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  1. ClassicLib

    Regarding the disappearing T9s...

    Grab Musashi as it will play easily in T10 matches and wreck in T7 matches. It pays well too.
  2. ClassicLib

    PSA: You don’t need a Missouri.

    I need one because if I didn't have one, I'd need it.
  3. ClassicLib

    Choose your own ship in santa crates

    Good point. Next year there will be posts complaining that Musashi is unavailable to people who couldn't afford it or weren't around. And the only way to get it will be spending money on Christmas crates. If some get their way, the Christmas crates will go away. The paradox will be that there are more unhappy people and happy people at the same time.
  4. ClassicLib

    PSA: Potential Free Santa Crates

    My poor attempt at sarcasm. Or maybe it's honed to such a fine point that you don't notice it? For the record, I opted in. I want my ship.
  5. ClassicLib

    PSA: Potential Free Santa Crates

    Do you realize that the chances are of getting that box is lower than getting a ship out of the box?
  6. ClassicLib

    Why you will never get Missouri

    Good riddance. That thing has caused more problems than it's solved.
  7. ClassicLib

    Why you will never get Missouri

    You're not getting it. We can't have nice things because people are weak and easily manipulated. If we would just stop being weak, everyone can have nice things.
  8. ClassicLib

    Why you will never get Missouri

    Raises hand. It's my fault. Now, remind me what the consequences of my failures are?
  9. ClassicLib

    Is the Kronshtadt Worth the gold for 150K EXP?

    If I didn't have it, I'd wait and not use doubloons. I expect this ship will be available again in some form as it's not in high demand.
  10. ClassicLib

    There is a Dog!!!

    Good score
  11. ClassicLib

    Best Ship Santa Crates

    Thanks. I knew that. ugh I meant to include doubloons in the list instead of Premium time. It was in my head to comment on the lack of Premium time but that it wasn't important to me because I received a huge amount in the 2017 crates. But it is missing in this year's crates. Many people were hoping for it and with WG doing away with the big discount on Premium time they were really looking forward to it getting it this year.
  12. ClassicLib

    Best Ship Santa Crates

    double post. sorry :-)
  13. ClassicLib

    Best Ship Santa Crates

    My experience was the Big crates for ships. The Mega crates give you double the signals, coal, premium time and camo for about 50% more cost. So, if you are after ships, I suggest Big crates. If you are after signals, coal, premium time and camo, Mega crates are definitely the way to go.
  14. ClassicLib

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    I included my standard, 'consequences of good intentions' comment because that's true more often than it's not. If there's one thing I've learned in my career is that throwing a simple fix at a complex problem almost never works the way you intended. One of my early roles in R&D was modeling scenarios prior to implementing them in real life. The team would hypothesize possible outcomes and structure the model and it's inputs to determine if the outcomes matched our hypothesis. We would get close often enough to make us think we knew what we were doing but we would go through dozens of tests and modeling to get a model that met out intended outcomes. And here's the thing. You have your desired outcomes. I bet they don't completely align with WGs.
  15. ClassicLib

    What ever WG did to the T8 MM it made it worse.

    Right All complaints about MM will disappear overnight, never to return. Even if you buy into that hyperbole, the results of removing T10 being top tier is a dream at best. Unless you know better than anyone else what that looks like in practice, the consequences of good intentions are still unknown.