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  1. zuga_01

    shot down 77 planes

    have no idea, 6 or 7 times maybe.
  2. zuga_01

    shot down 77 planes

  3. but no achievement received. is it not enough now or they removed those achievements after rework?
  4. zuga_01

    this is fine;.

    the *show begins folks.
  5. zuga_01

    gearing modified hull ?

    Yeah, with the special mod, it is not gearing, its something else.
  6. zuga_01

    gearing modified hull ?

    I received mine today, I am baffled myself as to why the [edited] would I need that module anyway.
  7. zuga_01

    Hello Everyone!

    what is that gif from?
  8. zuga_01

    server blow up????

    rip wg
  9. zuga_01

    server blow up????

    yes. wth is going on. wg is bidding farewell or what
  10. zuga_01

    Do I feel a strange presence?

    what's the reward? doubloon or premium ships? Not interested in reading a wall of text and do crap. No way. No.
  11. https://worldofwarships.com/dcont/fb/image/f40dfa88-c1c4-11e8-ba2d-d89d6715223c.gif ?? Am I mad?
  12. zuga_01

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Where were you when this same recruitment thread became a clan judging and making fun of others thread? Anyway, I will let it go.
  13. zuga_01

    Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Oh don't worry. I thought there were a few trolls in this thread, but there are professional psychiatrists (cum businessman) too. They know who had a nervous breakdown over internet and what is good for business at the same time. Expect heavy troll-cum-psychiatrist-cum-businessman resistance. Lul. Let them gang up, let them waste their 2 digit braincells, after they run out, they will be doing only thumbs down with a mouse click, nothing else.
  14. zuga_01

    The movie thread

    Real creepy crap.