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  1. Have happy holidays Mr. War. Thank you for all you do.

  2. Speculation on bad player reporting

    Thank you for the insight, and kind and helpful words. I will attempt to play more and improve. but please do not get to upset if I end up on your team at some time.
  3. You are strange man. But most humorous. Thank you for sharing your oddness with us.
  4. Red Warships They Must be Nigh

    Wonderful, the poet inside we finally see.
  5. Speculation on bad player reporting

    I have watched them and Little White Mouses wonderful work. I think I may just not be cut out to do well. But still, enjoy this game immensely.
  6. Speculation on bad player reporting

    I do not care for many elitist, people or their derogatory attitudes. But this is actually helpful to everyone involved. Also maybe the mentor program could be open to anyone. I have almost 900 games and am a awful player. I would be very pleased to have help during games or maybe be able to view actual games of your mentor as he plays and explains what and why he does things. I find tactics the most difficult and I know persons get mad at me because I am very indecisive. Thank you for posting Mr. Snargfargle this is a helpful topic.
  7. Hope you are not ill. Will say some prayers for you Mr. War. have not seen you on-line just worried.

  8. Wishing NikoPower a speedy recorgiry!

    Hope things improve for you, sir. get well
  9. Must stop posting these beautiful pictures of ship museums. I already have next 5 holidays planned to see different warships and submarines. My boyfriend thinks I have warship fetish.
  10. Lost Argentine Submarine.

    I was one year old when Kursk was destroyed but have read about it. and observed documentaries. The note, and the families, always make me cry for these brave men. And how the politics of the time made their deaths certain. how tragic it all was. As this will be for a new group of families and service people. I am so very sorry for all the suffering this world is forced to endure. Thank you Madwolf05 and Kirarvexis. for your more articulate and versed observations.
  11. Lost Argentine Submarine.

    I find it refreshing we can all hope for the best and if able to pray for crew and Families. such sad events no matter which country should be grieved. I am unable to or would be unfit to serve in any military. I have nothing but respect for those who serve to support their countries. More prayers and sorrow for families thank you, everyone,, who cares enough to honor the dead and the families. I do not know if this is the place for such a post. But realize many here are military or military astute which I am not and I feel really bad over this. so the post means no disrespect to anyone just sorrow for the entire event. Hope my English is understood. Thresher and others the brave Soviet men on the K-19 and I am sure others. This world can be such a sad place.
  12. I want to hug you for being so charmingly delusional. I wish I could live in your fantasy world too as it sounds ... awesome. No offense intended. This is my favorite sentence ever in forum. If I am in Warspite I need to hug other slower ships never be last never be first. People treat you like first boyfriend (stick around tell something cuter shows up). Charming delusional, this is great to, this game brings the very best heard instincts out. I find myself letting out the occasional moo. as I run with heard. And you can live in this fantasy world also just give up some self-respect, good judgment and any self-identity you have. Always room in heard (just do not be injured one they leave you behind to occupy predators).
  13. Lost Argentine Submarine.

    I was only year old when Kursh was lost. Have read about it and observed videos. What terrible event. Also seeing suffering families and note written by crewman. Very sad days Prayers for all lost souls and grieving families.
  14. Lost Argentine Submarine.

    This is a quote from aethervox I did not say this he must have deleted. I did not understand why he ask me such question but now it appears As if I said it. that is not so. I am not rude person or bitter, yet anyway. I am new here but learning, it best to keep even a wish for the safety of others to myself. How I became the person who said this in Rabbit81 post have no idea. I have learned though thank you all.
  15. Lost Argentine Submarine.

    Why this political to you already. Just prayers for sad thing. And yes no innocent should ever suffer any harm from war. But I am just Japanese student and do not get to choose such things. If you have no heart for prayers then do as you please.