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  1. Paul1224

    Dutch Loot Box Results

    I bought 12 crates aswell, all i got was flags and camos. Not saying that i'm the luckiest person in the earth, but seeing this i feel slapped in the face
  2. I've been wondering if it is possible for me to swap the model of the Kleber with the Marceau model. I love the Marceau look but i don't find it better than the Kleber, so i wan't to know if it is possible to swap bot models or just some features between then.
  3. I saw 2 topics about the same issue, one from 2015 and one from 2020, both topics didn't had anything that i could correlate with my problem. After playing 10/15 minutes of a match my computer completely shuts down without any warning or erro message. This isn't some overheating issue or some energy problem, since i ran a program called speccy while playing and everything had a good temperature, also i can play any other new gen came without issues for many and many consecutive hours like ac valhalla or resident evil 8, so i believe this is a wows related problem. Also i install my drivers manually straight from nvidia so i believe this isn't a driver related problem. My specs are: GTX 1060 3GB intel I5 4440 16 GB of RAM 500GB SSD which is clear of any corruptions Windows 10 The game runs on high quality at 1080p without any issues Other than turning off my pc for no reason
  4. Paul1224

    Shikishima - Still worth the steel?

    oh, the steel i have is for the value with the coupon on it, 24k, i'm far from 32k of steel haha
  5. Paul1224

    Shikishima - Still worth the steel?

    Nice! That was the answer i was expecting to hear, now i will buy her without second thoughts, thanks for the reply
  6. So i only need 1k of steel to get the shikishima, and it is a ship i've been wanting for a long time, specially because i like to brawl with the yamato, and since the shiki is a yamato with good secondaries and good AA i thought i would love it, but with the commander rework and upcoming ships which means even more power creep i wonder, is this ship worth the whole year of steel grinding?
  7. Well after they changed the deadeye skill after a lot of complaining, i truly believe that with a lot of noise they will make secondaries great again, we just need to keep annoying then and ignoring those "same sh*t different story" as you said
  8. Paul1224

    Why tier VIII is such a Challenge?

    Still not funny, every tier VIII was a tier VI once, and that was a pain in the [edited], matchmaking could be cooler, only one tier of difference, not 2, there is an abyss between 2 tiers, or they could try making ship stats more balanced
  9. Paul1224

    Why tier VIII is such a Challenge?

    Just letting of steam after a lot of frustated games mate, the system is broken and a lot of people agree, thats not whining, those are just facts
  10. Paul1224

    Why tier VIII is such a Challenge?

    Great solution, i come here with a real issue, that bothers a lot of players and some smart guy come here saying thats its "whining", bro if you wont be productive go to someone's else topic
  11. Paul1224

    Why tier VIII is such a Challenge?

    Oh i know about that, i have ships like the Bismarck and N. Carolina, but the problem isn't solved by not buying ships, it should be solved by making a good matchmaking, every player that have a tier VIII is tired of asking that
  12. So everybody is tired of hearing about this, but why every tier VIII game has to be such a trash? I just bought the Irian, and every game i try to play with it is a pain in the [edited], because i end up with A LOT OF TIER X ships, and omg, those are ridiculous, they trash everything that is below then, every 8 in 10 games i end up with those dudes, and there is a lot of then, so whats the need of putting tier VIII ships too? Wargaming is tired of reading topics like that, but they don't see to care about it! When will they do something good about it?
  13. Eu gostaria de comprar o navio Mikasa que custa R$29,60 e eu tenho R$30,00 no meu mercado pago, porém ao realizar a compra não há a opção de usar esse dinheiro disponível na minha conta, apenas boleto, lotérica e cartão, há algum meio de usar o dinheiro da conta no mercado pago para realizar a transação?