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  1. A bit misleading, if "That just seems how they do it". Well, no Russian BB for me!
  2. Well, if it's a "scheduled" downtime, maybe not put an 'end time' at 7:20 if the server will be down until (approx.) 7:30. Could make the 'end time' at 6am, 'when server goes down'.... ?
  3. Wednesday mornings are for updates. But used to be a quick update-download then the install time. "Server Down" usually for something big, like adding the Halloween stuff last week. Just find it weird that WG would have stuff end an hour and 20 minutes after the normal 'update' time. Maybe end stuff on a different day...?
  4. Love ya too!
  5. 6:33am and still down.....
  6. So I'm playing along, trying to get that last " winning and top 5 xp earner" match complete for the Russian BB. Even bought a US T-4 BB (again) to give that a try, since my 5 thru 8's weren't helping much. Begin this morning's action about 3:30am (est) and while having NO LUCK, I was getting very close a few times. Right at 6am....server down! The Russian BB missions run through 7:20am (est), according to info on the news release. So just a wonderful time for the server to go ka-put (ka-poot?) for what seems to be the next update. Returning to click on the button, hoping to return before it's too late. And before anyone starts with the "you should have played it earlier" or "why did you wait till the last minute?", I've been dropping 8 to 14 hours a day, seven days a week into this since LONG before this particular set of missions was offered.
  7. 2192MB download, @ 2MB average download speed plus the added uploading time (processor speed -divided by- sun's local position=1/2 of the download's speed "IF" there's a healthy squirrel is in the spinny wheel thing) -- I should be able to launch and play WoWS sometime-------before Sunday's lunch. Breakfast if there is no sunspot activity tween now and then. And for those thinking it....Yes. I was born this way.......
  8. Dang it!! Your right....forgot my next dose of "sedation". (2 long white ones every 6 hrs, 1 small white round every 8hrs, 1 clear and red capsule 2x's a day, 1blue and clear capsule 3x's a day, and 1 or 2 tiny blue round ones as needed)
  9. IDK, Poeticmotion--- It's always kinda fun to hear (read) all the heartbroken and watch all those tears dropping, every Wednesday morning... Beats Oprah reruns for sure!
  10. 10:30am EST...10:30 guys....TEN-THIRTY!!!! Lost count of all the previous posts that are saying TEN-THIRTY (10:30) 10:30--10:30--10:30....................................
  11. Every Wednesday, for last little while....
  12. Mine is trying....but not yet. Guess while I'm waiting I could look into this "food" thing people keep talking about. I think it's like those "pants" thingies folks mention, but not sure.
  13. Nor up in Central Florida, yet..... Soon though, soon.
  14. Several more!
  15. (hmmm....seems many don't read previous messages before posting)