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  1. SedatedApe

    In-Game Surveys

    Which is the point of my post. All other games I've played over...a really long time...have always contacted me, if they did/do surveys, and my chosen "enjoyment/approval" of their game wasn't above the "average" pick. Once I pick a 7 or lower...the survey ends. So I don't have to fill out the rest....but they know I'm among the growing herd of "not as happy as I used to" players
  2. SedatedApe

    Ok WG I think I get it now ...

    THIS RIGHT HERE! It takes absolutely no effort, as you plainly said, for ANYONE to open a new account and BUY ALL THE PREMIUM SHIPS THEY WANT!!! Something civilized, like a player can only "play", a premium or "won" ship (like shipyard or crate drops) once they have a ship, of any class, in that tier! But civilized and WG haven't been on the same page since their earlier statement that "We will NEVER sell a premium T-10 ship" went to the wayside with ships "purchased" with boubloons, steel, coal. or even shipyard events. But I digress.... Oh, no I don't digress...that's what I wanted to say, adding to your post, SeaQuest_!
  3. SedatedApe

    In-Game Surveys

    So lately...when one of those "We like you to participate in a short survey" message pops up...I've decided to answer the VERY FIRST question as I really feel. And it's ALWAYS the first question--"Would you recommend this game to others...." or worded kinda like this. Anytime I've picked on an option below a "9" ...the survey ends and goes (runs, RUNS AS FAST AND AS FAR AS FOREST GUMP) away. Someone/some game leadership group doesn't want to hear the truth? Or is this just a nice option that allows many of us players to feel good getting away from these surveys? To steal a long-lasting print media outlet's tag-line, "Inquiring minds want to know".....or this one does.
  4. SedatedApe

    4x CVs, all day, all the time.

    Naval Battles has CV stars. If ya can't handle double CV in each match....don't play Friday through Sunday then. Monday thru Thursday CV are kinda rare.
  5. SedatedApe

    matches ending far too soon

    I've seen this same thing for several weeks...maybe going out months. Seems that the game figures there's a winner with no chance for the lower point team to win. So the match ends quick. When we are running Naval Battles, and other point sensitive matches, not only does the match end early but even with enough sitting in the cue I have ended up in matches with 7 or 9 people per team.
  6. SedatedApe

    New Code

    It wouldn't take my copy n paste so I just typed it in. I checked and didn't have any spacing between. But it just worked for me so still valid on NA
  7. SedatedApe

    Yes the Servers are down post

    There's always something around that has different times and durations but count on 3 hours for all updates. Sadly, the servers can take a bit longer then that to come back up.
  8. SedatedApe

    Yes the Servers are down post

    Always takes a minimum of 3 hours.
  9. SedatedApe

    Can't login this morning... 8/17/21

    Yeah. Yesterday it was to start at 3am pst for an hour. 5 hours is the longest "patch upload" I've known in my nearly 4 years with WoWS. Makes me go..."hmm."
  10. SedatedApe


    I guess it sucks when torps miss. {yawn} God forgive angling, deflection, and an arcade game acting like a real/true simulation. But I guess us smooth brained BB drivers aren't going to be jumping up and down for your cause, sorry.
  11. SedatedApe

    Server Change Drop Out

    Figures. The one morning I'm awake to play some early sessions and *POOF* maintenance. I'm grabbing my teddy and heading back to bed
  12. lmbo....Random MM kinda sucks so I don't see the need for that spreading like a garden weed.
  13. SedatedApe

    Is NA server down

    Short to know notice...again. And I got my 9.12 update last week.
  14. SedatedApe

    Very High Win Rate Question

    Gotta remember....a good win rate doesn't mean he lived through the 30 matches, or played particularly well. There are way too many (weekend) players worried about win rates. There are so many variables that go into figuring it out. Lots depends on the team you get placed with, if you're in a division and if it's a division of good players. For that high of a win rate....I'd have to say it's not a true reading on that player. But the chance of being lucky that in 29 matches ended in wins for his team. Could have been 1st dead in every single match. At least this is how I (don't) look at win rates per player or individual ship(s) they play.
  15. I've seen it on the NA server. And not just for CVs. I had a toxic player, complained the whole time after he got killed (first dead, way early). Began giving away team locations when we had 3 ships left. Warned him about it....didn't care. I know he got reported by at least a player on our team and one on the OPFORCE.