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  1. Definitely not having fun since I can't adapt to the new meta. This is the only game I played most of the time, because other shooter games are just so redundant copy paste games. I guess I figured it out, I am not a good player, just a wannabe. Time to leave I think.
  2. You can stat shame me here - WoWS Stats & Numbers - NA - zuga_01 - Player info and stats - World of Warships statistics
  3. After 6K games I am at 53.7% win rate (For random matches). And I don't remember the last time I ever reached a 54% win rate. I don't play ranked or clan battle. Every tier 10 I touch gets nerfed. When I first had my hands on Minotaur, smoke nerf was introduced - good thing is I still play it though. I have 3 tier 10 ships I don't even play - Hindenburg, Henri IV, Gearing. They are real crapnow - tell me I am wrong. Then there is tons of new ships with more gimmicks coming and coming and coming... older ones becoming useless? That's business part for the company but I think I have become useless for this game now. I am not a team player. And this game needs team work. I now understand why the whole concept of lone wolf for this game is so idiotic and time wasting. What is the point for me to do the same crapagain and again and not improve solo play. I have had fun while I was at it so that's it I guess lol.
  4. zuga_01

    Yoshino or Salem?

    I rarely play DM. IJN cruisers feel nice cuz torps.
  5. zuga_01

    Yoshino or Salem?

    Have some coal, which one is the better choice?
  6. Wouldn't waste 4 mil credit to just know. so tell me.
  7. WOWS Public Test folder is taking more than 43 GB and my drive is filling up. Can I move it to another drive to free space up?
  8. zuga_01

    Specter Fleet [SPTR] is recruiting and we need YOU!

    now... let me in!!!