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  1. Kingsabre

    Saddest picture ever?

    I always thought it was an absolute travesty that Enterprise was scrapped. She deserved a better fate.
  2. Kingsabre

    Final word on IFHE changes?

    So if you did decide to still take IFHE on 152mm cruisers, would you also still spec DE? ...or just accept the fact that you won't be starting as many fires and use those 3 points elsewhere?
  3. Everyone says Kirov doesn't fit - and technically the guns don't, but Commander-build-wise it's just the last ship before the Budyonny that doesn't need IFHE so I never really saw it as a problem... Moskva, yeah doesn't match the rest of the line, but seems really strange that they're making a heavy cruiser line split, but the Moskva won't be part of it lol
  4. Kingsabre

    AA Skill Change ideas

    I realize for these to happen would require rebalancing of AA, which WG probably isn't eager to throw more manhours at, but here goes anyway. If Wargaming is hellbent on NOT giving us back the ability to increase the range of our AA, could we at least change AFT from damage inside flak clouds to either + more flak bursts (similar to the T5 upgrade) Or, maybe increase the SIZE of the flak bursts (thus making them more difficult to avoid / fly though)? ^ Just a couple ideas, since AFT is garbage now (at least for AA purposes) The other useless AA skill is the new Massive AA replacing Manual AA here's the bigger change for me to suggest - Make the normal AA controls what Massive AA is right now, and make the whole priority sector thing into the MAA skill - just like in the old system you could click a squadron and do some extra damage, but not nearly as much as if you'd invested in the skill - here you could still use the ~ key to select a side and get a one time burst of damage, followed by a cooldown but if you'd invested 4 points in the MAA skill, you'd get the priority sector thing with a burst of damage PLUS the ramp up in damage on the chosen side for a set amount of time followed by a cooldown Again, I realize that would require an entire re-balancing of AA (sigh, again) since ALL ships right now have the priority sector thing. ...I just wish AA builds were a thing again, and right now they're trash.
  5. Kingsabre

    Slot 3 upgrade for RN CL?

    Huh, I would’ve thought the RN cruisers would benefit since they only get a couple puffs of smoke, and this would give them a longer/ larger cloud... ...then again, I don’t tend to “overshoot” and drift out of my smoke anyway so...
  6. So I used to run the old AA upgrade (+20% AA range)... but obviously that’s gone with the CV rework... Is the new AA upgrade a good choice? (+2 flak bursts) If not, what would you run instead? It seems the prevailing wisdom that most cruisers don’t need Aiming Systems... RN cruisers already have pretty fast turret traverse (plus don’t want to give up ROF) so MBM2 is out... I’m not running a secondary build LOL... How about the “Special” Smoke Screen Upgrade available in the Armory?
  7. Kingsabre

    "Ring" Results are in ...

    His in game rank should say "Rear Admiral" regardless from 0-19 points
  8. Kingsabre

    Opinions On Number of Flags (not signals)

    I've seen screenshots of people who have been around longer and have tons and tons of flags... but do you notice they are hardly ever given out in more recent times? I only have maybe 3-4 flags, and I even know players who have ZERO flags, and they've been playing the game for close to two years.. (yes they are casual players and don't earn every reward so have probably missed opportunities) but the fact remains that the ability to mount two flags per ship feels like a pretty useless collection reward to a lot of players, especially those of us who have only been around for the last year or two, when flags have been rarely given out.
  9. Kingsabre

    Mouse Makes More Medals

    A bunch of fantastic ideas Mouse! Hopefully Wargaming will implement some / most of them