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  1. MokrieDela

    Broken back achievement

    you missed a post. check the one you fanboi'd talk about a bit o' noise....amirite dealwithitjpeg
  2. MokrieDela

    Broken back achievement

    now you are coming across as a toxic person who cant handle losing a discussion. and i just discovered the ignore feature....Gee Gee.
  3. MokrieDela

    Broken back achievement

    ahh but i am testing your principles...the germans were the highest scoring losers they should be rewarded or they shouldnt. its not an attempt to link you to the nazis. its a test of your principles. and you failed. your question was answered ww2 was a random battle that took years to complete...the us won but the arizona was sunk....i mean if youre sunk in a game but your team won are you a loser? maybe we can set up a conference call with merriam webster and you can redefine the words loser and winner for them since it seems to mean something different to you then the universally agreed upon definitions yes by definition everyone who loses a battle is a loser....its right there in the noun "loser" life is not measured in a day. life is measured by a lifetime. during ones lifetime there will be many battles fought and won and fought and lost. what makes a person a winner is taking their experience and learning from it so they dont make the same mistakes twice....no trophy will ever make a winner out of a loser. you have been lied to by your teachers and guardians. you should go back to geocities with your 1989 era since you already lost the discussion claptrap. and learn to dicsuss things like a rational human being instead of some troll who had a bunch of holes poked in their brilliant idea and needs to act out because of their feel feels.
  4. MokrieDela

    Broken back achievement

    children should be taught about winning and losing......maybe there wouldnt be so many losers that think they are entitled to a mansion and an Italian exotic sports car if they were taught right. they lost the battle...but the US won the war. War was a team sport...not an individual competition. who came in 2nd and 3rd in ww2? are you going to honor Nazis now?
  5. MokrieDela

    Broken back achievement

    yes.....did the guy with the highest score on the losing team win?...no he did not if he won he would be on the winning team. how about if we removed xp and scores altogether and just gave flags and awards to everyone who participated? I mean people have been indoctrinated into the participation trophy ideology.....why not go all in and get rid of stats too while we are at it because you dont want peoples self esteem to take a hit do you? think of the childruns...
  6. MokrieDela

    Broken back achievement

    sounds too much like keeping your star in ranked but with a better reward (subjective opinion)....and people played not to win the match but to keep their star. I dont like the idea of incentivizing losing.
  7. MokrieDela

    Something on the horizon?

    Pretty obvious its a teaser about the upcoming Le Mullet (pronounced Lay Moo-Lay) french premium ship. the ship where business is taken care of on the bow while the party goes on aft
  8. I usually have my mom call them.
  9. MokrieDela

    More currencies for Settlers of WoW leaked...

    Tin can only be farmed from DDs.....ie the "Tin Can Navy" they revised the patchnotes.
  10. MokrieDela


    Must be a warranty adjuster/investigator who said that. I had one tell me my upper intake manifold gasket wasnt leaking....it was only seeping.
  11. MokrieDela

    Possible Solution to Radar

  12. MokrieDela


    no...the ship behind the island has the spotter plane...if you both have the same concealment say 10km....the spotter plane is flying a pattern/orbit about 8km diameter over the ship it launcehd from (its not hovering directly over the ships midpoint like a helicopter) i tried looking up the real numbers on wiki but i didnt see any......so a ship with a 10km concealment is using a spotter plane flying an orbit that puts it between you and the ship it launched from. if you have a 10km concealment also then the spotter plane has picked you up and the ship that it launched from still has 4km to play with before you can see it. and you may or may not see the spotter plane.....because i get plenty of spotted tells with the little plane icon(when no cv is in the battle) yet there is no plane visible within los nor on the mini map. if you are having a problem hitting ships behind an island...then try going left or right so you are "slicing the pie" instead of charging straight at the island
  13. MokrieDela


    spotter planes are much worse..... a radar ship is usually within its reveal distance when it pops radar so you have a chance to kill it.......spotter planes can spot you and you will never see the spotter plane in order to kill it.
  14. MokrieDela


    How about a lesson in objectivity OP... tell us what a battleship can do to a cruiser in one shot....before you go on and on about how wg is being mean to ships with the largest health pool, and farthest reaching guns in game.....ill wait. by the way...im seeing plenty of 4 dds per side matches in t9/10/8/7.......but you wont see that on the forums.
  15. I find the system as reliable as reddits upvote downvote echo chamber system. its only for griefing people. for instance...be on the winning team as a cv player with high caliber and 4 kills.....you will have less karma after the game then when you started the game.