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  1. Shenanigans_Abound

    Help Learning the Minotaur?

    I get what you’re saying but here’s the thing. I could tell you how to play a ship all day long and you could watch videos all day long. You have to find your niche in that certain ship. I’m not sure how you’re actually playing it (obviously) but it’s all trail and error until you find what suits you best. Personally, I run radar on my mino, it suits me better than smoke which a lot of people find weird because they like to sit in smoke and spam but my best games in it have always been with radar and rudder shift. Bob and weave.. lol.
  2. Shenanigans_Abound

    Help Learning the Minotaur?

    Watch some @Notser videos on it or @Business6does some really good mino videos.
  3. I’m still showing as not eligible for clan battle test reward, nor is anyone in my clan. I spoke with a few people from my old clan last night and they also aren’t getting anything. Even though we all participated. So I guess this is happening again aye wargaming, NA is just screwed again.
  4. Shenanigans_Abound

    Is there anything to even do with the current state of AA

    Like you said, look for that lone ship, spot, you actually get xp just for spotting. I’ve had my implacable land in tier ten games so I just look for the lone ship and if there isn’t any, spot or sacrifice a squad for a drop. Just bad luck is all it is. It happens to all of us. I’ve seen tier 8 cv do well in tier ten games and others no so well. Just have to bide your time and wait for that one ship to make a mistake and lose track of where he’s going. Or... come here and ask for suggestions even though you already know the answers.
  5. Shenanigans_Abound

    Exeter Combat Missions gone?

    Of all the premium ships I’ve purchased, id say the Exeter was one of my more satisfying purchases. I love it. I’m not sure why there is hate for it. If it has anything wrong with it, it’s that the guns overpen a lot but that’s expected for 203 at tier 5. I’ll get my 4K compensation for completing the missions and I’ll use that to get the Texas or put towards something else. As far as whoever said Kberg wrecks it? Lol tell that to the kberg who was wrecked by my Exeter last night and called me a hacker. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, premium ships don’t come with premium players. Enjoy your free ship for playing the game.
  6. Shenanigans_Abound

    LOL at the Khabarovsk

    I wouldn’t call the khaba OP but coming from a BB main it’s definitley a pain in the stern every time I see it. Lol. But as far as your statement of OP “kept four bb from pushing a flank” then congrats, you did what any good dd should do. That doesn’t make it op.
  7. Shenanigans_Abound

    French Destroyers announced

    I’m thinking the BB (unless HE is loaded) is pretty well and screwed. This is just going to further the problem of AP from 257 and bigger vs dd. I played a game yesterday at tier 4 (for fun) in my Wyoming, 10 hits on a dd, mostly overpens, only 3/4 of its health gone... 14 inch guns at point blank range and nothing I can do about it. Didn’t have a chance to load HE as he came flying around the corner but I’m sorry, if I hit you 10 times with AP at point blank range you should not live. I very rarely rage in this game but that definitely sent me over the edge. That’s all these dd are going to do is exasperate that problem. By the time they come into view, even with expert loader as a captain skill, you won’t have time to switch, let alone have turrets quick enough to even keep pace with them to shoot at them. Further making the problem of back camping BB worse. This game is becoming gimmick after gimmick to offset other gimmicks. Not saying it’s going to kill the game but seeing this makes me wonder what the Italian line is going to look like. What’s their gimmick going to be to offset all these new gimmicks? Rocket powered turrets for quicker turret traverse maybe? Or maybe, it’ll be 95 percent torpedo protection, or maybe, just maybe it’ll be rapid fire... nope... that’s the French... conceal... nope that’s the British.. maybe it’ll be fire... wait... that’s the British and high tier French... maybe it’ll be ridiculous armor... wait... nvm that’s going to be the new Russian bias.. I mean.. battleship line. So what’s it’s going to be wargaming? You’ve done pretty much everything so what’s there left for the Italian line..
  8. How this post should have gone “I stayed Showing broadside all game and I didn’t move around much to throw off their aim, and i got wrecked for it, cruisers are broken and weak” lets just forget for a minute that cruisers for the most part can be overpenned constantly, can for the most part (past tier 8) with the right build do more dmg to a BB per salvo and ifhe and let’s not even mention the rapid fire and fire setting ability, can’t really be bothered by cv.....but yeah... broken and weak
  9. Shenanigans_Abound

    French Destroyers announced

    And still no Italian BB, cruisers or DD that aren’t premium. Yet we are getting French DD (because everyone had totally been asking for those) getting Russian BB (totally fake line) they(WG) claims they listen to the players but as more time goes on I’m starting to highly doubt that.
  10. Shenanigans_Abound

    PSA - Claim Your Clan Battle Test Rewards

    I think that’s going to be every single person so why even say “claim your rewards now” knowing all well that nearly everyone if anyone at all gets nothing because of their screw up. Sounds like exactly what happened last time they had clan battle tests. I know I won’t be doing any tests for them anymore on the live server. I could have used that time to work on the Exeter missions.
  11. Shenanigans_Abound

    Commemorative flags for sale?

    I got the ship from i want to say a christmas container and it gave me a mission to get it.. I think it was something like "earn 25k base xp"
  12. Shenanigans_Abound

    Commemorative flags for sale?

    Yeah but if you do a long mission string that involved grinding and frustration like the kitty purrfurst flag just to find out later that you didn’t have to do any of that and could have just purchased it... that’s where this idea fails and people would probably be unhappy. I think the Monaghan flag was another you had to grind for. I’ve had it for so long I don’t really remember exactly how I got it.
  13. Shenanigans_Abound

    Commemorative flags for sale?

    More than likely just from the shop. I’m really disappointed in WG for even going that route in the first place. The Alaska and Jean Bart were meant to be reward ships for grinding. They should have never been in the shop to begin with. As i said, at least imo, it greatly reduced its “reward” feeling knowing that all that grinding I did was for naught because anyone could just go in and buy it. I converted some xp to make sure I’d have that million free xp just to find out it actually would have been cheaper in terms of outright buying it vs converting the xp, players definitely got screwed on that.
  14. What were the requirements to recieve the clan battle tests rewards because I played 8 games, would have been more but NA got screwed on the one day and couldn’t play plus with two toddlers and a normal life to live also cut down on play time. but yet I got no reward. So.... what gives? Edit- speaking with people in my clan, no one got it and they had a lot more games played than I did. @iKami @Femennenly
  15. Shenanigans_Abound

    Commemorative flags for sale?

    Nope, never will that happen. If I pay extra money for a ship bundle that comes with a commerative it should only be through that bundle. It’s just like the maskarado flag, I didn’t sink one, so I won’t get a flag. Simple as that but I have flags others won’t ever be able to get. As someone else pointed out, something’s cool when it’s likited but when everyone has it, it’s not cool and unique anymore. Edit- but then again, this is wargaming. They sold free xp and coal ships in the shops. Ships that were meant to be reward ships for grinding that lost their “reward” feeling because people could just buy them. So maybe In the future WG would do something like this to make more money.