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  1. Player_7629970598

    Alaska or Agir?

    I can not discuss the Agir, but as an Alaska owner, I am very happy. I used FXP to get it, and it was well worth the grind.
  2. Player_7629970598

    Asymmetric Battles in testing?

    I am intrigued. A good tweak might be using this idea in Coops rather than Randoms? The robots could have a larger team. It might make them more fun. Just brainstorming here but more rewards for smaller team versus fewer rewards for larger team? How about not directly matching ship types? Have the same number per team, but different allocations of BBs, CA, and DDs?
  3. Player_7629970598

    Pensacola or Dallas?

    Big surprise!! Gil Hoover likes the Helena(:
  4. Player_7629970598

    How Strong was Italian Navy?

    Great discussion of the RM in WWII. We really need WOWS to continue to fill out the RM digital fleet. Not taking Malta doomed the Italian war effort. Malta was a dagger on the Italian convoy routes to North Africa. When Rommel got supplies he won battles. When the supply chain failed he lost. If Malta would have been captured, Egypt would have fallen in 1942. Italy would have control of the Med and the Saudi/Iraq/Persian oilfields would have been in grave danger.
  5. Player_7629970598

    Pensacola or Dallas?

    Boomer, I think the question you might want to consider is whether you want to go up the US light cruiser line or the heavy cruiser line. I have T-10 Des Moines and T-8 Cleveland. I like the Dallas and I have not played the Pensacola since it was T-7 before the line split. Both lines were fun for me. They certainly play differently. I would start with Dallas because it is fun and the next ship is the Helena which is my favorite US cruiser and a T-7 beast.
  6. If you like BBs, why not buy Scharnhorst. It is really a super cruiser, but it is listed a T-7 BB. If they released it today, it would be a T-9 German Premium Cruiser. 20 second main battery reload great secondaries and nice torps. I have Graf Spee and it is a fun unique ship.
  7. Player_7629970598

    Why is QE such an abomination

    Stick with QE. I hated it too. Slow turrets and not very fast. KGV is a fun ship for me. Everyone loves HE, rightly so, but use your AP too, especially against CAs. I have it elite status, but haven't made the commitment to buy Monarch yet.
  8. Player_7629970598

    Convince me: RN or USN DD?

    My DD experience is IJN T-10, USN T-10 and RN T-7. Did you try Fubuki with 10KM torps? That makes a big difference. USN DDs are more gunboaty up to T-7. Then torpedeos improve with T-8 thru T-10. Benson and Fletcher are fun all round ships. I like the Gearing too. Warning due to floating high shell arcs hitting small targets over 8-9 km is difficult with USN DDs. BBs are good targets but not much else. Up close you can gun down IJN DDs. So far I like RN DDs. Agile and good guns, but torps are weak due to short range up to T-7 and stealth torping is tough. Try them both for awhile. Each line has good ships.
  9. Player_7629970598

    NC or go straight to Iowa?

    Do not skip NC. It is a great ship. It is agile, tough with good guns. In some ways to me the Iowa felt like a clumsy downgrade with its slow turn and seemingly larger citadel. I got used to it, but I kept and played the NC. Do not let your dislike of Colorado cause you to skip NC. It is a completely new experience.
  10. Player_7629970598

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    For T 7 Ranked, I am going to play Surrey, Helena, Scharnhorst, Jervis and KGV.
  11. Player_7629970598

    Best Tech Tree Ships?

    I am not a fan of KM bbs, thanks FDG, I did not buy GK. That being said my favorite KM bbs are Bayern and Gnies. Bayern is a Bismark ancestor that fits better in T6 than Bis does at T8. Bayern has good secondaries, armor and AA. The Gnies, if you can put up with wonky guns is a beast. Torps, speed, armor and secondaries are great and T7 match making is nice. IMHO Bismark's problem is up tiering into T9-10 land where her secondary trick and weak main guns do not work well.
  12. Player_7629970598

    The Classics Never Go Out Of Style

    If you like the Omaha, use coal to buy Murmansk. Russian version, very nice ship to drive.
  13. I would love to see the USS Houston in game. I like unique premiums. Maybe to make her different, offer her with her historical Captain Albert Rooks (10Pt) and give him some special abilities. Extra fast rudder shift based on his ability to dodge torpedo and air attacks or Adrenaline Rush bonus based on the Battle of Sunda Strait. I am thinking she is either a T6 or T7. Pensacola was the preceding class and is T6 and NO is following class and T7.
  14. Player_7629970598

    Quarantine Theater

    "The Omega Man" was a great movie starring Charleton Heston. "I Am Legend" is the modern remake with Will Smith.