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  1. guns_at_last_light

    DEVS...some things to please consider adding

    I really want WG to start adding commas or some type of punctuation when indicating the amount of damage or credits you need to complete missions/objectives/etc. For example, "Earn 4000000 credits" would have been easier to parse out if it was written as "Earn 4,000,000 credits".
  2. guns_at_last_light

    Udaloi — Soviet Tier IX destroyer.

    If the red team has non-VMF DDs, you're team is going to start off with a major disadvantage. I have the Tashkent and Udaloi, but never felt that I was doing more than farming damage. Not being able to contest caps could be one of the big reasons you don't seen that many VMF DDs in higher tier games.
  3. guns_at_last_light

    Really WG? 24,000,000 credits?

    Just think of this last phase as a good time to grind through ships so you can get more coal/steel from dusting off snowflakes.
  4. guns_at_last_light

    Ranked-out in Sprint Again

    Ranked out in less than 30 battles using the T-61. This ship really dominated and I felt kind of bad for the DDs that I was up against. If there was one plus to this season of Ranked Sprint, it was that there weren't legions of Giulio Cesare BBs.
  5. guns_at_last_light

    Premium Ship Review #111: Jean Bart

    The 32% torpedo damage reduction is pretty frustrating if you are playing against her. I landed 5 torpedoes from a single volley while in my Mogami - 86,165 in damage without any reduction - but wound up only getting 55,624 in damage, which means that the reduction was actually 35%. I wanted that dev strike.
  6. guns_at_last_light

    The 0.8.0 CV/AA update has a lot more changes than you know

    It's like WG saw the accidental roll out of the recent Instagram update - the one that made you swipe like it's a dating app - and decided to do one better. Reworking the CVs is a huge change, and I am not entirely confident that they can get it right let alone communicate the changes well.
  7. guns_at_last_light

    too many overpens?

    What would be great is for WG to come out and say "hey, we know that you believe that overpens are happening more frequently now, but we can confirm that we looked at the code and are positive that nothing changed." Unfortunately, that will never, ever happen.
  8. guns_at_last_light

    CV rework: People need to chill out - the new system works

    As someone who started playing WOW with a mac and then built a much better PC, there's a world of difference when you have a souped up machine. If the new CV setup requires a better computer than what most players have, you'll wind up with some frustrated players and teams. Anyone know if the new CV play will be more graphics intensive, and thus require a better computer?
  9. guns_at_last_light

    Buyer Beware... Prinz Eitel Fredrich

    It is not my favorite ship, mostly because it seems to be the king of overpens. I am a big fan of the AA and secondaries for Tier 6. I've wracked up six figure damage games on most occasions, though it never feels like I am doing that well because I am not getting the dev strikes I want so badly.
  10. guns_at_last_light

    too many overpens?

    I've also noticed that the percentage of overpen hits has skyrocketed. I'm not aiming any differently than before, but now there are times when it's 40% overpen. I am definitely in the camp that believes that WG may have made a mistake while making adjustments to what AP shells do to DDs.
  11. guns_at_last_light


    This is the Internet. It's the digital version of Mos Eisley. No one will ever use the proposed karma for steel system as the OP intended, and my God have mercy on your souls.
  12. guns_at_last_light

    DM Donskoi/T9-T10 tips

    As others have mentioned, you hang out at range and try not to be the focal point of the red BBs. Your job is to set fire to BBs and cruisers, and, while you have radar, you aren't really a DD hunter because your concealment is relatively high for a cruiser. This is the Russian tech tree play style in a nutshell: annoy at a distance and set fire to things.
  13. guns_at_last_light

    Now I remember why I sold my Nurnberg

    I had long since sold mine and moved on to the Hindenburg, but always remember the "exploding Nurenberg" jokes made by Jingles and other contributors. Playing it again after getting a free one via the campaign was interesting, mostly because I am somewhat less awful now than when I started out.
  14. guns_at_last_light

    Dreadnought: holiday hindered progress

    I bummed that I will be one short by EOD 12/31. So, so close.
  15. While in the PEF I hit a broadside Amagi 17 times last night for...18k damage. No citadels despite aiming at the waterline and being <10 km. It was pretty infuriating.