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  1. My thoughts after round 2: (I wasn't in round 1) Subs feel fantastic, and require a lot of skill to play effectively, there are few balance issues but 2 that I feel need to be addressed are: (1. Aircraft carrier bombs are SO powerful against subs. I was able to reliably delete subs every game at periscope or surface with 1 single attack with the Furious' dive bombers getting a devastating strike. (2. Depth charges have a splash radius that is way too big, It would be nice if the radius of damage was significantly reduced. There are some graphical glitches aswell. With the American submarine Cachalot, If spectating or playing, at periscope depth you can see glass effects to the side of the sail. With U-69, the periscopes do not come even close to sticking out of the water at periscope depth. On trident, if your graphics quality is low enough, the water becomes murky when viewed at deep underwater level. Its brown with a haze so bad I can barely see my own sub. Also on the team lineup, after the battle is ended, the names of users sailing submarines do not show, and trying to invite them to a division, or adding them to contacts, or anything else, will crash the game. That's, (atleast I think) all that I noticed during the test. A few questions: Will we have access to tier 8, and 10 subs in round 3, Will there be new maps in round 3, and about when will round 3 start. Otherwise, Fantastic job with subs! Keep up the great work! Idea: for a tier 9 or 10 premium USN Sub, USS Nautilus, First nuclear sub in the world. Maybe being able to stay submerged the whole match, but having speed that's not that great, and maybe large detection/ being able to be proximity detected/hydro detected at deep underwater. Just an idea but I'd love to have it in the game, as I love nuclear subs.
  2. It was running, and Nvm, an I looked like a L Logged in
  3. Please help, I received login details, I made sure I typed them right, and it says incorrect email or password!
  4. Uhh I got email, But I cant log in! Everyhting is right Please help!!! I cant wait to get in!!!!!!!
  5. I hope I get the email today!! Probably wont get in until the last round though, with my luck And if I do get my ;login details today ill probably not be able to log in lol
  6. Any invitations yet? Are all the invitations sent out at once or gradually throughout the day?
  7. But back to the original bug. The priority sector literally lasts no time, and no I have no skills on my captain that are active.
  8. Hello. I was playing on HMS Lion tier 9 British battleship, and I noticed a very frustrating bug, when I press ~ to activate priority sector it activates it for what has to be less than a millisecond before going on cooldown. Very frustrating bug. I am not aware of any other ships that are experiencing this bug. Thank you.
  9. I'm fine with less people playing the beta test, Means I may get in sooner!
  10. ccoel12345

    Apply to Beta Test Submarines!

    When tier 15 comes to the game.... I'm excited!
  11. It seemed going to a different browser worked. Thank you. Never thought of that!
  12. Sorry if this is in the wrong topic section. I am experiencing some issues logging in. I click log in and it redirects me through all the pages and when it returned to the main page I'm not logged in, I've tried several times. When I clicked Create Account, it said I was logged in as myself. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. ccoel12345

    Submarines are Coming

    I've always been excited for subs but I do think they are too fast, make the speeds realistic, and then resolve the issues that will make, mainly the automated ASW. Make it manual. Babies could chase circles around.
  14. ccoel12345

    Submarines are Coming

    I have been hoping for subs in this game for what seems like forever. I'm very happy about this announcement, but seeing the amount of backlash, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if subs had a separate gamemode JUST like random battles, with every class of ship accepted, and the same mechanics of caps and things like that. The only difference is that subs would be allowed in. Maybe consider this? Also I'd love to have subs in operations.