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  1. lmbo....Random MM kinda sucks so I don't see the need for that spreading like a garden weed.
  2. SedatedApe

    Is NA server down

    Short to know notice...again. And I got my 9.12 update last week.
  3. SedatedApe

    Very High Win Rate Question

    Gotta remember....a good win rate doesn't mean he lived through the 30 matches, or played particularly well. There are way too many (weekend) players worried about win rates. There are so many variables that go into figuring it out. Lots depends on the team you get placed with, if you're in a division and if it's a division of good players. For that high of a win rate....I'd have to say it's not a true reading on that player. But the chance of being lucky that in 29 matches ended in wins for his team. Could have been 1st dead in every single match. At least this is how I (don't) look at win rates per player or individual ship(s) they play.
  4. I've seen it on the NA server. And not just for CVs. I had a toxic player, complained the whole time after he got killed (first dead, way early). Began giving away team locations when we had 3 ships left. Warned him about it....didn't care. I know he got reported by at least a player on our team and one on the OPFORCE.
  5. SedatedApe

    Is Server Down?

    You playing on the NA server or the EU one.? Cause if you're on the EU one this conversations has nothing to do with you as the issue is with the NA server only. If you're on the NA try removing the corn cob from you a$$...it's 6:45 AM here on the US east coast, and earlier still in all our other time zones (yeah, lil snub there). Very few of us in the USA are sitting down for lunch at this hour of the day...unlike some of our Euro chummies. Have a really nice day, bruh.
  6. SedatedApe

    Is Server Down?

    Just a quick question....is this just the need for some extra time or is it because we here in the US went through Daylight Savings a weeks ago and the difference in the new time hasn't been corrected as of yet?
  7. SedatedApe

    Is Server Down?

    So the squirrel finally bit the bullet and they are out in the dark alley looking for a replacement...
  8. SedatedApe

    Is Server Down?

  9. SedatedApe

    Server still down?

    Dang!...One in, One down.... Scared to check...running out of fingernails to chew on
  10. SedatedApe

    I Hate DDs

    You can certainly do what you'd like and start any discussion you think others would find interesting....just as I've done here. Link it...I might participate. But in a nicer fashion then many have here so far.
  11. SedatedApe

    I Hate DDs

    Might want to check my record before you start looking like....well, as you look right here.
  12. SedatedApe

    I Hate DDs

    I'm thinking of starting a "I HATE..." discussion for all the classes. Gotta keep it far and balanced edit: @warheart1992 was getting to this reply when you added your's
  13. SedatedApe

    I Hate DDs

    Thanks for your reply, which is not only informative it is nicely stated! I know a couple that can play DDs "consistently well" and they joined me in my Clan. Of course not even great players can play great all the time....it's just the way it is. As for my DD play...I have pulled some really great matches out of my a$$ in a DD. With my Kidd my record stands at 54 planes down, with the T61 I scored some outrageous points with torp hits and flooding. I know anyone can get better just by playing any class more often and with a proper mindset. I see so many on the "HATE CV" side that do not know the truth...and unknowingly lie about them. There is a limited number of planes BUT there are also more then one squadron of each type on the hanger deck. There are 2 of each, for instance, on the Lexington. So there are 6 squadrons ready to fly, basically, at the beginning of the match. After those are flown off the deck....it takes forever to get even a partial squadron ready to fly. Thanks for your reply!
  14. SedatedApe

    I Hate DDs

    I just tell them to "start shooting the red ones first" when they ask for intel
  15. SedatedApe

    I Hate DDs

    For those who showed up and JUST LOVE THEIR DDs...welcome, but this isn't a discussion about LOVING DDs...it's about HATING THEM. And no @eviltane I'm a BB player 85% of the time, take out my cruisers 12% of the time, and the rest is CV play. So I have no "hurt feeling"...but if you ask nicely, you can feel whatever you'd like. This is a genuine "Hate DD" discussion. There's so much not to like about them, especially when you get into the higher tiers. They are the class that has the most "I Win" ships in the game. And WG just keeps making more.