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    There's a better one of her in the outdoors. It's important to note, however, that they are using compressed air at a lower pressure than Titanic would have operated. As she used high pressure steam. So the tones are sadly different than she would have had in life. It was deemed too dangerous to the integrity of the whistles to sound them at original steam and pressure.
  2. Losing streaks and the next steps…

    Yup, sometimes you just gotta take a breather, clear your head, then come back later. There's always gonna be those moments things just aren't in your favor, such is life.
  3. When Lert bought an M4A3 Sherman 105mm

    Nice. My girlfriend got me a Tiger 1 that shoots BBs for Christmas. Lotta fun to be had with them.
  4. Welcome. I'm pretty sure I've seen you in game before, unless there's two of you with the WGA tag.
  5. I prefer keeping a wide range of them, if only for show sometimes. It's nice to be able to look at them. Since nearly all the ships in game where scrapped or sunk long before I came into this world. I just have favorites out of that bunch that I focus on more than others.
  6. I think they are connected. I think what is causing the citadel bug is there is a "void" for lack of better term around the new water effect, it's like passing through air. So shells aren't encountering resistance as they come in. Leading lower sized shells to retain their pen/momentum and citadel, while bigger shells are carrying too much into it and just resulting in over pens even of citadels.
  7. Missouri gun misses on the rise

    Definitely something isn't right with it. I've been testing it in Co-op after reading all the reports. Pretty repeatable results. Missouri is constantly overpenning any target, even when aimed at belt or waterline, while the 16' guns of NC are performing as expecting. I've been running repeated tests on it and saved some screen shots. One game is a fluke of RNG, several though, is a pattern. Examples:
  8. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    It does say it's a Beta client if you check the Mac System requirements.
  9. I keep getting random spikes, normal ping is 30-40 for me, I've noticed a few spikes as high as 150 for no reason I can sort out. Causing shot input lag or consumable trigger lag.
  10. Mouse finds Happiness.

    I laughed harder than I should have, at oh no my murder victim is getting away.
  11. Pigeon's Weekly Thought Mar. 13th, 2018

    USN: USS Nevada: only ship to get underway during the Pearl Harbor attack, repaired, served out the rest of the war. She has a unique gun configuration not seen within the USN tech tree (3-2-2-3), much like what of Guilo Casaer and depending on the refit could also hold a similar AA niche as Texas below her. USS Maryland/West Virginia: USN at this point does not have a tier VII BB Premium (KM: Scharnhorst, RN: Hood, Duke of York), one of these in a post Pearl Harbor refit would also potentially fill that void and bring the line there up to par with the others. Still slower than anything else, boasted AA and maybe a bit of a change with her gunnery to reflect modernization, nothing too drastic. Premium Cleveland: Mostly just a small down tiered Cleveland as a placeholder as a legacy, made out of the current tier 6 Cleveland, lots of names to pick from there. RN: HMS Vanguard: Due to it's legacy of being the last battleship commissioned by the Royal Navy, as well as it's most modern. It's an oddball with the lower caliber gunnery, but high AA, however given the HE focus of the current RN line, not totally unheard of to try to find a way to make that worse. Otherwise increase the pen with double charged shot and have it fire a bit faster, but for tier weaker shells due to their size. AA suit in may ways would challenge the USN for which one is helping push an advance. HMS Repulse: lower tier Battlecruiser, just be interesting to see more of them actually in the game. Assuming the Reknown would ultimately be on the tree of a British BC line, that leaves us with Repulse as the candidate. Serves in both World Wars, decent guns, horrid AA most likely, met her untimely fate at the Hands of the Japanese alongside of Prince of Wales (Who I'd list if we didn't have 2 KGV class BBs). HMS Ark Royal: Ok, admittedly, adding a carrier may not be the best idea since they seem to be difficult to get the balance just right with. However, Ark Royal played a rather important part in hunting down and destroying the Battleship Bismarck during the early part of the war. It would also give us a chance to see the Swordfish torpedo bombers in action. Interesting little bit of history that we are missing as it stands right now. She also sinks during the war, meeting her fate at the hands of a german U-boat. KM: I'm admittedly not entirely sure what to do with the Kriegsmarine, seeing as the WW2 one had such a limit of capital ships and such. That said, instead, I'd rather pull back on the Imperial German Navy. SMS Seydlitz: A WW1 german battlecruiser which participated in the Battles of Jutland and Dogger Bank, sustaining extremely heavy damage but still managing to return home in both cases. At Jutland, together with SMS Derfflinger she was responsible for the explosion the destroyed the Battlecruiser Queen Mary. As a battlecruiser, she would like most ships of her type have heavy gunner, but insufficient armor against higher caliber shells, also as a WW1 ship she would suffer from near useless anti-aircraft armament. Outside of that I'm not totally sure where to go with this line. Low tier the Armored Cruisers Scharnhorst or Gneisenau would come to mind, however, since those names are already used in game, not really a viable option.
  12. Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Cut the water back to low. It's not just a OS X issue this go round. There is a memory leak tanking windows as well, seemingly tied to the new graphics. Each match on both systems the fps continues to go down, until it ultimately crashes when on medium, on low it seems to be holding steady for me. Just a bug with the new effects that needs to be sorted.
  13. Gascogne doesn't have a catapult plane?

    It happens once in awhile, Bismarck's is missing as well, while Tirpitz always is sitting on the catapult.
  14. Sometime yesterday RV Petrel made contact with the wreck of USS Lexington, in the Coral Sea at a depth of around 3,000 meters. She appears to be upright on the bottom, with part of her name visible. FB Video announcement
  15. French Containers

    I ended up one collectable short of finishing the collect, little miffed it didn't at least give enough chance to for sure finish the free bit of it. Oh well I guess, just hope for a return of the collection mission like the Bismarck ones to finish it eventually. I'm not spending money on it.