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  1. Getting the Z-23 to work

    I want to like the German DD line. I really do. I've read a lot of great things about the Z-52, but can't seem to make the Z-23 work. I understand that this ship should be a jack-of-all-trades, but hearing this doesn't make it any easier to play. The concealment seems high relative to other Tier 8 DDs, and is noticeably worse when you are uptiered. Plus the whole radar thing. Neither the 128mm nor the 150mm feel super comfortable. You trade a high ROF and low fire chance for more damage and a lower ROF. Shredding ships with AP is neat and all, but if I'm that close I'm probably regretting things. The torpedoes don't cause a ton of damage, and still require you to get pretty close in the current radar meta. At least they reload kind of fast. The maneuverability is...not great. Has anyone been grinding through this ship since WOW became radar fest? Has radar even bothered you? Most of the write ups I see are more than a year old, which is pretty much ancient history considering that there have been so many changes since 2017.
  2. Do you think that IJN DDs are in a good place?

    You'd think that after 110 years some folks wouldn't be angry over losing the Russo-Japanese war, but here we are.
  3. I want every player in the game to hear Ludacris' "Get Back" when I fire my guns in the Atlanta. It should not be a feature that can be disabled.
  4. Neptune or Dmitri Donskoi?

    Thanks for the reply. I typically level up several ships at the same time rather than only focus on one, so I imagine that I'll wind up getting both Tier 10s at some point. It really boils down to which ship will be more fun for the amount of time it takes me to get another 18 million or so credits.
  5. Neptune or Dmitri Donskoi?

    Looking to you fine forum folks for suggestions on the next non-premium ship to get. I have unlocked both the Neptune and the Dmitri Donskoi, but only have enough credits to get one of them for the time being. The captains I'd put in them both have 16 points. I understand that the play styles for these two ships are quite different, which makes this a bit tough. For those who have either of these, which ship has been more fun?
  6. We're sorry

    That's a drag. I'm a big fan of picking up historical ships, but having to dedicate a captain to it (a la Blyskawica) makes it less fun.
  7. We're sorry

    Can a captain be moved between the Haida and a British ship, or no? I never played the Perth, so I have no idea.
  8. How do i get rid of the rented war ships....

    It's a bit weird that I have a Shima, and now have a second Shima in port for this Clan thing.
  9. Legendary Upgrades

    Same requirements for the Gearing.
  10. I was curious as to whether any Gearing players were putting the time in for the Family Matters personal mission. This is the one that gives you the unique upgrade for free. I've been avoiding playing DDs because of the proliferation of radar, and am kind of dreading this as another grind. The requirements are pretty substantial - 100k XP, 8 million silver, 15k free XP, 40k base XP - and I don't know if the grind will be that fun for a ship type that is getting beat on these days.
  11. Possible Solution to Radar

    I said 7-8km because that would make the consumable useful, but not nearly as powerful as it is now. I don't think that WG could code things in such a way that radar would be conditional to the DDs spotting range, if that's what you are referring to.
  12. DD's are Back

    I have also been in a few games in which there are lots of DDs. However, this is a super rare occurrence. Most games may have 1-2 DDs now, and I've been in a surprisingly large number of games with no DDs. I am a DD main and stopped playing them out because the amount of radar makes contesting caps not fun. I've tried to adapt, but when you are up against 3 Clevelands, a Buffalo, and a Des Moines there just isn't a lot you can do besides hope they all use radar at the same time.
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    WG shouldn't spend the resources fixing the radar through islands part because it is too expensive. What they should do is drop the radar range to 7-8km. This still gives cruisers the ability to spot DDs, but not from 9-11 km, and still makes sure that radar has greater range than the minimum concealment of a lot of higher tier DDs.
  14. Carriers: Wait or Go For It?

    Whatever you do, don't practice in PvP unless you want to live in a salt mine. Nothing ruins games faster than CV players learning the ropes against anything other than bots.
  15. Reading all of this coal and steel hooplah is a gentle reminder that we're never going to get new maps.