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  1. I usually just remind them, that if I'm an idiot that still has a boat, what does that make someone that lost theirs? Really just find it more amusing then anything.
  2. I've had the screen go black like it's night, but this is a new one on me. I guess this is what a battle looks like after the CO drops acid.
  3. Pretty much where I'm at with it. I was also thinking that I'm fairly sure Eugen is on the list for normal ships in supercontainers, thought obviously the odds there are astronomical.
  4. That looks really, really good. The Yamato blowing is pretty impressive really. At least now it'll leave no question about what happened when one of your ships goes full Jutland.
  5. She's a ship I really like the look of, but I just can't bring myself to justify the price. I'd never complain if I won one in a crate or something, but I really dunno if I'd ever see myself buying her. I collect enough ships as it is. It'd be kinda fun to run one with a Bismarck against the upcoming RN BB rush though.
  6. Not exactly an equal comparison though. In that the secondaries were built into the primary fire seeing as you just held down fire and secondaries would cycle after the main battery. Not exactly a practical solution, considering ammo swap types, reload types, and full salvos. You'd have to entirely change the way things play out mechanically, not to mention the need to adjust perks. As well as in BSM/P using the DP guns instead of your AA removed them from AA firing, so again, more mechanics would need changed. Just kinda an apples to oranges comparision in games there. Don't get me wrong, I loved Midway/Pacific, but I don't think that type of fire would work well here. I'm not really a fan of this idea (blitz controlled secondaries), it'd either make secondaries totally useless (people not using them, only main guns), or it'd make them fully broken as someone who understands the aim just pounds everything relentlessly between main gun cycles. At least right now, the current spray and pray of the secondares gives some chance for action against as long as one is smart with it. It just doesn't feel like a good bit, imo. It makes sense for something quick and arcade-like like WoWS Blitz, or Pacific (which also used snap on aim focusing on parts of the ship), but not for something as RNG based as this. Just muddies the waters more then it needs to. Aside from forcing the commander skill rework again. (Since BFT, AFK, MFC0 all become obsolete)
  7. Wait for Gamescom, it'll probably have rough answers to your timeline issues. WG likes to make a bit of a splash there. Last year new tanks on WoT, and the KM BB line for WoWS
  8. My bet is that it's arising from the shift to DX11, and that they want to slowly kill off all computers with DX9. The Mac skin was emulating in XP, and unable to go above 32 bit, thus the cap at 512 VRAM, no matter the system limit. There's been a lot of work done trying to get DX11 to emulate correctly, but as far as I'm aware there's never been a stable creation of it. That said, vote with your wallet. My portable computer for work is a mac, and if I can't play when I'm away from home, then I'm just not going to spend anymore money on any of WG's things.
  9. According to the stream today this is officially killed, so GG I guess guys.
  10. Entered, thanks for the chance. I've been really trying to get my hands on her. Was hoping for a crack over the 4th, but it wasn't in the cards.
  11. Same as the others, US East Coast. In the past I'd be steady at around 50. Last two weeks or so it's been chaotic between 50-120, with some major lags in loading as well. Very usual. Only effecting WoWS everything else is fine after testing.
  12. I haven't managed it yet, my best run so far has been literally two bombers shy of five stars. We'd have probably made if, if two of our Anthony's didn't decide to go play in the minefield.
  13. The new news thing is totally borked out on the wine port. Clicking on it to get rid of that flashing notification immediately makes the sound break (becomes static sounded, intermittent at best), and then exiting it after clearing the news results in a black screen that requires use of hot keys to crash out windows and relaunch. Error is repeatable, happens each time you go to news. Included image of the error generated. Current patch/wine setup. 2.7GHZ I5 20GB RAM AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512MB
  14. To a point - I split a captain between them so it's nice to know I don't have to worry about habits there. Though, Bismarck is my prefered of the two. For whatever reason I get better results with her than I do Tirpitz.