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  1. USS_Ustafish

    Directive 4 / Ranked Protip

    40 wins is 40 wins, and 250 base XP isn't enough to make it worth clicking the battle button
  2. USS_Ustafish

    Keep the 1v1 mode

    I agree, but keep the CVs out. You'd have to be on crack (or work for WG) to think it's a good idea to allow CVs in 1v1.
  3. USS_Ustafish

    Unable to redeem prepaid gift cards

    Did this ever get resolved? I got one of these cards for Christmas and am having exactly the same issue. I've seen several similar threads, but none of them ever has an update saying the problem was solved. Edit: And just like that, mine worked on the 73465th try. O.o
  4. USS_Ustafish

    Autumn Season/November PTS Rewards.

    Yup, for all three updates Edit: I did two of them twice, because when I finished the mission, the one from the previous patch would pop up. I completed them both again, just to be safe.
  5. USS_Ustafish

    The Dockyard is excellent

    There's always one
  6. USS_Ustafish

    Autumn Season/November PTS Rewards.

    I just got my PTS rewards, and there was no T6 ship container in there. Is that going to be awarded separately?
  7. Hey, everyone! [TF_3] Saltwater Taffy 3 is looking for a few good.. Well, more-or-less competent players. We're mostly older guys, and we're probably not going to make Hurricane league in the next few seasons. We're not stat worshipers. Some of us have some pretty bragable (it's a word) stats, but that's definitely not a requirement. The most important consideration to us is this: Will you show up and play with us? No, seriously, show up and participate in clan activities and we'll all get along. Our clan base is one upgrade short of maxed out, so membership has its benefits. What we ask in return is that you play some clan battles during the season, run in a div here and there, and maybe hop in and blast some bots with us in scenarios from time to time. No big whoop. We have a Discord channel, but we typically use the in-game voice chat. I'd like to have everyone on mic, but it's not a deal breaker if you just listen in.
  8. USS_Ustafish

    Update 0.8.8 - Sound Engine: Bug Reports

    Could we get some sort of cheat sheet for the cryptic labels on the volume sliders? I have no idea whether a given sound is ambient, or sfx, or something else, and I've resorted to just randomly changing sliders and seeing what sounds change. Few seem to affect anything significant, and I'm just about to give up on trying to make the game sound as good as it did before it was "improved."
  9. Okay, great. Why not sync drop with some of your clanmates and manipulate a match in order to get 550k in any surface ship of your choice. Again, I'll wait here. We've have THREE YEARS of surface ship gameplay and nobody has done it yet. It took a bit over three days for someone to do it in the new CVs. Maybe everyone who has ever played the game just sucks at it.
  10. Right. I'm sure you can find any number of 550k damage games that people have had in other classes. I mean, they've had years to pull it off, and this guy did it in a few days. Why not post some screenshots of a BB, CA, or DD result screen with 550k damage. I'll wait.