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  1. True, but you can have your engines or steering gears temporarily disabled. Maybe temporarily disable diving planes or something like that?
  2. And how can subs dive immediately, let alone at all, after being hit by shells while on the surface? There should be a 30 second delay in a sub being able to dive if it is hit while on the surface.
  3. guns_at_last_light

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    Sorry. I wasn't counting Co-Op. I should have said "second Random game ever". I neglected to check how many Co-Op games the player had, but it had to be at least enough get to access level 3.
  4. guns_at_last_light

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    56% WR with a little over 10,000 battles. My stats have nothing to do with someone playing Tier 7 Randoms with only one game under his/her belt.
  5. guns_at_last_light

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    This was in Randoms.
  6. guns_at_last_light

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    I don't particularly care if players are amazing. I prefer players have at least 200 games if they are going to play at tier 7, and even that's probably far too low. EDIT: let's just say that I don't think you need 60k+ games.
  7. Still pretty frustrating that WG doesn't keep players from being able to skip lower tiers. They don't know the fundamentals, and aren't super fun to have on your team. This magical player was on my team, and picked the Florida as a premium to boot. This was the player's SECOND game ever. Come on WG. Do better.
  8. guns_at_last_light

    Subs have broken this game

    They definitely have made the game...interesting. I think it was a waste of dev resources, but have long ago given up on WG adding new maps and fixing LOS radar/hydro issues. My biggest complaint is that I HATE depth charges being launched forward. I get that some ships were designed for this, but WG has stomped on historical accuracy enough that they can do us all a solid and let depth charges all be shot the same way.
  9. What's actually going to make me play the game less is WG's continued focus on new ships (and tiers) and not on releasing maps. The last time they released a map was two years ago. Ideally, they'd release 5 new maps this year and, for the sake of development speed, don't bother with underwater mapping. Let subs rotate through the maps you've already done the underwater mapping for.
  10. I get that WG is all in on Tier XI superships, but until they figure out how to balance them better it would be great if they limited them to 2 per team. I've had several games in which there were 4, and none of the games would be what I'd call competitive.
  11. I get that WG has spent so much development money on subs that they desperately need to reintroduce them into the game. With that said, why on earth are there still ships without an ASW option? If I'm going to go up against 3 subs in my poor Dutch cruiser - a line that already is meh - I'd like the option of being able to fight back.
  12. guns_at_last_light

    Best complement one player can receive from another.

    I thought it was going to be the OP saying "I know that you are from an AR or BR clan and are expected to be garbage, but you did a good job."
  13. guns_at_last_light

    Bot Party in the afternoon

    WG is in cash cow mode. It happens. They can't get new players, and their efforts to dumb down the game or appeal to a broader base result in subs and the CV rework. Upgrade the game engine, adding new maps, or fixing imbalances don't bring in new players, which means they are focusing on things that drive existing players away while hoping said players invite friends. It's not a death spiral, but we're approach the event horizon.
  14. guns_at_last_light

    Ranked Thoughts

    It's been a pain to get through Bronze. They player quality at lower tiers can be really, really poor, so I've been stuck saving a star while a bunch of camo-less teammates either get dev struck or don't know what they are supposed to do.
  15. guns_at_last_light

    WG: consider removing reporting/complimenting in Dirigible Derby

    I would definitely have deserved it had I been a CV player, but I wasn't using one I knew that it was one of the non-standard battle types, but couldn't remember which one.