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  1. Hi! I'm not sure either)) My guess is that those files some how need by Windows to uninstall and/or rollback the application. I'll try to research the issue. Thank you very much for your feedback! Regards, Maxim
  2. Hi all! Game update Improved message suggesting installation of the mod. The location of the PnFModsLoader.py file in the mod has been fixed. Updated server statistics for ships. Good luck in the battles!
  3. Hi! No. The "usual" one. Would you please send me last python.log to the email? qmbqx8gh@gmail.com Thank you)) Regards, Maxim
  4. Hi! Maybe I've made a mistake(( I should have added a quite important note on the mod. It work only if a player waits until a battle end and goes to the port only after results screen. Sorry for this(( I'll try to add such a note to the app. Regards, Maxim
  5. Hi! There is a column "Stars change" for the ranked battles available. so when there is "0" change it was a defeat with the 1st rank in your team. Regards, Maxim
  6. I found this column title a bit confusing, but wasn't able to come up with better one. If you have any suggestion to name it in a "more clear" way I will be very very glad. Regards, Maxim
  7. Hi! Yes, it is. Have you installed the mod? (by pressing the button) And you have to wait until a battle ends, then go to the dock and only then the extended stat will be written to python.log and will show up in the app. Regards, Maxim
  8. One minor fix and presupport has been released: Fixed player nickname display. Added support for version Fair Winds and Following Seas Everyone!
  9. Was removed from python.log by the developers (( Regards, Maxim
  10. Thanks for the report. I'll check the issue. It's better to use "3000" setting
  11. One fix has been released: Fixed display of player nick name. Fair Winds and Following Seas Everyone!
  12. Two more fixes for 8.5.0: Fixed loot display bug. Fixed display of player nickname in battle chat. Fair Winds and Following Seas Everyone!
  13. 0.8.5 support and two bugs were hunted down: Game update 0.8.5. Missile damage display fixed. Fixed time display in UTC. Fair Winds and Following Seas Everyone!