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  1. CV Kill Steals a DD

    there was a something or other flooding he was at 3k health or so...perfectly health kutuzov or whatever hiding behind a island right next to him.. tell the cv ignore the basically dead something or other who had used its heal and repair on a bunch of fires before being torped and flooded and kill the kut please. cv drops everything on the now 500 health something or other and ignores the kut. cv gets a bomb kill on the something or other. kut goes on to run the table and get like 5 kills and we lost.
  2. What is your Karma score right now

    maybe suck up is too harsh a phrase. A fan will lavish with gifts the focus of their adoration for no other reason other than their devotion. Im not really familiar with many of the CCs TBH. Ive watched a few videos here and there but I dont delve into the world of WOWS as much as many of the people who make it to game forums do. Id wager that there would be a trend that no matter a CCs performance in game that they would have super high karma compared to other players of the same caliber or better. im not trying to disparage LWM mind you. Its just certain aspects of human nature come into play. and thats not taking into account that LWM is not a male?
  3. What is your Karma score right now

    its an arbitrary system. easy to game if youre going for rewards. plus with 7(?) votes you can just get some clan mates and have a circle...errm pat eachother on the back to inflate the score.
  4. What is your Karma score right now

    how much of that is real karma vs people sucking up to a CC? not that theres anything wrong with that....
  5. What is your Karma score right now

    My current karma is 1 It goes up fast playing co-op and scenarios. it goes down even faster after a game or two of random....despite winning, despite being a total alpha jackie chan john rambo superman type player...in that game its more of a mini game within the game for the trolls.....
  6. I dont pay attention to names. Why feed peoples egos?
  7. Cruiser Gameplay

    suggest that to cruisers who play behind BBs in game and man you will have -87 karma when you get back to port. especially considering the aa and radar abilities given to some cruisers. meta has taken over the entire game. they should remove the caps and let the only game mode be team death match
  8. i dont bow tank at range so im never the last one left.
  9. I may have even won and survived while doing very little if any damage in one of those obnoxiously slow battleships like the New Mex....especially when spawned on the extreme eastern or western side of the map opposite of where all the action happened.
  10. I never understood the fascination with anime. and I understand the Venn diagram of anime and wows even less.
  11. CIWS or something that shoots down incoming shells of lower tiered ships so everyone can feel like a t6 CV in a +2 matchmaker battle.
  12. Im pretty sure ive had games with 0 damage where i was even one of the top scorers because i capped or assisted in capping a couple times as a DD.
  13. Beating the Dead Horse - CV Poll

    in regards to balanced against surface ships...are you counting tier for tier or are you taking into account how matchmaker puts t6 cv against t8 surface ships? which in my experince has been most of the matches ive played as a t6 cv. It seems a t6 surface ship has a way better chance against a t8 surface ship as compared to a t6 cv vs a t8 surface ship.