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  1. Z-39: no regrets so far

    He was nearly full health so I got beaucoup HP as well as a 95% kill.
  2. I love the cheeky url reference "may-be-its-may-belline/"
  3. Z-39: no regrets so far

    My first two games have been enjoyable. I capped on the first game and a red Bismarck came yoloing in shortly after. We traded deaths. The second game ended with me with top XP on the win. Nothing dramatic about the game but the deep HP pool kept me alive the whole match and allowed me to rack up damage, kills and caps. It did feel more like a stealthy cruiser.
  4. Z-39 is Here

    I expect the T-61 was delayed further to allow the Z-39 to get out. There's such anticipation for the T-61 that if they released that first, fewer people would buy the Z-39 if it came out later. This way they will capture people like me who want a German DD trainer and who will also buy the T-61 when it's put on sale. Can't say I really blame them. Based on the @LittleWhiteMouse review of the Z-39 I'm happy with what I'm getting. If the T-61 is decent I'll probably get her as well.
  5. Z-39 is Here

    Honestly, same here. I'm all the way through Tier 10 on the German DD line but one of my goals is to get their commanders trained. While the Z-39 isn't the optimum vehicle for that, she'll do for now.
  6. George Doe Charles-Henri Honore Bert Dunkirk Vasiliy Vnamensky Reinhard Von Jutland https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/customizations/
  7. Z-39 is Here

    I'll be picking her up but won't be able to play her until next week. I'm looking forward to the collective reports on everyone's experience. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/catch-some-zs/ https://na.wargaming.net/shop/wows/filter/?cd=3762173744
  8. PTS 7.5 starts tomorrow

    Containers with Combat Mission for Premium Tier VI Monaghan (among others) Here's to hoping the chances aren't too low.
  9. US Cruiser Split in 0.7.5

  10. GDPR - Will WG make changes to be compliant?

    This is relevant to my work since I host servers in the US that EU (and other) users access. Fortunately the GDPR data that we host is minimal and I have servers in the EU that can host this data. It's just a move for us and some code and configuration to access the data in the new location. Depending on the PII data used to access the US game, there may be a way to somewhat easily move most of the user information offshore and use tokens or proxies to access the US servers for gameplay. Similar situation for the forums. Move the PII information offshore and access the US sites only for play with usernames that don't have enough information behind them here in the US to make them personally identifiable. It certainly a bit more complex than that for most companies, but it's something that companies will figure out better as the regulations around the law are fleshed out and case law is developed to solidify the boundaries around what is acceptable and what is not.
  11. Can you beat this challenge

    I call them "Failed to Carry" losses.
  12. Can you beat this challenge

    Here's a better one. In defeat, I outscored all 12 of the other team.
  13. Can you beat this challenge

    If you are the last guy standing, you have yourself a target rich environment. You won't win but you have all of that enemy HP for yourself. Many of my highest damage games have come with losses.
  14. Premium Ship Review: Z-39

    I'll almost certainly pick up the T-39 as it'll make a decent German DD trainer. That and although the torpedoes aren't all that, I still prefer stealth and torps over good guns. And if the T-61 comes out and is mostly what everyone thinks it is, I'll get that too. And I too think Kronshtadt will be the next out of the development shop. I've been seeing it more frequently out in the wild.