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  1. He berates better players during streams when they're not around or when they can't speak back to him and there's nothing special about his stats. That doesn't make him a fantastic player. His "nice & friendly guy" persona on the forum is also pathetic because it's nothing but projections.
  2. By what criteria? Camping?
  3. No, you don't. All of my encounters versus you and your clan says otherwise too. It's very pathetic to lie about using a certain ammunition on the forum too.
  4. You're not really performing well when you are strictly using HE to rack up damage points with caused fires. And if you think there is a correlation between IQ and damage points in WoWs, then kudos to you.
  5. Oh damn, you think I sound bitter because I don't consider self-proclaimed good players to be a good player. So what do you call it when somebody like him spreads fake rumors about better players then?
  6. Yeah, good players don't write appreciation posts about their friends and clanmates and they don't tell random people to write appreciation posts about them. I'm not sure why you're bringing up your anecdote and nobody cares either. Are you the type of person to add video game stats to a resume? Have you talked to your therapist about this?
  7. How is this any different from what you, Pulicat and the rest of your clan is doing to better players? Wow, he "systematically" wrecked the 3 DDs with the left mouse button. What a hype and amazing player! Funny how you praise your clan mates for doing that but when a better player is doing it, you and your clan mates accuse them of "camping". These appreciation posts which you and your clan mates write about yourselves is quite literally the most pathetic thing I've ever seen so far.
  8. You might as well consider everyone in this community to be super unicum if you think that angry and jealous snowflake is a super unicum.
  9. Kichougasaki

    Should good players give advice?

    Not exactly hard to win if you play in a division during odd hours when the ordinary Joe is either drunk or about to fall asleep. Let's see how far it will get him when he doesn't have a division to carry him and make sure it happens during peak hours. Didn't he also avoid every ranked season because he couldn't bring someone to carry him? This is giving me some really deep conscious thoughts.
  10. Kichougasaki

    Should good players give advice?

    He should not be giving advice because he's not a good player. But I will say that If I wanted advice on hiding behind my team and inflating my damage numbers, I'd certainly ask him first because he is quite talented at doing that.
  11. Nope, wrong again. Try harder. That's hilarious. You have almost reached 2k posts and more than half of those posts are pitiful insults and tantrums. Projecting much? First of all, you and Pulicat aren't talented. If both of you were talented, you wouldn't be frightened by better players and talk crapabout them on a daily basis to convince others to join your hate train against them. Second, you and Pulicat are trying to ban more than 90% of the player base because they're either bad or not complying with your safe space rules. That's not "steering the game in a proper direction", you buffoon. Third, a talented player wouldn't cry and demand a player to get banned, they'd just move on. You do remind me of him. After all, you were both part of the same clan for a while because birds of a feather flock together. It all makes sense now, it's just like clockwork.
  12. "OO7" is O7's second active clan and I've never thrown every clan into the mix, you're just grasping at straws. First you tried to argue that major tech companies don't ban users if they've said something derogative or controversial on other platforms because it would be beyond the scope of their influence, and you were wrong about that, because that is exactly what they're doing, and many more (including WG) will follow suit, and now you want to argue that two clans under the same leadership and umbrella isn't the same thing? Come on, I know he's your friend, but now you're getting desperate and embarrassing.
  13. Well, you just opened a new can of worms for no reason. You really do come across as the "persistent debate troll" who believes they're always right, and everyone else is wrong, and must always have the last word. I've never attacked you, and I'm sure if you worked on your attitude, stopped attacking and painting others as a scapegoat, they wouldn't confront you. What? First, I don't have multiple accounts. Second, you shouldn't criticize someone for being "afraid" when you spew your crap about others in your safe space because they won't be able to defend themselves. And if they do manage to find a way into your safe space to confront you, you will immediately get rid of them because you stand no chance. Oh look who decided to come out of the woodwork, another hyper-aggressive clanmate. Color me surprised.
  14. Of course I do. He received two well-deserved and justifiable strikes for verbally attacking several players in the game. I'm not discussing it, I'm just pointing it out, similar to how 'somebody' did in their original post in this thread. Nope, I don't exploit or abuse people like you and him. Wow, you have three strikes and not two? And you're proud of that? You really need to stop treating it like trophies because they could be the end of your livelihood. You and your clan doesn't represent the community but I'll let you continue your charade.
  15. No, everyone's seen you do it on multiple occasions. And don't give me the "but some of my clanmates and friends do it too, so that makes it ok!". No, you don't. You spread lies and spew rhetorics about others. You didn't intend to name him? You mentioned him several times in that Twitch VOD and your rant about him continued for 40 minutes. Are you part of a modern flat Earth society or something? Why should I prove something so obvious, visible and understood. You are literally famous for spreading false rumors and pushing for fake drama. And please, drop the hypocrisy. Do you seriously believe no one remembers the crap you say in the game chat, Reddit, Discord or other forums? You think your two strikes happened for no reason? Never been part of your cesspool and I don't need to be near trolls to know what a troll does. I also don't hate you, you can stop projecting now. See? You're projecting again. You wrote a whole paragraph of asinine crap about a bad player on a public forum because he offended you in a video game and now you're accusing me of "throwing an absolute tantrum". Thanks for the laugh. Back in the old days, we used to ignore those type of players and move on. Have you tried to look away from your monitor for 10 seconds instead of being so fixated with somebody on the Internet? What "angel" receives two strikes in a short amount of time? I've never received a strike, none of my friends have received a strike, and I rarely see somebody whine about strikes. In fact, Pulicat and his few friends are the only ones who regularly complain about their strikes. Also, here comes the hyper-aggressive Pulicat brigade train because I've been getting several notifications about reactions after he submitted his reply. What a coincidence