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  1. My game client is locking/crashing when I try to exit the game. It seems to load fine and play okay, but when I try to exit the game, it gets stuck on the confirmation screen. (Solved) In my case, a clean reinstall fixed it. I'm not happy, this is the second time in a row, I've had to do a clean install after a monthly update. I have a 30mb download speed and set the downloads to "unlimited" in the settings, but it still take close to an hour. Either Wargaming's servers are really slow, and/or a node or something between us is throttling the connection.
  2. Ericmopar

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    First decent game in awhile.
  3. I've noticed that, but in my case I traced it down to much less damage being done in my American cruisers since the last update. I did an experiment with a low skill commander and my 16 pointer with IFHE in the Atlanta, and found there is no difference in gameplay now. I'm really hard pressed now to break 50K in the Atlanta now and I can't tell any difference between commanders anymore. Before the last update, I knew immediately by the way the ship played, if I had put the wrong commander in it. Now there seems to be almost no difference between a 3 pointer and 16 with IFHE.
  4. Ericmopar

    windows' 10 update, issues

    I think 7 was hands down more stable. They weren't forcing driver updates then for one thing. That being said, I've tried other AV products like BitDefender and they regularly intrude in your gameplay, even when they are in gaming mode and not supposed to do that. I went back to kaspersky after awhile, because it doesn't interfere nearly as much as other programs. Kaspersky has never ever popped up nagging notes into my gaming for one thing.
  5. Ericmopar

    windows' 10 update, issues

    There has been a problem with WorldofWarships.exe not being recognized in windows and other programs as a game, but as Clientrunner.exe instead. It makes it so antivirus's, Windows etc ignore when it's running and do updates etc while you are playing. I've Contacted wargaming and they know about it strangely enough, but don't fix it. Oddly enough there is no problem with World of Tanks like that, it's .exe is recongnized as Worldoftanks.exe and updates and such pause while playing like they are supposed to.
  6. Ericmopar

    Improved bots on test server

    Tell me about it, they hide mostly in PvP in fact a huge problem is large numbers of your team actually going behind their spawn points, it's that bad in PvP it really sucks for fun.
  7. Ericmopar

    The 1500 Doubloon Commander True Cost

    Oh bullpucky, they let you assign a premium crew that you've won in World of Tanks to any nation and tank at any tier, so clearly their game mechanics allow for it if they wish.
  8. Ericmopar

    Improved bots on test server

    No, because the bots already have superior aiming, much tighter sigma and better fusing, so the few shells fired from their stern batteries will wreck a chasing ship.
  9. I did look up the game rules for Operations, but it's not stated in the text I found. period. It might be out there somewhere, but not in the particular info I was able to find. Also, the main point is that the Navel Battle attempts should be automatically disabled when Ops are chosen. I also stick to my comment, about not caring if ops count in Navel Battles or not. Anyone with the proper tier ships could gain ribbons or XP via ops, so why is it WG doesn't include ops with Co-op and Randoms? It really doesn't make any sense. I'm going to be blunt Crucis, you act exactly like my drunken father, everybody is wrong but you and you have a stalker like tendancy, to keep on with the negative nastiness, trying to prove your superiority..
  10. Ericmopar

    My first 19-point commander

    I have a question. I saw a post somewhere, where someone said they had something like a million elite Commander XP, but they didn't even have a 19 pointer yet. How would a person accumulate that kind of Elite XP without even having a 19 pointer yet. I want to add, I'm not accusing them of lying, I'm just wondering how to achieve that if possible.
  11. Ah I didn't edit that post to be right, it would have been within minutes of the original post to correct typos etc I missed before. So take your tinfoil hat somewhere else.
  12. To me that doesn't matter, because anyone else with the proper tier ships can play the same mode anyways.
  13. Well it happened to me last night. Nari used up one attempt in the Atlanta, in which I got about 450 base XP. Before Nari I had two attempts left, after only one, and no credit for a star. The mode definitely used up an attempt. In any case it's not my fault, it's a bug that apparently sometimes raises it's head and the Navel Battles attempt should never have been used up I now know.
  14. Yeah I've had problems with Co-op where I met the base XP needed in Co-op, but it doesn't give me the star sometimes in navel battles, even though I beat the bar by 100 or more base XP. Then I can play the same ship again and get the star the next time around...
  15. I've recently started to play operations once in awhile, but I noticed that the XP and ribbons don't count in Navel Battles. WG will happily use up those "Attempts" in Navel Battles however, without explaining this. How was I supposed to know? If you pick operations while in Navel Battles, it neither disables Navel Battles while doing operations, or warns me in game of what will happen. It just happily uses up your attempts in Navel Battles for no good reason.