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  1. USS_Ustafish

    Directive 4 / Ranked Protip

    40 wins is 40 wins, and 250 base XP isn't enough to make it worth clicking the battle button
  2. USS_Ustafish

    Keep the 1v1 mode

    I agree, but keep the CVs out. You'd have to be on crack (or work for WG) to think it's a good idea to allow CVs in 1v1.
  3. Every CV I've faced has me half dead before I even see them, then finishes me off before I'm able to do much more than scratch their paint. If I wasn't such a crap CV player I'd just grab one and play in easy mode. Why do you keep trying to force CVs down our throats, WG?
  4. USS_Ustafish

    Unable to redeem prepaid gift cards

    Did this ever get resolved? I got one of these cards for Christmas and am having exactly the same issue. I've seen several similar threads, but none of them ever has an update saying the problem was solved. Edit: And just like that, mine worked on the 73465th try. O.o
  5. USS_Ustafish

    Autumn Season/November PTS Rewards.

    Yup, for all three updates Edit: I did two of them twice, because when I finished the mission, the one from the previous patch would pop up. I completed them both again, just to be safe.
  6. USS_Ustafish

    The Dockyard is excellent

    There's always one
  7. USS_Ustafish

    Autumn Season/November PTS Rewards.

    I just got my PTS rewards, and there was no T6 ship container in there. Is that going to be awarded separately?
  8. USS_Ustafish

    Public Test of Update 0.8.11: Round 2

    Under the Autumn Season section it says After completing part 3, I had part 1 pop into my personal assignments. Does this mean I didn't complete it the first time around? I'm pretty sure I did.
  9. USS_Ustafish

    New Clan Battles Mode, Raid. A suggestion.

    Well, that's sort of what happened. Of course there's no such thing as just merging clans. One clan disbands, and its member join the other. Naturally nobody wants to just abandon the base they've put so much time into building, leave their clan, and give up their tag, so there will be a lot of strong opinions and hurt feelings. My old clan didn't really merge with another. It just shattered. Many joined a friendly clan, some stayed, and a few just went off in various directions. These people were friends with each other at the start of this clan season. We weren't a power clan, and none of us were unicum players, so I doubt WG or anyone else cares.
  10. USS_Ustafish

    New Clan Position Recommendation

    I'd like to see custom permission settings. Give us a chart with checkboxes and the commander can decide who can do what. The new ranks seem a little weird to me. Two of the three ranks below deputy commander are the same other than name, and the other just has recruiting permission?
  11. USS_Ustafish


    I'd like to see more time available for clan battles, not less. We usually just get rolling by the time the session ends. There's nothing saying you have to be playing the entire time, every night that clan battles are open.
  12. USS_Ustafish

    New Clan Battles Mode, Raid. A suggestion.

    8v8 has nearly eliminated our clan from clan battles. By the time we get 8 people online we generally have about a half hour to an hour at the most before the session ends.
  13. USS_Ustafish

    Public Test of Update 0.8.10: Round 2

    Generally, on the Friday after the patch goes live, and yes