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  1. Koogus

    .0.8.3 Patch - your reactions?

    I'm curious about trying the new BBs and the new yamato model update may give me a reason to get her (I have a amagi but I have yet to by her)
  2. Koogus

    Playing DD against CVs

    This is just my opinion but I find it fun dodging a CVS planes and I only really use my smokes when I really need it or during a cap when I am spotted
  3. I would love to know what exactly is going on here. Also I believe that is supposed to be takao. she had a angled smoke stack like in this drawing If I remember correctly
  4. That pic of haruna is way too smug I would love to see more of these if there are any do you have a source?
  5. This is likely not a popular opinion but I find that I don't have to much issue playing a DD in matches with CVs. A lot of the time they don't primarily target me and I don't have to much issue avoiding rockets and dive bombs. when they do primarily go for me I think it's more of a advantage because that means the enemy CV is distracted with me instead of trying to deal with my whole team.
  6. Koogus

    Ducky Acquired

    just got my hands on the akizuki i am excited to play my first game in it (and likely suck in it at first). I just have a small question. what are some good builds and upgrades for this ship?
  7. Koogus

    Fixing Carriers - Five Tweaks

    Wouldn't less concealment mean CV playera will just push back into the edges of the map more?
  8. Koogus

    Mistakes were made, Fun was had

    That's why Hope's and dreams are needed
  9. Koogus


    The new Tony hawk game is looking pretty weird
  10. Koogus

    End of the game

  11. Koogus

    No love for Graf

    Thought this was a graf spee post for a moment
  12. I may be wrong but it the battle stations series there was a ship that would spawn PT boats maybe it could be implemented like that? (If it's a real thing) Also the infographic show hurts me in so many ways
  13. Then how about we just drain the ocean then? I feel like that is the only other option to making a fair balance while toning down the complaining in the forum (If you still can't figure it out this is a joke)
  14. Can we remove battleships, cruisers, and destroyers while we are at it? I think it will really balance the gamemode out and would make a lot less complaining happen in the forums