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  1. Hi all! Base xp has been returned)) Game update 0.7.12. Added support for modifications to check and setup the number of saved replays. Base xp and credits has been returned back. Good luck everyone))
  2. Thank you for your suggestion)) Yes it is possible. But it will add significant amount of the columns. I'll think it over and any way will add to the TODO list. It will not fit into the "tabular" structure of the information presented by the app. May be it would be better to create another tool for deep replays analysis Regards, Maxim
  3. Hi! This is because of lack of the information in the replay files. For example there are no credits or xp info. There only information about a battle "activities" like shooting, ribbons, etc. Loot, Credits and xp info are parsed from the python.log files. Regards, Maxim
  4. Hi all! Here is a new portion of some minor changes)) Added the option to open a folder in Explorer in the xlsx export dialog. In the program settings, in the auto actions, the option to start the export to xlsx has been added. The search for replay files is now done not only in the replays directory, but also in all its subdirectories. Added ships, achievements, etc. from version 0.7.12pt. Updated server statistics for ships. Good luck everyone))
  5. Hi all! There was an update released yesterday: Added ships, achievements, etc. from the game version 0.7.11. Added support for editing settings for the maximum number of replays. Added support for analyzing replays version 0.7.11. Good luck everyone))
  6. And here is the new version)) Hi! Please note that you can share your choice of commanders skills in the social. networks. Replay analysis: added extraction and display of commander skills. Added the ability to filter loot by the date it was received. Fixed display of player statistics with a closed profile. Good luck in the battles))
  7. Oh man... once I tried to notify antivirus companies about ther false-positives... and gave up
  8. Hello everyone! Today is the announcement of two versions. First (came out on Monday): Fixed a fatal log parsing error. Server ships statistics updated. Added ability to enable and disable replay recording. The second is special - anniversary - hundredth)) Added display of statistics from the ProShips website for the all relams/servers. Fixed replay analysis bug. Good luck in the battles!
  9. Hi! I highly recommend you to make a copy. There are changes are coming. They are going to enable replays for everyone with some "rotaion" politic. The details are unclear know Regrads, Maxim
  10. It's sad to hear(( The logs are copied by the app from the "profile" into the "logs" folder in the the game directory. Check those for the files. If they are there please make a screenshot of the contents of the "logs" directory. Regards, Maxim
  11. Wow! You are cool)) And thank you for using the app))
  12. Hello everyone! Here is some fixes for 0.7.10 game version and minor quick report iprovement: The game update 0.7.10. Fixed replay analysis for the version 0.7.10. A tier difference column has been added to the quick report. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  13. Hello! I agree with you. And I see no reason why developers have removed this(( Regards, Maxim
  14. Hello everyone! Here is some fixes for 0.7.9 game version: Fixed replays search and battle mode detectio for the logs 0.7.9. Fixed displaying the clan tags in the team setup list. Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  15. Hello! Oh, the developers really puzzled me with a new version)) You better not know)) Replay analyzer improvements. Server ship statistics updated. Prepared for 0.7.9 release on the basis of the public test. Added new ships, containers, loot and so on. All good luck in the battles!