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  1. sapient007

    Excellent CV Buff

    Hisho need some Midway torpedoes
  2. Ribbons base bar benefit smaller clan because 30 is easy at coop. But it's definitely annoying if your clan usually go to the third bar, in some line 125 Robbins is nearly mission impossible(IJN torp DD) but to others are trivial (IJN gun boat).
  3. sapient007

    ST, Gorizia and Mainz

    Need to disagree here because base on my experience, the problem of this smoke at attack is mostly short range detection. I never play them myself, but when I encounter them, one thing I noticed is that because they can't outrun their own smoke no matter how they try, rushing them at close range in a dd is very effective. At that range, planes get shoot down nearly instantly.
  4. sapient007

    How to Counter Play the New Ships?

    You can fight them in a CV because slingshot is still a thing and torpedoes bomber have heal. You can even turn a island corner to use your rocket because their armor is paper thin. You can fight them in a DD because smoke don't bounce torpedoes and they don't have a radar. In a French, Russia or German DD, your AP will eat them alive if they show boardside. Cruise fights mostly turn into DPM battle which I agree this things are beast at that category. Though, supper cruise overmatches give a fare change to fight them because these ship don't have a lot of HP. I don't know much about BB, but I will charge them every time in my Lenin.
  5. 11km in a Wichita..... That lucky shell must land nearly perfect horizontal beside the funnel, pen the deck then enter the citedal through that 23mm citedal ceiling.
  6. sapient007

    Shootin Down Aeroplanes...Is it worth it?

    IMO, for a DD player planes shooting value heavily depends on the stage of the game. In the early game, hidden your location and reserve HP is much more important than shooting planes. I'll turn off AA even in a KIDD unless planes pass directly on top. At that time CV still have a full hanger so soothing down one or two more planes means nothing to CV players because they still can adjust their tactical choice to recover their efficiency. On the other hand, review your position and lost early game HP is deviated to DD IMO. You can no longer send out torpedoes in an unexpected angle for the first alpha or a half HP gunboat can be ambushing to death by a stealth torboat. AA DD start to shooting planes in mid game, specifically torpedoe/AP boomers. At that time positions of red ships should mostly had been reviewed and those big hit on your capital ship is what makes your game hard at that stage. When the match is close and need to get to the end game. I'll turn on my AA even in Shima or Yukikaze unless I'm dieing. At endgame, CV starts to run out of planes and 3-6 planes squad can only do one attack. So if you're healthy enough, even lure planes attacking you is worth because every hit don't sink a ship is a waste at that point.
  7. Besides the DWT part, everything else was suggested to fix those Haku 4 drop. But WG decided they would rather remove those because those options are not what THEY want.
  8. sapient007

    If you could only keep three ships

    AL Yukikaze, Harekaze, Asashio. No matter what configuration Kagero always shine for me.
  9. If you prefer run and gun, USSR gunboats were built for you. Have a heal at T8+ is nice for new dd players for some mistake forgiveness. Also their guns cover distance much faster so you can hit things much reliability with less experience. Both USN and IJN gunboats rely on smoke HE spamming more than moving around. And their guns need some experience to hit targets over 8km. The new French DD also fits run and gun style. But they require more experience about when to open up and when to go dark for both stay alive and do damage.
  10. You don't need to lock on them to ba able to shoot them. Actually, you're not supposed to be able to shoot at it with lock on often because that's how they balance around. That fast firing rate is good and bad at the same time for a smoke ship. Because there are so many shells coming out so frequently, anyone practice blind shooting smoke can hit them by looking at those shell trajectory.
  11. Not quite as well, even 244mm can ignore its bow armor. And he only have 36k HP without supper heal. Any T9+ BB can take half HP from him with a careful aim. Peoples just need some times to practice and find out you need to aim the baw but not the casemate because only 430+ can ignore those part.
  12. This. Once people start to realize you should deal with it like a Mino but not a moskva. She will nolonger be OP. I already saw some BB start to get the idea and start to blind fire them.
  13. need a KMS premium DD,T61 please.
  14. sapient007

    Chat bans and the disgusting system that allows it

    As I said, when time comes, you'll know. I knew all things you talking about way before. But if you think details and tickets will help, good luck because you really need them.
  15. sapient007

    Chat bans and the disgusting system that allows it

    I was agree with you. Until several days ago. You're so wrong. Only when you get misfired yourself by their automatic system you will understand. And BTW, I was foolish enough to believe their customers service department can help solve the problem, like OP. But instead, every reply they gave me IMO can be seen as an insult and they refuse to do anything productive.