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  1. Koogus

    WoWs players have a HUGE karma problem.

    So is this post just going to be a circlejerk of people making fun of players that dont have a high enough WR and karma or some other stat that people get a boner over
  2. Koogus

    to cap or not to cap

    A better title would be "to get yelled at in chat or to get yelled at in chat"
  3. This is the world of whineships community.... they only know how to blame, attack and generalize other players of the community even if it is WG fault. A few ideas that may help improve the interaction between CVs and DDs: 1.) Remove rockets and let the CV player control what kind of bombs to put on his DBs before they take off (like how you can pick ap shells or he shells on any other ship). 2.) Change CV spotting so it is map only unless a friendly ship is close enough to your plane from which he would get a full spot 3.) Add fuel to aircraft so they can't indefinitely circle ships (you could even make a captain skill that makes it last a bit longer too )
  4. Lately I have not been playing this game as much and have been losing interest in it too. The main cause for me losing interest is that I feel the game has gotten repetitive for me due to the lack of different gamemodes. My question is do other people here think WOWs needs more different gamemodes or is it just me?
  5. Koogus

    Subs vs. BBs - fear justified?

    Yo where could you buy one of those scoopers?
  6. Koogus

    Game console vs PC

    Dont forget #PCdickslurpallstars
  7. A F2P game company only cares about money? Really no way. Next your going to tell me the sky is blue and grass is green
  8. Koogus

    How do you dodge AA flak?

    You go onto the forums and cry CV bad...... Jk. From what I've experienced flying in a zigzag pattern usually works but you should never expect to always dodge flak as sometimes it will appear too close in front of you before you can try and avoid it. Another tip is to try and use islands if ever possible to get close to the enemy. With most islands being either too high or too low this can be very gimmicky and situational but I've had experiences where it has worked well. (Doing a surpise strike on a ship with TBs by predicting his path behind an island and using the same island to get a close strike is a good example)
  9. Koogus

    Day in the life of a Lert

    Let's be real here...... a talking cat would be freaky
  10. For some reason this is the first thing I thought when I seen the ship
  11. Koogus

    No balance in sight

    CRY is better IMO
  12. Koogus

    Can I get a refund on the Black?

    My fusou which can be spotted from orbit says otherwise
  13. Koogus

    DO NOT abuse the Report system

    Your expecting the players of world of whineships (world of screaming man children works too) to not overreact and report players or even team kill them over a pixel bote?
  14. Koogus

    Low tier is for learning.

    What is considered low tier? Also it's not just low tier the whole community treats itself as garbage both new players and old over literally everything
  15. Koogus

    developer ignorance

    Vibeo gaem bed