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  1. understand, thank you, have good weekend.
  2. thank you. sound like good deal
  3. Is that I spend 250 $ then buy 50K dabloon, and I will get 500 $ back finally?
  4. Choaswar

    New code

    Thank you, happy new year
  5. Choaswar

    Anyone saw this before? so strange

    That top bar show that shima is being still alive, coz her name still bright no dark
  6. Choaswar

    Shimakaze's Unique Upgrade BADLY bugged

    Shima is much much better than gearing in rank battle or random battle
  7. 8.3 -1.6 =6.7, it is still ok for x dd
  8. i mean Sherman., what time we can trade our coal for it?
  9. Question is when they will be in the shopping shelf? thanks
  10. Choaswar

    Yoshino Worth Getting?

    We just played in same team in Silver league, haha, funny game henh,
  11. Choaswar

    Yoshino Worth Getting?

    ZAO is a very old ship, a few years ago, at least 3 years ago, ZAO is NO1 strong Cruiser in this game, but now, it was nerfed to a low end ship.
  12. Choaswar

    Yoshino Worth Getting?

    I played almost 20k random battle, trust me that do not waste your precious coal to purchase Darnit yoshino.
  13. Choaswar

    Yoshino Worth Getting?

    ok, Wish your whole team full of Yoshino in coming year
  14. Choaswar

    Yoshino Worth Getting?

    Unfortunately, in my experience, Which side has more Yoshinos, which side will be more properly lose the game.