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  1. Greg137

    WoWS dying?

    I was hoping that wargaming would change things back, but forget about it as i considered myself on a break and i was debating if it was permanent or not.. The term muppet is a reference to claus kellerman who described useless players and how pathetic they are. . I haven't reinstalled the game as yet, but like i said i was hoping that this game wouldn't turn into world of destroyers.. I guess i have to play something else, so for now i am done and i don't know if i will ever be back.. Just one thing before i go, every time people say that the game is dying it doesn't necessarily mean that the game is dead it just means that players are leaving and if wargaming wants to continue that trend then the game will die eventually.... Some will adapt and others will leave. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, which means you are losing more than you gain you just aren't aware of it yet. DD players have no spine, a bunch of useless crybabys, they are nothing like the dd captains and crews of real life who had spines of steel.. HAVE YOU PLAYED THE LANGLEY SINCE REWORK?!?! HAVE YOU TRIED TO EARN 68000 exp at 100 to 200 exp a pop IN A LANGLEY???? HAVE YOU EVER MANAGED TO FINISH A MATCH BELOW A FREAKING BOT DD???? I was also a cruiser captain and my best ship was an AA cruiser!!!!!!!!! AAs SHIP NEED AIRCRAFT TO SHOOT!! TO HAVE AIRCRAFT IS TO HAVE CVS!!!!!!!! IT IS USELESS NOW!!!!!!! My ABOA is worthless!!!!!! It can't hit a DD, it gets wrecked by BBS... ALL MY SHIPS ARE WORTHLESS !!! I was hoping that they would change this!!!!!!!!! Humans players should be able to help their team win!! IT shouldn't be that complicated!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE I USED TO LOVE THIS GAME!!!
  2. Greg137

    CV Rework Feedback

    I quit the game and i uninstalled.. going to play WT.
  3. Greg137

    NA server population today

    I will try, I just get stressed sometimes ya know? But I gave up on this game for the time being so it doesn't really matter anyway. unless something changes.. When I get stress i tend to put all my thought out there.. And I end up with a block of text.. You try playing Langely, trying to make 68000 exp at 100 to 200 intervals.. You will get stressed like me i guarantee it...
  4. Greg137

    CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    Okay okay miss piggy and kermit and the gang don't need to be equated to dd drama queens or wargaming in general..
  5. Greg137

    WoWS dying?

    I uninstalled world of warships about a couple of weeks ago.. I have been feeling better ever since. The RTS system made you feel like you were really in command of a aircraft carrier. I have already decided that my break from world of warships will either be an extended break or a permanent break.. I had to uninstall the entire client which included world of warplanes and world of tanks as well as world of warships.. I reinstalled world of tanks and world of warplanes, but I just decided to not reinstall world of warships.. world of warships was what brought me to wargaming, sad to see this game end up like this.. Cv rework and the hot fix were both dumb. My area of preference was carriers and cruisers, but carriers are unplayable, and no one plays carriers, most cruisers that feature Antiaircraft are now equally worthless, and to make matters worse dd players STILL complain only now they are complaining about being spotted, but nobody plays cvs anymore my langley is worthless and the dd beta males whine and cry that cvs nee d to be nerfed when the cvs are already worthless. The Dd players who are having trouble now are nothing but a bunch of muppets, they might as well wear a sign that says "most incompetent muppet of earth" or a better tag line would be "most dumbest muppets ever.". drama queen dd players are worthless because they are muppets first and always. Wargaming, Jim Henson, called he wants his useless Muppets back... By the way any player that complains that cvs are now over powered are just admitting that they suck worse than bots.. Bots are better players than crybaby muppets.. Anyway I am done, or until wargaming can put rts elements back in the game or at least make it so cvs don't suck.. Without aircraft carriers most cruisers will be worthless except light cruisers which can counter dds.. I am done here..
  6. Greg137

    CV Rework-- What do YOU want?

    I don't care what Wargamiing says II am not interested in playing carriers until they either return us the RTS or they do something to fix the game so carriers can be fun. because as they are as of the rework and the hotfix the cv is useless.. I don't like the the discount world of warplanes style, as i would rather play actual world of warplanes than carriers at this point.. I uninstalled the game and currently have zero desire to return to the game.. DD players are drama queens who sound like a bunch of cry bullies. Claiming the victim card of how cvs are op, and then the very next minute they are bragging how your cvs won't save you.. wth? So if cvs can't save you how can they be op???? What kind of nut jobs do we have here anyway? If carrier players leave so too will the cruisers except the anti dd HE rapid spammers.. If cruiser players do leave because there is no cv to justify their cv counter role, then you know bbs will leave too.. good luck finding a random game when there is only dds left.. and the dd players will leave out of boredom, so then the game will be dead.. Anyway I have no faith in the suggested poll, at least not enough to reinstall the game.. If wargaming is planning to introducing cvs to consoles why not have two versions of the game, one for consoles, and one for pc? because wargaming is being difficult for no reason, or they are being stupid to the point of being muppets..
  7. Greg137

    NA server population today

    Most of the dd players are a combination of drama queens and liars.. To those of you who think cv's are OP consider this play the Langley, and try to get top spot on experience earned. I am not talking about the t10 over powered japanese flying torp storm of death, I am talking about a ship that ISN'T a flying torp storm of death.. With planes that melt and get blatted by a DD's AA.. Imagine having to fly around watching your team get rolf stomped by actual bots in co-op, and you team thinking you are op yelling at you then laughing at you, because they think you have it easy, and that you are incompetent. When in truth most of those scubs are a bunch of lying drama queens who never saw another ship beyond their their own DD' s. They play cruiser gun boats up to t2 then they jump in destroyers and they never look back. Given their limited number of port slots they have no sympathy towards ever other class "Please nerf they whine. They are ignorant, and they are closed minded. Play the class you get screwed by and see how it is from their perspective before you complain. ANYONE WHO NOW COMPLAINS ABOUT CVs BEING OVER POWERED ARE NOT PEOPLE I CARE TO GIVE CREDENCE TO, IN OTHER WORDS YOU ARE A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR OF WHOM I WILL NEVER BELIEVE ON ANYTHING, YA PUTZ... All CVs need not be punished, because one t10 Japanese torp storm of death proved to be of influence. If i had thing MY way I would make every ship overpowered so that none would be, Now that would be an exciting game, Instead of this Russian flower simulator which is full of dd pansies who whine and [edited] like a bunch of [edited] if they aren't op as all hell, cv fly keepers that get their bugs(planes) swatted out of the sky by any ship in the game just because they looked at the planes funny, bbs slugs that cry and sob like babies should any other class get a buff or even the ability that might remotely pen them, and cruiser captains that die by citadel by every ship that has a caliber bigger than a water pistol... WELCOME TO RUSSIA, COMRADE WHERE THEY DRINK VODKA INSTEAD OF WATER, AND MOST OF THE PEOPLE ARE SO DRUNK THEY NEVER KNEW WHAT IT WAS TO BE SOBER IN THEIR LIFE. REMEMBER If every ship is op none will be, but if ever ship sucks they still suck.. That is because the op ships are considered op by comparing them to other ships, and how badly they suck is measured on their own performance . So yeah, if every ship is op then none shall be, but if they all suck then they still suck.. I will see myself out now..
  8. Greg137

    CV Rework First Impressions Poll

    Wargaming I recently came into carriers and this rework and the hot fix has destroyed any love I would have had for this game. I this point I don't care what you do.. I had to uninstall every wargaming game just to get rid of your game world of warships. I might reinstall world of tanks maybe.. I might reinstall world of warplanes, but i am taking an extended if not permanent vacation from world of warships and that is because of this cv rework.. YOU BROKE THE GAME! Your hot fix destroyed what was left of it.. YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED LANGLEY HAVE?! GO ON II DARE YOU TO!! PLAY THE LANGLEY! Know what it is to try as hard as you might to be of SOME influence!! Which you won't.. Planes melt like hot butter under a nuclear knife! You can't do anything!! you will finish bottom of your team every single time!! I AM DONE WITH YOU!! SO i bid you good riddance for the time being if not forever... World of Warships sucks!! FIX YOUR BROKEN GAME!!
  9. Greg137

    New Carrier Re-work

    If people wanted to play world of warplanes they could just download world of warplanes and play it, world of warships cv play has become world of discount warplanes, stack'em deep sell'em cheap, and they will die soon after a bb or dd sneezes in their general direction.. You nerfed the cvs then you went a decided to nerf cvs some more? . Why play carriers if they can do nothing? why are they even in the game? Do you hate cvs or something? The Japanese tier 10 cv was buffed to hell and back while the american cv's were nerfed into oblivion, and that was back in the RTS days. I actually miss the old RTS system, and the last thing I would want is the removal of cvs from the game... But because of ONE CV was over powered all CVs must suffer? That is stupid reasoning.. When I played my langley back in the day of rts I actually was able to contribute now days very few if anyone plays cvs.. You should have nerfed only the over powered one.. I am now tempted to go back to my old role of a cruiser captain, because the cvs aren't exciting sure I have been trying to like the cv, but If you keep nerfing the cv you will have had the opposite effect of removing the RTS, element. Nobody wants to be bored to hell, while not being able to contribute to their side winning... Ships are so much more simpler to play with, than your world of discounted warplanes knock off.. For what little time i spent with the RTS system will be the few moments i will treasure the most from your half baked game.. Carriers used to carry, but now they frustrate and they rust for a lot of players... And that is the truth, whether you choose to agree or not is irrelevant.. 2019 Year of the CV? Or the end of the CV? To think that it all happened in one week..BAD REWORK PATCH IS BAD..
  10. Greg137

    rework sucks

    By the way Wargaming, could you please return us the RTS we would greatly appreciate it. In the above post i was still angry as to how useless my CV had become.. YES IT IS OFFICIAL BY MY OPINION, RTS IS BETTER!! FACT: AIRPLANES AREN'T Made OF PAPER unless they are models!! NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE MY MIND ON THE SUBJECT EITHER... I LIKE BEING USEFUL; end of discussion!!
  11. Greg137

    rework sucks

    I have played langley before the rework and and I just got of after playing the rework. I have never felt more useless in my life during a match. I would rather be playing a tier 1 ship in a tier 4 game than be playing a aircraft carrier at this point.. We didn't need the rework or at least this rework! The Problem as to why cvs were dying was because wargaming kept nerfing the american cvs into oblivion, because they wanted player to play more japanese cvs.. So when they nerfed the american cvs people stopped playing them. Tyranny never has good results no matter if it is physical or digital.. If you wanted us to play more japanese cvs then why not just give us free unlimited port slots? I recently went on an expansion binge when i happened to have enough gold to buy some port slots, and there was a sale for port slots... Without port slots people aren't going to specifically play one type of ship over what they are already know and love and nerfing the ships wont change anything but cause people to go there own way, and they always will.. Wargaming, please, LISTEN to your player base, because simply being stubborn isn't going to help you at all... People will always stick to what they have grown to love and if you force they will do the opposite just to spite you... when you make what they love into what they hate then they will drop you, ignore the players at your own peril...