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  1. I lucked out and was able wrap up my Harugumo and Yueyang grinds on the same day. I tried the Harugumo first, mostly because one was non-stop shooting at me earlier while I was in the Musashi. I wanted to pay that annoyance forward. Unfortunately, we lost. The map had a lot of islands, so torps were a bit more difficult to position. My smoke ran out in B cap when a wild Mogami appeared (our nearby Cleveland was pouting about managing to kill one of our own ships), and that wound up being my Flesh Wound kill. I liked the handling a little bit more than the Kit, but noticed that shells were falling short more than I would have expected at around 9km. Captain (17 pts): PT, PM, AR, LS, SE, IFHE, CE (will probably respec to BFT or SI at 19) I then took out the Yueyang. A Zao saved the target I was aiming my torps at, a Montana, by turning broadside into the spread. It seemed like it took forever to set fires, though I'm not running a captain with DE. The ship handled well, though the map featured a lot of islands that helped with concealment. Captain (18 pts): PM, AR, LS, SE, TAE, BFT, CE. I probably will have awful matches going forward, but both ships seem to be worth grinding to. Don't give up on the grind, kids.
  2. guns_at_last_light

    RN Event grind is numbing. Anyone else feeling it?

    I'm all for getting a free ship and think that the idea behind this event is interesting, but I agree that this event seems to have been going on a long, long time.
  3. guns_at_last_light

    Proposed Yeuyang nerf is OUTRAGEOUS

    Well frig. I was almost done with the Chung Mu grind and was looking forward to giving the Yueyang a shot.
  4. Finally had a decent game in the Kitakaze this evening after too many derp games. Unfortunately, someone was in a bad mood and my karma went down by one. How will I live with myself? Answer: by enjoying a beer.
  5. I've noticed that WOWS frequently crashes after I install the latest GeForce driver, but that this becomes less frequent over time. Has anyone experienced this with other games, or is this unique to Warships? Going forward I'll wait a while before updating, but was curious from a technical standpoint.
  6. guns_at_last_light

    Terror of the Deep - Hard Mode

    There are two additional catapults. Kind of out of the way to spot.
  7. guns_at_last_light

    PSA Halloween event

    Honor to Heroes is just a summary of the flags, camos, etc. that you've earned in-game. I wish that I had an additional 697 containers to open.
  8. guns_at_last_light

    Is it worth grinding past the Bismarck?

    What I want to know is whether Tier 9 is any better. Tier 8 has the MM problem (I've been the only Tier 8 in the two time I played the Bismarck today). Is the FDG as bad as they say? I don't want to waste credits on a ship that stinks if I can avoid it.
  9. I've been occasionally hopping back into the German BBs to spice things up, and am wondering whether this is even worth it. Having played through several Tier 8 ships, I understand that you have to take things with a grain of salt because of Tier 8 MM; however, I really am not enjoying the Bismarck as much as I want. It's fun to watch the secondaries fire off like a drunk person shooting a Nerf gun, but the little damage they do does not make up for the sad main batteries. I've read that the FDG is even worse, though people said that about the Izumo and I don't hate that ship. Will the penetration changes being tested out make this an even more unpleasant grind? Is the GK worth it?
  10. guns_at_last_light

    Request for suggestions on gameplay for the subs

    Don't bother with a 4 pt skill. You shouldn't be on the surface that often, you don't have guns worth talking about, and you really only get hit occasionally. Definitely don't bother with Vigilance.
  11. guns_at_last_light

    PSA Halloween event

    @Kizarvexis I had to click on the "Daily Shipments" CTA in the port menu to be awarded the container today. It did not appear in the Containers screen until I clicked on it. Not sure if you covered this yet, but you may want to let folks know that the reward doesn't just show up.
  12. guns_at_last_light

    Submarines First Impressions?

    I think that it's a pretty fun event so far (I DO NOT like Gerfalcon's torp angles). The problem I've found is that my team dies so fast that I'm solo warrior-ing around until I manage to die. The rewards are pretty paltry when all your teammates die early. Things would probably a lot different if I played with a division. It's a neat concept though.
  13. Once you get your last star in Rank 2, you are moved to Rank 1 and the season is over. You'll get the coal rewards. I didn't see a lot of Kami Rs going solo into caps, but did see a lot acting as spotters. It was a sweet reward to rank out by killing a Kami R.
  14. 36 battles. I almost exclusively played the Giulio Cesare, but did play DDs a few times. I was stuck in the Rank 5 area for a while, but once I got to Rank 4 I steamrolled through without any further losses. Success really depended on how good your DDs were, which in turn really depended on whether your team had a Kami R.
  15. guns_at_last_light

    Baby Ranked party thread

    Ranked out with a bang. @IronMike11B4O my guess is that it has to do with the paltry damage that DDs can do, unless they are the Kamikaze R. The torps are kind of weak and the guns fairly anemic. I tried playing a DD a few times and it was not a ton of fun. Unlike higher tier Ranked, where DDs can influence the game, in lower tier they really only are good for spotting.