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  1. TheGreyGhost91

    Amazon Pay not working ISSUE!

    Unless our other methods don't work. My cards dislike the fact it's overseas transactions so none of them are viable unfortunately. I guess I'm saving money in the holiday season though. Even if it makes me miss one of my state(s) ships.
  2. Same here, stock game with nothing changed. Since the last patch it takes two sign in attempts to get on. I've wiped the preferences file, checked integrity and all the other normal steps. Just doesn't work. Initial sign on fails, reenter password and it takes.
  3. TheGreyGhost91

    Icons for British CV's released (and yes, this is real)

    Swordfish incoming. Hide the Kreigsmarine sterns!
  4. TheGreyGhost91

    Server Issues

    Yup, booted half my clan and unable to reconnect after our match.
  5. TheGreyGhost91

    Indianapolis Marthon Rethink!

    Generally any and win task can be a real pain in the butt. I managed this one thanks to deal old battlecruiser Hindenburg and a Minotaur kind enough to offer his broadside at close range.
  6. TheGreyGhost91

    Everyone probably already knows this but...

    I think he means the white steam blast from the stack that happens in game, not the sound being different. In game when you use it, you'll have steam fired off near the stacks. In port, I think that effect is missing. Just a cosmetic change.
  7. There's another ship I saw recently that can't alter it either. The free tachibana I think it was. I just figure it before they are a-typical color schemes. Mikasa is black and white, while the rest are largely sinus infection green.