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  1. Server Issues

    Yup, booted half my clan and unable to reconnect after our match.
  2. Indianapolis Marthon Rethink!

    Generally any and win task can be a real pain in the butt. I managed this one thanks to deal old battlecruiser Hindenburg and a Minotaur kind enough to offer his broadside at close range.
  3. I think he means the white steam blast from the stack that happens in game, not the sound being different. In game when you use it, you'll have steam fired off near the stacks. In port, I think that effect is missing. Just a cosmetic change.
  4. There's another ship I saw recently that can't alter it either. The free tachibana I think it was. I just figure it before they are a-typical color schemes. Mikasa is black and white, while the rest are largely sinus infection green.
  5. Steering locked out?

    If the steering isn't jammed I'm not certain. I know every so often I'll tab out to Discord or something and be accidentally typing in the box in there, instead of helming my ship. Though usually I catch that. Shouldn't be the case if your speed is still working though. Could be a lag spike, so you just have to wait out input to go to normal then ok.
  6. New premium ships every Friday?

    They're cycling the available ones. Not "new" per say, so much as a second chance at ones you may have missed in the past.
  7. Update 0.7.4 Bug Reports

    It's not just her, I was coming here to report another case of it I found. With Hood if you go from the standard camo to one of the event ones (Last Battle, from the Bottom) the regular camo doesn't fully go away and parts of the second camo are overtop it. IE: A grey Hood previewing Last Battle will be grey with the red turret roof paint bleeding through. Also is the case for Bismarck: going from her normal permanent camo and previewing one of the event ones will only partially overlay the new one onto the other. I'm guessing it's an issue with ships that fully change during camo swaps.
  8. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    It's not the card that's always the issue. Wine as it is for stability only runs in 32bit, meaning the cards are crippled to 512mb max usage. Even if you have a 1-2GB card you won't be using it's full potential.
  9. I vote the mods start using this pic ...

    We're lacking enough Heresy to justify it though. Well, ok maybe that's a lie. Purge away for the Emperor.
  10. Worchester PSA

    Yea, War-chester is how it's staying for me. I'm not gonna attempt a New England accent, ever.
  11. Bonus Code

    Click your name in the upper right had side then - activate wargaming code. Paste it in there.
  12. A poignant reminder that the ships we all love so much occasionally had fatalities, even if they never foundered.
  13. Where is my helicopter?

    Those are on the way, I believe. If the recent pictures are anything to go by we are finally getting turret mounted planes for ships that had them.
  14. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Yup. I have. The only background one I'll have at times is discord, but it seems to happen with or without it. It's very good. It was never an issue until recently. I figure it'll get straightened out eventually.
  15. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    I've already done that to mine. :) I've been on top of that one for awhile now.