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  1. Someone who creates mods that modifies some aspects (graphical, audio, interface and what not) of the game and, in this context, which quality is recognized by Wargaming.
  2. Update for 0.8.0.x versions Change log Improved rendering Improved Typography based on better historical sources Updated configuration files for 0.8.0 Scroll up to main post for download link^^^
  3. Amazing We've all been there before - getting told "lmbo that's not a bug, that's a feature" by software devs. Never have I in my life pictured that, one day, I would be told the polar opposite "oops, that's not a feature, that's a bug" Reality is truely stranger than fiction
  4. ADM_FvH

    Are We Getting A Free EXP discount?

    I'm guessing its either an innocent mis-translation of the usual FreeXP/Doubloons conversion discount OR just going to be some really lackluster conversion rates with credits
  5. ADM_FvH

    Are We Getting A Free EXP discount?

    I thought Dasha told us ships and free xp conversion discounts are coming
  6. Update for 0.7.12.x versions Scroll up to main post for download link^^^
  7. It’s certainly a possibility. However, that will take quite a while since I’m currently busy with stuff outside of wows for the time being, please download the mod update above^^^
  8. 0.7.11.X Compatible with 0.7.11.x & Legacy Versions https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A0GjK47AZulIjF2I5IMSf-iJiSKV_Erq (updated) Nov 2018
  9. ADM_FvH

    Yahagi much?

    Y E S
  10. ADM_FvH

    Please buff radar

  11. ADM_FvH

    BB secondaries are worthless

    Yes I really think Wargaming should buff BB secondaries to realistic levels!! Take North Carolina for example, it should has the firepower of an Atlanta on both sides so anything dares to within the 10 km radius of it should eat accurate salvos at 4 seconds a salvo!!! Makes too much sense for me
  12. If you put a 10 second cap onto Expert Loader BBs will be able to exploit this mechanism to reduce their reload time to 20 seconds by switching ammo types twice. so no
  13. ADM_FvH

    AP Penetration on 0.7.11 Discussion Thread.

    Oringally DDs are supposed to be countering BBs according to WG's "paper scissors stone" logic. It works like this: "BBs kill CA/CL CA/CL kills DD. And DDs Kills BB". Now, that was what was intended by WG when the game was initially released, yet with the progression of the game the effectiveness of destroyer role has been reduced significantly. We see that in a variety of forms such as the proliferation of radar, hydros picking up everything and miscellaneous changes to game mechanics. Thus this change was necessary to reinforce DD's roles. 16 inch shell obliterating a ship sounds reasonable until you realize how accurate BB guns are in this game compared to reality. Reality doesn't apply and shouldn't apply to this particular game mechanics
  14. USN Destroyer Peace Time Hull Number Mod [Tier 6-10] [KAsual] [All Versions] Faith, courage, service true, With honor over, honor over all. ----------------------------- US Navy Peace Time Hull Number Mod by [KAsual] Adds Hull numbers to bow and stern of the ships Works with all camouflage types. --------------------------------------------- Ships modified 6 Farragut 7 Mahan (both hull A+B & hull C) 7 Sims 8 Benson 9 Fletcher 10 Gearing --------------------------------------------- Preview Preview the mod at https://imgur.com/a/Wl04FRn ----------------------------------------- Download No update required [PreRelease] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KI9Fs05_7I8xIkRhJmkmJgyP5XKlRPnn/view?usp=sharing Released 31 October 2018