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  1. Player_7629970598

    Baltimore Seems Better Than Buffalo

    I really enjoy the Buffalo. I have a 13 pt captain with PM, EM, SE, SI and CE. I have AAM1, DCSM1, ASM1, SGM2, CE and GFCSM2. I think I will get BFT if CVs continue to be in many games. It is alot of fun right now. Guns are accurate and hit hard. Radar and Hydro make it a great DD hunter. Hang a India Delta and you can heal large amounts of damage. I use superintendent to get extra Heal, Radar and Hydro. Angle versus CAs, and BBs. Support DDs from about 3-5km back when going into caps, then you can radar hidden dds. Sometimes i use radar and hydro at the same time in caps. Shoot HE unless broadside CA or BBs with in 8km. Then you can get good damage on broadside BB.
  2. Player_7629970598

    Premium ships you would like be added

    RN Dido Class Light Cruiser County Class Heavy Cruiser KM Blucher T4-5 Cruiser Sedlitz BC Derrfflinger BC Spain Canaris Heavy Cruiser
  3. Player_7629970598

    Iowa — American Tier IX battleship.

    The C hull also drops your rudder shift to 17.1 from 22.5. I have not bought it and don't regret it.
  4. Player_7629970598

    Any guesses for the evolution of this new meta?

    I am doing more CV hunting with my DD. Less early capping. At first there were fewer DDs, but it seems that lately DD players are coming back. I have been driving Kagero and had some nice games in it the last few days.
  5. My 2 cents. Carriers seem weaker. In old system if a high tier carrier decided to mob you with planes you were likely dead( I'm looking at you cross torp drop). Maybe damage will improve as CV Players get good with the new system. A CV problem is tiering IMO. Playing a T4 CV must suck. I was driving my Helena and saw a T6 and T4 carrier in one battle. Most other ships were T6s and a few T7s. How is that fun for the T4 CV? I like the AA sector system. My USN T7-9 CAs have been murdering planes.
  6. Player_7629970598

    And on this day, a new game was born.

    sorry I read it as CV only. That is great news!
  7. Player_7629970598

    And on this day, a new game was born.

    Idea? I see CV captains can be respecced for free. Maybe they should allow non CV captains to respec for free or reduced cost to change for the new meta?
  8. Player_7629970598

    Why is Dallas such a turd...

    I liked it, but don't expect to carry team. Hunt DDs and set fires. It is nimble and quick. IFHE and CE are needed skills. I like IFHE first then CE.
  9. Player_7629970598

    Just cannot get gud scores in the Benson...

    Life in T8 pal...... Give the Benson time. Your 1st game sounded good. You are sometimes more of a role player than a superstar in some T8-10 games. It is fast and stealthy. I am driving the Fletcher and I miss the Benson's wheels. With Boost and speed flag you can break 40Kts. Get IFHE for captain's skills. It will help with damage. Like he said about torp reload! But you can finally stealth torp people it is fun. Don't rush to cap in high tier, unless opposition is light. Another good captain skill is Survivability Expert. The extra HP is great for a DD 2750 for a T8 DD. Almost a 15 % increase. I don't favor for other classes but it is great for DDs.
  10. Player_7629970598

    How Effective was Battlecruiser idea?

    Good Point! RN ships were built for range and space for crews. German Imperial Navy ships were built for service in the North Sea. They did not need the range or crew space required for the world wide reach of the RN. Fleet Recon was the job of DDs, CLs and BCs backing them up. Aircraft and Zepplins were not used when BCs came about. Opening hours of Jutland are a good example of the BC doctrine. The RN BC's showed their skill hunting raiders on the world's oceans at the Battle of the Falklands.
  11. Player_7629970598

    FDG Buff Greatly Appreciated!

    When does the reload buff happen? I just checked stats and it says 26 for reload. I am grinding Bismarck.
  12. Player_7629970598

    Mogami - I'm in love

    Island hump near caps. At 7 to 8 Km range they die fast. On the bright side you can farm Detonation Flags. What T 8 CA/CL doesn't explode violently when a T10 BB looks angry at it?
  13. Player_7629970598

    Mogami - I'm in love

    Expert Marksman is a must for any IJN CA or even DD.
  14. Player_7629970598

    Mogami - I'm in love

    Do you use 155 or 200s? I run the 155 load out. I played it until I got the Helena. It is fully researched and I could buy the Ibuki if I wanted to spend the credits. I just can't pull the trigger. I am reconsidering with the IJN CA buff. I have the Myoko in port still, and take her out some. IJN cruisers are great even though newer lines have overshadowed them. You are right it is alot of fun. A DD killer and fire starter. I miss the torps when I drive the Helena. They are great to cover a retreat.
  15. Player_7629970598

    Should I skip HMS Emerald?

    Play her for a while the grind is short and you can farm Juliet Charlie flags from Detonations! It is like driving a ship packed with tannerite. Seriously, you will appreciate the Leander more if you play Emerald.