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  1. Since the update, I’ve not been able to sell anything out my inventory. It just keep popping up a message in the bottom right corner that says “can not sell due to technical error” I’ve tried resetting the game, I’ve tried resetting the pc, I tried waiting and waiting and waiting some more with no luck. Anyone know what the issues is or if there is a solution?
  2. that link did nothing.
  3. Appreciate the heads up. I wish they were more open about when that was going to reset. I was just getting ready to start re grinding another line, I’m glad I didn’t start yet. I’m ready to work towards the Colbert after getting the, Ohio which is very “meh” at best. The Colbert appears like it’s going to very fun though. Can’t wait to div up with an American dd and do some pew pew from the smoke for 2 1/2 minutes.
  4. Shenanigans_Abound

    Weekly Combat Missions: Earning Coal

    what? it took me less than 6 months to save up for the Georgia... Stop spending coal on signals and other junk and actually save the coal. Make sure to keep your ship coupon as well, we get 2 a year. ( or so ) As long as youre picking "more resources" every container you get, participating in ranked and being sure to keep an eye out for special events and rewards its really not that hard.
  5. Shenanigans_Abound

    Weekly Combat Missions: Earning Coal

    these daily missions are old and stale at this point and honestly should be reverted back to what they were before the change. Every week you’d do a new event mission for something in naval history for bigger rewards like super containers, camos, flags etc. what you have now just feels cheap and a like a cop out because it’s the same thing every month. The credits one is pointless, you’re not even getting the credits back that you put into the game, same with the flags and consumables, especially since you’ve changed the signals to 21 which I think is just dumb but that’s for another time... just bring back the old mission format.. even if it’s only one week a month.. There is plenty of historical naval events to base at least 12 missions a year on. As an added bonus it’ll actually make the “challenge” button useful again.
  6. Shenanigans_Abound

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    why isnt this just an opt in mission instead of making us watch 4 hours a day for 3 weeks and hoping we dont miss the code? not even mentioning the fact that the stream is running like 2 am to 6 am my local time in the states..
  7. Shenanigans_Abound

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    The KOTS missions were clearly described as not going to be done in 1 event. How you managed to get 7 is beyond me and I’d just call it extremely lucky because you weren’t supposed to have gotten more than half of the required amount to complete it. It was meant to be spread out over two KOTS tournaments.
  8. Shenanigans_Abound

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    Are you sure it’s not linked up? It says right there that your linked social networks include twitch which means it’s linked. And good luck even getting a container. I go to sleep right about the time flamu and flambas start streaming So I’ll turn on the stream and go to sleep for about 5 1/2 - 6 hours and I’ve done this over a dozen times and have gotten a single twitch container. 1... for like 80-90 hours of watch time. It’s so rare it’s almost not even worth it.
  9. Shenanigans_Abound

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    Sorry if this has been asked already but how do I enable these missions? Do I have to come back tomorrow and accept them or do I have to watch for them to enable? I didn’t see an option to enable them now. I’m usually on late night so I could start them as soon as they become active at 5am central time.
  10. Shenanigans_Abound

    Save a star... still

    And I guess it back fired didn’t it? Because what you call “good players” are now instantly in save a star mode.. just like everyone else. You call it complaining I call it what it is.. stupid.. because when you have 3,4,5 and I’ve seen as many as 6 ships run for the border and start firing he. Seems to be a little outta hand at this point. Sorry you don’t want to have save a star taken away because you’d have to participate more than clicking a the left button on your mouse? It’s not even a game anymore.. it’s all about what team had less ships run for the border.. fun game. I’m sure “good players” such as yourself would be devastated to have participate... bahahahahaha good players.. bahahahahaha
  11. Shenanigans_Abound

    Save a star... still

    I’ve been playing the game for 3 years, have participated since season 7.. when was this season of non existent save a star?
  12. Shenanigans_Abound

    Save a star... still

    While I appreciate everyone’s response and the fact that people didn’t come in with the normal “you just suck” “learn how to play blah blah blah garbage” the biggest issue the seemed to be not brought up, is people going into a game with save a star in mind. while yes, it does serve some purpose I don’t think that purpose is outweighing the negative effects of it. Sure it keeps people from throwing away their ships or from someone getting screwed just because they got stuck with a bad team or whatever.. may the end of the day though, when almost every game you have ships making a b line for the edges of the maps and load HE, 99 percent of the time, they’re the ones who save their star. How is this even remotely right for the people who are actually attempting to win? As I pointed out where I had 3 games in a row where 4 ships ran for the border and each game had at least two ships full HP and it wasn’t because of heals.. it was because they took zero damage the entire game while back line camping firing HE.. they saved their stars.. not the people who capped and killed but the ones that did nothing. That’s where the save a star fails because as numerous of you pointed out it just encourages selfish play to the point where it’s making ranked unplayable. I honestly think that removing save a star will make ranked what it’s meant to be, more competitive. Sure there is competition now.. but now for a win, it’s for a star. I think having it in place is hurting ranked more than helping any one player. the whole idea of it would just be teams slugging it out for five hundred games doesn’t seem right at all.. players would still progress, just at a slower pace. It’s not like it’s constantly win one, loss one and back and forth. Sometimes you win for 4 or 5 games and then maybe lose one or two.. or sometimes you lost 4 or 5 and then win 1 or 2 but smart players on a losing streak don’t play at that time and wait for players to cycle out. So progression will still occur, rank outs will still occur. If players are ranking out every season in 4 or 5 days then WG should take a look at their stats and see how many stars they saved during that time.. more than likely it’ll end up only being a few which kinda negates the argument that save a star allows people to still progress.
  13. Shenanigans_Abound

    Save a star... still

  14. Shenanigans_Abound

    Save a star... still

    When are you ever going to do take away save a star in ranked?? Why is this still a thing? 3 games in a row where 4 or more ships from the start go into save a star mode.. just lost 3 game’s in a row where at least 2 ships had taken ZERO damage.. zero.. in a full length game.. but hey they contributed the least so why shouldn’t they be rewarded the most right? I mean that’s the only logical thing to do.. reward those who do the least in typical care for the snowflakes fashion.. this is why you’ll always get people saying “why even bother with ranked” why bother.. a lot of people try their best to play the objectives, die in the process while the save a star ships camp the back line do zero to help and they don’t lose anything for it.. everyone goes into save a star mode and you still lose but because I’m in a cruiser and can’t put out as much damage as the full HP BB he gets to save his star.. ranked is broken.. beyond broken and has been for years.. the argument of “why should someone who did so much suffer for a poor team” is so invalid it’s hilarious. Because the person who does the most, caps, spots, kills people.. just wasn’t enough to beat out the guy who didn’t spot, didn’t get any kills and didn’t support but ya know.. he got a few lucky hits in so he had a few thousand more dmg so he’s the one that doesn’t have to suffer, the useless one, he’s the one who gets rewarded. If I remember correctly, after seeing the numbers for ranked last year and something like 95 percent of the players stopped playing at rank ten and I’m sure of that 95 percent, 94 percent out of the 95 just stopped because they got tired of just dealing with your ridiculous philosophy of save a star. WG constantly preaches “teamwork wins games” “you have to work as a team to win” except ranked.. ranked that goes out the window and becomes “ teamwork doesn’t get rewarded those useless ships in the back do” there is no reason it shouldn’t be like a random battle.. the team loses as a team.. not 6 people lose but one person gets a free draw. I mean if that’s what we want to go with then let’s go ahead and change randoms too. Let’s make that the top base xp earner gets rewarded as if it were a win.. I don’t know how many games I’ve played in random where I just get absolutely useless teams, I hit 1500 plus base Xp on a loss and get nothing for my effort.. and ships on the winning team have ships that earned less base xp than me on a win but they get rewarded more. I think it’s time wg takes a long, hard look at ranked and their rewarding system for wins/ losses as a whole, not just ranked but ranked should be first on that list starting with no more save a star. Think of how quickly teamwork would become an actual factor in ranked again if everyone knows that if they lose, they lose a star regardless of how much they sat in the back and dmg farmed.. basically, look at the way xp is given because right now is seems to be that 99.99 percent of all xp earned is earned off of damage done while capping, spotting, killing ships, shooting down planes and anything else rounds out the last 0.01 percent of the earnable xp
  15. Shenanigans_Abound