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  1. So Bismarck is a swordfish secretly in disguise?
  2. Koogus

    Finally experienced the idiocy that is AP rockets

    And a UFO came and abducted all his crew
  3. Koogus

    Toxic player of the day

    Imagine defending someone who tells people to get cancer over a video game....... wouldnt be surpised if you said comments like this in game too
  4. Koogus

    It's Funny How Everyone Was So Worried

    Very nice hissyfit thread Very constructive and has loads of information and ideas
  5. Koogus

    Toxic player of the day

    Wows community: we aren't a toxic dumpster fire. Also wows community:
  6. Koogus

    Playing against CV's

    If you want to be a pro gamer like the people that use the forums here what you do is never play and have constant hissyfits about CVs but make sure you make no constructive discussion or balance ideas....... With ships that have smoke I'd recommend turning your aa off (unless you know the CV wont be attacking you) because the firing of your aa guns can sometimes give a rough idea of where you are in smoke.
  7. The second I load up the forums I cringe
  8. Koogus

    Fixing CVs. How would you do it?

    One thing I'd like to see be changed is make CV spotting map only....... except when a friendly ship is a certain range away from your aircraft which they would get a full spot. This would reward team work between aircraft and ships and help fix spotting issues with stealthy ships while still keeping it balanced.
  9. Planning to re-try this ship so I can finally get yamato. Last time I played it I had lots of issues on trying to get it to work tho.
  10. Koogus

    AP bomber's got nurfed!

    So far I only seen people talk about the rocket plane reticle changes
  11. Koogus

    AP bomber's got nurfed!

    Did WG actaully change something or are you just having bad luck? (I tend to always have the worst luck with dbs overall )
  12. Koogus

    Perfectly Worthless Award

    So your having a hissyfit because you got premium for free but your busy???
  13. Koogus

    Ranked is becoming toxic

    Ranked becoming toxic? That train left the station years ago
  14. Koogus

    Kitakami making a return as a tier 10?

    Excited for her to finally get added. Hopefully they make her a coal ship
  15. Koogus

    Pushing through Cursed ships

    But I really WANT to get yamato...... I know izumo is a lot better now but I cant figure this ship out