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  1. the mistake started there...... IJN main line is not torpedo boats, they are scouts happens to have some torpedo on board.
  2. sapient007

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    Got it. Now I confirm that not only you have no idea how to play a BB properly against a DD, you also don't have any idea how to counter DD even in a DM. I feel sorry for you.
  3. sapient007

    Dev Diary and BB protection

    Your argument is valid but not sound since you assume a false proposition as true to use as your premise. You assume that "If one class have no chance in an one on one fight vs another class, the latter should be limited in number". Let's replace the Yammy in your scenario with a DM and plz tell me if your argument hold true for CA?
  4. sapient007

    Impressive team!

    Am I the only one have this feeling? This looks like more of a MM disaster rather than a good game....
  5. sapient007

    Is the Boise good?

    To T8+ CA&BB 152(155)HE = fireworks IFHE+152(155)HE = hell fire IFHE might not be mandatory, but without it actively switching ammo type is mandatory.
  6. sapient007

    Operation Raptor Rescue : Does the CV AI cheat?

    I think bot CV just do left click drop so this is nothing strange. You can do that with your own CV too. Before you die,as long as your planes start launching, if you left click attack on your target(dd?) and they disappear in a smoke screen, your plane will wait on top of that smoke for a moment and drop the target when it spotted again. I got some fresh wound madels with left click cross drop using this.
  7. "leave a flank open and give up map present is a bad strategy" Since I usually play dd, I'll not leave my flank to enemy team for free. I belive even just one, slow down enemy's push is a very valuable move your team and offent give your team a better strategy position. However, that move usually would give you neither XP nor credit.
  8. It seem to me that whenever you surface, that surfacing anime will freeze you from any action (depended on different subs the freezing time is not the same)and reduce your speed greatly.
  9. take 4 of them out last game....not big deal if you get close enought to them.... don't waste your torpedo at over 2.5 km and you'll eat them alive.(you're immune to torpedos at periscope deep)
  10. sapient007

    Jean Bart!

    Richelieu = giant torpedo with 8 guns mounted(in a dd player's eyes) Can't wait for JB
  11. sapient007

    The British Burn, UK DD nerf

    10 single fire torpedos, smoke+hydro,a heal and improve angle AP with 2.4reload......I don't see any smart Haru will ever get close to Darling smoke.
  12. sapient007

    CV Rework Feedback

    Let me be honest. I feel that you got my point. You just don't like that idea because you never in need to do it yourself. As for your point, I think realize that when doing AA you are not only defending but also effectively messing up CV players game play(just like you attack someone with guns) is important, especially after rework they'll have only one squad to play with.
  13. sapient007

    CV Rework Feedback

    your guns are not firing when you dodging tropedos and incoming fire right? then why should AA be an exception? AA ship is powerful enought to immune one of the deadlyest attack(plane attack) already, I don't know why they should be even better to be able to do everything simultaneously. My point is that AA should not be a one button and prey job. If people can fight kaba in 12km because they can aim, they should be allows to do the same thing to planes. RNG and Numbers are different, you don't have any authority in the first but you do have in the latter. How can a ship do AA should be similar to how good can a ship deal with other ships(like a Cleveland kill a Yamato in the right hand) but not decided in port.
  14. Republique is just.....another kind of ship. He is good, but in a different way. Four less guns do mean that you need to aim much more carefully in Republique. On the other hand, while Alsace almost need full boardside to use his AP, Republique AP pin through most ship in nearlly any angle as long as you can land them.
  15. sapient007

    Asashio put Yugumo and Shiratsuyu to shame?

    At T8,I'll always choose Asashio than Kagero. Even in a 2BB game, Asashio can just go scout and cap. After all, scout is actually the most important job for any DDs. I always prefer to use my teammates' gun to do the initial damage to enemy DD and CL than my own in any IJN DD. I found that if a DD is bad enough to eat torpedos you can offent kill it with guns anyway(except Aki,Kita and Haru).Moreover with 16*20km anti-BB torpedoes I usually will still get one full HP BB.