace your slavery like more endless Puerto Rico(pay To Rico) Grinds... YOU CAN USE ALL THESE ARGUMENTS DEFENDING THESE MAINTENANCE FEES TO JUSTIFY THE PUERTO RICO EVENT!!! What need of a pay to win game, when the Whales have all gone? You pick your own slavery, be a good little pooch, but I no longer care, either way, if this game lives or dies.. This thread is literally using argument that can be used to defend the Puerto Rico(PAY TO RICO).. I still can't Believe it.. I was going to try to learn to get good at this game, i still might, but forget about actually trying, this game is just blip at this point.... I am just a casual, newb who doesn't have very many games, and I am done taking this game seriously, because everything that wargaming says is going to be suspect of being nothing, but lies from here on out.. ... I might still play, but only for temporary amusement at most....
  13. Wargaming needs to either get rid of maintenance fees completely, or they need to at least have them scaled to the players income in credits.. Maintenance fees are not tied to actual gameplay, so why have them? I mean, if anything, they do more harm than good.. How do they harm the game? 1. they limit player engagement to keep players from learning their ship, plane, or tank.. Have you ever had useless teams, or people who complain about useless teams? Those players that complain suffer from a lack of credits to keep playing, so they blame their team, because it means they have to go back to an earlier tier if they lose, and this ruins the fun factor.. The other group, the so-called useless team's are also in the same boat as they lack experience with a given tier, and again they suffer from a lack of credits keep playing in a given tier, so they can't learn how, and the result is a lot of salt, piss, and vinegar, which ruins the game for everyone.. 2. seal clubbing is a result of the example above, because how are you going to get credits if you don't grind a given tier that gives credits? Who has time to do such a grind?? So most will go to the earlier tiers and the seal clubbing commences.. Let's face it folks bots don't give much in the way of credits.. 3 seal clubbing spawns a new problem, pay to win premium weapons such as ships, planes, and tanks, as a result of players who are the victims of seal clubbing, which in turn leads to a very greedy wargaming, the same crapheads, who makes pay to win events, like the Puerto Rico(Pay To Rico) event .. 4. they make upgrading your tank, planes, or warships, borderline impossible.. If I own a Ranger at tier 6, and if I am in the learning phase of that ship and trying to upgrade it, I have to make a surplus of credits, to upgrade my planes, but upgraded planes cost 750,000 credits, and a 1,000,000 to upgrade the hull, the problem? I am making only 20, 000 credits, and my maintenance costs are 40, 000, so by playing my t6 ranger I am losing 20,000 credits per a battle.. AA is a hard counter to planes, and in the later tiers everyone gets ample amount of AA.. It is even worse when you get up tiered by 2 tiers, and you are tier 4 going against tier 6, or a tier 6 going against tier 8, or even a tier 8 going against tier 10.. What about Premium? Nope, I would still be losing 9,000 credits even with premium.. My planes act like they are made of paper and they die like flies.. So to upgrade my ship and not be a detriment to my team I have to stop playing ranger, and grind like a slave in the lower tiers, in a cruiser get depressed, and bored and eventually quit playing for a few months, resulting in me forgetting some of what little I learned in my short time with the ranger, a couple of months prior.. I don't have a photographic memory, folks.. So, basically you have to play a different ship at the lower tiers in random battles(and that is, seal clubbing)... 5. increased stress has lead to micro-managing toxic players, who ruin an otherwise good experience, or worse you end up with map pingers at higher levels.. Not to mention [edited] who troll other players, because they get hopelessly bored with the game, because of all the grinding they have to do.... 6. Furthermore, high maintenance costs are also balanced around ships before drastic changes were made and nerfs were added, so your once mighty ship, plane, or tank, are no longer sustainable, or useful especially the ones that have been power creeped.. There is also the CV rework as well as another example.. Almost everyone will play every ship type eventually, at some point. 7. maintenance fees lead to selfish shortsightedness, and class hatred, because everyone develops hatred towards that class that has an edge over them.. Because they get sunk or blown up or shot down by the ones who have an advantage over them, then they come to the forums to complain, and they make a headache for everyone.. They are complaining, because the class that has an edge over them shows up suddenly, and either predictably curb stomps them or spots them rendering them useless to be focused down by the other team and they end up saddled with a repair bill.. 8. High maintenance bills also encourage cowardice, and camping, so no one wants to experiment or just have some fun or take risks.. Most people can't learn new maps as a result for fear of going to the wrong place and you end up with a hefty repair bill.. 9 maintenance fees don't help you play better, In many way they do the opposite, many times over.. Nobody wins all the time, and the fact that losers get less experience, and credits, while both sides have to deal with outrageous maintenance costs is insane.. Remember, just because you play co-op, doesn't mean that victory is a sure thing, when playing warships, as there are bots that are better and smarter than many players, unless you are unicum, and even then, they might surprise you.. But you will lose credits whether you, win or lose because of ridiculous maintenance fees.. Wargaming, Please consider revamping the the maintenance costs, make them percentage based, or better yet get rid of them completely.. Nobody wants them, unless they are truly brain damaged, or something.. Nowadays, I can't even play my cruisers , in co op without also feeling guilty, if there is a cv on the team, Because he or she is going to be facing a cloned copy of my ship on the bot enemy team, and my ships are usually are not kind to cvs, or the cv's planes .. Don't Saddle me with guilt for having a ship that can defend itself against aircraft! If given enough time, most players in world of warships will branch out eventually, from their favorite main ship type, because that is the natural state of the human condition.. We don't need excessive maintenance costs ruining the fun or enjoyment of this game.. God Bless.. Final edit: people just need to calm down, I am still a newb at this game, I don't hate it, in fact, I actually love it, and I posted this, because I thought it was the right thing to do, I DO ENJOY the game it is called a bit of tough love, Constructive criticism, because I want it to be better, because I feel it can be better.. I observed a substantial increase in toxic behavior, and the Puerto Rico grind got on my nerves.. I Didn't want this game to devolve into world of tanks.. Okay? Hence, the reason for this post.. If this game is going to grow it needs some changes, and I was just giving my ideas, please don't blow a freaking gasket... .. I have Asperger's Syndrome, so it is hard for me to relate my Ideas as evidenced by the amount salt on this thread.. I wanted to make this game better, also I am not dropping the game, but I am not going to be as serious as I was in the past.. Newbs are going to be new, at stuff, that is a natural part of being new at something, do I really have to explain this to people??? Maybe I rubbed some people the wrong way, and for that I am sorry, but there were just as many people trying to rub me the wrong way, too,... I know two wrongs don't make it right.. People just need to take a chill pill.. I AM EVEN MORE OF A NEWBIE AT FORUMS!!!