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  1. Hello! I agree with you. And I see no reason why developers have removed this(( Regards, Maxim
  2. Hello everyone! Here is some fixes for 0.7.9 game version: Fixed replays search and battle mode detectio for the logs 0.7.9. Fixed displaying the clan tags in the team setup list. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  3. Hello! Oh, the developers really puzzled me with a new version)) You better not know)) Replay analyzer improvements. Server ship statistics updated. Prepared for 0.7.9 release on the basis of the public test. Added new ships, containers, loot and so on. All good luck in the battles!
  4. Hi all! An update has been released)) The algorithm for matching the battle with a replay file has been redesigned and improved. Battle list: added column with the name of the replay file. Good luck in the battles!
  5. Hi all)) Returned the data display in the "Mode" column. Fixed a bug that occurred during Windows shutdown. Updating the game Good luck everyone!
  6. Hello! I must somehow start working)) There are features requests from you and in the program there are some bugs.... it is necessary to all to be implemented and fixed)) Today is a small update: Added ships and achievements from the version of the game 0.7.8pt. All good luck in the battles!
  7. A tiny bugfix release is here: Fixed displaying the number of ships spotted. Fixed display of battle level and teams setup. Server ship statistics updated. The game version 0.7.7 update. Good luck every one))
  8. Hi! There was a long vacation break)) This version is almost ready for the next release of the game. There were so many changes that there was no time left for new features (( But! I will catch up)) Prepared for the 0.7.7 release on the basis of the version in the public test. The parsing of logs has changed to comply to a new format. Replay analyzer work. Added new ships, containers, property, etc. Good luck everyone!
  9. Thank you for feedback I'll check it out Regards, Maxim
  10. Hi! You may delete the python.log file in the "profile" folder when you start to play "a day". Just don't forget to launch the app or press Refresh button when you finish to play (the app will copy new log). Regards, Maxim
  11. Hi all! Let's get some coil)) Battles list: added a column with the number of stars received in operations. The game update Containers: added coal. The quick report is now updated when the auto-actions are enabled. Fixed a bug showing hidden battles.
  12. Hi! And thank you for your feedback)) I want to do this)) Still haven't figured out how to make a UI to this search. I will implement this as soon as I "understand" a way to present this in the app. Unfortunatly there is no such data (or I over looked it) Regards, Maxim
  13. Hello everyone! A bugfix update)) Server ship statistics updated. The replays files are now sorted by the time encoded in their name. The game update Analysis of replays: fixed the error that occurred when parsing messages in a battle chat. Fixed a bug with the cost of the battle when the results of three or more battles come at a time. Fixed error parsing old logs. Good luck everyone!
  14. Hi! 100% sure it is false positive. The app is being built on a clean virtual vachine which is dedicated to only build the app and is not used for any other purpose. Regards, Maxim. PS It is out of my powers to convince antivirus companies in my good intentions((