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  1. Player_7629970598

    We would like to have depth charges from CV planes.

    CVs could have a button for ASW Aircraft. It would be similar to fighter on other ships. Historically, CVs kept a rotation of ASW aircraft over a TF while in action.
  2. Alaska and Scharnhorst
  3. Player_7629970598

    So Constellation.....

    i have Connie and about 5 battles. Verdict so far it has nice strong accurate guns. Nice speed and AA. Armor is iffy. you need to drive it like a drunken teenager to stay alive. It seems maneuverable like NC rather than Iowa barge. Have not used torps or Radar much yet.
  4. Player_7629970598

    I like brawls!

    I agree they are a fun time. I hope WG continues this format and uses different tiers. I like T7 ships but my only problem is I don't have a good capping T7 DD.
  5. Maybe some one mentioned this..... But how about the Goben as a T-III German ship or a T-IV or T-V Turkish ship?
  6. Player_7629970598

    Reward Flags not being given

    I might be juvenile, but I like getting an achievement then getting a flag or flags as a reward. It was the only fun thing about driving the Emerald, all the "Detonations" resulted in lots of flags.
  7. Player_7629970598

    How to use Bayern?

    Use at Medium range early then close to brawl late. I have not driven it since skill rework, but it is one of my favorite German BBs. Good AA, armor, and secondary guns. Iffy main gun accuracy.
  8. Player_7629970598

    Best premium Destroyer for doubloons right now?

    Bought the Kidd and it is a good time. I considered the Cossack, but I am not fond of UK DDs.
  9. I say "GG" when it has been a good game. A 3-2 finish with the clock expiring is fun no matter if I win or lose. I use it as a compliment to the opposing team for a fun, exciting game. Routs are no fun, even if I am on the victorious side.
  10. Player_7629970598

    Minnesota Secondary Build

    I did not state it was a good idea. LOL I guess I wish if WG was going to keep the slow speed it could be a floating fortress. I really want to find a reason to like these chonky ships. I have the Vermont and am running a standard deadeye build with an 18 pt captain. I put my Secondary captain on my Georgia.
  11. Player_7629970598

    IJN Cruisers: Do They Need Some Attention?

    I love IJN cruisers too. They were one of the first lines I played. I am up to T9 in IJN. I think the IJN compare close to equal with the lines you mention and in some ways might be stronger. IMHO it is the Russian CA and CL lines and the number of super cruisers at T9 and 10 that have power crept them.
  12. Player_7629970598

    Minnesota Secondary Build

    Try running away from ships when a flank collapses. Today a Georgia caught me and I got some fire and good damage before he was killed by teammates .They get in range quickly. Also advancing on caps late in game ships come to you. I still hang 12-18 Km to shoot early in game then close in late.
  13. Player_7629970598

    Minnesota Secondary Build

    Hello, I decided to experiment with Minnesota and a secondary build. Before everyone dismisses me with an eye roll about efficiency or usefulness, I would respond with fun. I am trying to find out if the Minnesota can be a fun ship to play with a secondary build and maybe score a few tips to improve on this idea. My build is for modules : MAM1, DCSM1, SBM1, DCSM2, CSM1, and MBM3. I am using an 18 pt Halsey captain. His skills are: PM, Pyro, Grease gears, Long Range Secondary shells, AR, Improved Secondary Aiming, and Close quarters combat. So far it has been an interesting experiment. I have not really noticed the absence of Dead Eye. Maybe I am a poor shot. The biggest difference is not having the tanking skills and catching fire more often. My secondary range is 10.5 KM with flag and a 5.1 second reload. If I am shooting at a BB or CA my secondary guns hit, shooting at a DD is not as effective. I have found a secondary build helpful when ships are chasing me down. Lately, I snipe for awhile then later in the game close in to use secondary weapons on weakened enemies.
  14. Player_7629970598

    Nelson... Yay or Nay?

    I got it two months ago. It is a fun ship with good guns and a neat play style. Don't forget about its AP. Tier V-VII cruisers can take a beating from it. Other than the KGV I am not fond of the RN BB line through Tier VIII, but Nelson is worth the FXP.
  15. Player_7629970598

    USS Houston CA-30

    After reading both Ship of Ghosts and Rising Sun, Falling Seas, WG could improve Houston's rudder shift since IRL she was adept at dodging air attacks. Additionally. including Captain Rooks with an improved AR to simulate the final battle would be a good way to make the ship more unique.