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  1. I played Hoshou before the commander rework and I remember that the torpedo squadrons would attack with two planes/two torps. Now it just attacks with one. Did this happen recently?
  2. Okay I played about 7 rounds last night. With random teams, I had 2 wins. I feel like something has changed. The bots paddled us hard! I don't remember them being so strong in the past. But lately, it seems alot harder. And for those two DDs? In three matches last night, they spawned and then moved NORTH away from the battle area! After a little bit one of them came south just enough to be in it's extreme range to shoot at the enemy. Not much help at all. I remember them being a little more useful in the past. Were the bots reprogrammed or something?
  3. paulnola

    Hosho nerf hammer planned...

    God I suck horribly then. I can't remember making more than 25K damage with Hosho. She's the only CV I have. I guess the CV life is not for me.
  4. paulnola

    WG is just trolling PVE now.

    Mutsu is my go-to girl for this one. Fast, decent secondaries, torps, and 16' guns.
  5. paulnola

    If you could have your own mode...

    I understand that Operations are not on the profit making side for WG, but I wish there were more of them, maybe more complex than the ones in the game now. I thought they would have brought Cherry Blossom back by now, as well as one other one that I'm forgetting. But no new $$$, no game in the future.
  6. paulnola

    The Worst Player You Have Seen in WOW

    Myself? I pretty much suck.
  7. paulnola

    If you could have your own mode...

    @Crucis I think of paper ships as ones that never progressed past designs or blueprints. No steel laid down.
  8. paulnola

    If you could have your own mode...

    @Highblooded You're right, I did exaggerate a bit about the damage from small caliber guns. More importantly, you hit it on the nose saying that reality was thrown out the window at first design. Still, I've touched the steel on a 5"/38 mount. I feel pretty sure that it's not gonna get destroyed by a 100mm shell. Now, a 5"/127mm or larger is a different story. We should have SOME realism in the game, right? Even just a little? I do enjoy the game, and accept it as-is, but some of it is worth b!tching about. Like they told us in the military, if someone's not complaining then something's wrong!
  9. paulnola

    New User first impressions of this game

    OP is tier 7 after 70 battles?!? I am the lamest [edited] on here then. I think I played ~1500 or so battles before getting my first T 7 ship. Even now (3K + battles) I have nothing above T8. I know I'm strange on this point but I don't believe getting a T 10 ship is the end-all be-all. Plus, I think that alot of super fast tier climbers are new to the game and then just leave after they get a few T 10 ships. But they are the new customers WG wants. I could be totally wrong though.
  10. Semper Fi brothers and sisters! Happy 245th! Is there any way to get the Marine Corps patch for our profile this year?
  11. Happy birthday and Semper Fi to all my brother and sister Marines out there, as well as our Navy Corpsman and shipmates. Families, too.
  12. If you could have your own game mode, what would you include and exclude? For me: NO PAPER SHIPS! If a nation had no BBs or CVs in reality, then they would not be in the game. No "national flavor" or gimmick. No reason British CLs would not have HE. Or Italians being the only nation with SAP. Or Russian bias... "Realistic" (or sort-of realistic) game play - Better application of damage. If a DD gets blapped by a BB, then so be it. No artificial damage reduction. On the other hand, if a BB gets jumped by a DD and gets deleted, by a full torp spread, then so be it. NO getting down to 2 SECOND RELOAD TIMES. Really? I think seven got down to the edges of reality (Des Moines could do it, maybe? Correct me if I'm wrong). Appropriate damage from gun sizes. I'm sorry but an IJN DD with 100mm guns spamming HE is NOT going to burn down and sink an Iowa class or Yamato class BB. Not gonna happen. Maybe a few portholes on the bridge might get broken or the spotter plane would get destroyed. The 5-inch mounts on an Iowa might have a few paint scratches outside. A ship on fire would be seen at a much longer distance than it is in the game now. Way more than regular detection range. Radar and Hydro SHOULD NOT WORK THROUGH ISLANDS! No explanation needed. Keep the fantasy camos in their game modes: I love the creativity and sheer skill of the developers for their efforts on the space and Halloween events. They are true artists. But please, don't have these camos in regular game mode. Along with the sharks, eagles, national flags, etc. Ships should look like ships. There were some pretty creative camos in real life. No need to make them look like a cartoon bird. Whew! That's my whole b!tching and complaint list! For the moment, anyway. Please keep in mind that I'm pretty much a purest and prefer the historical aspects of the game. This does not mean that I don't think that the things I don't like should not be in the game. If other players enjoy them then they should be in. Again, these are my opinions, and they often suck. Tell me what you all think. What would you add? What would you take away? P
  13. paulnola

    Who have you seen in game

    A few months back I got sunk by Notser. He was in Dunkerque and caught me as I was coming around an island.
  14. paulnola

    Bots Auto-Detect/Follow

    Clone Trooper Kix says: The only good droid is a dead droid! Tattooed it on his head. I think he would enjoy wasting the clankers in co-op.
  15. paulnola

    When Will Sinop Be Nerfed And How?

    SerB, I can only speak to my experiences. I hope I didn't sound like it would never happen, because I know it does. I just literally had not seen it in any of my matches. Gneisenau was my go-to but I always got stomped with seemingly no effort on the part of the Sinop captains. I did very well against other BBs. Saw this with other Gneisenaus as well. It got to be disheartening to see a match load up with multiple Sinops on the red team. Constantly losing matches, especially when getting sunk by them, made me quit playing ranked. The piss poor teams I seemingly always got stuck with sucked the fun out of playing. So I went back to Randoms and Scenarios. Is it OP? I can't verify that. But I can say how it feels to me. The stats may not show it but it definitely seems to be the strongest T VII BB, but it sure seems that way. I know I'm not a great player, so it probably is all me, but it was just aggravating to constantly get sunk by one ship when I could hold my own with all the others in the matches.