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  1. Koogus

    Italy Cruisers

    The only thing that sucks about Italian cruisers is that pola is still not in the game
  2. Koogus

    Atago: Hydro vs. DFAA?

    Depends on your WASD hack skills and map awareness. If you have trouble dodging and predicting torps I would say go for hydro but if your good at that go for dfaa
  3. I heard in game current zara is really fragile so maybe give her some more health and a heal?
  4. I do hope this is true and will come soon.Pola is the only ship left that I would be really interested in buying. The question is if WG added her what would they do to make her different from zara?
  6. Well you kinda can. For example if someone who is new started crying that the game is garbage because he has not figured out how to play would you agree with opinopm? No because his reasons for not liking the game are not the games fault but his own because he is still learning it. I'm not saying that all opinions from new people should be ignored or viewed less I just saying that you can judge someone's opinion based on how many battles they have done depending on the situation
  7. Koogus

    Why I Quit The Game

    For internet points or bait
  8. Koogus

    Yahagi question

    I heard the yukikaze is a really fun ship to be aggressive with because of it short range torps
  9. Koogus

    Yahagi question

    I thought she only sank 1
  10. Koogus

    Yahagi question

    From what I've seen and heard yahagi is a below average ship that could use a buff or two. My questions is this ship still usable even though all the cons it has and can you still can do good from time to time or is it complete garbage?
  11. Koogus

    Yūdachi, yay or nay?

    The only thing that is a improvement compared to the shiratsuyu is that yuudachi can use both trb and smoke that's it everything else is worst
  12. Koogus

    good morning cv thread.

    If these kind of post are considered diarrhea.....does that mean CVs (and soon subs ) are the taco bell of the forums?
  13. Koogus

    good morning cv thread.

    Ok what can be done to balance CVs or did you just create this thread to cry CV BAD. I will start with a small idea, CV aircraft should have a timer for how long they can fly before they have to return to the carrier to refuel. This if implemented correctly could prevent CVs just circles around a target spotting him forever but also give him enough time to get some spotting or damage done.
  14. Koogus

    FEEDBACK for Wargaming on Yahagi and VU.

    Hopefully I'm incorrect about this but it seems like WG has been ignoring low to mid tiers compared to higher tiers and whatever premiums they release are mediocre at best because there too lazy to actually try and balance them because its not a expensive top tier ship I thought a loud minority of the community decided that premiums should not be nerfed. I did not hear anything about buffs