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  1. Curtis_17

    Royal Canadian Navy Ship Tree

    Don't give a crapabout this topic, i M NOT GOING TO SPEND ANY CASH on this gAME ANYMORE, TIRED of the "rock people" that hide and dont play. i have let ,my premium expire and am ready to walk away from this shithole. i know that no one cares, nor do i. just stating a fact that hopefully will help people in the future.
  2. Curtis_17

    Server down?

    So since we can cause mischief here now, does that mean we can hide behind other posts, (using them like rocks and mountains) and spam H. E. comments at people who can not fire back because they cant see us or they are to far out of range to defend themselves?
  3. I am just thankful for the blacklist option, mine grows everyday. Can't stand the keyboard commandos, im just here to have fun and that is getting pretty tough to do.