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  1. CV Rework gameplay

    The amount of things happening on screen in the CV demo is far above what non-CV players deal with. These are going to be more graphics-intensive, thus use more resources.
  2. CV Rework gameplay

    The video showed close up action in which lots of animation was occurring in high detail. That requires some substantial system resources. I started playing WG on an old Mac laptop, and had to disable a lot of things to work. CV play and close-in BB combat nearly melted my computer. There are a number of forum posts in which players talk about having old computers. The high detailed CV play proposed is going to drain older computers, but that doesn't mean that those players won't play.
  3. Is The Death of Custom Skins?

    The game crashed on me several times yesterday (post patch) when I was playing in a premium ship. I don't use mods and have not inserted camos that were not offered by WG. There are also weird instances in which part of the ship becomes see-through (lewd). I doubt that this is being caused by my PC, as it is pretty high end and less than a year old.
  4. Constant game crashes

    I have noticed that part of the HSF Harekaze is barely rendering, and that I can see through to the ocean behind the ship. I've been playing a lot of games in premium ships in order to build up silver, so this could be the reason.
  5. Constant game crashes

    Pressing Ctrl - Alt - Del brings up the correct screen, and selecting Task Manager opens it. However, I can't actually access the Task Manager. It's like the game has taken over my computer and I can't access any other open programs. I am forced to reboot.
  6. Constant game crashes

    Definitely not using a Mac, but I did at one point and that wrapper was terrible.
  7. Constant game crashes

    When WOWS has a critical error (which seems to be happening a lot lately), I'm prevented from accessing the task bar, but am able to use alt-tab to toggle windows (that I cannot access). I have to shut the computer down because the game has taken over. This can't be normal. Anyone else experiencing this? This is the second time I've had to reinstall the game in several months, and my computer isn't even a year old and is up to date.
  8. CV Rework gameplay

    I'm curious as to whether the new CV game play will be more system-intensive. There is a lot going on in terms of graphics, and I doubt that everyone who plays WOWS has a rig that can handle it. I have a feeling that we're going to see a bunch of new CV players with computers on fire in the future.
  9. Game Unstable since patch

    ^This. It's super annoying that the game prevents the task manager from being accessible. Alt-Tab still shows that there are other items open, but I can't access them.
  10. Why Aren't Yamamoto and Halsey 19 Points??

    Getting a free 15-pt commander is a pretty big deal considering that other unique commanders (e.g. Jack Dunkirk) had 10 skill points. The bummer for me is that I already had 19 pt commanders in my Gearing, Des Moines, and Worcester, and my NC captain had 16. Decided to drop Halsey in the Mighty Mo for when I occasionally take that ship out.
  11. Scrapping irrevocable ranks in order to appease the relatively small population of players approaching Rank 1 seems like the wrong approach if WG wants more people to play ranked. If anything, WG should have said "deal with it" to those complaining about an irrevocable Rank 5. Don't decide where to steer based on the top of the iceberg while ignoring everything below the surface.
  12. Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

    So...yes, the OP probably made this after playing in ranked because he/she realized that the Khab has awful concealment.
  13. Yamato Legendary upgrade

    @capncrunch21 Maybe the "legendary" bit is what WG devs say when they realize that people were willing to grind to get these things.
  14. The capabilities in this game have almost nothing to do with reality. Ship-to-ship accuracy was absolutely horrible IRL during WW2. Ships were sunk by planes or by subs, and, in occasions in which they were actually close, sometimes guns. Interestingly, players hate the ship type, carriers, that were actually the most useful ship in the entire war.
  15. Khabarovsk needs a slight buff.

    Odds are that the OP made this after ranked. The Khab can be detected from space if you use a gunboat build, so you can'ted contest caps. There was a recent post about the ships that players have use to rank out so far, and the Russian DDs were barely a part of that. And for a reason. They are fun in randoms.