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  1. sapient007

    Friendly Fire Damage, just remove it

    No, it's really needed. I can still remember that one time 6 of our friendly ships combined our friendly damage to sink a Cleveland who spam click the whole maps after several chat warning. Everyone become so united that we win that match easily. That's one of the most enjoyable game right there.
  2. sapient007

    Advice for Uptiered DD players

    Don't always launch torps at the white prediction line. It doesn't work at high tier most time. Try to image you are in your target's position and predict his move. An easy first step will be if you are torping a target at max range when he's going full speed. Try alway launch your torps short (before the white line). That's because if he does nothing, your torps miss but he's probably eat lots of gun damage. If he turn out, your torps will not reach him anyway. (He eat your torps if slow down or turn in)
  3. sapient007

    Seal Clubbing.

    Know that you said this for fun. But the unfortunate fact is that learning how to pull off a success ram might be the right way to start. A successful ram including many defensive skills and basics situational awareness which they need to learn in order to be gud.
  4. 6...in an Asashio though......
  5. sapient007

    Let's talk Torpedoes.

    yes. that tropedo itslfe should already sink it.
  6. sapient007

    Let's talk Torpedoes.

    Agree with many parts but not this. Cit very often kills engine(at less same rate as flooding) and need to be repaired(what? you have last stand at BB and CA?) because other wise you are just an easy target for everyone.
  7. sapient007

    leaning to spot

    One simple way to solve both of your problems. DON'T CAMP SMOKE.
  8. sapient007

    Is carrier suicide a punishable offense?

    Yesterday saw a easier way to do this. Our CV just auto-drive to the middle of the map without launching any planes. Surprisingly, he spend all his time defending his action at the chat even after his suicide.
  9. sapient007

    PSA...Haragumo teams in Clan Battles

    let's do the great 7 shima team to counter them
  10. I think this is the real reason behind the idea "cap BBAP 10% vs DD" WG knows AP is more consistent for BB vs almost anything. But before they find a way to test and fix that 'double dip' issue. This is an easy and quick way to prevent 'double dip' happened.
  11. sapient007

    Torpedo Speed

    If my memories are correct, 1Kt in game is about 5.2Kt in realty. So your math will be right if you factor this in.
  12. sapient007

    Camo for Yamato

    Are you talking about those CB rental ship?( like [YAMATO] ) Those ship can NOT put camo on it.
  13. sapient007

    Which ship is your most fun?

    A bad day means slavish and have-fun time begin. Graf spee, Asashio and Fiji will do the job for me...difference is which types of ships you want to vanquish, CL, BB or DD. (so sad I didn't get Belfast) I find an AA built Huanghe or Myoko is also very fun to play.
  14. Once in my Asashio...... 2 tropedos from a volley kill a red BB 4km away from me and the rest of that volley kill a friendly BB retreating at 19km......I did not even notice that before that BB player start $*%#% me.