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  1. Filling up quickly, but a few spots still available!
  2. SedatedApe

    The hate for cv's!

    I can say the same about the Shimakaze, or the Smolensk....over and over again targeting and firing on the same ship. Just because a very few players don't like a particular class of ship is no reason to think there will be any changes made, or I guess any more changes made. Maybe if more unhappy members played the Carriers, and learned about them...these few individuals wouldn't be feeling so....lost about then and how they function. There was just as much complaining before the HUGE changes that were made to the Carriers. Very few liked having 3 entire squadrons coming at their one ship. And now having ONLY one squadron is too much? Maybe Carriers should just be background pretty and do nothing but offer the opposition the 100 points for getting killed? I can't wait to hear these same voices when Subs enter the game and scratch your pretty paintjobs!
  3. SedatedApe

    Lot of WG server disconnects last 3 days

    Oh yeah....it will clear up in time. How much time if the only question I have. I used to get kicked off each day, at least once, while in a battle. This has been going on, for me, for the last several weeks immediately after a WoWS update. Now, I get kicked off at least once a day while driving a carrier...verses when I was driving anything. Nothing has changed on my computer as in hardware or software, save normal Windows updates and WoWS updates.
  4. Come and join us! We still have room for a couple more members.
  5. SedatedApe

    ok I was invited so I joined a clan

    Discord has it's own issues if not installed "properly" or the right one. Of course when these issues come up with a new Clan member, it's only when us retirees are the only ones logged in the game.
  6. SedatedApe

    What the hell is smolensk supposed to be?

    It's the "I Win Ship" WoWS added.
  7. NSWO Clan presently has openings for new members. Recent new Clan requirements has allowed us to have several vacancies. No age restrictions but 18+ language is used and is to be expected. We play the NA server. Discord is required! Participation in Naval Battles each weekend is required! Need to have at least one Tier 8 ship! We are asking that all members try to be available for Clan Battles. We can usually get more members then needed, and we rotate members in and out during the matches,. We're hoping to have enough players to send in two or more groups into Clan Battles! All new members will go through a 2 week probation period. But if you play fairly regular and produce some oil for the Clan, the probation period is no big deal. We aren't a hard-a$$ Clan. We just want members to participate when possible and not just be mooching off the achievements of others. Butthead members will be, and have been, dealt with harshly. We are NOT looking to recruit trouble makers. We are maxed with 50 member spaces. We are closing in on the last 2 items to compete our Navy Base. We are a group of average to above average players with members that division up often, like to have fun, and want to enjoy World of Warships as the game it is. Younger members, older members, and those in between! We got players from many time zones. So there's someone online and playing almost every hour of the day. Drop by and check us out. If interested put in an application. Or contact any member of the leadership. A quick run down of the Clan will be held with you, at your convenience, on our Discord server with two members of the leadership group. Totally informal. Just two minds trying to remember all that we things a potential new member might need/like to know before joining us.
  8. I am working to have all the available carriers, so of course I got the Ark Royal. Its not what I was expecting and it plays rather badly when bottom tiered. I'd be a bit more happy if it was $10 less. But it is a carrier and I want to own all of them. Only 2 more T-10s to go....until the next premium release......or, there is that rehash of the carriers that were taken out I've heard rumor about returning.
  9. So glad I didn't set my alarm clock to get a head start on todays playing...Oh wait, I did do that.
  10. SedatedApe

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    Again, where are these missions? We're a week in to them and I can't locate them anywhere. I drove a carrier and got rocket hits...nothing showed up saying I'd completed part of the required mission. Where, Where, Where Are They???
  11. SedatedApe

    Important dates for the Community

    I don't see these Carrier Missions anywhere? I just played a carrier and still nothing, no notice that I hit ships with my rockets.
  12. SedatedApe

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    so.....where are these carrier mission and why aren't the showing up?
  13. SedatedApe

    Combat Missions of Update 0.8.8

    I'm pretty sure it's a permanent camo, the Unsinkalbe Sam permanent camo FOR the Bismarck. I don't believe you get a Bismarck mission. Check your inventory to see that you got your permanent camo.
  14. SedatedApe

    Getting Disconnected from Server in Middle of Battle

    same here... getting disconnects, crashes, and complete lock ups since the last update hopefully this will be corrected with this update, like that rudder control issue was with the last one **running a computer that can more than handle this game and on a 300 Mbps hardline connection
  15. SedatedApe

    Random Disconnects This Morning

    there's an update being loaded this morning just like those done previously on Wednesday mornings supposed to be up around 9am, eastern US