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    Saying Thanks - 25th - 2nd

    Awww, shucks. Thanks, @Alabamastan. I mean, there is still no float plane in my garage (I checked), and my age does not yet qualify me for a discount at restaurant chains, but thanks. Also thanks for destroying my preconceived notions about your great state and the people who live there. I have had to shift those views to Kentucky. Along with Bama, I am thankful for the rest of my clan, who never fail to make conversation simultaneously fascinating and awkward. I am thankful that @Atlante07, our flirtatious clan leader, has not yet figured out where I live. I am thankful to @Tucker1901 for sounding so much older than me on discord. I am thankful to @Gerbertz for appearing normal at first yet somehow being more twisted than all of us combined. I am thankful to our interesting and diverse membership from literally around the world, where you can discuss the Australian wildfires, Hong Kong protests and Quebec separation on condition they take @Atlante07 with them, all while shooting at pixelbotes and laughing like we're drunk. Which, btw, we may be. I am thankful to @TheMightyJingles for the YouTube videos I stumbled across that attracted me to the game. I am thankful for the other content creators who continue to teach me to be a better player and for making me laugh at jokes no one in my family cares to understand. And I am thankful for the men and women who make this game, who take a lot of flak, and who, I think, try to do the right things. I cast a wary eye at the people above them. I'm thankful for living in Canada where I already had my Thanksgiving more than a month ago, so all this feels weird as I try to keep my feelings of thanks bottled up for a year at a time. I don't need a Massachusetts, but I would be thankful for one and seeing it in port would help me learn to spell it.
  2. BartBandyTLB

    [POP] POPCORN - Seductively Recruiting!

    The good news is we now have all the naval base upgrades. Every single one. The bad news is we have nowhere else to use the oil and so we're dumping it in the harbour. It's like the Exxon Valdez here.
  3. BartBandyTLB

    [POP] POPCORN - Seductively Recruiting!

    I don't know if I should recruit for my clan or apply for a restraining order against them. These are not "normal" people. They are decent players. I mean, we made it Typhoon League last season, which was pretty good I think. Got lots of steel and things. We have one open spot again. We have very low turnover, and we've had to tell people to wait before, but now we could use somebody who wants to play clan battles this season and is good in at least one T10 ship. More importantly, you need a thick skin and an ability to defend yourself. Note that you *will* be made fun of. These people are ruthless and mean. They have no filter. Alabamastan above, for example, is obviously from Alabama and therefore has no education. We have more Americans, some of which are weebs and wish they were Asian. Thankfully, we have some Canadians to balance it out, except the Quebecer, who should separate. We have a few Europeans, but we don't understand what they're saying. And we have real Asians because they can calculate penetration angles and distances for us. We have an Aussie because we like the accent and it's fun to get him agitated. And we are slightly worse than the sum of our highly inappropriate parts. If you want a positive, supportive clan where you can grow and thrive as a player, keep looking. If that sort of clan would bore you to tears, maybe drop by our discord. https://discord.gg/dVg9qRA
  4. Cobra chickens are our version of an air force. We're working on a stealth version.
  5. You can't see that. You're looking at base XP. If you get a cap in your Yugumo in a losing cause, congrats, you'll earn some BXP. But you still lost more than you won. Top 3 in a losing cause is still a loss. It's going to be difficult to save a star in a Yugumo. You need to do bulk damage or get a lot of damage on dds. 30k average isn't going to cut it when most of that will be torps on BBs.
  6. WG sends the geese, and will send more until you buy a Smolensk.
  7. You're from Alabama. You think teen-age is setting the bar too high for dating.
  8. https://na.wows-numbers.com/player/1010476185,Stan_Steel/? You average 30k damage and a 47% WR in a Yugumo in randoms. You averaged 33k damage and a 48% WR in a Yugumo, your most used ship in ranked season 13. You are the same person in ranked and randoms. You are not out-damaging your teammates in ranked. It would be a Christmas miracle if you progressed in ranked.
  9. So...you're not a team player in randoms, but put you in ranked, and you're unicum? Except your stats aren't unicum, either in damage or WR. You came here with this claim: But you're just not one of the top damage dealers. You say you aren't a team player in randoms (and I have no reason to disbelieve you), you don't have big damage numbers in ranked or any format, and you don't have even an above 50% WR. You can't check any of those boxes. Your inability to progress in ranked is not some anomaly that needs explaining. It's predictable. Hey, I couldn't progress past R10 for a few seasons. That's part of what makes it a challenge.
  10. I do not have a float plane.
  11. Us narcissists don't listen to anyone else, anyway. Thanks.
  12. Good points, Zath. I'll say that I did rank out, and tried very hard to rank out the previous season, because I had not done it before. As I understand the game better now, I wanted to do it. I don't have all the economic resources in game that you have, but had I ranked out at least once before, I probably don't invest the time with CB running concurrently.
  13. As soon as you used your psychology degree to diagnose me with narcissistic personality disorder, I had to look up just how good you are to start thinking ranked was a special case. You progress in ranked by winning more than you lose. You lose more than you win in randoms. I'm not being hostile. That's just a fact. If you were a 55% player in randoms, and a 45% player in ranked, then maybe you are on to something worth exploring. You're not. You're around 47% in randoms. If randoms were ranked, you would not progress there, either. There is no reason to start thinking WG is holding you back because you're not spending enough real money. It's easy to get to R10 because you get a bonus star with every rank up. That goes away in R10 and up. You simply have to win more than you lose, or perfect the art of saving stars. I have no problem criticizing WG where the make mistakes, but accusing them of holding you back in ranked, when you can't win more than you lose in randoms, doesn't put you on good footing to make that accusation. That was my point.
  14. Before T9 showed up in ranked sprint a few months ago, I just assumed R9 was where all the weird premium ships were that would never be part of CB or ranked.
  15. I don't agree, because that encourages damage farming. There are often players at the bottom of the XP list who helped with objectives, spotting, or say dds who made ships turn broadside with their torps. They just don't get credit through XP. The current system isn't perfect, but over time, the better players will do well. People get hung up over the games where they played great and their team still lost. That happens in any team competition, and every team sport. Over time, they will be fine. And, sometimes you'll be the one being carried. It works out.