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  1. ObviousAlt

    Ok I figured this game out

    Tier 11.
  2. ObviousAlt

    PTS server North America seems to be down

    There is only one PT server, and it's not up right now.
  3. ObviousAlt

    Stop Hiding during a battle

    Wasn't judging his opinion. Was simply stating that the player base at large does exactly what they want, and what he wants is meaningless to them.
  4. ObviousAlt

    Stop Hiding during a battle

    People don't play according to your rules. the sooner you realize that, the better off you'll be.
  5. ObviousAlt

    Why is there no Clan Battles for coop clans???

    Obvious Alt is obvious…..
  6. ObviousAlt

    Concealment in Open Waters NEEDS NERF

    Can't believe people are keeping this alt troll post alive...has it really gotten that quiet in the forums?
  7. It's really too bad that you feel that you have to force the players to spend money. I really would wonder what would happen if you actually made an attempt to make the game fun and engaging...who knows, people might actually open their wallets. Might even help with the horrendous turnover rate...I realize this will never happen, but it's nice to dream.
  8. They would lose rage, anger, and the need to push up the lines.... The last part is why it will never change. Can you imagine how much more comfortable and balanced the game would be with +1? 5's see no more than 6, 6 sees no more than 7.....mid tiers would actually be fun and engaging to play. And WOWS seems to depend on making the game frustrating and annoying to drive people up the tiers, and make them money in the process. If as has been rumored they have a 90%+ turnover rate due to that, you'd think they'd at least try something else....
  9. Sync dropping with alts or clan mates.....
  10. Perfectly logical. Earning a ship that you already have gets you credits, WG isn't going to refund the value in doubloons simply because you earned it. (You end up with a free ship, not really economical for WG,) If you purchase a ship you already have, you get refunded in doubloons at whatever current value is, so you don't pay twice.....
  11. ObviousAlt

    No subs please.

    That's looking kind of ugly for a rework and a ship event.
  12. ObviousAlt

    REQ: Sell Benham in Shop plz

    WG has already stated in another thread that they do not have any plans on selling the Benham in the shop. But if you've spent 1000's on the game, $215 isn't to big a nut to crack..,.is it?
  13. ObviousAlt

    Who is the Biggest Whale?

    Do you know what the median income is in the US? Or that 60% of households couldn't pay a $600 emergency bill? That makes $200 seem a bit more important than you seem to place it. I've been playing online since before the internet was a thing, and you know what I've found? Most people that blow big money on a game, can't afford it. I've seen to many people destroy their lives over games. It's almost as if you believe every wealthy person in the country actually sits around and plays games all day.
  14. ObviousAlt

    No subs please.

    You mean like the CV rework brought an increase? If only the actual statistics backed you up...on anything.
  15. ObviousAlt

    Time to move on

    All those imbalances you point out were only useful to a the few players that actually learn the game...