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  1. I don't know how to do it(( There are a lot of achievements.... should i export one per column? or concatenate them with a comma? or may be export them like team setup on the separate sheet with battle number as a reference? Help me to choose most useful option or give me yours. Regards, Maxim
  2. Hi all! Here is an update: Analysis of replays: added consumables cost. If available, it will affect the columns of costs and net income. Loot: added support for tasks. Containers: new types of Steam and Vive laFrance added. Changed the link to the topic of the application on the forum forum.worldofwarships.com. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  3. Hi! This info is very very valuable for me and I will start think it over to implement what you were requesting)) Regards, Maxim
  4. It looks like I've fixed the issue. Let's do it again))
  5. Thank you very much! Now I've got logs and see an error there. I'll do my best to fix it and I'll contact you Regards, Maxim
  6. Clan emblems. Icon collection for mod

    Hi all! Theme of collecting clan emblems (icons) for mods.Link - clan emblems - Click on "Log in" Select your server and click on the "Go" button. Attention! Only clan leaders can load clan icons. The picture should be 24 * 24 pixels (no more). Any size exceeding the requirements will be ignored. The format of the map must be PNG. Any other format will be ignored. Authors modpack will be able to download icons already prepared by a well-formed archive.
  7. Please click on the "Change authorization" link in the actions box on the right of the page.
  8. Hello! Would you please give it another chance? Try it one more time please)) Regards, Maxim PS I'm the creator and hoster of the site
  9. Hi! I'm glad to hear your feedback)) Do you mean to add a column with WTR to the team setup table (like WG winrate)? Regards, Maxim PS I browsed both WT and numbers and hasn't found any information about specific matches((
  10. Hi all! It's been a while scince last update(( Here is the one)) Updating ships, collections and camouflage from the game version 0.7.1. Columns for the fifth element are added to the container list. Quick Report: winrate is now displayed as a percentage. Quick report: the maximum and minimum values, as well as the amounts are displayed as integers. Quick report: added premium ship columns and premium account. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  11. Mainly it's about 0.7.0 )) Added ships, camouflage and collection from the version of the game 0.7.0. Analysis of replays: added support for version 0.7.0. Server ship statistics updated. Added new box types. The algorithm is improved and the app freeze fixed when automatic actions are enabled. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  12. Thank you very much for the information! Will add (and fix) in the next update. Regards, Maxim
  13. A bugfix release Export to Excel: fixed columns with the duration of the battle. Team setup: Fixed error displaying statistics for cooperative battles. List of log files: improved scrolling behavior when the program is started. Menu of installed games: Improved game launcher check. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  14. Hi! Me too)) But I don't remember where they came from, to give them maninful name. Do you? This is default behaviour of the control. I'll see what can I do (there are plenty of methods to play with)) ). I'll check this. Regards, Maxim
  15. A small set of improvements Added multisorting of columns in lists. Added box type: Battle of the North Cape Improved prem detection. Fair Winds and Following Seas!