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  1. ClassicLib

    That "Useless team'" comment

    My favorite is the player yesterday that chat's "I'm 1 for 8 today. Why do I always get the suck team?" I'm thinking, great, I won't be following him...
  2. ClassicLib

    Mistakes were made, Fun was had

    fixed that for ya
  3. ClassicLib

    Who have you seen in game

    @Admiral_Thrawn_1 in a Space Battle this morning. He picked up 3 kills, me 1.
  4. ClassicLib

    Is WoWs approaching balance?

    Pretty much. I have done best in DDs over the past year. The CV rework is challenging that.
  5. ClassicLib

    Is WoWs approaching balance?

    That's a bit deceptive. I was most definitely a BB main up through the first 3 thousand battles. The next 2 thousand was mostly cruiser, BB, DD in that order. Now it's mostly DD, Cruiser, BB in that order. I don't play BB much unless I get int the JB or Massachusetts. I've found I am most comfortable in torp DDs.
  6. ClassicLib

    Is WoWs approaching balance?

    I’d complain but I just don’t know what ‘main’ I am.
  7. ClassicLib

    How do I deal with a CV focusing me?

    It happens often enough depending on the ship you play. And even when the CV is focusing you and aren't all that effective it is really annoying. Myself and 2 Div mates were in a battle earlier this week with me in a Nelson, bottom tier, against a unicum Enterprise. He and his Prinz Eugen Div mate focused me. They ended up losing the game because of it. But I was pinned down tanking damage for an entire game. The Prinz would peek in and out to burn me and then go hide and repair. The Enterprise would just send attack after attack. I shot down 7 planes. The only reason I survived is well, NELSON! I like playing DD but will choose other ships depending on my mood and what is complementary to what my Div mates are playing. When I play DD I am focused more often by the better CV players. The lower-skilled ones tend to leave me alone or they are ineffective. But boy, when a moderately good one gets ahold of me, it's really frustrating. Sure, there are counters but they are largely just as bad as getting focused. My solution for dealing with CVs? Play until I'm focused, then quit. That may be 1 battle or it may be 10.
  8. ClassicLib

    Thunderclap Thursday - Citadel Strikes

    In a single salvo, 7 cits on a Cleveland from my Atlanta. Of course the Nikolai is pretty darn good at providing citadels on a game-by-game basis. Leander as well. I had 29 cits in one Scenario battle.
  9. ClassicLib

    About to pull the trigger

    Puns aren't punny nor are they punintentional. Instead they are quite intentional and as such unpun. As you can deduce, there really is no such thing as good pun.
  10. ClassicLib

    About to pull the trigger

    Fixed that for ya
  11. ClassicLib


    I do suffer from that. But it's only after 10 years in medical device R&D and 35 years of software development.
  12. When I read something, my brain instantly see's the literal expression. It's not until I reread it that I interpret the message. It's really a handicap. Especially on this forum...
  13. What occasioned you to observed this? just curious...
  14. ClassicLib

    Space Battles: Torpedo Beat

    I'm feeling the same way. It's fun, to a point. I can tolerate 4 or 5 battles in a sitting but I'm not ready to do anything else in the game for awhile after that. It's an arcade game where it's act and react intensely for 5 minutes. There's really not a lot of time to think or plan. Totally different from the main battle mode. I'll play it occasionally but I don't see it as a mode that I'll spend significant time in.