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  1. TypicalEngineer

    Tempted by the Huang He sale

    Hmmm okay, so will she work without the standard cruiser skills like IFHE and DE. I have a standard 10 point DD captain for her, PM, LS, SE, CE. The lack of PT might be an issue with this ship I guess.
  2. TypicalEngineer

    Tempted by the Huang He sale

    Well it is more that I have a 10 point PA DD captain that I could put on her straight away, getting the concealment down. I do have a spare 6 pointer that I can train up as a dedicated cruiser captain, but for now I only have a DD captain
  3. TypicalEngineer

    Tempted by the Huang He sale

    I want to run her in randoms preferably
  4. TypicalEngineer

    Tempted by the Huang He sale

    So is Huang He really that bad as she get credit for. I've been eyeing here since she is on sale in the premium shop. I'll be dropping in my PA DD captains and use her for captain training and credit grinding. I'm interested in a smoke cruiser and don't want to grind the british line right now. So is she any good, or should I best stay away? Thanks!
  5. TypicalEngineer

    Dutch Tromp class cruisers

    I would really like some dutch ships in the game, even if they are premiums!
  6. TypicalEngineer

    What is the best way to play Hipper?

    ^ this. Since I've switched to having AP loaded as standard the Hipper clicked with me. The guns are accurate enough to get superstructure hits on angled BBs if needed. I only switch to HE when I realy need it.
  7. TypicalEngineer

    Free exp to Fiji or keep on grinding for Nelson

    Alright. I guess I'll keep grinding out the Nelson then and save the British cruisers for later.
  8. TypicalEngineer

    Free exp to Fiji or keep on grinding for Nelson

    Well I'm only at tier 3 with the RN CL's. I do have a couple of high tier cruisers. I was just wondering whether I should kickstart myself up the british line. Guess that for now I'll keep focussing on grinding free xp for Nelson and do the british cruisers later.
  9. TypicalEngineer

    Free exp to Fiji or keep on grinding for Nelson

    So it might be better to grind? I'm a casual player so I don't get to spend that much time on the game. With the rate I'm going I think it'll be a couple of months before I reach the Nelson. Is the Nelson really that much better?
  10. So I've been grinding free Xp for a while now and have manage to gather arround 150K'ish of it. Originally my plan was to grind to the 375k to get the Nelson. However recently the british cruiser line has caught my eye. Looking at where I am in the line (tier 3) my free XP would give me just enough to jump to the Tier 7 Fiji. I have a 10 pt Jack Dunkirk captain on my Hood which can double for the Fiji I guess ( PM, EM, SI, CE). So is it a wise plan to spend my free exp on the Fiji? I already own a lot of premium BB's, but I'm really lacking some tier 7 cruisers atm.
  11. TypicalEngineer

    I like the Bayern a lot. Am I alone in this?

    I like the Bayern. I've seem to click with the guns and the armour is really nice. Though little bote, this one will stay in my port for sure!
  12. TypicalEngineer

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Thats unfortunate. I've reduced all my settings to low and did the VideoMemorySize fix. Seems a bit more stable now but we will see. Hopefully WoWs will be a bit more stable now.
  13. TypicalEngineer

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    Will the new game client solve the constant crashes I'm experiencing since 7.7? It seems to be really rough since this patch. The client crashes even while in battle. It is taking the joy out of WoWs for me at the moment.
  14. TypicalEngineer

    How to Sims?

    Well so far I seem to have plenty of succes in Sims. And more importantly I'm having fun!
  15. TypicalEngineer

    Mac Wrapper 2.0 Now Available

    I can try that. But I have undone the fix for now. Crashes seem to be pretty regular this patch. Will try it will sound settings on low