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  1. I must be really weird, because I actually really like the Hipper. I just play her more like a second tier battlecruiser, than an upper line cruiser. Relying on the guns to use HE at ranges over around 12km, and AP against broadside under. You're not going to go blow for blow against another cruiser like Myoko unless he makes a mistake as his IFHE is just gonna tear you apart. Though, another many other ships you can be just fine. I'm got a 50k average in her in 40 games, thats stock grind included as I'm full and going to Roon now.
  2. HSF collab part 2 officially announced

    Isn't that what it says below the anchor chain? It's slanted heavily where it is, but i can see something 117. It's just white/very light colored with sun reflection on it.
  3. Christmas Ship Sales

    Early reports suggest she's hull upgraded, but gone full cruiser. (No repair party, Def AA instead)
  4. Falcon Heavy - Elon Musk is drunk again...

    Sir Issac Newton is the deadliest - in space.
  5. Christmas Ship Sales

    Early signs are pointing to Scharnhorst being a part of an event around Christmas, so possible. Though none of us really know. It's looking like the Christmas event is gonn be Duke of York, with the Battle of North Cape (Scharnhorst, Duke of York, Belfast) playing into another campaign possibly at the same time.
  6. Bismarck returns home, I suppose. She was built by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg.
  7. When things go your way

    I've had it happen once. I can't remember exactly what ship I was in (BB though). I just did a full reinstall, so my shells were back to the default HE position. Lined up and just took a pot shot at a cruiser somewhere over 15km from me (early game). Hit him, he detonated. I was torn between appologizing and laughing at the obsurdity of it. That one HE shell probably achieved more than my AP broadside would have.
  8. Yamashiro Found

    Survivor testimony has otherwise though. The bow/stern break was claimed by allied ships, and may have been because of the fuel oil fires in the water. Japanese survivors claimed Fuso sank intact after around 45 minutes of flooding, with fuel oil fires everywhere. Capsizing intact and going to the bottom.
  9. Yamashiro Found

    Are they absolutely sure it's Yamashiro? Just looking around online I can't find much. As both Fuso and Yamashiro went down at Surigao Strait.
  10. ?? Are US Battleships so slow

    19 between launches, Colorado is launched in 21, comissioned 23, while NC is launched in 40, commisioned 41. True the sister ships are later then that, but it's close enough just as trying to rattle it off the top of my head.
  11. ?? Are US Battleships so slow

    By and large, they are pretty much what they were. It's easy to come up with what ifs, but in reality, the ships of the period were on par with the dreadnaughts other nations fielded. Remember, US battleships never actually took part in surface actions during WW1, a few were assigned to the Royal Navy after we entered the war, but by then the major fights were already over. The only real difference, is that the US never fielded battlecruisers in the way that other nations did. What ships the USN had were all dreadnaughts. Shells also do not fully compare as historically, the USN did not field 15in main battery guns. It went from the 14in guns of the Tennessee class straight to the 16in guns of the Colorado. While other nations fighting actively in WW1 fielded larger caliber guns. For example: Queen Elizabeth class battleships, Admiral class Battlecruiser(s) of the royal navy all used 15in guns, this is by tier 6 as far as the game goes. The same could be said for the Kaiserliche Marine battleships such as the Bayern class fielding 15in guns. While the USN is only going to be using 14in shells. If anything, they're actually slightly behind the curve around tier 6 in size and such. They are missing the lessons of WW1. Tier 7, all things considered size wise the guns are equal for the USN, IJN, and RN as all three field ships of the big 7, the only ones allowed to mount and use 16in guns by the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty, which would then be the standard all ships are held at until WW2. By then the escalation clauses came in and the US began to build larger ships with 16in guns and greater total tonnage. Some things in game also down to just understanding the ships. USN especially earlier line are kind of the middle ground. Slow, but very workable armor and a heavy number of guns. I personally found Wyoming and New York frustrating, but New Mexico was a lot of fun (As is the premium Pennsylvania class: Arizona), Colorado was kinda middle of the road, but once you get to NC it's very nice.
  12. ?? Are US Battleships so slow

    American standard type battleships are pretty much what they were. They are all large, heavily armored, but very slow ships. Remember that all of them on the tech tree before tier 8 are WW1 era designs. They don't focus on speed, they focus on line battle taking damage and dealing it out. Engines are no where near as efficient and many even modernized, it was mostly focused on fighting capability over speed. They were not fast attack ships. The three fast battleships designs (North Carolina, South Dakota, and Iowa) are a departure from the traditional line of battle thinking. They use armor schemes called everything or nothing. Instead of solid armor all around, it's focused on protecting the major points of the ship. Secondly, they are much, much larger with massive engine spaces within and modern equipment. They were built to keep up with Carrier task forces or rapidly respond to situations. Colorado are the last class completed and finished per the terms of the Washington Naval Treaty, after that it's a 20 some odd year hiatus for Battleship building in the US. So there is a large technology change between the time of the last standard and the first fast battleships.
  13. I mostly just wanted half off on a year of premium as full price is a bit high for my price point usually. Or Eugen relatively cheap, but since it's bundled up with things to cost as much as a new game. Eh. Pass.