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  1. sapient007

    Idea for new Smoke type - 1 puff.

    If you can image, the supper ship burst fire mode as a gimmick will sync perfectly with this ideas.
  2. sapient007

    How to stop getting Premium Time

    That might be just feeling difference. But, I rarely get premium time before I decide to go for the 1 year premium sale at Christmas 2019. Since then the premium time never run out and I'm still sitting at 300+ now.
  3. sapient007

    Please ban Weimer from Narai

    Both Myoko and Fiji can easily do a 2000+XP game in Narai. TBH, I would rather play a Myoko than a Weimar because that juicy DD dispersion..
  4. sapient007

    RB Ship Recommendations?

    Sailing around with a legendary Kleber in rank for the past few days. Fresh and fun experience. Feel like a complete new boat.
  5. sapient007

    HELP, What's the best Steel or RB ship?

    Incomparable or Bourgogne for BB, both unique and fun. Stalingrad hands down best cruiser. Ragnar and Druid both good DD, but a bit boring due to their one dimension playstyle. Vampire II is fun, but you might as well play a Daring
  6. I believe the Italian BB was designed around the skill "deadeye" which was a major factor for BB game play back when they were introduced. It is reasonable they feels a bit off balance because the remove of that core skill. Luckily, with the economy rework this patch, they got a 3% dispersion buff from the camo rework, which help a lot more than other line. T7 Caracciolo is one of the best of the line TBH. At T7, 380mm is big enough to overmatch bow armor of same tier BB bow. Add in the flat ballistic of the line, you can do reasonably well against bow in BB. At higher tier, target selection and precise aiming of specific part of the ship become more important to do damage.
  7. That's call standard battle (yup, most STANDARD one) I see your point, but if you're one of us who can read the mini-map. Will you call out to defense home even before anything enter it base on the battle line of your own team? (e.s. No one stay in the middle) And more importantly, if you do call out and notice team ignore, will you drop your advantage position/fight and rush back to defend incase of a potential threat? We all know random teammates are not very truth worthy nowadays. If one want to maximize his own XP without defending (and risk nothing happen at home) himself, then I believe loss is a fair risk one need to take because everyone have the right to think the same.
  8. sapient007

    Just Dodge! (Music fixed)

    After the rocket neff, I find cross drop DD with torpedoes is more reliable in Shokaku. Rocket kind of swift to a finish cruiser tool.
  9. sapient007

    Update 0.11.6 - Bug Reports

    Issue: Permanet camo Turtle Ship for Pan-Asia destroyer Chung Mu is bugged. The front AA get rolled back to normal mount Expected Result: How to Replicate: choose Chung Mu, mount the Turtle ship camo Screenshots/Replay/Supporting Info:
  10. sapient007

    Subs in Tech Tree?

    What diff does it make if people played a DD or not in a world of logic? What diff does it make if people played a CA or not in a world of logic? What diff does it make if people played a BB or not in a world of logic? What diff does it make if people played WOWS or not in a world of logic?
  11. sapient007

    T9 Ranked Burnout

    How about an off-meta challenge. We can't force each other, but one can definitely spice the match himself. There are lots of fun off-meta ship in T8-T9. I still enjoy my Seijon, Harekaze, Mogami and Charles Martel in rank.
  12. sapient007

    Community Token Spending: Crate or ships?

    T7 ship container is the way to go if you want a new premium. In a loot box system like this, you'd be lucky to get something with a 10% drop rate in 10 pull. 4% drop rate you need to expect at least 50 pull.
  13. sapient007

    Is there a problem with San Diego SAP?

    SAP saturated ship part very quick because all damage is pen. Based on the shell damage of San Diego, superstructure, bow and stern of Eddy should be saturated in one volley. Which means after the first 30ish shells all shell after that are doing 10% damage. You can shoot the upper belt for a bit more but eventually casemate will saturate before Eddy sunk. That's why you have AP. Beside that, in a random battle you will do more damage by shooting the same spot thanks to people using heal Consumable. When healing, the Consumable will recharge the HP for parts first so it take pen longer before saturation.
  14. As there are more and more ship with 3-4 consumables arriving the game. I would recommend you rebind your 3rd and 4th consumable to "G" and "H". "U" and "I" is too far away and offent lead to fat finger. Just remember plug in the hole. "G" is for lunching DC by default which is not as commonly used as consumable, I would move it to some extra mouse key or "U". "H" by default is ship info. Usually that info panel won't be use under stressful situation so any key you like will work. I move it to "V" replace the never use in game voice chat function.