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  1. The offer has been made elsewhere but you are welcome to Div with us. Contact @Lightninger for details. Or if you see me online, ping me in game and I'll be happy to.
  2. Super Containers

    The 15,000 coal I received awhile ago was appreciated. That's just shy of one special upgrade in the Arsenal but more than many of the signals I've received in other SCs.
  3. Here's another: Same concept. A single DD can go northwest and kill the spawning CVs along with their escort ships. If they are a decent gun ship they can also kill the fort on the north end of the long island. There's plenty of time to do that on the way. Then go all the way to the northwest corner and torp the first CV and then kill the DD. Then wait for the next CV group. A T-61 is actually a pretty decent ship for this as it has decent enough guns to damage cruisers and also has fast torpedo reloads. If you do it right, the CVs get off only one or two squadrons at best and the rest of the team can focus on the other spawns. This actually works pretty darn good with a random team as it prevents multiple ships from wandering off and not focusing on the other objectives outside of the harbor.
  4. Having one DD is not all that bad in this Op. If they do the right things the DD can contribute significantly.
  5. Reward Whales WG

  6. Also, kill the battleship and CV in port before going after the transports.
  7. Reward Whales WG

    I'm thinking more ostentatious. A green $$$ Premium camo. Rubles for the Russian ships.
  8. Reward Whales WG

    I wants this. Plz include WalletWarriorTM Premium camo on the whale.
  9. K, time to step back.

    can I bum a cig?
  10. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    Yes, but you can buy whatever camos you want with the tokens out of the containers. Someone could buy the X15 or X30 containers and end up with multiple camos with those plus the one earned in the game. If you want to keep getting containers with coal and signals, you can stay with the winning team and keep getting them. Point is, it can be a factor with those that bought large numbers of containers. No need to switch.
  11. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    I haven't been watching closely but it seems like the Sharks winning margin is a little lower today...so far. Another factor to consider is that there were some who bought containers and don't care/need to switch. As long as they are getting winning containers, they stay with Sharks.
  12. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    # 3 is likely a big factor. Two reasons for that. First would be that there are a large number of people that have not played every day. It will take awhile for them to max out and then they will switch, or not. Second, they didn't play enough each day to get the +2 bonus points. This would put them behind and they need to remain with the Sharks more days than the minimum to get their max reward. Wargaming probably put that final token boost in there for this purpose. It allows people ample opportunity to reach the 75 point goal and get a camo even if they don't play every day or get the full 5 points every day of the event.
  13. Why are the Sharks Winning?

    I think momentum will slowly start switching to the Eagles but most people are not paying attention to the loyalty points and that they Max at a certain point. Early on, Sharks started winning consistently and Eagles switched because they wanted the daily container. As long as they are getting their daily container, they'll probably stay with Sharks.
  14. Who have you seen in game

    @Capt_of_Satisfaction in Killer Whale