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  1. ya know, I was just looking over the, Edgar cause it seemed like it could be a decent ship but the more I compare it to the, Mino, the more it doesn't look that great and it seems all you're gaining is +4 in the AA rating and +2.0 km on the torps.. and you're gaining + 1.6 km on your detection so really, what you gain in torp range you're going to lose in concealment anyway so it kind of makes them the same as Mino in terms of range vs. concealment... I just don't think its going to be worth it for 47 million and all you're getting is a Mino with a 1.5 rapid burst fire every 1.5 seconds for 4.5 seconds (you get 3 volleys of burst fire) so all in all, stacked against the Mino it seems to be a near identical ship with a few tweaks that don't really make it worth 47,500,000 in my eyes and I think its going to end up going down as one of the more bad Tier 11, Aka, Super ship. im sure there is a chance it could get some buffs but anything at this point would probably be very minor since it’s due to come out soon. this is just my thoughts, maybe I’m wrong, maybe I missed something? I don’t know, I personally like playing the Mino, (radar, Mino, is best,Mino) So I was fairly excited for a “super mino” but it seems all I’m getting for 47,500,000 credits instead is, “Super Gimmick Mino”
  2. B0aty_McBoatface

    [ALL] ModStation

    Why are like 80 percent of the mods I used in the past "Under Construction" even though there is no reason for them to be as such... Some have been like that for a couple updates, like "Running Lights" I've completely removed and put back on the mods (the ones I have that aren't "Under Construction" ) and some of them still aren't working, I've removed the client and reinstalled the client and added everything back, 90 percent of them still aren't working, I've uninstalled mod station and re installed it, still 90 percent of them aren't working.... Aside from going back to Asslains, I'm kind of out of ideas unless someone here has something I haven't tried but I've tried all I can think of. (JUST A COUPLE OF MY MODS THAT AREN'T WORKING, FOR REFERENCE) VOL 2. / MOD 2 TRACER ENHANCEMENT (THE ONE THAT JUST MAKES THE AP ROUNDS A LITTLE MORE BLUE AND THE HE A LITTLE MORE ORANGE) RUNNING LIGHTS - It says this one was integrated with "Navigator" but since this "integration", running lights has not been working and If I had a choice, this is the only mod I'd take. This is the only one that really serves a purpose.
  3. B0aty_McBoatface

    Remove detonations already

    I got curious and tried to average out my detonations, I would also like to see them go away because the idea that at any time the game can just decide "ehh, you don't get to play anymore" is kind of dumb. They have no problem baking camos abilities into ships, what's the problem with adding detonation flag parameters to ships? nothing, but they wont ever do it. That being said, I have 8,022 games played in random of those only 747 of them are DD games. So take those out of the equation because they always had detonation flags on, I don't run detonation flags on anything but DD, never saw the point. so that leaves me with 7275 games played where I didn't have a detonation flag on and of those 7275 games without a detonation flag, I detonated in 29 of them, or roughly 0.003 percent of my games, end in detonation. based on what every one else has come up with for their detonation numbers and percentages, Id say I'm an exception to the roughly " 1 percent of the time" rule.
  4. B0aty_McBoatface

    Remove detonations already

    I just have to know, what type of Nintendo 64 graphics having photo is that at the bottom of your replies? I ain't seen graphics that bad since Atari...
  5. B0aty_McBoatface

    Please bring back my training Aid.

    still works for me, go in and set your hotkeys back to the original settings, thats what I usually do when Weegee changes things around for no reason. lol. That being said, I thought I was kind of alone and a little weird on the whole "watching others after I die thing" Its something I've always done and something I've always encouraged others to do if they're having trouble either figuring out a ship or they just seem to die every match, watch other people and see how they're playing. I had a really big issue when I first started playing in, April of 2017, of being extremely over aggressive and couldn't seem to figure out why my match survival rating was less than 21 percent, (seems obvious now in hindsight but back then it wasn't) watched how other people played more " slowly" and once I noticed that this game became 500 times more enjoyable.
  6. B0aty_McBoatface

    Looking for more people to play with

    Meant to add that I’m up for playing whatever tiers, high tier, low tier, it doesn’t matter to me. The only thing I don’t like is sitting at one tier. I.e. playing tier tens for like ten games in a row. I play mostly randoms, not a fan of ranked or brawls but do play occasionally. Every now and then I’ll do ops.
  7. B0aty_McBoatface

    Looking for more people to play with

    Just looking for more people to play with. Been playing on and off for like 5 years, fairly chill but do have my moments of getting mad at the game like everyone else. lol. Just hit me up in game or something if you’re interested. All I ask is you have discord. I do have TS I just never use it, hate the interface. Lol.
  8. B0aty_McBoatface

    Destroyer features I want changed permanently!

    Engaged one but never hit it, The USS johnston is the best example of what happens to a DD when its eating just 14" inch and 8" rounds. Its pretty well documented that after Johnston took just three 14" rounds and 3 6" rounds that all of her back guns were out of action permenately, the stearing was disabled, speed cut in half and both torp launchers knocked out, she couldnt fight anymore, so if we have well documented evidence of what just 14" rounds can do, just three of them, id imagine they have a good idea of what 19" shells or 16" shells could do to a dd. also, Yamato actually (allegedly) fired on the USS Johnston but didn't get any hits. Johnston sank about 2 1/2 hours after the start of the engagement losing more than half her crew. "the destroyer that fought like a battleship"
  9. B0aty_McBoatface

    Destroyer features I want changed permanently!

    well see, in the old days, DD ACTUALLY took dmg from AP rounds, you didn't have to be an Italian BB to dev strike a dd, but see what happened is the DD cried that they shouldn't take one shot from a bb and die, while that seems perfectly normal that a gearing class that weighed right around 3400 tons, wouldn't sink when hit by 5 16" shells of which combined weight of the shells weigh more than the ship they just ripped thru, but it only took 20 percent of their HP even though there would be a bunch of holes in their ship the size or rubber inflatable pool, they just keep on chugging. If that same BB takes 2 torps though, they lose half their HP. Its not about wanting things to change for us, its about them calling themselves a "realistic warship simulator" while some things are just so horribly unbalanced is laughable. Yet they say its balanced because " A dd shouldn't die one shot" except, wait a minute, that same dd can suicide run me, survive a whole salvo from my 12 16" guns, drop his torps and essentially kill me in one shot.... but I cant kill him in one shot cause that would be "unbalanced" that makes absolutely zero sense. That's not even counting that they have smoke they can hide in, detection that lets them go unspotted until there so close to me, that I wouldn't even be able to get my guns around before he was already next to me dropping an entire load of torps in me and I'm dead. but yeah, dd are totally balanced. See when that change went in about 2 1/2 years ago, people couldn't seem to figure out why BB always sit in the back now, why are they always on the back line never supporting, because there is no incentive for a bb to be within 15km a cap helping cruisers, why would they, so they can be killed by something they couldn't do a damn thing about if it does show up? Then as a result of the bb being forced to sit back, the cruisers don't want to go up because they have no bb support and that makes total sense but then what happens is now the DD don't want to go near the caps because the cruisers are too far back to help because they don't have bb support, so now no one is taking any caps and this is why, we constantly see people sharing games of "look at my entire team sitting in back" and it can all be traced back to the dd change and it was just a waterfall effect from there with the way game were gonna be 90 percent of the time from them on. BB sit in the back, cruisers don't get near caps because of no bb, dd aren't going in without the cruisers so no one goes near the caps. then there is the flip side of that. Everyone always says, I don't get why games are steam rolls so much now. I have an answer for that too.... the dd change. Cause what's gonna happen on the flip is you're going to get a team where half the players still play properly so that half runs in and get destroyed outright by 12 and then the remaining six, get slowly but surely, picked up by the 12 reds, steamroll. This also picked up quite a bit with the DD change. with that change they just jacked up the balance of the game outright. Gimmick ships don't help the cause. There shouldn't be ships in the game that get, smoke, radar and hydro, there's nothing you can do to stop them... nothing... All that being said, the game is still fun sometimes, not nearly as fun as it once was but its still fun. Most of the people you see "complaining" as you call it, are really just people who've been playing the game for so long they remember when it was balanced, it was super enjoyable, you didn't have to worry about being in a bb and get killed by a dd simply because you couldn't do anything about it. I used to love playing BB, now its something I do periodically instead of all the time, now I play cruiser and DD and sometimes CV, 95 percent of the time because who wants to play BB...
  10. B0aty_McBoatface

    Destroyer features I want changed permanently!

    I think he was just being sarcastic.....
  11. B0aty_McBoatface

    Destroyer features I want changed permanently!

    The only thing dd need to do is just take normal damage from BB rounds. I'm sorry but a dd, at 6 km, eating 8 16" shells from a monty or something should just be dead, calling it "balance" to all but tell full HP dd "yeah, sure you can charge that full HP BB right there and kill him instantly and he wont be able to do a thing about it" is not balance. He may loss 1/2 his health but every time, the dd is going to come out on top and thats just ridiculous. A dd shouldnt be able to eat 19" rounds from a yammy and still be afloat.
  12. B0aty_McBoatface

    Transformers Farewell Sale

    glad to know Im not the only one that cant click on a team for the mission. Its okay, Ill prolly get a WG container with 50k credits and 1 crappy flag instead of the mission
  13. B0aty_McBoatface

    PSA: Ruckus in the Depot

    ahhh.... wargaming, where the more they say thing will change, the more they stay the same. lol. this is why I only buy premium time now and nothing else. I got tired of spending money just to, later get an apology for the way they went about it. nahhh..... I'm good, ill buy the 30 days premium time for 10 bucks and call it a day. I got no problem supporting a game that's FTP but I'm done giving more than I need to.
  14. B0aty_McBoatface

    Just for a change of pace today, personal best BXP game

    Anything over 3 is a great game. according to my stats my best game was 5090 base XP. I did that in an Alaska game that I had like 240k in, HC, CONFED, KRAKEN, Dreadnaught, basically all the awards one gets besides the HE SPAM ones. I don’t remember the game too well other than being last Alive vs 3 and winning but being mad because the fourth player died literally like 2 seconds before I became the last alive on our team so I missed out on solo warrior by that much (about 2 seconds) that’s the only award I’ve never gotten in 4 1/2 years.
  15. B0aty_McBoatface

    Clan Battles: "Piranha" Season

    Shoulda left the small maps that way at least one cv could be deleted outright and ease the pain of double cv lol.