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  1. This is exactly how I look at it. There's a cost to playing WoW just like there's a cost to watching Netflix. I don't like most of what's on Netflix or at the theaters but I partake of those when there is something that interests me. Those and WoW are three of my least expensive entertainment pursuits. There's plenty to complain about because the guy in the Porsche at the track got a better deal on the same tires I have on my Audi but he'll laugh at me if I mention complain that I deserved the same deal. And that wing he bought is functionless, ugly and expensive and totally a waste of his money.
  2. ClassicLib

    Why is the Salem so bad?

    I just picked up the Salem and I have the DM. I haven't played the Salem enough to have a good opinion of which I'll prefer but so far, I like her. The Repair is fantastic especially if you are up against a fire spamming Worcester or IJN DD. Take a huge amount of fire damage while knocking them down, then Poof!, most of your health is recovered.
  3. ClassicLib

    update ??

    I think it was in the 7.10 web posting that this would show up tomorrow. So, not a bug. Switch between the available types of Daily Shipments and keep an eye on what will be coming your way tomorrow. You can enable or disable the display of the Daily Shipments window upon login, using the checkbox in the lower-right corner of the section. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-0710-halloween/
  4. ClassicLib

    Quite a few changes in 0.7.10

    The Z-39 is one of my highest win-rate ships. I do like to pursue smoked DDs and this will help even more.
  5. Hydro on many German ships are changing. The detection ranges for ships and torpedoes via hydro are: T-61 - from 2.82km and 3.96km to 3km and 4km respectively (Gaede and Maass also) Z-39 - from 2.97km and 4.2km to 3.5km and 5km respectively (Z-23, Z-46 also) Yorck - from 3.66km and 5.28km to 3.75km and 5.5km (Karlsruhe, Konigsberg and Graf Spee also) FDG - from 4.02km and 5.88km to 4km and 6km (Z-52, Hipper, Roon Prinz Eugen, GK and Hindenburg also) With one small exception for the T10 ship detection these are all better ranges. I like that Z-39 gets a healthy bump. 🙂 There will be different incoming torp colors. Yellow indicates torpedoes that are 3km away. Red indicates a torpedo that is on course to hit if you maintain your course. New Operations for Halloween. The submarine Op starts Halloween day. Short version of Ranked battles. Small test version of Clan battles. Only available 4 days and limited to T6 and 5 players per team. I don't quite understand one aspect of the post. Play 10 battles and get steel and coal but 5 battles must be played during the prime time of another 'realm'. Worcester and Seattle are getting a reduction in their radar range from down to 9km. Apparently they were killing too many DDs. Several more but too many details to list https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/development/update-0710-halloween/
  6. ClassicLib

    No ''fun'' to be had anymore?

    I hear ya :-) Mostly the same for me but I'm not that enamored with Co-op. I like it for three things: Testing out new ships and builds Grinding through monotonous task requirements (15 wins for Legendary Upgrades) A distraction when I'm frustrated with Random The latter only placates me for a short while. Co-op is just not challenging enough to hold my interest for long periods. It's a bit more fun when in a Div. T8-T10 stills holds some interest for me. I really like some of the T10 ships and I enjoy playing them but it certainly can be frustrating when no matter how well you do as an individual or Div, it's not enough to win. This is less true in the mid to lower tiers. Carrying is a bit easier in the mid-tiers especially if you are in a ship that is capable of Dev Strikes. Playing T8's is a state of mind for me. Most of the ships I like are at this tier. There are some ships that I do well in that hold their own in a T10 battle (Harekaze, Kagero, Tirpitz) and excel in a T8 battle. But one of the most enjoyable experiences as a bottom tier is to end up in the Top 3 of the battle results on the winning side. Those are without exception fun battles. Conversely, one of the most frustrating things is to end up Top 3 in a losing battle. Bottom line, winning is fun and losing is not. It's much easier to lose often in T10 battles and that's where frustration sets in. So, I'll still play T8-T10 but if I lose two or 3 in a row, I either stop or drop down to T5-T7.
  7. ClassicLib

    More ranked, no steel!

  8. ClassicLib

    More ranked, no steel!

    I like this idea. It'll be a good opportunity to try out a few ships I hardly ever play.
  9. ClassicLib

    Ranked Sprint Awards

    It's been said a few times before. Good divisions and unicums will rank out really fast and they won't be able to continue to play. What will be left after a few days will be the more casual players and a few unicums that didn't start early.
  10. ClassicLib

    Premium Ships with Bonuses list?

    Many people believed that Wargaming assured them it would be here permanently. And yet it's gone. Wargaming has never said it will not return yet many believe it will not. Ergo, I think it will return, if only temporarily. Maybe they'll put it in Christmas boxes. And/or, they'll have a special promotion around it to drive some revenue.
  11. ClassicLib

    What would constitute as "damage farming"?

    Call it being bad, target lock, whatever. Collecting damage is not always intentional. Playing to win is. Some players simply do not know what it takes to win and think that racking up damage is the best way to win. Then there are those in rank that anticipate the loss and farm damage to keep the star. For them, that's not taking a loss (and intentional). I know more than I did 6 months ago but I still don't know as much as a good player about what it takes to win in every situation.
  12. ClassicLib

    Decisions, decisions

    GK is the easiest route but if you ultimately prefer Yamato over the GK, getting the Izumo would get you there quicker and I expect you could also use the Yamamoto captain there. Either way, once you get the T10 you can sell the T9 and recoup some credits for the upgrades. It's another year until the Super Containers are available for the T10 bonus so you should have both the GK and Yamato by then regardless of which path you take.
  13. ClassicLib

    More ranked, no steel!

    Regardless of the rewards it does look like a fun format. More closely spaced Irrevocable ranks and you can play with a teammate. In a 6x6 format I can see that as being pretty interesting. Ranked with less grind and high tier madness. With half the number of ranks the unicums and really good players will rank out fast and the newer and less skilled players will still be able to get to Rank 1 without a huge grind.
  14. ClassicLib

    Krohnstad or Musashi

    I think many people equate the Musashi as 'just' a premium Izumo. I've been asked more than once if she's any better than the Izumo. I'm tempted to lie. As to being focused...I have a Belfast. Red team chat is always, 'Kill it. Kill it now.'
  15. ClassicLib

    Krohnstad or Musashi