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  1. Greetings. I see you were friend of my adopted mother Miki? I am Jun Ota. Miki-san has passed away last Nov. I am sorry to tell you. (my english is not so good). I have been playing her game for a while and you are first person to respond as having been friend to her. I hope you are well and I am sorry to have to tell you of this. 

    I am trying to get ship for my girlfriend but it has not allowed the purchase. So got her Z-39. 


    Well sorry for chatting too much. Nice to talk to Miki-san friend though. I miss her. 


    Jun Ota

  2. MzFortune2001


    Thank you I will try once more.
  3. MzFortune2001


    Can I purchase the USN Bosie for a friend? It does not present the option in the premium shop. Thank you
  4. Have happy holidays Mr. War. Thank you for all you do.

  5. Hope you are not ill. Will say some prayers for you Mr. War. have not seen you on-line just worried.

  6. Being Japanese makes me somewhat biased but it was what you asked for so got it for you. I am a student also so know how difficult it can be to spend money on non-necessities so try to help. when have a little cash laying around. Have fun if not at least learn from the experience. . 

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    2. MzFortune2001


      From Tucson AZ going to U of A there. Yokosuka, Kanagawa-shi JP. but was raised in the USA. Grew up 5km from Mikasa park. Been In US since I was 9 years old. even my Japanese very rusty. A friend died so went back a few weeks ago but have no plans to return. No never was into ships tell Miki-san took her life. left me all these ships and her account for Worlld of warships. history, not a major interest until recently. Life changes we learn as we go. I no want you to miss something you wanted that I have that I did not even desire. The guilt made me feel poorly so you helped me. by taking her. I have no family in Japan or here so no ties to anywhere.Try to help if I can. 

    3. RADAR_210


      Damn...I'm sorry about your friend. If there's anything I can do to help let me know.

    4. MzFortune2001


      It is sad for those left behind. She suffered greatly and I believe she took only real choice she had. We do not choose our birth but our dearth is up to us. Miki-san died well lived the best she could. what more can anyone do? Thank you for your concerns. 

  7. How would I purchase the Texas and flags for you? I would like to do something nice for someone that helped? Pleasae don't say no!

    1. Pacific_Cruiser1942


      I see you found out.  Thank you, again!  This was a nice gesture and I gratefully accept it.

  8. Yes I am sure all us JAPS are racist it are fault we are in your world I apologize and yes when I can get home I will see my Phycologist, not an option when I here. reading the wonderful caring comments by you non-racist loving caring people. It is my fault and of Miki to we are very sorry to upset you view the world even for a moment. I am sure you are correct. 

    1. jager_geist


      There you go. Starting off with a racist statement and continuing with your racism. If you can't see that then you will not see a way through this lose alone. Don't contact me any more. I don not need to read your racist and finger pointing comments. You need a professional to help you. The forum is not a place for this.

  9. Oh and Mr. Sail_Away sorry this picture is not of me either but could not find one to describe the hate i have for you prick

  10. Maybe Miki is somewhere in a hospital for treatment I pray she is well but cray she is not. My heart bleeds tears jor the injustice as I have done to such a wonderful person. If you read this Miki the passwords are still yours nothing changed. I love you, my sister.

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    2. Margret_Ann


      Thank you for kind words. will know more in few days Investigator has filed court papers to find out. If she is involuntary treatment, We will see. If its

      voluntary then the name can be withheld so might not find anything but hope for best. Megadeux there are many correspondences between you two I secured them in a file which will erase if password fails so you know they are safe.  I did not read them. 

    3. Ducc_ducc


      There's nothing personal there, feel free to read them if you feel it will help.

    4. Margret_Ann


      Mr. Megadeux, If there were things to know about Miki she was an open book. She kept files in her files. Its like reading proofs in math formulas. Your words and hers are safe from intrusion. I secured all correspondence from the US to Japan only the Japanese correspondence I have no control over. They will erase if an incorect password is used and Miki knows that password. I pray we find her soon. Thank you for being a better friend to Miki-san then I ever was. I have a lot to learn. 

  11. Mr. Pigion of war. I  know it is neither my place and an infringement on your a Mikis relationship. I just want to upfront. Miki has not been heard from in several day. She could have been arrested tor involuntary treatments; Then another possibilist is a suicide attempt that suscuided.  This could explain the lawyers already involved. I Miki and sister kinda a. She offered my room and board ad no cost. Said us Japanese needed to assist when er could.. We both attended anti-depression counseling and suicide awareness. Miki gave to everyone money was no object she worked very hard I just do not have the answer Any way she has deed this house and all the contents. A note saying she wants me to enjoy the game as she has left the accounts and numbers, (please do not feel if have any desire to take these from her. I had no interest in the is game until Miki taught me it. I do apologize for any hurt feelings and bless you allt

  12. How would a person go about thanking WarGaming. for there efforts to save the dying USS Texas. She will not last much longer and for WG to step forward makes me proud to purchase their products \. I toured her three years ago she was in such poor condition I donate every year but this will bring immense funding hope it is used wiser than the last funds. Mr. Peigon of War you are only one I know at WG so sent the thank you to you. 

  13. If I offended you I am sorry Mr. Ulthwey. many people do not care for me here but I always treat them as well as I am able. I hope to always treat you politely and with kindness. any offense was unintentional. 

  14. Hello, hope today finds you well and happy. Have new Doctor now so My life looks up. I miss our conversations and hope you are having good times. 

    1. BlailBlerg