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  1. Kingsabre

    "Ring" Results are in ...

    His in game rank should say "Rear Admiral" regardless from 0-19 points
  2. Kingsabre

    Opinions On Number of Flags (not signals)

    I've seen screenshots of people who have been around longer and have tons and tons of flags... but do you notice they are hardly ever given out in more recent times? I only have maybe 3-4 flags, and I even know players who have ZERO flags, and they've been playing the game for close to two years.. (yes they are casual players and don't earn every reward so have probably missed opportunities) but the fact remains that the ability to mount two flags per ship feels like a pretty useless collection reward to a lot of players, especially those of us who have only been around for the last year or two, when flags have been rarely given out.
  3. Kingsabre

    Mouse Makes More Medals

    A bunch of fantastic ideas Mouse! Hopefully Wargaming will implement some / most of them