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  1. SedatedApe

    NA server login issues, -right now

    Must be on Bermuda.
  2. SedatedApe

    10:10 and Servers are still down.

    Panic is not an effective response. But it does feel good.
  3. SedatedApe

    NA server login issues, -right now

    Hmm...maybe I was right!
  4. SedatedApe

    Not good news, looking into this, any comments?

    Like, "I love your forever".
  5. SedatedApe

    NA server login issues, -right now

    If you're talking about AMTRAK, we are SO scr3w3d
  6. SedatedApe

    NA server login issues, -right now

    So.......7:13PM,in the Epsilon Eridani system's 4th planet's central continent, after a Leap Year here on Earth (+ and with a bit of - with some * and crap-load of / means.....) 2AM next Thursday morning!
  7. SedatedApe

    NA server login issues, -right now

    10AM today, or just any 10AM?
  8. SedatedApe

    Losing Interest (Ramblings)

    I've taken a few "breaks" in my 2 yrs + playing WoWS. I think a lot of folks take some time away from all games, not just this one. My breaks have only been a month or less, but when I've gotten back there was always something new to interest me for a while. While some changes in the game have been good, some have not been as enjoyable. I guess it just depends on what "I" want to see in the game. But "I" am just one voice.
  9. SedatedApe

    Wahsup with the patch eh? Borked again?

    OH DANG!! I've been on and off the forums since 6:30 (eastern) waiting for the "Where's my WoWS?" post. And here it is...late, but inevitable. All is right with the world again
  10. SedatedApe

    And you thought 2x cv was bad

    Oh, my bad According to the "Battle Level" on WoWs wiki it looks like both T-1 and T-2 should be the only tiers where you won't see carriers.
  11. SedatedApe

    And you thought 2x cv was bad

    The last update 'greatly reduced' the possibility of having two T-10 carriers per side in a high-tier match. Personally, I haven't seen two T-10 carriers since the update, but I have seen two T-8 carriers in a couple high-tier matches.
  12. SedatedApe

    Pop Quiz

    Both are Asian themed, and... Both ended too soon?
  13. SedatedApe

    And you thought 2x cv was bad

    The patch-change was so you/we wouldn't see two "T-10" carriers in a T-8/10 match, not stop from having two T-8 carriers in a T-8/10 match. It would be kinda hard to have only one carrier a side per match, when there are only 4 tiers of carriers now.
  14. SedatedApe

    Lock of premium ships for better experience

    You could say the same thing about those "entry accounts" (I think Steam offered them) that gave you a T-5 or T-8 premium BB if you joined WoWS through them. Or the say the same thing about me, when I started taking out DDs because I was a better BB player then. It is what it is, as it's always been.
  15. SedatedApe

    Report Your Local CV

    When I see this kind of ranting about my team's carrier, I reach back to select the appropriate size Stick (Sticks are used to stir the sh,.....I mean pot) and reply in defense of our carrier. "Dead man speaking" "Advise from a dead player should always be followed....NOT" "If you can play CVs better, take yours out" And if/when it gets really unpleasant.....a larger sized Stick is collected, "I see someone missed the school bus this morning" "Your clan must be so proud of you" "There are no teammate problems in Pac-Man"