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  1. Who said anything about white knighting and virtue signalling? I am simply stating the rules need ot be enforced or they will not be respected. You were the one pointing out that you were getting harassed/bullied and because nothing is done about it it is obviously ok and even good to do the same to others as a result. A logical result of rules not being enforced... the perpetuation of the behaviour the rule was intended to address. I am simply calling on WG to get their act together and enforce their EULA to prevent issues like this from escalating into an undesirable conclusion. How is this political? I didn't bring the 2A or gun debate into this... Whether it be losing players, self harm, suicide or harming others... bullying is real and serious issue and has no place in a game.
  2. This convoluted thought process both intrigues and concerns me. "I am bullied all the time and nothing is done about it because rules are not enforced therefore bullying is ok". So the bullied becomes the bully... or the school shooter. So if there is a rule, but it is poorly enforced, then it is OK to violate said rule, so by extension, it is OK to behave as badly as you like if there are no rules being broken or enforced, or that you are not concerned of the consequences? That complaining about rules being violated and not enforced isn't allowed if the rule is not enforced? Seems circular and flawed logic to me.
  3. Unless there are real and tangible consequences for people who violate terms of service re social interaction (e.g. bullying, racism etc), then there is no incentive to not do these things. A community needs culture to be successful, and the culture contributes significantly to engagement and enjoyment. Do we want the culture of WOWS to be a toxic hateful troll fest, or a positive and mutually enjoyable one? If WG wants people to behave respectfully and not bully people out of the game, then the rules and consequences for violation need to be clarified and ENFORCED.
  4. So that makes it ok to be a toxic bully?
  5. Do we extend this to anyone playing any ship deemed op, unfair, or otherwise supporting WG in a way you do not agree with? So CV players or someone running a payfast or a missouri or smolensk or kleber should not play them to avoid incurring your wrath too?
  6. SO now accuse the bullied of being an attention seeker?
  7. WG should donate their profit from the PR debacle to Puerto Rico to assist with the disaster relief that the govt is still dragging their feet on. WG can fundraise to help a restore and maintain historical boats, why not this? Would go a long way top restoring good will.
  8. Bullying may be funny to joke about, but WOWS is a safe space to some people, their only escape from reality. Turning a blind eye to bullying ANYWHERE is akin to endorsing it. Do you really want to be seen as being complicit in bullying people for something as trivial as spending money on a hobby?
  9. A few is 12 according to stats - which are good
  10. Read edit. Used the wrong term.
  11. wth is up with DCP (not repair party as I initially wrote) being activated and not actually putting out fires and floods? Gotten me killed a more than once in the last few patches.
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  13. It appears I am not allowed to link directly to this blog update, so everyone go on facebook and check the WOWS dev blog for details regarding a hotfix for the CV rework which addresses some core issues. Twice in a row I posted this in a new topic only to have it removed with zero warning and no feedback - first time I thought maybe I had hit a wrong button, second time it was def removed. Please moderators, if you remove a thread, PM the thread owner and tell them why! EDIT: and now I see that there was an original DEV blog post which I did not find in my hasty search - this must have been why the threads were removed. WOuld have been nice for a message to let me know so I didn't waste time.
  14. Looks like they have been paying attention to the mountains of feedback and this should be a step in the right direction. Keep it up and they might just earn back some of that trust.