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  1. sapient007


    I'm always thankful for all those useful information you provide, especially those related to real history and engineering. I can see your love of US navy engineering and history. But if you can cool your nationality pride down time to time, maybe more people will found your argument appealing.
  2. sapient007

    Is Wargaming Biased Against Germans?

    1v1 rank recommendations?
  3. sapient007

    GZ Should Get Pre-Nerf Plane Speeds

    If you can't use those planes effectively, which aren't bad at all, GZ, as a CV, still leaves you some room to use her hull to have some fun with a secondary built. I found DDs and even CLs always regret getting too close to a GZ.
  4. sapient007

    I have a question for you DD players.

    WoW, this link is such an excellent article. Thank you for sharing the link.
  5. sapient007

    Elephant in the Room: Atlanta IFHE

    Maybe it's time to learn how to use AP in Atlanta? There seems few people realize that stupid AP DPM in a Atlanta. If Colbert can make 127 works in T10, don't see how Atlanta will be doom in T7. You also still have fire, radar and HE pen over superstructure. Days of Brain dead HE spam shall pass. Most player seem to agree on that because of how many HE/Smolensk OP talking right here.
  6. Or you might as well just say this pen vs. Armor design philosophy is proven to be over complicated. Different armor values may sounds cool for model lovers, but it's just not healthy to a game. An easily verifiable fact is that most people don't have the time to memories armor layout for over 200 different vassals in a GAME. WG finally reached the point that they started to regret this game design so they're trying to simplify what people needed to memory for just enjoy gaming. My feeling is mix on this change. On one side this is the right way to make a GAME enjoyable, on the other side they contradict some core philosophy of the actual game(WOWS) which may lead to the end of THIS game.
  7. TBH, I dislike this HE into Fire DoT design from day one I came to this game. This design philosophy of everything should be able to fight everything undermine teamwork in a big way. When ppl don't feel the need to rely on each other, when they are not forced to work together to get the job done, they became more and more selfish and passive is just a matter of time. We already saw some evidence. The higher the tier, the more players hang back and waiting for the braves(fools) to spot and fight in the beginning of the match so they can use their full HP ship to take advantage in the late game. As the game goes older, I feel this design will inevitably kill random mode. Feel like WG start to realize this from the CV rework and RM cruise. Just afraid the game already evolved pass the point of no return.
  8. sapient007

    The Italian CA line: its not them, its you.

    Best advice right there. When bottom tier Zara game is a horror experience. It feels like a lamb walking in Jurassic Park. You're facing DD and CL that triple your DPM, CA that overmatch your armor and BB that sail and reload faster than you.
  9. sapient007

    SUGG: "Overkill" Ribbon

    I like this suggestion. Especially if those ribbon gives very little but not 0 base xp. Any shells and torpedoes fire before the target actually killed which make contact to the target should be rewarded for encouraging players to finish low health target.
  10. sapient007

    its actually sad how bad italian cruisers are

    T7 is probably the worst one. T5 feels good and T6 is OK. T8 up they become monster in the right hand.
  11. Two month and in a T10 random battle. Already smells like nothing but trouble. T10 is arguably the most balanced tier in a very different way than any other tier. The balance at T10 is based on everybody is OP. So you're expect to do everything necessary to exploit your ships potential to be successful there. Sorry, but you are not there yet. Didn't open the video. But based on what you described, your problem lies on situational awareness and map knowledge. T10 is not the place for you to learn those. You should have been mastered those at T10. What you need to do is drop down to lower tier(T6-T7) to learn those.
  12. sapient007

    Does anyone *not* run priority target?

    That one was for HIV. It used to be silly that you can accelerate out of any shells by using that skill and the W key alone. The good old days are gone though. For PT, I found it useful only when you're searching a DD or going one to one against torpedoe equipped boat. In the middle of a hot battle, PM or EL is way more useful.
  13. Well, If a CV found you rushing him before you found that CV, you already fail that run and dead already. But if someone can't deal with a CV properly, they can always just gamble. That's why I talk about careful planing and map knowledge. I won't say this works all the time, just point out it's a viable option in right setting(I did this several times). And if you pull the gamble, you trade a T8 BB to a T10 CV(you don't even need to kill the CV by your own, if a CV drop below 1/3 HP, your can tell your CV mate to finish the job).Once red CV is gone, you almost win that game already.
  14. sapient007

    If you could buff just one ship...

    Yudachi buff her concealment back to 6.66km without captain (Shiratsuyu level) After all, she is a Shiratsuyu class. I think worse torpedo concealment and guns are already proper sacrifices for that TRB. Yudachi need that ship concealment to do proper DD thing (cap, scout and avoid trouble because she has no self defense)