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  1. MAPIA is recruiting all Filipinos, pure or half, in NA Server who are interested to form a virtual gaming community. We help you grind to reach tier x ships through division plays and actively organize clan battles. The clan is also a form of establishing social, student and professional networks among Filipinos in the Philippines and abroad. We mostly communicate in Tagalog. No problem if you don't speak fluently so long as you can understand it. We're a clan that's growing fast. If you're interested, join our clan. We just expect that you will have your Tier X ship soon so that you can help us in clan battles. Beginners are also welcome. Send your application or contact Ka_Death if you're interested. N.B. We are especially looking for Filipinos residing in the US or Canada so that we can have more members playing in weekday clan battle division following the NA Server prime time. In case, you're a Filipino just wanting to join a social and economic clan as a 'lone wolf' without participating in any clan battles, you can join [P-NOY] Philippine Fleet. Here is the clan description: "Mabuhay! Maligayang Pagdating! MAPIA is an all-Filipino clan in World of Warships NA Server. It aims to be a virtual community for Filipino players all over the world. The clan is a 'home away from from home'. While it's a social and economic clan, its long-term goals are nonetheless competitive. We hope that we participate in the King of the Sea tournament in the future. Regular division games are organized. One clan battle game per season is required. Discord is a must." https://discord.gg/TdcgY4