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  1. Admiral_Cirno

    The Anime Hipper Capt - Please SHUT UP! LOL

    Wargaming. if you put more anime captaIns in the premium shop you will simultaneously take the last of my money and the last of my sanity. Please do this.
  2. Admiral_Cirno

    A quick question on CVs and MM

    I want to opt out of games with potatoes. Oh wait I am one. Damn.
  3. I dislike them because I play DDs a lot. Also I'm a bit of a potato at torp dodging
  4. Admiral_Cirno

    When planes dominate the mini-map?

    Sink the Red CV. Then sink the green one too. Problem solved!
  5. Admiral_Cirno

    PSA: Opt-In Camo centered mission

    More camos are good, naked ships are LEWD!
  6. Admiral_Cirno

    Best Anime of 2018?

    What on earth would make you think that WoWs fans are into anime? We're all too grown up for that!
  7. Admiral_Cirno

    band from in game chat??

    This one time, in Banned Camp ...
  8. "It's not enough that I should succeed, Others must fail"
  9. I fired a spread of torpedos at a BB last night and he TURNED! Damn cheaters!
  10. Admiral_Cirno

    Happy New Year 2019

    Yeah Happy new Year to all my friends on Team Green! Team red can get bent!
  11. Dear Wargaming; Yamato is OP. That damn Wave-Motion Gun just annihilated another Gamilon Warfleet! Please nerf that &@%$% ship! Signed Desslok
  12. Admiral_Cirno

    Win rate

    Step 1: Create New Account Step 2: Win First Battle Step 3: Never Play That Account Again Step 4: Brag About 100% WR And Call Everyone Else A Scrublord Step 5: ??? Step 6: Profit
  13. Oh, I guess i should learn to read. It could be a useful skill.
  14. I watched Notsers video and i have come up with a solution; Give Destroyers wings. Seriously, it's the only way they'll be able to cap now.
  15. Whoah wait a second, what was that about a concealment nerf? That's a pretty major change to the game that I just suddenly learned about? This is not a good thing.