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  1. ccoel12345

    Whats up with the Bajie and Wukong

    So, the models are placeholders? And yes I know Izumo was a real design, But it was still never a real ship.
  2. ccoel12345

    WG Please Read From a Concerned Player

    This game is definitely sinking (pun intended) quickly on the path its on, it is sad to say that but that's the truth, and if wargaming doesn't realize and address the many issues with the game, and stop making bad new ideas like they are trying to kill the game then this game will unfortunately not be around for much longer.
  3. Look at the wiki page for the Bajie and Wukong. (Pan Asian battleship and Pan Asian cruiser) Notice that the Bajie is a clone of the Izumo and the Wukong is the Charles martel? Just with special camos? They even have the exact same descriptions. Whats up with that? Mind that both the Izumo and Charles Martel were never real ships.
  4. This is completely 110% correct!
  5. That's stupid. Very stupid. This needs to be reversed. Let us be surfaced or there is no point in calling it a "submarine"
  6. Will we still be able to be surfaced whenever we want? If not, this is the stupidest thing i've heard all year. also please don't tell me it will be automatic/AI controlled. The rest of the changes sound pretty good!
  7. Because this is wargaming and subs cavitate at any speed even 1/4th LOL
  8. ccoel12345

    About updates.

    This has answered my question well. Thank you all.
  9. ccoel12345

    About updates.

    Does anyone know how many versions will be in 0.8? (ie. 0.8.11) And about when 0.9.0 will be out? Can anyone basically explain the whole update schedule or does anyone know? Only thing I know is that updates are monthly.
  10. My thoughts after round 2: (I wasn't in round 1) Subs feel fantastic, and require a lot of skill to play effectively, there are few balance issues but 2 that I feel need to be addressed are: (1. Aircraft carrier bombs are SO powerful against subs. I was able to reliably delete subs every game at periscope or surface with 1 single attack with the Furious' dive bombers getting a devastating strike. (2. Depth charges have a splash radius that is way too big, It would be nice if the radius of damage was significantly reduced. There are some graphical glitches aswell. With the American submarine Cachalot, If spectating or playing, at periscope depth you can see glass effects to the side of the sail. With U-69, the periscopes do not come even close to sticking out of the water at periscope depth. On trident, if your graphics quality is low enough, the water becomes murky when viewed at deep underwater level. Its brown with a haze so bad I can barely see my own sub. Also on the team lineup, after the battle is ended, the names of users sailing submarines do not show, and trying to invite them to a division, or adding them to contacts, or anything else, will crash the game. That's, (atleast I think) all that I noticed during the test. A few questions: Will we have access to tier 8, and 10 subs in round 3, Will there be new maps in round 3, and about when will round 3 start. Otherwise, Fantastic job with subs! Keep up the great work! Idea: for a tier 9 or 10 premium USN Sub, USS Nautilus, First nuclear sub in the world. Maybe being able to stay submerged the whole match, but having speed that's not that great, and maybe large detection/ being able to be proximity detected/hydro detected at deep underwater. Just an idea but I'd love to have it in the game, as I love nuclear subs.
  11. It was running, and Nvm, an I looked like a L Logged in
  12. Please help, I received login details, I made sure I typed them right, and it says incorrect email or password!