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  1. Hello! Finally it looks like I did it)) I've added Ship Tier, Tier Differece and Battle Level columns into the quick report tab in the app. Here is the result: Also I applied the filter to exclude all types but random battles. And it looks like most comfortable levels are 4 and 7 (among low levels). 5 and 8 ... better say nothing(( And this matches to my... say... feelings)) Is this what did you want? The update will be on Friday)) Regards, Maxim
  2. I'm on a hurry right now, later I'll read carefully and will answer. Regards, Maxim Sorry((
  3. A tiny update: Added ships from the game version 0.6.13. Server ship statistics updated. The "Sherlock" button is renamed to "Analyze replay". Fair Winds and Following Seas!
  4. Guys, you are awesome. I've read this thread with one breath)) Here is an article from a guy who desinged the economic model for this game: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/RaminShokrizade/20150929/254816/Whales_Do_Not_Swim_in_the_Desert.php And he states that premium ships must not be superior over free ones. This is a great note!
  5. I'm the author and it has it's own topic here:
  6. Hi all! This application helps to gather and analyze the game results. You can launch the game, view battle results, credits earned, exp gained, team setup, and loot drop. Also you can view replay and screenshots and exports all data to an xlsx file for deeper analysis. And you can publish replays on wowreplays.com in one click. Here how main window looks like: Team setup: Screenshot viewer: Containers drop: Loot dropped: You may download application updates: Here is the result of data export: Using a pivot table to analyze the data: And there are a lot of plans what to add to the application. How to install: An msi installer may be found here: https://wows.mv-smirnov.org/en/ Download, launch and follow instructions. On the first launch of the application you have to add a folder with the game: And choose it as main one: Also you can download zip archive. 1. Just unpack it into the folder with the game. 2. Create a shortcut on the Desktop using Ctrl+Shift and Drag&Drop. 3. Or you can unpack into amy other location convitient for you and add the game as it showed above. How to use: Launch the application. It will look for game logs from "profile" folder. Detect logs periods and copy then with appropriate names into "logs" folder. Two notes: 1. To use replay launch functionality you have to enable replays some how (using instructions or mods). 2. Screenshots must be made manually by pressing PrntScr button. Then launch the game launcher with the toolbar button. And enjoy the game)) It is not required to enable replays and make screenshots. UPDATE LOG: Fair Winds and Following Seas! Support the author: