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  1. ClassicLib

    Admiral Makarov in Premium Shop

    I'm tempted.... Rumor has it that there's an RNG bonus when I reach 300 ships.
  2. ClassicLib

    Admiral Makarov in Premium Shop

    That makes sense. And I did just try to purchase it in game and received a Transaction Error.
  3. ClassicLib

    Admiral Makarov in Premium Shop

    You can purchase it in game for 5100 doubloons ($20.40 USD). A hefty $1.20 USD savings but no captain and no bonus XP missions.
  4. You've covered pretty much every point that I came up against in my experience yesterday. Objection 1 and 5 are the biggest takeaways for me. Objection 2 was also something that seemed very ironic to me as we often see a CV on one or both teams survive to the end of long battles. Yesterday I saw several games end with only subs and CVs alive. Objection 5 is intertangled with all of the former objections and will likely be the biggest inhibitor to solutions. There are so many different scenarios to cover that a failure in any one area will be magnified in others. The biggest one I see at this point pivots on your DD players. They have to decide to screen subs (teamplay) or go solo. Early on many DD players will want to attack subs...or ignore them. If they attack, they will be a good counter to subs but give up much of their current role. They will relegate themselves to being spotted for all of that time. And subs aren't easy for DDs to just delete and move on to their former role. Once they realize this, many DD players are going to actively avoid subs (solo play). It adds a completely new dimension to DD play and DD play is already the most difficult ship to play well. Imagine if you will, a single DD per side with one or more subs per side. Your DD decides to avoid the sub and leave the rest of your team vulnerable to now the most stealthy ship in the game. Or, your DD goes after the subs and gets perma-spotted for the rest of the red team to focus. Add in a CV to focus the DD and it will be dead very quickly. Of course it's early and without any changes by WG, the play and experience will involve as sub commanders become more experienced (and effective) and counterplays are discovered.
  5. You are mistaken for the most part. Most players do understand they are here to stay. I'm not advocating that they go away nor am I naive enough to think that subs will be abandoned. Are you suggesting that since they are here everyone should just accept how they are implemented and shut up about the issues they have so that you don't have to read it?
  6. Arguably that's a small number of DD players :-) Is that your target player? I consider myself pretty cool and calculating in most CV battles but there are times when I lose my cool (I remain calculating :-). There was a recent incident where I was in an Orcan and deleted by a CV in 3 passes. I was not overextended and when I saw the planes I ran back to my Massachusetts Div mate. Didn't make a difference. I was dead 3 minutes into battle. I looked up the CV player and he was below average overall but had a lot of games in that CV and was above average in it. He made a point to taunt me and left me to watch the 17 minutes remaining in the battle so that I could join my Div mates in a new battle. It wasn't a pleasant experience. It was a memorable experience though. I thought about sending the replay to you but my Div mates got salty and frankly, it's not something you or WG has not heard before. Ultimately I saw no value in sending in this one anecdotal event. But we all know that it happens often enough. So, please listen and understand that this has incremental consequences over time and across players. Some players are affected less than others, but for my part as a DD main, I can tell you it leaves a poor taste in my mouth that doesn't go away quickly. Thanks for
  7. There's a lot more to it than DDs charging forward. I'm not a potato DD player and it's my primary ship type. I was in sub mode yesterday trying to figure out how DDs will work with subs in the game and from my perspective DD players will need to 'adapt' quite a bit. I don't consider myself a great DD player but I've spent the last year earnestly trying to get better in them, and I have. If subs are introduced into the game like they are, DD players will have to rework (see what I did there?) their playstyle. I know that subs won;t be going away. WG has to much sunk cost (see what I did there?) into them and I'm sure their revenue projections for the next year have them factored in so they won't scrap them. As for myself, I don't put as much value into sunk costs and will need to decide if it's worth my future investment to play against subs. That's not a threat or an 'I'm outta here' declaration as much as it is just something that each of us as individuals will need to consider. So, please do listen to those who raise some of these points. We know you don't get to wave a magic wand and make them go away. All we expect is to be listened to and have that info pushed up to those who make the decisions. As for the player base, we need to present reasonable concerns and arguments. Otherwise, no one is going to be inclined to listen. If you make it personal and/or make someone angry, it's easy for them to ignore even a reasonable argument.
  8. I played a lot of DD in Sub mode yesterday and I agree. Not only a nerf but how you play a DD will change significantly.
  9. ClassicLib

    Subs do bring about a change

    Submarine captains will only get better. If you don't like them today I don't expect things to get better for you.
  10. ClassicLib

    You load sixteen guns, whaddaya get?

    This brings back memories for many of us but beyond that, @Cpt_Cupcake's post led me to this. Thx!
  11. ClassicLib

    Future Ranked Season Need to be Tiers 6,8,9, or 10.

    I've been using Z-39, Shira and Haida and I've not died to radar in any battle yet. I have been caught with my pants down when I didn't remember Gorizia has 6km hydro. I won't knowingly make that mistake again. I make it a point to spot radar cruisers but I take great care to not be in a position to be caught by one. If they are spotted, they are pinned down behind an inland and rendered ineffective, they run or are killed quickly if they are caught in open. As a DD or another cruiser you just have to know where they are and be patient. I have a Belfast and an Atlanta but decided DD play is more influential. Adding more of them won't change anything as they are just as easily countered by BBs and other cruisers in the game. They have to be within 8.5km and in practice, much closer to be effective with radar. On these small maps that's usually a death sentence unless they have a well planned exit strategy where they won't get spotted. And they are a threat to each other. If one is spotted in range of another light cruiser, they are whittled down quickly. A well played Fiji is just as much of a threat and a terror in the hands of a very good player.
  12. ClassicLib

    Weird Occurrence in the Armory

    I saw the same thing on my main and my alt account.
  13. This thread inspired me to play the Atago when my Div mate @Ares1967 asked for a T8 battle. 2425 Base XP in a T10 battle. It took me awhile to learn the ship and this is how fun it can be if you get it right.
  14. I learned early on to treat Atago torps as opportunistic only. Toss them into a Cap or into the path of an oncoming BB or Cruiser. The Atago guns are too good to take a risk with a torp run that will likely net you less than several gun salvos at range.