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  1. I was a Turkey in the last event and played more than 100 games. I'm free this weekend and can do it again in this event. I hope you need players that can actively participate in the event. Also I'm active on Discord pretty much.
  2. I was a turkey in last event and played more than 100 games. Hope to participate again in this event
  3. Turkey to Maskarados.... let's goooo
  4. Sheenmax

    Update 0.8.0 - Feedback and General Performance

    Playing game for years and this is the worst update ever. I know why this rework happened. CVs had too much alpha strike power and too much spotting ability. Do you think this rework fixed all those problems? On paper it looks like a fix, but in reality it's the same sh*t show. Playing a DD in this meta is nightmare. You can barely do anything for the team. Fast reloading carriers planes always hunt DDs. Planes flying back and fourth continuously still spot you. Carrier spotting issues still exist in different way. Yesterday played Republique against two T10 carriers. It was a sh*t fiesta. Cannot do a thing. Two T10 CVs spamming torps and letting flood out to death is no fun. Even a T10 AA cruiser Salem couldn't protect me from that carrier spam. AA is a joke in update 0.8.0. Even a Full AA build cruiser cannot protect itself. That's stupid. There are lot more issues. Yes I saw the hotfix notes and they are not enough. CVs need lot of nerfs and limitations. Game is so broken now. I never hated this game and for first time I hate this game and thinking about stop playing it. You pushed this broken rework so early.