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  1. Koogus


    Helicopters would be a cool addition. What about autogyros too? *akitsu maru intensifies*
  2. Koogus

    3 Ise and 2 CVs per team: WG did it.

    Usually how it works. New popular ship gets add, lots of people get ship and play it, people cry about how its op in the forums, a week or so goes by and people forget the thing even exists
  3. Koogus

    Ise - Tomorrow - Video From EU

    I wonder if we will see more of this hybrid gameplay style in the future (maybe seaplane tenders?)
  4. Oh the humanity! Literal proof that gamers are the most oppressed minority of them all!!!!!!
  5. Koogus

    Armada: Agincourt

    If there was a way to get this ship without loot boxes I would by it in a heart beat
  6. Koogus

    subs might be my last hope for this game

    I could really go for a meatball sub right now
  7. I've been grind down the french dd line and I've had little issue with CVs (except for one time where I crashed into a island and ran out of speed boost which made me a easy target for the enemy CV) Infact I've been actaully having a blast playing them.
  8. Would be a cool idea for a halloween or April fools event. How about adding repair ships that while they would lack fire power and armour could help repair teammates? (Not saying they should get added just thought it was a interesting idea)
  9. Koogus

    Limit 1 CV per team

    Just remove all ships from the game problem solved. I sometimes wonder how fun and choatic teams full of just CVs would be
  10. Koogus

    The "GG" Again....

    I always say GG no matter the game, even if my team fails hard. It's called having good manners/sportsmanship
  11. Only real uber Chad's play wows while smoking a rack of ribs or turkey legs
  12. Koogus


    Wheres my haida secondary build at?
  13. Seem like people are really craving for a excuse to tk people rn
  14. Koogus

    BB's how can you defend against dds

    Just do what I do...... wasd hacks and ram
  15. From both playing as and against CVs I see areas where that are or could be considered unbalanced. The biggest one I see is spotting (I'd say AA would be a second) For spotting it could be a simple change where CV only do map only spotting except if friendly ships are a certain distance away from your aircraft. This would help balance spotting and also reward teamwork between CV aircraft and surface ships