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  1. Original_Digital_Terror

    Aircraft Carriers (CV) ineffective against submarines

    A sub driver who can get past the dd and ca screen to threaten a cv is a hard counter for said cv, just as a dd is a hard counter to a sub between long range hydrophone detection and 2-3 groups of depth charges. The way you battle a sub as a cv? If you know it's there, move away at full speed. If it wants to keep up or catch up it'll have to surface and then you can rip it to shreds with rockets, or your teammates can blow it up with HE. The subs only move at 16-18 kts when submerged, and even the slowest t6 cv moves faster than that, if only slightly.
  2. Original_Digital_Terror

    how to play this game

    There's 3 bb in the op that is being discussed. Yes, the 2 on the left are easier to kill, they get eliminated every time. It's the 3rd one, in the middle of that fleet that spawns in the NE corner, that's the hard one to take down....and the convoy frequently escapes before it can be taken out if everything didn't go the player's way early on. Like you said, it can end early, and usually does because players don't let the convoy sail far enough south before destroying the last escort...and then all concentrate on the NW and N bb's instead of leaving them to the dds (and cv if there is one)
  3. Original_Digital_Terror

    Radio Location and Radar Surveillance countermeasures

    If radar were 'realistic' then only LARGE ships would get detected. It wouldn't likely catch a dd until the dd was close enough to eyeball anyway. If we wanted REALISM in this game, then AA wouldn't be able to open fire until the attacking flight was almost on top of the ship...none of this AA firing 5-6 km away. The planes would simply fly too high to be shot at. Radar would only be found on CARRIERS....battleships and cruisers weren't equipped with it until the end of WW2. Planes would have radar that would detect the ships far earlier than they are detected now. DD would never stand a chance because aircraft would find them from a lot further out. Which brings us right back to the reason a jammer module is needed. To be able to sink the highly maneuverable, very hard to torpedo ships equipped with radar, you need to either convince the BB and CA on your team to focus fire on the radar ships (something that almost never happens), or be able to get close enough to actually land your torpedos, which will bring you well within the radar range. A dd trying to gun fight vs. a ca is dead. Similarly, a dd that gets radar spotted is probably dead unless they're on the outside edge of the radar range and can run fast enough. Using an island to block ordnance only works in one direction. A dd gets spotted by radar will generally have focused fire coming from everywhere in range. A DD player would have an option. More stealth or radar protection. The IJN boats have longer torpedo ranges, and can already launch from outside all but the longest range radar...at tier 10 they can have up to 20km range, making the stealth module much more attractive for them. Gunboats are the ones that generally go hardest for cap points, and thus need the radar protection more than the stealth. It would be a choice, and a ship should not have the option of BOTH +15% stealth AND protection from radar.
  4. Original_Digital_Terror

    Radio Location and Radar Surveillance countermeasures

    If there is no counter for radar then it needs a major nerfing....revealing everything within 10+ km for as long as it takes a BB to reload, and for many ca to launch upwards of a dozen volleys, is way too strong without a counter. Giving players the option to nerf their own stealth by 10% in order to give themselves a measure of protection against one of the biggest cancers in the game, only beaten by the massive # of +2 tier matches players get inflicted upon them (40% is way WAY too high a number) is a very reasonable idea.
  5. First, the idea for radio location countermeasures. As part of taking Concealment Expert, give the commander an option to go 'radio silent'. What this would do is make them invisible to radio location...but also prevent them from notifying their teammates or BEING notified of any enemy ship locations. This means only those ships you can see YOURSELF will show up. You won't get markers on your minimap of last spotted locations other players make, only those you spotted yourself while running silent. It would be a toggle, just like secondary guns, that you could shut off and begin receiving all the data again, but only new data. Second, Radar Surveillance. This is really an OP consumable considering there is NO countermeasure for it at all. People say 'just keep your distance', but those people don't play dd and have to get in range to launch their torpedoes, or get relied upon to spot enemy ships, or to cap command points. All of which get you well within range of the one of the biggest enjoyment destroying cancers in this game of radar surveillance. So, to this end I suggest a new module that would go in the same slot as the Stealth module (5th slot). Radar Scrambler. It would cut the effective range of radar vs. YOU, and ONLY YOU by 50% (or more perhaps). 10k radar? Nope, vs you it's only 5k. Another DD with the stealth module sitting 2k beyond you? Sorry, they get spotted by the radar while you slip on through. This would not affect the hydroacoustic consumable at all, just radar.
  6. Original_Digital_Terror

    please buff AA guns Modification 1

    +1 on the revert to the old system. That was a big draw to CV play for me, doing it RTS tactical style rather than in your face action. Made for a nice, relaxing mode to play after doing other ship types. As for the rest...the cv that flies through that heavy AA will lose several planes to it. I still avoid heavy AA ships so that I can still have planes left to be flying by the end of the match. As it is, much of the time by the later match there are no complete squadrons available anymore, depending on how heavy any particular type was used. If anything, AA damage is fine, but range needs to be cut a good bit, because the planes should be coming in to begin with too high for AA to target. I've seen some ships that can destroy an entire squadron of rockets before a single attack can be launched between sector reinforcement and the AA enhancement consumable. The Pan Euro DD in particular can shred whole squadrons in moments.
  7. Original_Digital_Terror

    how to play this game

    The ship that went north was trying (very foolishly) to be a hero intercepting the fleet that spawns up there. As for the convoy being so far south, that's a good thing...puts them further from the enemy spawning in while they head to the exit, takes them a bit longer to GET to the exit, giving YOU more time to sink all 3 battleships.
  8. Original_Digital_Terror

    Fix the matchmaker

    Which is a point totally irrelevant to the issue. T10 should only be matching against T10, never T9 or T8. T9 should never drop below T8. Just like the lowest tiers match same or no more than +/- 1, the same needs to be done at the highest tiers. Further, +2 matches need to be reduced in frequency DRASTICALLY. As a DD player, I can say without hesitation that the things that destroy the enjoyment of the game are getting matched +2 tiers 40% of the time (should be a max of 10%), surveillance radar (which has no counter of any sort...and dont' give that tired [edited] of just keep your distance. Can't get in torp range w/o getting radar tagged.) and then waaaaaay down the list are cvs. They aren't even in the top 5 things that kill game enjoyment as a dd. The #1, #2, and #3 spots are all taken solidly by +2 tier matchups.
  9. Original_Digital_Terror

    Just reverse the idea of Arms Race

    Shrink it the way it was done with the destroyers event last year, with that ring of fire thing. Matches went fairly quick because players were forced towards the center of the map or took a fair bit of damage. Saw lots of players get killed by trying to skirt around an obstacle outside the 'boundaries'
  10. Original_Digital_Terror

    Ship slots

    300 doubloons can be directly coverted to 450k credits, so I think selling a port slot for 225k (at least), maybe even 300k would be about right. A bonus 300k credits per month selling off a free port slot wouldn't be too much.
  11. Original_Digital_Terror

    Fix the matchmaker

    That's why I said T10 vs. T10 and ONLY vs. T10. I'd much rather sit in queue for a long time than get yanked into a +2 match regardless of what Tier I'm playing at. +1, not so bad even at the 7-8 you mention. +2 matches need to be done away with completely in the MM, or seriously reduced. 8 of the last 20 is 6 too many. 2 of 20 (10%) would be ok. I just looked at several T7 and T8 dd. Several of them (both IJN lines in particular) go DOWN in artillery score vs. their t7 predecessor. Of the rest I looked at, what the T8 got was a very small boost, not all that significant a DPM increase. Point is, going from 7 to 8 is not that significant an increase. More health, yes. Slightly more DPM in some cases, same or perhaps slightly less in others. More stealth...not necessarily. Higher tiers usually have a higher base detect radius, which when you apply the extra stealth reduction module it just brings it back down to equal to the lower tier. Higher tier DD frequently have longer reload times on their admittedly far harder hitting torpedos. As for bb's...all I can say re. bow tanking....Pyotr Velikiy (t5) laughs at all you peasants (can bow tank a t10)
  12. Original_Digital_Terror

    Fix the matchmaker

    Just like at the lowest tiers you have no more than +1 tier you face, set tier 8 to never get above t9. No more t8 vs. t10. The power gap between t8 and 10 is huge compared to 7 vs 9, and even that is brutal enough. T10 vs T10 and ONLY vs T10. Or better yet, give me a MM option to NEVER match +/- 2 tiers. I'd rather sit in queue 10 minutes than get matched in 30 seconds at +2 tiers.
  13. Original_Digital_Terror

    annoying anime voices

    Standard voiceover gets overridden by the anime garbage. Mod voices from ModStation even get partially overridden by the anime voice. What DrHolmes said though worked perfectly. Never noticed that little gear down there before....so small it's easy to miss.
  14. Original_Digital_Terror

    annoying anime voices

    Thank you very much.
  15. Original_Digital_Terror

    annoying anime voices

    PLEASE tell me there is a way to SHUT OFF THE ANIME GARBAGE on the commanders, forcing English ONLY so that I don't have to destroy a level 10 commander I got from an event! The ship this annoying P.O.S. commander is on is unusable at the moment until I can either force it to English only or destroy it.