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  1. I love when people ignore my Conq and give me full broadside because they assume i'm going to keep firing HE. :) It cuts both ways friend.
  2. You are not "above average" Your stats are very much below average with the exception of win rate. That said, you've only got 425 battles under your belt, so you have a lot of room to grow and improve
  3. Error 404 - Player Skill Not Found You should know A) Where to aim and B) when to use AP vs HE You should never only use one ammunition type. Use the ammunition that's appropriate to the situation. Broadside cruiser/battleship? Use AP Heavily angled battleship showing bow? Well, might be time to switch to HE unless you can land shells into deck/superstructure or alternatively, move to flank and get his side. As the other player said, this is a skill issue, not a ship issue.
  4. Skilled Shooters

    Especially considering his own stats are NOWHERE CLOSE to that. He's not even average, he's not even below average, he's BAD. 43% WR across 10k+ battles 276 PR 19% survival 18.5k average dmg .32 average warships 701 average experience. I'm not a great player but wow, this guy wants to be carried hard by bribing his clan with rewards of premium time, camos and flags I'm really hoping the [FARCE] clan name is correct and that this is a late April Fools joke
  5. The problem isn't the size of the minimap itself. That's MAXED out It's the size of the icons. They're literally 25% of the size they were yesterday. Specifically the ship icons.
  6. Minimap icons have shrunk by 75% compared to yesterday's 7.2 patch. I have changed no settings and the game is nigh unplayable on 2560x1440, i can no longer at-a-glance tell where and what ships are. Please revert whatever change was made to minimap UI for high resolution, it makes the game practically unplayable I can't find any way to revert the Minimap icons to yesterday's size