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  1. ClassicLib

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Feedback and Performance

    I agree with much of this. In particular: - Taking damage is LOUD - Engine background noises are just annoying - Fire alert sound is LOUD - Trying to adjust the sounds in Setup reduced my interface sound in port and I can't get them back after resting the adjustment. It seems like the SFX volume is tied to the Interface volume. Turning down SFX mutes Interface volume.
  2. ClassicLib

    new sound with 8.8

    The sounds for me are way out of whack. I added to the Sound Engine feedback thread.
  3. ClassicLib

    Ark Royal Inbound

    As with a couple of other announcements leading up to 0.8.8, you may be speaking too soon. Myself? I'd be surprised if there aren't Premium Gift Boxes or Premium Unsinkable Sam Containers.
  4. ClassicLib

    'Super' container haul

    Certainly lighter on the Dragon signals than I would like, but decent. I'd really like to get some steel and more dragon signals. But I know I'll be disappointed if that's what I expect.
  5. ClassicLib

    Ark Royal Inbound

    As a part of the "Nine Lives of Unsinkable Sam" Combat Missions as a special mission https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-088/
  6. ClassicLib

    Wheres the 200% win bonus for the Anniversary?

    And yet, there it is... https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/missions-088/
  7. Well, at least we had a weekend respite.
  8. Will you be able to get those ships in the course of your normal grind before 0.8.9 drops? If so, you'll get the SC for them.
  9. I saw that. I'm cynical enough to think that no amount of preparation will help some people. "How can you expect me to remember something from 4 weeks ago?"
  10. ClassicLib

    Wheres the 200% win bonus for the Anniversary?

    Fem is supposed to have an Anniversary kick-off stream this morning as well. But it would not be too surprising to see a 200% weekend.
  11. Good call WG giveth. WG taketh away.
  12. Spring Sky? Mosaic? Or like me... Valentines
  13. ClassicLib

    0.8.8 Patch Notes - T10 SC Confirmed

    I wouldn't be surprised to see coal in a yet to be announced Premium Gift box.