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  1. TheGoodS1r

    Russian Dreamboats

    They have too many advantages over every other ship in the game. Range, reload, stealth radar, shell angles, they have the best bits from every other navy all rolled into one cancerous package. If Weegie wants this, they need to have some sort of concession. As strong as Smolensk is, it also only has 32,400 health. That's what these paperboats need - if they get ALL those advantages, they should only get 32k health at maximum.
  2. TheGoodS1r

    Russian Dreamboats

    So, the news is out. I'm just as pissed off as this dude. As much as I love this game, if these boats don't get nerfed before release, I'm seriously going to think about quitting entirely. Your thoughts?
  3. TheGoodS1r

    Something needs changing

    And the problem with that is that as soon as a plane is chunked out, another one immediately takes its place without any action or care on the CV player's part. You only have two, three, four planes fire at a time, but you're facing the entire squadron. Ships like DDs simply can't defend themselves and are just relegated to being food.
  4. TheGoodS1r

    Odd-tiered CV proposal

    Oh no, when he dropped he only got a couple torpedoes off. It was getting spotted from behind an island, at the start of a match, and subsequently getting a metric f**kton of sushi and baguettes roughly shoved in, while at the same time my carrier dicking around on the other side of the map while his teammates are getting splattered, and none of us being able to see who's shooting because there's no planes in the area. I know Kurrywurst is more visible than Trump's hair from orbit, but there is a point it's ridiculous. The whole of my issue is that carriers are largely unchallenged - you can rework AA as much as you want, but a carrier attacking you is only half the issue. Battleships getting wrecked from beyond visual range is what got me started on this, but that is only a small part od the issues I see. It's the free spotting, particularly over DDs challenging capture points, and subsequent getting their crapshoved in by the enemy team is what gets most people killed. There's no counter to the way a CV player can come along, hound a DD, and casually drop 10k to 15k bomb runs. And don't be alone you say? I constantly see DD players be harrassed in chat for not playing the objectives, yet the rest of the team hunkers behind islands and doesn't support them. And then along comes the carrier harrassment because they don't have the AA to defend themselves. I'm not complaining for the sake of it - getting dunked on pissed me off and motivated me to think about this, but it's just another example of how broken CV play can be. In matches without a CV, there's strategy. There's thought process. A single ship has the capacity to turn the tide of a battle if they're in the right place at the right time. That's what I love this game for, as much as the game pisses me off at times. But in CV matches, everyone is so scared shitless to do anything that 10 minutes go by and no one has done a thing except get spotted by planes and plink shots from across the map. But it might be just me. I get more fun and fulfillment from supporting my team and being a good player than getting the highest damage or most torpedo hits. The anti-CV play is something that I want to see because I want to protect my team, and I always feel bad when the DD I'm doing my best to protect from a cruiser can just get blapped out of existence and there's nothing I can do about it.
  5. TheGoodS1r

    Odd-tiered CV proposal

    Mate. I've said this three times now, there would be no odd tier CVs or more than one.
  6. TheGoodS1r

    Odd-tiered CV proposal

    The odd tiered CVs that have been removed made into even tiers then. C'mon, just is just an ideas and discussion thread.
  7. TheGoodS1r

    Odd-tiered CV proposal

    And as fellow 90th ShadowSeraph has just pointed out to me, the additional role of fighter CVs would be AS warfare, as current CVs fairly bogged down with planes and roles as it is, along with DDs.
  8. TheGoodS1r

    Odd-tiered CV proposal

    To start with, on mobile. Sorry for any errors. You misunderstand. The idea is to make odd tiered CVs even, adjust their health, armor, and armament accordingly, and focus them on anti-CV play. Of course, to prevent camping over the enemy CV, they would either need to be slower so that the fighters can't simply rush to the other side of the map in an instant to shred the strike CV (there needs to be some openings in the counterplay) or less health so they can't park over the enemy CV or any substantial amounts of AA cover. The idea is that the strike CV tries to bait the fighter CV into attacking while over friendly AA ships, giving the strike CV a window of opportunity to attack and bug out before the fighter CV gets their second squadron in the area. Lower tiers would only have one squadron, with a long wait period if their planes get shot down. This number would increase to two or three squadrons as they go up the tiers. There would need to be at least some skill involved - the player can maneuver the fighters and initiate an attack run, but cannot adjust their course until the attack ends, necessitating the right amount of lead and timing to get the most out of their run. And of course, with a long strafing run, the strike CV has the opportunity to maneuver out of the killzone and preserve their planes. And VeeDub? I was with another battleship, three cruisers, and a destroyer. This was at the start of the match. This was pure spotting. And of course, he just casually started an attack run, tanked all the AA, and still dropped his torpedoes.
  9. TheGoodS1r

    Odd-tiered CV proposal

    I have a thought. I'm fresh off a game in the Kurrywurst, in which I was spotted by the enemy Hakuryu not a minute and a half into the match, and subsequently got my face ripped off for only slightly less than half my health fifteen seconds later. I then spent the next minute or so hiding, contemplating my pathetic existence, after which the rage boiled over and I rushed a nearly dead Yamato. You can expect how that went. But rage aside, that's not my point. The root cause of all the shite CV's cause is the simple fact that there's no way to truly balance them. They are either too stronk, or too weak to be of any use. They absolutely need a hard counter. Enter my proposal - Every odd-tiered CV currently removed, is used for controllable fighters. Now hear me out. I remember before the rework all the different setups you could use. Part strike part fighters, primarily fighters single squadron torpedoes, all fighters, it made for some good gameplay. I couldn't stand the RTS interface and didn't play carriers myself, but I appreciated the support when that incoming torpedo cross-drop gank was ganked in turn by our Midway's fighter groups. We need this now. Some way to chase off the unlimited harassment at high tiers, and absolute bullying at low tiers. Sure, you would need to balance it, but the fact that a CV can unilaterally slingshot his way past your AA cruisers and blow his load directly into your backside (yes, that is intentional) just sucks all of the fun out of the game, on top of the HE spam meta we've got going right now. Weegie, you want to balance CVs? Bring back controllable fighters. Leave CVs as they are, stop screwing with the AA system that ultimately won't stop the drop, and let us have a way to shoot them down ourselves.
  10. So I reset a line I'm not using at the moment (French BBs) and from how it was worded, I was supposed to receive my 20k research points and 44mil credits immediately. Well, I got my credits, but no points. Am I reading it wrong, or did WoWs pull a derp again?