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  1. Konig Albert, tier 3 fun

    Well it is still in the store I think. Maybe they changed their minds? Ceasare is also up for sale.
  2. Konig Albert, tier 3 fun

    Tirpitz is a bit to expensive for me. I might pick her up in a sale though.
  3. Cleveland Tier, was it placed appropriately?

    So far I'm liking the new Cleveland. I moved my old commander over with IFHE. She is workable for me without CE. I don't have the hull upgrade yet, only the range.
  4. Konig Albert, tier 3 fun

    Yeah I know. She is mainly for uaving some fun and farming captain xp. Between the Konig Albert, the Graf Spee and the Sharnhorst I should be able yo rapidly train some high skill captains.
  5. Konig Albert, tier 3 fun

    So I spotted the Konig Albert was on sale in the premium shop yesterday. Since this is somewhat of a rare ship and I've always had great interest in the German High Seas Fleet so I picked her up. Still need to adjust a little bit to her guns but so far I like her. Been playing a bit to aggresieve but once I find my stride with her it will be good. So any fans of this ship arround here?
  6. Deep-water Torpedoes

    Thats wierd. PA deep water torps should only pass underneath destroyers not Light Cruisers
  7. Finally took out my Normandie.

    I just got Normandie and liking it so far. Mine is still completly stock but I can tell it is a nice T6 BB. Looking forward to Lyon and Richeleu!
  8. Are the revamped USN cruisers fun?

    Been loving the New Orleans and the Cleveland. The Pensacola was gone after a couple of games due to the horrible turret rotation. I really like the New Orleans at tier 7 so far. Been playing her a lot these last couple of days. I like her better then the Pensacola at tier 7.
  9. Underwhelmed by Cleveland

    I'm quite enjoying my T8 Cleveland so far. Been able to nail a couple of DDs with her fast fireing guns and radar.
  10. Molotov recommended?

    So I got Molotov this morning and so far really enjoying her. Those guns are really scary!
  11. Molotov recommended?

    I mostly play randoms with the occansional Operation. Hearing mixed things about Molotov in Operations, but I'm having succes with the equally fragile Nurnberg in Operations so I guess I should be fine.
  12. Molotov recommended?

    That was why I was wondering how Molotov holds up when uptiered? I guess reasonably due to her T9 guns
  13. Molotov recommended?

    Sounds like I'd like Molotov!
  14. Molotov recommended?

    I'm used to cruiser play so I know not to show my broadside. I held off on the russian cruisers for their manouvreability for a while. Been playing Kirov for a couple of matches and liking it so far. Even with the stock hull I can deal with her manouvreability.
  15. Molotov recommended?

    So I have some spare doubloons and I'm thinking about picking uo a Molotov to round out my cruisers. I've gotten to the Kirov so far in the Russian line and am really liking it. I have experience driving fragile cruisers, I actually liked Nurnberg in the German line. So how does Molotov fare when uptiered? The limited manouvreability has me slightly concerned. Thanks in advance