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  1. I don't like being labeled, but of the options available, DD is the least objectionable next to cruiser.
  2. ThisIsClassic

    Who have you seen in game

    Burning off one of my last 10 flakes. Maybe the 2nd time I've played that ship since I got it. IIRC correctly my only real contribution was corralling the Gadja Mada towards the end. I was glad to have the competent DDs
  3. ThisIsClassic

    Ships available in Santa boxes?

    There were the two lists in the news article yesterday. I don't know why they removed it and why they didn't include the link to the Wiki since that wiki page shows it was edited yesterday. I may be presuming too much to think that they updated the 0.11.6 containers but the full list is now there. Anyway...Thanks for the link. small problems, small solutions.
  4. ThisIsClassic

    Ships available in Santa boxes?

    This article was posted yesterday and there were conveniently two lists in the article. The existing ships in the containers and the new ships to be added. It looks like WG has edited the article and now only the new ships are shown. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/game-updates/update-01111-new-year/#new-year-celebrations
  5. ThisIsClassic

    Your ship has been destroyed by a player.

    WG instituted 'feature' this what, 3 or 4 years ago? Many players took issue with it at the time.
  6. ThisIsClassic

    Only my second Double Strike ever

    Roughly 15k in Randoms and Ranked where they can be earned.
  7. ThisIsClassic

    Only my second Double Strike ever

    Made me go look. Maybe it's because I play DD a lot. Fires and floods on multiple ships tends to help. I got a double strike on two subs last week. Best day of my WOWs life.
  8. ThisIsClassic

    WG PLEASE Get rid of MM Monitor

    I think context is important in this discussion so I think you're on the right track. MMM is a tool that displays data and the presumption is that access to this data drives player's behavior. I reject that line of thinking. These players are going to find reasons and means to express their frustration. So, trying to modify behavior by restricting access to a tool or data is pretty much a fool's errand. It's the behavior of the player that is the real problem. Trying to restrict use of the tool is akin to banning hammers because they've been used in assaults.
  9. It's a New article on the WOWs main website. Check in the Ships Log article for a button. Here's one of the previous ones: https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-0119-weekly-2/
  10. ThisIsClassic

    T5 Ranked so far

    Gremy is great but I do have one knock against her and it's the turret traverse on all the maps except the Islands of Ice map. It's hard to knife fight around the caps. But she still retains the great DPM, torps and speed. I've started using Podvoisky instead. She adds a little speed and has great turret traverse. She gives up the good torps and has worse concealment. I haven't found the latter to be much of a problem.
  11. ThisIsClassic

    should i turn to the dark side?

    Let me help you with the optimal build for subs... ...perfect for sitting in my port
  12. ThisIsClassic

    T5 ranked yee ha

    I'm seeing a lot of Kami owners come out, but it's not working so well for many of them. There are several factors imho: There are a lot of Kami players that just aren't all that good T5 Ranked maps force DDs into caps that tend to be enclosed Kami is slow with relatively low gun DPM Concealment is an advantage as is the fast torp reload The torps aren't all that fast so enemy DDs can easily avoid them because they know they are coming The concealment advantage is often a trap for many Kami players who grew up playing Randoms and Co-Op. They spot, get pushed by the enemy while in smoke, and then die when the faster, higher DPM DD proximity spots them. If the Kami gets spotted in or near a cap another DD or DD with support can quickly remove it. Smarter Kami players of course won't suffer this fate. But they can be caught by faster DDs if they know where they are. I'm finding ships like Hill and T-22 are more optimized for Ranked. I've also seen Acasta, Visby and Maestral work well. All higher DPM DDs.
  13. ThisIsClassic

    11.9 Questions

    You know of course that soon it will be even worse?
  14. ThisIsClassic

    Operations!!! Waste of time and resources???

    Exactly why I said ...it's not a waist.