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  1. My "ancient" PC sometimes did not even load in the game at 30s....so this is fine for me.....
  2. A tip from flambass's video. If you really want to cap in the first minute, Do the following. find the nearest island to the cap ram the island back in (use S and A or D)to the cap cycle If anything go wrong,press W four time and you are out of trouble.
  3. Enterprise I really enjoy deleting Bismarck with those 3×2 AP bomb drop.
  4. sapient007

    AA needs to be seriosly rebalanced

    Then you mke your stand in a place where the hope of balance and fun encounter lost. Even not as manually as shooting planes yourself, much more players action need to be involve in ship AA system than just pushing the "red button". As a CV player, I don't mind a hardcounter ships exist. But being hardcountered automatically or by push a button is bad. Cv player spend time to line up and attack. So ships should pay certen level of focus of CV to defence and then we have a game.
  5. sapient007

    Fed up with Anti-CV hate

    This^ But the actual problem is AA mechanic not CV, both before and after rework.
  6. Because they fit the CV mate in it's own way. DD is supposed to be ahead of the fleet and scout. If the situation is right, dump some torpedo on the enemy's way to disoriented them. Question is how far a DD can reasonablely be ahead. In a CV meta, that distance depends on how fast you can get back to your fleet( or at least the closest capital ship). The faster your ship goes, the further you can afford to be ahead of your main fleet and do your DD thing. The France DD seem good at this with their hit and run. No smoke is a draw back but far from devastate. Because smoke in a CV meta is a dely tactics rader than a gerentee save move. You still need to rely on your either your fleet push up and save you, or they provide intel about the planes left. In a smoke, you can't detect anything including those planes, you still need to worry about radar and hydro, and you are not immune to any plane attack. A DD firing in smoke is just as easy to hit as he was detected in a good CV players eye. A DD goes alone will alway be breakfast for a good CV, even an AA DD is not excluded.
  7. sapient007

    HMS Implacable

    It depends how you like to play CV IMO. SS is good if you love to turn around in minimal distend and try a second drop, At those situation 0.5s of aim make a difference between one or two torpedo hits which is a 100% increase of efficiency. I agreed SE and LG is very useful though. Exactly for hit and run sling drop.
  8. sapient007

    HMS Implacable

    I don't know this is a bug or work as intended. But,surprisingly, RN torpedo bomber do not wide their aim(or at least very minimum) if you already fully narrowed your aim.Basically, using A and D in the run is really acceptable and start a run basically parallel to your target 8km away is one very powerful move for a RN CV.
  9. sapient007

    How often do CVs die last, or at all.

    Battles usually lost way before the last ship die(except those very close one), only bad player never realize this fact. The value of surviving lay on the potential to change the outcome of the battles. In curren meta, CV is OP if top tier and under power if bottom tier in this category.
  10. sapient007

    Over abundance of CVs

    Go for space battle please, there is a bata test of new game mode without CV. If we can stay positive for those, we might have lots of game mode options to fit anybody's preference in 6 months.
  11. You shouldn't recall waves for sure. Before rework the probolem was not wave. A good CV will delete you in one wave(?) while a bad one will deplane himself if he try again.
  12. sapient007

    DDs who hunt carriers...

    Well, if you know how terrible a Le Terrible runs into a two Midway game...... just trying best to trade with a CV.
  13. no, not on USN. This skill dont change the time your tropedos get to the white active line. So, if you do last minute drop(which is most USN TB do), this skill do not improve your efficiency at most case. In the other hand, when in the case you try to break and turn back to try a second drop, that increase of active range will make it either you need to take a wider turn hince spent more time in AA zone or not enough range to narrow down the aim. Also, slower tropedo speed sometimes give you a bigger widow of "cross drop" opportunity.
  14. How about give the down team one charge of those supper Halloween consumables? I belive that will be really fun and hilarious.
  15. All three problems can be solved with TURE manual control AA. But since the community seem either hate this idea very much or not confident about that the player base can learn the necessary multitasking skill to make such system work, I'll stop here. Before I came to this game, I already get use to deal with DD, BB, Subs and CV in the same time and never found it too difficult.