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  1. sapient007

    Potato Quality hits nail on head about WoWs

    Funny enough, from 1 to 5, all these tell me is that your skill level is probably high enough that WG no longer targeting you as a potential customer. You probably already have more ship than you can play and no longer needs one more premium just to train captain. Think about it, if you're new and not yet understand the game. 1.Do you sure you can understand why a ship is unbalanced? 2. Is kill by a CV that much worse than being devastated by a DD torp wall orBB salvo? 3.Do those new players understand why a game is win or loss? 4.I like RNG. RNG help that one shell off my aiming point so far away that land right in the citadel of my target. 5 Gimmicks? What's the difference between SAP and Yamato AP? That's IMO why this game is going downhill. The target customers are those don't understand how the game function. And those who understand it no longer had a big enough will to support it.
  2. when RB need grind and rank need grind, why do it separately? At the end of the day, a bad player harm a team so much more than a stock ship.
  3. sapient007

    ST 0.10.6, soviet aircraft carriers

    Last time a meme make into the game is THUNDERER. We all know how it goes. Hope this time we'll have a different ending. But... hey, the recipe is Russia plus CV!
  4. sapient007

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    It is, but at least they listen and it is a good move.
  5. sapient007

    Trouble with new underwater world

    They will, especially if you are turning near an island at high speed and the momentum drag you sideway to those shallow water. And try to get away is the same nightmare. I think he show it with BB only because BB have more momentum and deep draft, so easier to reproduce the situation.
  6. sapient007

    Update 0.10.6, Friesland and the Netherlands.

    There is ideal solution don't even need to be generous. See, all owners of Friesland ask is the right to choose, not extra goods. For the ship, make a button in an email to the owner of Friesland to let them choose which nation they what their ship to be will automatically solve the ship problem. For the commander, make some kind of item that allows you to switch one selected commander between given nation is not hard either. At the end of the day, the whole commander bound to one nation thing is just one line of code. (not to mention you might also be able to sell those items in the future)
  7. I double check this. FDR and Midway both have 64% Base fire chance on their HE DB. But, yes, that number of bomb drop at once is an overkill for fire.
  8. sapient007

    ST 0.10.5, new ships DB152

    Ragnar smells only trouble in current state, her firepower is so poor that she will be eaten alive by almost anyone.
  9. As a DD main who play DD almost everyday. I say this is wishful thinking. Some BB players just won't risk their paint get scratch no matter how hard you try to. And if DD want a good game, one needed skill is to identify these kind of BB early in the game so you can abandon them to support other BB who will actually do something.
  10. There's a contradiction here. Core problem of the current AA system comes from very fundamental level. Automatic systems is driven by machine, and machines do not make mistakes. If they give players any kind of manual AA control, the automatic system will need to be neff to at least as inefficient as the current secondary battery system to prevent AA being too strong. But, in the same time, this will also result on making most unskilled player (aka the majority of this game) have almost no AA left. So this BALANCE shift will most likely end up benefiting the rich and hurting the poor.
  11. Against a single ship, Yes, there's always a way to bypass flak. (Maybe except FDR but those planes never die even eating flak) When it comes to overlap AA zone with flak not all spawn at the same time, this can be tricky.
  12. If a sub can go 35 kt, sure......Oh, wait....
  13. sapient007

    RB Ship or Unique upgrade?

    I'd pick up ship first. It's an new experience. And you can feel the difference in the first game. Before you pick up an UU, ask yourself do you play those ship often enough to justify getting it. Because no matter how strong it is, those differences will only be noticed if you play both with and without it enough times.
  14. Really?! Did you play them before you written this?
  15. I mainly use it for smoke or behind island blind shooting, if nothing else, it give you a better view to aim and improve the vertical dispersion a little bit.