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  1. guns_at_last_light

    OMFG the new French cruisers are garbage

    My main complaint is that the gears of these ships are too fragile considering that they also have longer fire duration. I understand that taking DCSM1 rather than ERP is a tradeoff that players have to make, but it doesn't seem like other cruisers that burn longer have such fragile gears.
  2. guns_at_last_light

    Summer Days

    The event is kind of a snooze. However, you change "days" to "babe" and you get a pretty sweet jam.
  3. I've been detonated 107 times. As this happens almost exclusively in Randoms (I save flags for Ranked), the estimate is that I have been detonated in 1% of Random battles. I'm a DD main, so I'd be expected to have a higher rate since DDs are the ship type most likely to be detonated. EDIT: also, I was detonated yesterday while playing the Kidd. I was low HP and a Tallinn finally sunk me in the closing minute. Game also had my most recent Kraken.
  4. guns_at_last_light

    Sub over-penetration de-buff suggestion

    BACK FROM THE GRAVE! It may be easier to have shells have a damage multiplier when they hit a sub. If WG can reduce damage on DDs from SAP and AP, they can increase the damage that shells deal against subs. Something in between a full pen and a citadel.
  5. guns_at_last_light

    What is the cause of toxic behavior?

    I've definitely been guilty of calling out bad play during games, and not always being nice about it. This is typically a sign that it's time to log out for the day, as the enjoyment factor has been replaced with annoyance at others. I take responsibility. One thing that I wish that WG did, and which I think would reduce my frustration with other players at times, would be to make it more difficult to advance through tiers. This includes skipping tiers entirely through the purchase of premium ships. One option would be to make lower tier play more enjoyable or rewarding. This is likely easier to implement than gating higher tiers behind a certain number of games.
  6. Homing torps are quite silly, especially when they can only be stopped by either dodging or using DCP. For me, the annoyance of subs is a tossup between them having homing torps, being able to immediately dive after being hit by shells, and having a very short torp arming distance. The easiest change for WG would be to bump arming distance to something like 3-4km, which would cut down on subs being able to pop up right next to ships and unload a salvo at point blank range.
  7. guns_at_last_light

    Please Publish The Sub Survey Result

    Q: "Would you recommend Warships"? A: "No" <end survey> I've had several of these experiences. There's value in asking "why not?" only if you intend on spending resources on addressing the player concerns.
  8. guns_at_last_light

    Harbin Ranked Adventures

    Which is surprising, because BBs should be salivating about shooting towards them since there's a good chance of getting a dev strike. I'd only start shooting at a Harbin at range, since those mega floaty shells aren't much of a threat.
  9. guns_at_last_light

    Harbin Ranked Adventures

    I remember that one. I couldn't believe that the Chung Mu wasn't running away from that cap. Had he not inexplicably hung around in smoke right in front of you, we may have won. Oh well. I was kind of annoyed that I lost a star to a yolo'ing MO and a Chung Mu that couldn't position.
  10. True, but you can have your engines or steering gears temporarily disabled. Maybe temporarily disable diving planes or something like that?
  11. And how can subs dive immediately, let alone at all, after being hit by shells while on the surface? There should be a 30 second delay in a sub being able to dive if it is hit while on the surface.
  12. guns_at_last_light

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    Sorry. I wasn't counting Co-Op. I should have said "second Random game ever". I neglected to check how many Co-Op games the player had, but it had to be at least enough get to access level 3.
  13. guns_at_last_light

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    56% WR with a little over 10,000 battles. My stats have nothing to do with someone playing Tier 7 Randoms with only one game under his/her belt.
  14. guns_at_last_light

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    This was in Randoms.
  15. guns_at_last_light

    Maybe stop allowing new players to skip low tiers

    I don't particularly care if players are amazing. I prefer players have at least 200 games if they are going to play at tier 7, and even that's probably far too low. EDIT: let's just say that I don't think you need 60k+ games.