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  1. I'm not very good at crusiers, so just my 5 cents. I don't think you want to worry about early games too much on them. Bad players will suicide regardless of what you do these days, it's not worthy to use half of your HP pool to save one(or take one out a little earlier) as they will make a second mistake very soon if they survived the first one. If they were any good, try something like a sneakily radar simply never work and you just get farm. If your team get steamroll at a flank, the best thing you can do in a cruiser is actually retreat and start causing problems at rare angle(where they don't what to point their guns to) than just stand and fight. One of cruiser's strength is always DPM. You tip the balance of a battle by doing enough damage over time. So find a better position to farm is more important than get an early cap. Yes, if it's save to do so, early radar cover over cap is welcome to DDs. But saty alive and reserves HP should be first priority in early game for cruiser. Because you will find more chance to have favorable fight at mid to late game than the first 10 minute.A healthy cruiser in late game is hard to deal with, especially USN one.
  2. sapient007

    CV imbalance

    Fun fact. The player quality is so bad these days sometimes CV didn't even matter. I'm having games where we lost our CV in the first 5 minute (I can't understand how they manage to do it), sometimes even first blood, but we steamroll the other team anyway. And this is happening much more frequent at the pass two weeks for me.
  3. sapient007

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    I wonder why the file structure of 0.9.6 is changed to the structure like the steam version before. Now if I want to play my own music in game, I need to copy music folder to the "res" folder under the bin of the current updated every time there is an update.It also automatically deleted my replays folder from last version too. Why doing this kind of downgrade?
  4. sapient007

    Verdict of Unique Upgrades 0.9.7

    I see you are not a torpedoe man at all. But still good writing, thanks for the time invested.
  5. sapient007

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    +1. With experience of playing every CV in game, I agree with everything you said.
  6. sapient007

    ST 0.9.7, Kitakami

    Nice meme
  7. secondary KII built with (IFHE or DE) AFT BFT and Manual secondary. (KII secondary is Aki on board) I try it once when captain reset was free, supper fun and hilarious.
  8. sapient007

    ST 0.9.5, detectability with AA firing

    Nice start. Now DD don't overextend have a real chance to JUST DODGE™.
  9. Yammy don't even need to be at middle of the map, 26km plus range mod plus spotter plane means you literally cover the whole map even in the very corner of the map. I remembered yuro use that range to snip CV just few weeks ago.
  10. There will be lack of human player in this kind of beta testing was well known and expected even before sub was announced. That was the reason why WG drop naked CV on the live server in first place. People who play in test environments simply don't have the right mind set to generate enough useful data. If WG want to have their beta done, I feel they at least need to triple the rewards to even had a chance. A good alternative might be just put subs on the next rank sprint and make all ranks inrevocable with two or three stars per rank. At that way, maybe WG might get some workable data like they did about the arms race mode.
  11. Port "Azur Lane" and the AL BB at LWM's graph...Humm... Looks like colaboracion with AL Vol. 3 is coming. Looking forward to it.
  12. sapient007

    ST 0.9.5, balance changes to German Battleship Odin

    Good job WG. Now Odin don't even worth 3500 gold. You save my wallet once again. I lost count how many times your poor balance diction save my wallet this year. So thank you very much.
  13. This is too early, most people still misplay both subs and surfaces ship badly in a sub environment. Only thing I agree a change in need is that subs(like CV planes) have too strong of a scouting power. I would say both submerged subs and planes not in an attack run should not have any scouting capability except limited point finder(like a RPF) for their own usage( their ally will only get a indicator on the mini map like the last known position indicator)
  14. sapient007

    Sinop, Soviet Special Commander, and Ranked

    This actually is the real problem which makes this season the sinOP season. In this season's map poll, Only one map, Neighbor, is big enough(if you play it as normal and ignore the caps because they're too close to each other, for a while) for other ships to exploit sinop's weakness, which is questionable long range dispersion and weak while being flanked. In all other maps, the engagement distance are all mostly within 12 km so the sinOP guns feels like laser beam (a DD get hit 6/6). And, with how small the map is, flanking is almost mission impossible.
  15. sapient007

    Doomed to 5 token containers

    You are probably right. TALLINN requires 1200 tokens. That's 4*300 tokens. Base on what I experienced, even 25 tokens container is extremely rare, let alone 150 or 300. I don't believe anyone would have the luck to have so many with those 40-50 free containers.