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  1. Ericmopar

    How do you Co-op players generate enough credits?

    I keep a bunch of tier VI ships around and play scenarios. I make tons of credits there and with premiums like the Massachusetts B. I also save most of my economic flags for Scenarios like Aegis etc now. Scenarios are also great for a good start on new commanders, to get them their first few points, before giving them a permanent ship.
  2. Ericmopar

    Bad Behavior in Co-op

    This was the first thing I was wondering. When I'm playing my BBs, people frequently turn in front of me and stop in DDs and even cruisers with smoke and I'll end up hitting them, because I can't take evasive action in time. They also spawn far ahead of me, but will sit and wait until I'm near them and suddenly hit the W key and accelerate into me as I'm passing. Then proceed to get on me in chat... lol
  3. Ericmopar

    And despite my best efforts...

    I do, just not within the last few days. I haven't loaded into the game very much for two weeks.
  4. Ericmopar

    And despite my best efforts...

    What "free" premium consumables? What increased points? Last time I was playing, there where still as many as 3 red bots left at the end of a game.
  5. Ericmopar

    And despite my best efforts...

    I've had games near or over 150k and still lost. I've gotten killed early when I'm the only human and went riding with the green bots and they are programed to lose. I mean the green bots just sail up now and suicide, they'll even deliberately point their guns several degrees from a close target and shoot in the water etc. WG doesn't want people playing PvsE, it's really obvious. Between that and them screwing over two of my favorite ships with the so called balancing recently, I've pretty much quit playing. I used to play 10 to 20 matches a day, now I can count on one hand, the number of games I've played in the last week or maybe two now. I've just gone back to watching Twitch and Netflix. lol
  6. Ericmopar

    Invulnerable Forts?

    Working as intended comrades. WG hates P vs E and is trying to make people leave. They aren't that stupid, they can fix it, it's clearly working as they wished it to. I too noticed that forts and even on shore installations I used to kill with one salvo, are now extremely hard to kill.
  7. Ericmopar

    How To Spot Torps?

    I wasn't complaining about being hit, I was complaining about trying to complete a torpedo spotting missing, while yoloing up and as far as I can tell, being the first to spot the first red torps, but still not getting credit for spotting them, to complete the mission. I've even tried to race up and get torped by a red bot to no avail. If no other green ships are near and I'm right next to a red bot getting myself torped, how can I not at least get credit for spotting the torps that kill me? LOL
  8. Ericmopar

    How To Spot Torps?

    I'm having issues completing part of a directive. I've got 18 of 20 torps spotted and I've tried yoloing etc at the start of a match to spot the last two and nothing works. It's almost as if the directive was turned off or something. I'm seeing red torps all the time, but none of them are being counted as spotted, even when I'm right up front in a cruiser or DD. Any tips? Any explanations of why I'm seeing torps and I'm the one spotting them, but they aren't counting in this mission?
  9. Ericmopar

    This is Ridiculous, Midway Encounter Number 2

    But that's my point, even my Massachusetts was bouncing the main battery, both AP and HE on the Midway a few days ago. Not even the more heavily armored Cruisers can do that. Some of you keep talking about HE pen, but the damn thing bounces AP too.
  10. Ericmopar

    Just delete all operations if the nerf is going ahead.

    No co-op has been re-engineered to last 10 or more minutes now. Battles don't last 5 minutes very often in co-op these days.
  11. Ridiculous. First time I encountered it I pumped over 25 HE and AP shells from my Massachusetts into it for almost no damage, now this. I89 shells from the Worcester, both AP and HE Is the Midway a BB with flight decks in P vs P too, or is it just the bot Midway that is like this?
  12. Ericmopar

    So WG cut half exp from Narai? (PT)?

    I'm going to play prophet... They'll eventually turn the XP and credit earnings so low, that it will be like WoT, where a person has to buy premium time and boosters both, unless they are a Unicum.... I can thank wargaming for one thing. Thanks to them, after my experiences in three WG titles, I'll never buy into another video game ever again. lol
  13. Ericmopar

    So WG cut half exp from Narai? (PT)?

    Because they are full of it.... They have outrageous pricing for converting elite XP off of our ships, and want us doing that instead. It's probably the real reason for reworking co-op, so the games take nearly twice as long for the same or less XP now as well.
  14. Ericmopar

    Bot TK's

    Think that is bad, try riding with the green bots when you die early. You'll see them change course and float right up and stop so red bots can torp them, aiming into open water, as much as 45° from a target right next to them and there is nothing out there that they could be aiming for... etc, etc, etc. All kinds of stuff green bots do or don't do now. When I first started playing co-op over a year ago, the green bots were as good, or bad, as the red ones, but not anymore.
  15. Ericmopar

    Needed more time to respec my commander

    Rubles is why. I played a lot of cruiser games in my CLs to try and determine what was the best course of action and still ended up respecing two commanders at my cost. The ships in question did not behave during the free respec the way they have been over this weekend. I'm just sick of how a person gets what they want and WG deliberately screws it up in the future, so I'm just not going to spend anymore. The gold used was already there and none will be purchased in the future. I should add, that for whatever reason, my respec time started before the changes to the ships actually happened... (they had a link to the free respec in the news a few days before the update, and it apparently activated immediately) So I didn't even get the 6 days or so to do it.