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  1. Something useful has been added: Added setting for launching auto-actions: updating the list of logs and battles at the end of the replay recording and starting the analysis of replays. Game update added ships, containers, achievements and a collection. Fixed preserving of selection of several log files when updating their list. Fair Winds and Following Seas! And dont't forget to celebrate the game anniversary))
  2. Hello! No it's not. I'm a big fan of open source and have been using linux for 19 years )) at home and at work)) But this particular project is my first experience with the Python programming language. And I'm not proud of the code I've created(( It's awful and full of nasty hacks and bugs. Don't want to share this piece of ... something. Regards, Maxim PS You may ask me any details on how the program works.
  3. A minor update is available now: Game localization files updated, so British BBs now display correctly Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  4. Update update: The behavior of the program was changed when an error occurred. Now instead of quietly shutting down, a dialog with diagnostics is displayed. Fixed a bug which occurs while working with logs selection. Added a column showing the fact of having linked screenshots. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  5. Thank you for your feedback I've tried ocr but failed. also I have trained an artificial neural network to classfy results screenshots by their "type" but I don't know how to use it. About indicator: sounds like a good idea. I'll do something. And I had plans to add kind of "tags" with an "tag cloud", but again haven't started to implement yet. Regards, Maxim
  6. If you unpack the game resources with wowsunpack.exe (it's topic on the russian forum) it has a gui The files are: res\scripts\entities.xml and res\scripts\entity_defs\*.* There are entities with properties and methods listed. A replay file (in it's most part) is a series of encoded method calls. We might continue this conversation with email: qmbqx8gh@gmail.com Regards, Maxim
  7. It's encrypted with a blowfish algo. Even decrypted it is encoded in a non trivial way.
  8. You are welcome)) No, replays does not contain battle results. (But i'll check it any way) Sherlock applies event stream from the replays to it's iternal counters so this is how total damage appears. Regards, Maxim
  9. Hi all! It's been a hard week)) Progress indication is added for some long running operations. Sherlock: added support for replays versions >=0.6.3, as well as for 0.6.10 and higher. Improved the search engine for the replay of a battle. Sherlock: unfortunately I had to reset all the previous results of this function. But then! Added function for analysing of replays for all battles from the list. Sherlock: improved algorithm for calculating damage. Sherlock: added torpedoes hits, plans taken down and hits made by the main caliber. Sherlock: now the position in the list of battles is not reset. Added ships and camouflages from the version 0.6.10. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  10. Hello! Both issues will be fixed with todays update. I'll take a look, but this might be not be possible. Yes it is possible. I'll think this over and will put on todo list. Regards, Maxim
  11. It's like fire but from torpedoes. Please suggest an appropriate term and I'll use it
  12. Hi everyone! The damage stat has been added)) The experimental "Sherlock" function was added to extract information about the damage inflicted from the replays files. Fixed displaying the contents of containers for the items of the collection Isoroku. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  13. Developers removed this information from the logs. And... yes.. I'm working on it. It looks like replay files will provide us with this. Regards, Maxim
  14. Hello! There is some progress in the analysis of information from the replays. Now I'm working on the "Sherlock" function))) it will be possible to launch a built-in replay analyzer using a special button and supplement the data with the extracted information. While this will be a separate button since the process is not fast (5-10 seconds). There is some probability that it will be possible to analyze old (versions less than 0.6.9) replays too. At the first stages there will be not very much of the information, but over time I expect to add more. Fair Winds and Following Seas!