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  1. If the Irish ran the game, they'd serve us beer while we waited.
  2. And the other half is feeding those poor squirrels!
  3. No one feeding the server squirrels?
  4. Why the Cleveland? To me, she is just looks dang fine! She has sweet lines and a sexy look. 60% of the times I take mine into Ranked, I get spanked. But the other 40% she comes out pretty well, or so extremely well I want to take her out for drinks Are there better ships to take into Ranked? Oh hell yeah there are. But when you are in serious teen-age boy like,. no one can tell ya different.(and I haven't been a teen-ager in quite a few decades, so it feels good). When I leave port, I hope for at least one OpForce carrier. A well-played Cleveland can be a real plane shredder, and her guns cause a huge amount of concern to those 'wearing red'. It's presently my only tier-6 cruiser but I did some extremely serious grinding to make her my first one. I'll have a couple more real soon....but Cleveland is part of my permanent fleet. (where's the throbbing-heart emo?)
  5. So m373x...if this was a professional video game, it would be returned for store credit or a refund. Would you then, with your reply, say people who experience these issues, repeated....just remove the game from their computers and move on to better (more stable) things? I'd be happy to forward your intended reply/hidden meaning, to WG when I send a report of the problems I'm having, as stated--#2 thru #5. "Snarky is never helpful", my old CPO, RMC Osborne....1981/84
  6. From what I've read and researched, #1 doesn't seem to be related to the others. BUT....there are several posts concerning #1. I haven't personally experienced this issue. BUT (again) several times over the weekend, #2 through #5 did happen to me during my gameplay. This morning, however, it's NON-STOP! I'll get disconnected a couple time and get back in to ask in chat if anyone else having same problem...just to get immediately disconnected, again. Lag, warping, and freezing makes the game -play totally impossible. This happens about once a week/10-day period. Not related to weekend (today is Monday) or special events. I had high hopes for some Ranked battling this morning, but......
  7. LM (body-part) O..... Let me guess.....the OP is also the kind of player that bombs the chat with liberal doses of "idiots" and "morons" after he sinks his ship, too?
  8. I might like cleaning red clocks....just saying.
  9. My (Black) Magic used to be that small. Can't believe I don't have any pictures of him on this new(er) laptop. He/she is a definitely cute. Remember these days....
  10. Cat meow = "I am Groot"
  11. Well, if all the maps have islands, below tier 10, maybe 'grounding damage' needs to be added? (or deducted)
  12. ^ Yeah, pretty much.
  13. So, after decades of watching WWII documentaries about naval battles, I decide to download this game. Only now I find out that until I get all the way up to tier X that I will not be able to play this "arcade game" (yeah, I read the entire thread), in the style that 96% of all WWII naval battles were fought....? Well, this just sucks. I mean it's enough to have someone [edited]at ME because THEY collided with my BB in their CA, then go ahead and fire torps at me. This game just gets better and better the more I find out...and I've been playing for several weeks.