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  1. Maybe Miki is somewhere in a hospital for treatment I pray she is well but cray she is not. My heart bleeds tears jor the injustice as I have done to such a wonderful person. If you read this Miki the passwords are still yours nothing changed. I love you, my sister.

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    2. Margret_Ann


      Thank you for kind words. will know more in few days Investigator has filed court papers to find out. If she is involuntary treatment, We will see. If its

      voluntary then the name can be withheld so might not find anything but hope for best. Megadeux there are many correspondences between you two I secured them in a file which will erase if password fails so you know they are safe.  I did not read them. 

    3. Ducc_ducc


      There's nothing personal there, feel free to read them if you feel it will help.

    4. Margret_Ann


      Mr. Megadeux, If there were things to know about Miki she was an open book. She kept files in her files. Its like reading proofs in math formulas. Your words and hers are safe from intrusion. I secured all correspondence from the US to Japan only the Japanese correspondence I have no control over. They will erase if an incorect password is used and Miki knows that password. I pray we find her soon. Thank you for being a better friend to Miki-san then I ever was. I have a lot to learn.