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  1. komodor_ryba

    Update 0.8.10 - Resolute and Rapid!

    I'm pretty sure that camo is already released - I think I have it. I don't recall how exactly I obtained it - maybe one of those impossible to find website button clicks?
  2. komodor_ryba


    And now we can resume 3 stalingrad 2 moskva comps. Yay balans.
  3. komodor_ryba

    CV quit due to too many TX's

    I totally get the CV driver's frustration. Have done this myself a couple of times. There are so many great t8 ships, probably the best tier for variety, and famous warships. So many great premiums. So much history. And it's all unplayable garbage because of crapmatchmaking. Oh well, at least it keeps me from spending hundreds of dollars on all those sweet premium t8s. I've only got Enterprise, got it in a cv crate.
  4. komodor_ryba

    Ranked out once more. Concluding thoughts.

    Hey Aiser, well said. I just wanted to add that the tier 10 aspect was a show stopper for me. I've got a lot of t10 ships, but much prefer lower tier ranked. T6 was my fav.
  5. komodor_ryba

    Massachusetts or Tirpitz?

    Mass in a heartbeat. You won't get turtleback, but you get guns, aa, and secondaries that actually work. Not worth spending 70 bucks on though, no ship is... Buy premium time instead, enjoy the game with no pressure.
  6. komodor_ryba

    The Dreaded Triple-Carrier Game

    Blame Canada! Or England, since it's Queen Victoria Day.
  7. Yup, PEF is unplayable garbage now. Its one saving grace, great AA, has been nerfed into the ground. For a ship that basically everyone has, it sure doesn't get played much... If it aint Stalinist, it doesn't matter, comrades.
  8. komodor_ryba

    Do You Hate the WG MM at T8?

    Yup, t8 is a no-go tier for me. Once in a while I take out my Bismarck to remind myself why it's a bad tier. I'm sure the matchmaking is optimized by some MBA with a psychology minor, to sucker people interested in historic WW2 ships into buying them... With the constant clubbing serving as motivation to grind out tier 10... But for the veteran playerbase it just keeps a bunch of ships from being enjoyable, and a bunch of premiums from being purchased. +1 matchmaking should solve this, or tier 11 and 12 matchmaking...
  9. komodor_ryba

    PSA: How to pick a side Honor/Glory

    Was it team honor or team glory that loaded people on barges and sank them in the sea during stalinist purges?
  10. komodor_ryba

    USS Massachusetts: I AM IN LOVE

    My german battleships weep. For the next few premiums in the style of Massa, i suggest: one with 460mm guns with 120m dispersion at 2.7 sigma one with great armor, improved heal, and 16 guns of 407mm accurate SHS ap. one with a base speed of 39 knots and ifhe-proof deck armor one with 12 guns with 60 percent fire chance, improved heal on a 60s cooldown and 500mm of pen HE, and ifhe-proof deck. There, those should be fair to what the massa means to german bbs.
  11. komodor_ryba

    Enterprise Tips

    Not a veteran, but i enjoy CV6. I play to spot, ap bomb lone cruisers, and rocket strike dd and flanking cruisers. Don't go against more than 2 ships. Also you should be able to constantly be attacking, she rebuilds planes fast, don't worry about losing squads as much as other cvs.
  12. komodor_ryba

    pls nerf the fire chance on ships

    Try the American battleships. Get BoS and FP as captain skills, and spend a bit of coal on the repair party special upgrade to extra extend their long repair fire immunity time. Add damacon module 1 and 2, fire duration flag and heal flag. Presto, game over fires. Also, Hindenburg with the legendary upgrade is fireproof.
  13. komodor_ryba

    Man, people are hilarious

    To be fair, a t7 ijn cruiser versus 2 t8 carriers can't do much... They are strongest when solo operating stealthed on a flank. CVs take away the stealth, and own it because it is solo and has mediocre AA. AFT should be turned into a captain skill that doubles AA dps when Not overlapping. So solo flanking can be viable again...
  14. Good summary of the state of CV and AA!
  15. komodor_ryba

    HIV vs Hindy vs Zao

    Henri was the most picked cruiser in King of the Seas... So you know what the pros think. One of the reasons for this is that IFHE Henri counters Stalingrad very well. For randoms, go with the one you enjoy. Personally I play Henri in clan battles, but i prefer zao in randoms. Mainly because it is more self-reliant. Henri is best in divs.